Year: 2012
Module: Community_Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. A lot of people have been hurt over the years due to the other side of the community. We can never forget what damage has been caused and I don't think we should. It is important to honour our family members and friends who have died but I do not believe trying to re-spark violence is the way to do so. We will always have some tension and divide in our community but that's just the way it is and we should try to get along. I myself have Nationalist/Republican views but I disagree with violence and these views are 100% separate from my religious views. I have no problem with people from the other side of the community but simply think its best that we are kept apart to a certain extent.

2. A lot of the prejudices between communities is due to upbringing, and is particularly prominent in poorer areas who quite often do not receive a neutral perspective on things until they are into their teenage years.

3. A shared community is the best community.

4. A strong foundation of Jesus for all the areas would greatly improve relations in Northern Ireland

5. About time the parents wised up, stop drilling religion and racism into their kids heads as were all the same, its pathetic.

6. After all that has went on it is hard for me to trust Catholics because of their reputation and with the constant comments made towards protestants.

7. All religions need to understand each other more and also positively interact with each other before Northern Ireland can move on.

8. Although there are no fights in my area between Catholics and Protestants, we don't mix so don't get on particularly, e.g. we have separate buses to school, but we are civilised to each other.

9. As I attend an integrated secondary school I believe I have a strong understanding of many different religions and cultures but people who attend their own religion schools have only been accompanied by their own community so they have no idea about commu

10. At the minute no…

11. Better than they were, but far from ideal.

12. Both sides are at fault for sectarian trouble. It is a minority of people who cause trouble, it is usually youths doing the physical damage and those that are involved in rioting etc. the distaste for other religions come from parents, youths - who have nothing better to do than cause the trouble.

13. Catholics and protestants could get along fine nationalists and unionists will not really get on. The media seems to drag up the past and inquires like the bloody Sunday inquiry, are not helpful as they bring up the hate and past ### which always keep dividing this country.

14. Catholics and protestants have been fighting for years but I don't think it will ever end but it is starting to get better and starting to stop a bit.

15. Changes effect they way people think. There are different opinions from both sides of the community.

16. Community relation to me is are both government enforced and government sponsored, which to me shows how divided and hopeless the N.I community.

17. Community relations are getting better but they've got a long way to go still.

18. Community relations are only in a mess due to politics and government leaders, It is time that the government stood up and stopped trying to please sectarian groups and concentrated on running the country as a united country.

19. Community relations at the minute aren't great due to rioting/protesting over the flag being taken down at City Hall. I am very offended by some messages being said and I have to avoid certain areas to avoid being caught out by protesters/rioters.

20. Community relations have improved however there is still a divide. Personally I would attend cross-community groups etc. with different people, religion and nationalities.

21. Community relations in Northern Ireland are bad and I don't think they will change because people are brought up in a particular way by their parents and are encouraged to stick with people of the same religion.

22. Conflict between Protestant and Catholic communities is a deep part of Northern Ireland's history, but I believe that the problem is not religious conflict, it is the near tribalism of the communities. It is no longer about simply religion, and in fact, m

23. Cross community projects would be better if organised by schools rather than out of the school.

24. Cross community youth projects are few and far between and must be actively sought out by young people. It seems to be few young people are involved, or giving the chance to be. People who have already taking part in cross community group can be prioritised for another one when they aren't in need of it as much.

25. Cross-community programmes and projects help build relationships of different from different communities. Helps everyone understand different beliefs and cultures.

26. Estates tend to be more religion based eg. Catholic estates and protestants estates which no other religion would feel comfortable living in unless you were that religion.

27. Ethnic minorities are fine, it is anyone who takes part of the stereotypical view (terrorists, gangs, drunkards) who aren't.

28. Everybody has to be treated equally no matter if you are a different religion or colour ethnicity because all the troubles are over and its time to forget about the past. Remember everybody is somebody.

29. Everybody is entitled to be what they are but we shouldn't have to worry about who is what.

30. Everyone needs to get along better and stop fighting as it does no good for anyone.

31. Everyone should be treated equal no matter what race or religious group they belong too.

32. Everyone should get on more and have community fun days, so everyone can get out and meet with other people.

33. Everyone talks about how we don't interact and work with the other side of the community very much, but how are we supposed to when never given the chance? Personally, I think that's were a lot of our problems lie. Some young people have ideas based on never having tried working with the other side of the community, their ideas are just based on stuff they read in history books.

34. From personal experience from going to school in Omagh which has many schools of mixed religion. Catholics tend to keep to themselves and Protestants are the same. There is always a slight awkwardness when walking past a group of Protestants when we are in school uniform. I think this segregation will be extremely difficult to remedy as history has caused deep wounds will always leaves scars on both sides.

35. From personal experience the first and last cross community project I went on was a failure. It was Catholic and Protestant primary school and it ended with a lot of name calling and our school toilets being flooded.

36. Generally people are open to different ethnicties

37. Get more YMCA centres up. [name]

38. Have a lot to be improved upon and will take a lot more time and governmental involvement

39. Hold cross community events.

40. Hope it gets better

41. Housing estates with just one religion living there should be eradicated completely to stop the divide in this country.

42. I am an equally-supporting Catholic, but it disgusts me how the Orange Order can parade for a full month in advance of 12 July, whereas one nationalist march for St. Patricks day or Easter is deemed as 'wrong' and 'not allowed'.

43. I am angered at how some people are so favourable for the protestant/catholic divide when we are all Christian.

44. I am fine with the community relations

45. I am not sectarian when it comes to religion, but I strongly disagree with the attitudes of many Unionist/Loyalists. I feel it is inconsiderate and wrong for the orange marches etc. to purposefully march by catholic churches. I also disagree with how communities flay union jacks without complaint but if the tricolour was flown, there would be huge opposition. An example of this is the city hall, where the union jack is flown but the tri-colour is not. This does not represent the two communities. I am against violence from both sides, from living in London in my childhood, I feel that this division is only present in Ireland, and not among Catholics and protestants in England.

46. I attended an integrated school. I mixed socially with people from a different religion and ethnic background. I still maintain my identity and feel secure in myself

47. I believe all are equal but I feel more safer, sociable etc with my 'own kind'. I don't agree with how I feel but that's society for you.

48. I believe parents influence children in their religious attitudes and their attitudes towards others. More projects should be made for parents to get along with those from other religions.

49. I believe relations are stronger than in the past due to multiple schools organizing schemes to promote tolerance, however due to recent incidents i.e.. Flags relations are slipping and more needs to be done.

50. I believe relations would be better if the young people were not so influenced by the other generation.

51. I believe sectarianism among people my age would be due to their parents passing their bias opinions down though the generations.

52. I believe that Catholics and Protestants. Don't know the meaning of their religion, and only use it as an excuse or label to fight. If we didn't know anyone's religion, no-one would ever fight. People are being provoked, from peers and family, to not like people with different religions.

53. I believe that it is quite difficult for protestants and Catholics to get along in my local area.

54. I believe that no matter how hard the government or groups try to bring people together, it wont happen. People don't like being told what to do, what to think. It makes them stick to their opinion even more. So if you want community relations to improve then target my generation and the ones that follow - encourage us generate our own opinion rather than our parents, because their opinion will never change.

55. I believe that people living in Northern Ireland are too transfixed on religion which consequently leads to sectarianism and futile arguing.

56. I believe that the aspect of religion should be personal and not advertised with flags etc. Although it is getting better the aspect of sectarianism has not gone but personally I have a faith but no views on anyone else.

57. I believe that young people are influenced by the rest of the community which leads to trouble in my community.

58. I dislike how strong opinions are on others' beliefs.

59. I do not understand why they cannot improve unnecessary violence which leads to nothing but further violence

60. I don't blame people for being bitter about the past, in my opinion there are faults on both sides. But two wrongs don't make a right and we're only honouring ourselves by having prejudices to one another. Some of the nicest people I've met are religiously different to one and I don't care.

61. I don't care about religion or anything I used to attend a protestant secondary school for 3 years and never had any problems with them.

62. I don't ever think Catholics and Protestants will get along

63. I don't look down on people who have sectarian opinions, this is mostly due to the way they have been raised. Although, I attend a Catholic school and I am Protestant and nobody has gave me any grief at all.

64. I don't really understand the difference or what they disagree about so I don't have any strong opinions about it.

65. I don't think fights between Catholics and protestants are about beliefs, but rather think that they happen because some people have unfounded identification with a certain group of people and they want to fight the opposing groups - sinful nature.

66. I don't think peoples should be forced or persuaded to go to such events, their views should be made on past experiences.

67. I don't think so.

68. I don't think they're as bad as everyone makes out.

69. I feel like people who are brought up in a culture which promotes hate between communities will too inherit these misguided ideas. Government should be stamping out these preconceived ideas - they are result of ignorant people refusing to move on and think about issues for themselves

70. I feel like religion should be personal and there should be no need to divide people due to being from different religions. What religion someone is shouldn't matter as it's their belief.

71. I feel many people are raised with strong beliefs about ethnicity and religion in Northern Ireland, and this will affect people's beliefs for a long time to come. However, by organising activities allowing people from different communities to integrate, I

72. I feel that a lot of opportunities have been taken off us in favour of foreign nationals that have taken over the town for example; shops, jobs, doctors, dentists.

73. I feel that at the minute the younger generation is still under their parents views and influences which have been affected by the troubles, I think that our children's generation will have a better attitude towards people of other religions or ethnic groups as they won't feel as threated.

74. I feel that children and teenagers are not taught enough about the history of Northern Ireland. I feel that all schools in N.I should teach this as it allows teenagers to understand our past. I also feel that it would discourage teens to go out and riot because the majority are not aware of why there is conflict between Catholics & protestants.

75. I feel that community relationships could be improved greatly.

76. I feel that each ethnic community and religious group have a certain amount of prejudice towards each other; and this is normally quite negative. Most people focus on all of the negative aspects which can spark arguments and the tensions can then rise.

77. I feel that it could be improved through more cross-community youth groups.

78. I feel that people are quite ignorant of other peoples beliefs and cultures. They don't always respect differences of people in society and the can often be quite narrow minded and biased.

79. I feel that protestants are given more opportunities than Catholics, and Catholics are discriminated against.

80. I feel that relations between Protestants and Catholics are at the best they have been. However relations with other communities such as the Eastern European, Asian or Black communities aren't as good.

81. I feel that society does not involve enough integration. I believe that communities are often to diverse and they should be as one. Many people are living in the past still and cannot respect one another which is unreasonable. I hope for a more peaceful united country in the future.

82. I feel that the flag of my country should be flown in my capital city, without making any excuses or apologises for it. Northern Ireland is a British country and therefore should fly the British flag. I wouldn't except Dublin to remove their flag so why should we?

83. I feel that there should be more organisations helping ethnic minorities and disadvantaged children, however the new injection of new cultures has improved Catholic-Protestant relations in my opinion over the past 3-4 years.

84. I feel that there will always remain contentions between the Protestant and Catholic community in our age because of the continual activity of terrorists organisations while the decisions of a mixed government cause much strife i.e. decision to only fly the union flag on specific days.

85. I feel that views on community relations are usually influence by family and friends, and sometimes people may be scared of others of a different religion.

86. I feel that while things have improved, there is still a lot of work to be done.

87. I feel the children that grow up in all protestant or catholic area tend to stick together.

88. I feel the issues between Catholics and Protestants are not due to valid reasons as they were in the 70s etc. Nowadays people are fighting for no reason. Purely for the fun of it. They don't actually care what they are fighting for (e.g. a flag no one even noticed was there.)

89. I feel the main reason why people may not mix with other religions is due to pride- don't want to be seen with them for fear of what others may think of them. And these thoughts are passed onto their children.

90. I feel this issue is getting better in Northern Ireland and in general people are up for making an effort to stay peaceful however it is the people who set out to spark annoyance is the ones letting us down!

91. I have friends who have been racially abused frequently and am surprised at how often it happens

92. I hope that in the future there wont be as big of a divide that there is now, i dont think its right, religion or ethnicity doesnt change a persons personality

93. I hope they get better.

94. I just find it really sad that sectarianism is still such a big thing in Northern Ireland. Religion shouldn't define you, and Personally I believe choosing to like someone just because they're the same religion or race or because they're heterosexual or w

95. I just wish both Catholics and protestants would get along the past is the past.

96. I personally don't care what race, nationality or religion you are or believe in, if you're a good person with good morals, I'll be you're friend. I feel that people are intimidated by people who are different, in reality we are all the same. We're all human beings!!

97. I personally feel the community relations within northern ireland are fairly strong.

98. I personally think there are troubles because many people have either been brought up or learnt the history of Northern Ireland and think it is appropriate to behave in these ways.

99. i thhink it has improved over the years

100. I think a lot of reason people like to "stick with their own kind" is because they are brought up that way and are afraid of what there family might think.

101. I think all religion should be free to live and go to wherever they want and be comfortable.

102. I think communities in northern Ireland are mostly made up with one religion and this is very hard to change and in some more violent communities it seems it may never be able to change, but if these communities can be given more experience to chat and disuses what their issues are with the other religion, even more so with the younger people things will be given hope to change.

103. i think community relations are improving and it makes people from ethnic minorities feel more welcome

104. I think community relations are very good in Northern Ireland. I think there's only a very tiny minority of people who cause problems due to ignorance on their part and perhaps fear.

105. I think community relations in Northern Ireland at the minute are not a strong as they could be if there were more cross community projects

106. I think community relations in Northern Ireland could be better.

107. I think far too big a deal is made about religious divides & to much emphasis put on "cross community efforts". I think we need to move on.

108. I think in most parts that I have been in Northern Ireland some can be intimidating to a catholic. I play football and if the area we where playing in has UVF or something related to this then I am very careful of what I do or say. My team is mostly protestant.

109. I think it has improved a lot with a lot more integrated schools.

110. I think it is extremely important to get on well with all ethnic groups. This does not mean to be afraid to treat them the way you would treat others like you just because their different eg: if you would mildly insult your friends you would not make exce

111. I think it is very sad that there is so much sectarianism

112. I think it would be great to have better relations with people from other religious backgrounds. It could really help prevent some of the sectarian acts that are happening. I am totally against these. (i answer my ethnic backgroud was Catholic...i mean

113. I think it's the marches on both sides that start disruption.

114. I think I've expressed quite enough. Community relations in Northern Ireland disgust me.

115. I think more could be done within schools and youth groups so people of different communities could mix, this would help to dissolve prejudiced on both sides which seem to be the route of the problem.

116. I think more should be done for people of different ethnic minority to get along.

117. I think my generation don't know why they are fighting and lack of knowledge but are ignorant and just fight and hold grudges for pride and what their parents/grandparents views are.

118. I think Northern Ireland has improved a lot although many have feelings of judgement of others because of religion, ethnics, LGB etc. many also just don't care about the goings on in politics

119. I think parents/adults provoke their children e.g. I am Protestant and I go to a Catholic school but my mother prefers Catholics. I do not understand the society we live in!

120. I think people shouldn't mind about others religions as at the end of the day we're all the same and should be treated equal.

121. I think people who lived through the troubles cant let go of what happened and there bitterness lives through their children and grandchildren. It is this that makes such bitter people in todays society. People need to look to the future, not the past.

122. I think peoples views about other communities are very much influenced by their parents and this can effect how much they want to participate in community relation projects.

123. I think politicians make things worse and cause that 'spark' that ignites tensions.

124. I think relations are improving, slowly but surely! I do however feel that there needs to be more community events etc. to improve the relations.

125. I think relations are made worse by the expectation of the "divide"

126. I think that all the events organised for young people to cooperate in a project etc. Is very beneficial however people should assume that we will get along as everyone has a different boundary of safety. So the community should attempt not to segregate but sometimes it is the only way to remain safe.

127. I think that because of ,mixing religions in schools some people don't even notice what religion the person is they are talking to. Everyone has something good in themselves no matter what background they came from.

128. I think that because religion in general is becoming less important due to a secular society it is better having separate schools for different religions in order to practice faith and avoid sectarianism within school.

129. I think that communities are becoming more comfortable with different ethnic or religious groups.

130. i think that communities in northern Ireland are fine as they are

131. I think that community relations are improving in Northern Ireland, but there are still areas and communities that are still have prejudice where towards other ethnic or religious communities.

132. I think that expressing strong religious convictions would continue to divide communities in Northern Ireland. Perhaps having more integrated schools may encourage young people to appreciate other communities and their culture, and to stop them growing up

133. I think that many young people who perhaps do not get involved with cross community projects are not aware of the events in their local community. I also feel that young people aren't fighting for what they stand for and mainly for the sake of it, which i

134. I think that most people in my area are very understanding. Nobody that I know of, would be spiteful towards someone just because of their religion.

135. I think that Northern Ireland is a country which dislikes and avoids change and that in order to change society, the next generations must be raised as third party outsiders with such a view that isn't personally affected by environment and parents.

136. I think that paramilitaries play a big part in the on going protestant/catholic strain. I think that if paramilitaries did not exist or relaxed their methods that most riots and protestant v Catholics violence would not take place.

137. I think that people are sometimes small minded and don't actually know what the other people of a different religion or those that have different views are actually like. They are prejudice and community relations could get better with events like cross community projects as it gives the younger generation a chance to meet and get to know new people of different views and religion .

138. I think that the lot of sectarian prejudice within the young people in Northern Ireland stem from the older generations, and sadly I think It will be quite a long time before this disappears completely.

139. I think that the youth are being brought up, in many instances, with their national identity engrained in their veins. I wish that everyone would move on, that paramilitaries would become illegal and that war would truly end.

140. I think that there should be more cross commmunity events to allow people from different backround to mix and get to know each other.

141. I think that young people are much more open minded when it comes to people of different ethnicity or religion, than older people. We can learn to accept people and do, while older people tend to hold grudges and prejudices.

142. I think the government is allowing too many immigrants into our country. In my local Tesco everyone is almost Polish and I feel we are being over run by people from other countries.

143. I think the NI communities need to get involved with young people from all around NI e.g. communities in Belfast to come to the country communities.

144. I think the Polish community are looked upon unfavourably and I don't think this is right as they are willing to do jobs that other races don't want to.

145. I think there is a strong divide between Catholics and Protestants, however it is only those who are Loyalists, I think respect is very important and there is little respect for both religions. There should be changes and priorities put in place. The riots are immature and people should have the right to feel safe in their own country/area/religion.

146. I think there is only a minority who are stopping the peace processes from working. It is sad they are stopping the future of Northern Ireland. We are never on the news for good reasons.

147. I think there needs to be more mixed communities in Northern Ireland than separated Communities

148. I think they are continuously damaged by unfair treatment such as sectarianism by the public and through politicians trying to stair up trouble and hatred (not listening when one group has an issue and not taking action when another group tries to discriminate)

149. I think they are improving, but some people have very extreme beliefs, and the power to exercise them

150. I think they are improving, however there will always be people from both communities who will want to drag N.I back to the past. Parades are provocative, dissidents are deluded. The increase in immigrants i.e. Polish, Islamic etc. is quite worrying not just in N.I but all of Great Britain.

151. I think they are quite good at the minute I am going to America with a Protestant group from Ballybeen and I am from the Catholic side and we are actually not that different and they're nice, there should be more "friends forever projects" like this.

152. I think they have improved over the past few years and I do believe that with each new generation people negative views of people in other religions are mellowing and people are warming to each other more, I personally feel more open to meeting different people than my parents. I think community relations will improve.

153. I think they need to be better. Better relations means a safer Northern Ireland to live in.

154. I think they need to be stronger and less segregated.

155. I think they need to improve dramatically so we can make Northern Ireland a better place

156. I think they way forward is through education - as people are taught of diversity and tolerance, it would lead to less violence and more respect.

157. I think too much emphasise is being put on cross-community relations with younger children. They may not realise the significance of different religions until after they've been told they should get on well with them. This can cause a split to begin.

158. I think with the anniversary of the Easter Rising and the information of N.I will cause a lot of rioting.

159. I think young people are bored and they'll start trouble purely for the rush. I still think there will be divides in the home as prejudices start in the home.

160. I want peace

161. I was goalkeeper for Glentoran and now for Braniel Young Men's. I meet both religions on weekly basis. I have friends (77) and I have been brought up to respect everyone's individual rights and feelings. Live and let live I believe.

162. I wish that more people got on together like my friends and me.

163. I wish there could be peace and people would realise the trouble they are causing/have caused.

164. I would like everyone to see that we believe in one god and why we fight is stupid for this reason, but little can be done.

165. I would like nothing more than the communities to be united but it seems like an impossible goal to achive

166. I would prefer to meet people from other religions/communities without bitterness!

167. I would prefer to see more of a progress with things like the flag issue.

168. Id like to see less of a segregation in different religious communities and less sectarianism.

169. If everyone stopped shoving religion down everyone's throats everything would be fine

170. If people can move on from the past and wise up about different religions and that it doesn't make a difference what religion you are, the community relations would be vastly improved.

171. If people left the past in the past N.Ireland would be a better place and there would be less sectarianism.

172. If people weren't so prejudiced they might actually get on with each other.

173. If religion was left as a personal and private matter just to get peace of mind instead of bringing it as an issue in every step in life.Northern Ireland would be a lot better of[f].

174. If Sinn Fein parliament and Nationalists accepted that we are British and will stay it would be peaceful and more people would get along

175. If some children were not socialised into thinking rioting is ok it wouldn't happen. Those people who say they are religious but support paramilitary groups aren't religious. Religious leaders don't know preach about violence.

176. If the union flag goes up again, this will stop the flag protest and related riots.

177. If you keep people apart for so long they will fear each other. Stop making a big deal out of it.

178. I'm thinking that sectarian troubles should be controlled in this country

179. Improving but a long way to go in certain areas. Belfast and Londonderry.

180. In my area there are good relations between Catholics and Protestants. But one thing I don't like is the paramillitaries, mainly IRA because they seem to be behind all these bomb scares in recent years. There have been a few bomb scares in Londonderry rec

181. In my area there isn't any sense of community.

182. In my generation and the generation below me barely any sectarianism exists. However there is a majority which have thick sectarian views and still spark trouble with other religious groups. These people are often poorly educated.

183. In my opinion Catholics and protestants are separated, there is the so called "peace wall", which is causing more trouble being there simply because Catholics and protestants feel separated. This "peace wall" is a fuel to the anger.

184. In my opinion they aren't good at all both sides get raised to hate each other

185. In Northern Ireland community relations is a take on people can not agree with each other. Things will never change no matter how much people want things to change.

186. In Northern Ireland there is a big divide in communities due to differences in opinion and this has effected all generations.

187. In Northern Ireland, I think most people care about what religion they are. I strongly feel that the government should do something about Catholic and Protestants. I think Catholic people are too much sometimes!

188. In terms in protestant or catholic or any other ethnic monitory I strongly agree that it is not that people necessary have anything specific that they have against them. Its mainly down to what they think others want them to act like. For example protestants and Catholics fight even though they barely go to church. its simply what society thinks is expectable.

189. It feels like there is no community - nobody makes any effort to make you feel welcome or comfortable.

190. It is changing, the new generation are now more accepting.

191. It is childish and the hatred towards other religions are taught by parents, just leave the past in the past.

192. It is good to have your own identity and religious beliefs.

193. It is highly unlikely that peoples views in Northern Ireland will change because they have been brought up to fight against Catholics/Protestants, however I feel they don't actually understand and why.

194. It is not just Protestant vs Catholic

195. It is possible they are slowly getting better. My generation are probably more open minded than the generation before e.g. my mother doesn't want me going to an organisation for protestants and Catholics despite literally all of my friends going there. but Northern Ireland has a tendency to live in the past. Many people don't know how to stop living in the past - its why we often get laws past here that were past years go in the rest of the UK. Northern Ireland just has an obsession with religion.

196. It is still segregated. People don't immediately accept you.

197. It is the older generations opinions being passed on to their children. Working with adults in community projects is highly recommended if you want to get through to their children who soak in their parents views.

198. It is very unlikely that tensions between people of different beliefs, ethnic groups or political beliefs will go away in Northern Ireland. I would like to see then tensions disappear but I don't think it will happen in my lifetime.

199. It should improve because everyone is the same we're all human!

200. It's a pity

201. It's hard sometimes. Other teenagers they have been raised to not tolerate Catholics, makes it harder to make friends or be safe in the town during band parades

202. Its important to bare in mind that some areas community relations are far worse than others.

203. Its not that people hate to meet new people from different communities, id say most would be willing to meet new people at an event if they were brought to it, sort of in a "I don't like vegetables but id eat them if I were given them" sort of thing. Not sure if that sounds good or not but yeah.

204. Just that all religion and ethnic groups should spend time together, I also think that the PEACE WALL in my area should come down.

205. just that everyone should be mixed so that they can get to know personality's and not just base them on religion.

206. Just that I feel people from different religions and races should be given more chances to integrate.

207. Just that is should not matter what religion we are or what colour we are, we should all be accepted for who we are.

208. Legalise weed

209. many people i know, are influenced very much by their parents' views of people of different religions. especially with regards to marriage.

210. Many young people still hold sectarian views and most of them have these views just because of their families and social surroundings. Their views are not based on any experience or strong reason.

211. May people who are not from Northern Ireland get treated unfairly because of their race, skin colour etc. which im strongly against.

212. More communities should come together for things like summer schemes as there isn't much to do for us young teenagers and it'll prevent rivalry between them.

213. More community projects for young people.

214. More for young people to do to stop them from getting into trouble and stoop riots! Stop bullying because of their religion because people may do themselves harm.

215. More money needs to be spent of joining different religions together instead of a part.

216. More needs to be done to bridge the gap between Catholics and protestants. Integration is the way forward if Northern Ireland is to last - there are to many pressures from outside for there to be divisions like this within.

217. More should be done to allow Catholics and Protestants to interact peacefully together, preventing riots and demonstrations.

218. More work needs to be done to mix different people. This I feel should be through sport such as rugby and football.

219. Most areas, in my opinion, have good community relation's between different ethnic groups as well as different religious groups. There are only a very small amount of exceptions to this.

220. Most of the people who riot, catholic or protestant are youths many of whom who don't fully understand the history of catholic. Protestants/British Kingdom. They have not experienced the climate of the "troubles" in the 70s and 80s, therefore they lack knowledge about the ultimate implications of their actions. they don't understand why and how the two religions came to be in Ireland, they are fighting for ancestors and don't even know the real reason they are fighting. Ridiculous.

221. Most people are very judgemental and I would like this to change.

222. Most relations in N.I are influenced by the parents of the young people. So the relations will always be stiff.

223. Most young people in Northern Ireland grow up seeing rioting, prejudice and sectarianism from other family members and so they usually do the same.

224. Much of the difficulties we face in NI is deep rooted in family tradition. Even young babies are presented wearing clothes with Union Jacks or Tricolours on them or football gear that is Celtic or rangers. Parents and grandparents have a lot to answer for. Too many marches each year in areas the marches are not wanted. Marchers should pay police wages that day & everyday they march no matter who you are.

225. My area makes a comfortable environment when it comes to different religions. And I personally don't mind working with/meeting people from different ethnic groups nor do my friends. However there is some ignorant people who fuse off different people, these people are usually found in a religious based school.

226. N/A (16 respondents)

242. Need to be sorted out. I hate sectarianism.

243. No (151 respondents)

394 No, i dont think so

395. No matter what you do or how hard are you try I think that peoples religious views will not change, because your family have it entailed in you what they think from a young age.

396. No thank you (5 respondents)

400. No, I think I said everything I would like to.

401. No, not really

402. No. Sorry

403. None (6 respondents).

408. Nope (11 respondents)

421. Northern Ireland civilians will never/don't have a divide nationality and this is passed on to the citizens of NI. I personally feel that not very many of us know about our historic backgrounds and there is no understanding or respect for anyone's religion. But mainly i think the protestant civilians believe they are superior and have no respect for others beliefs due to the way politicians act and their own families i also think that politicians have no respect for other belfries e.g. two nationalities in NI = Fly both flags or none at all.

422. Northern Ireland is a small place and people who live here have small minds.

423. Not all of the young people in NI are prejudiced but we feel that if we do socialise with other groups its frond upon by some other generations. This really annoys me as it makes meetings awkward and uncomfortable although I personally have friends from these groups.

424. Not as good as they could be.

425. Not enough social gatherings for teenagers i.e. cafes opened at night more places to go underage clubs

426. Not everything is down to religion or ethnic group some people just don't like the person no because of religion or ethnic group.

427. Not really I like to hang with people in my age and I actually don't care if they are protestants or Catholics or they are from other countries just like to know different people.

428. Not really, I try to not stick my nose where it shouldn't be, so I don't care.

429. not really, maybe that it does tend to be split between irish people and foreigners more than it would be about religion.

430. Not really, no.

431. Not really, they aren't brilliant for the vast majority of the time though unless everyone sticks to their own in a sense.

432. Not so much aggregation about the place. Not feeling scared going to places.

433. Not that I can think of

434. Not very strong. People cannot leave the past in the past, they have no sense of a positive future for their children. They base their life's on strong disagreements between religion.

435. Nothing extra

436. Own choice what to do.

437. Parents have a big influence on the views of young people in Crossmaglen the boy I know is strongly prejudice against protestants because of his family.

438. Parents need to stop raising children with such a narrow mind. Then children might be more willing to get along with protestants/Catholics.

439. People act in a certain way because of the way they have been raised. For example protestants hating Catholics when they haven't met one, or tried to talk to one.

440. People are afraid of their own communities at times, not just others.

441. People are correct in saying that we live in a "divided" society.

442. People are holding on to a different generations grudge stop passing it on to the children, Northern Ireland will improve.

443. People are living in the past. There is no reason at all why young people should get involved in sectarian violence, relations are not the same as before.

444. People are to judge mental like they assume that because you're a catholic you're a nationalist or because you're a protestant you're a loyalist.

445. People are too quick to judge and stick to feelings and views of people from years ago.

446. People can be very hostile, especially towards Romanians. Mixed schools would create tolerance.

447. People care to much about religion.

448. People ethnic backgrounds are going to interfere with relations between communities for a long time, it is best to just not get involved and mixed in with it all

449. People from different religions would get along better if there was hobbies or activities which they could attend.

450. people get caught up in the past and wont let things go and then there are some people who will do anything for a fight. people need to forgive and forget and just get on with their lives, there are too many people dying of cancer every day or suffering

451. People in Northern Ireland don't like change. Whether that be religion, skin colour, ethnicity, Protestant or Catholic etc. I don't think everyone will ever be able to get along but I do think this problem could get slightly better in the future.

452. People in protestant/catholic communities need more opportunities (cross community projects). I have taken part in one and they are very helpful.

453. People may not want to mix with other religious i.e. catholic and protestant, because lack of knowledge and ignorance about the religion.

454. People must stop trying to be involved in other communities, if people support each other locally by buying local produce etc. everyone would live better and there would be more peace.

455. People need to respect the culture of both sides. For example trying to stop the twelfth parade in Crumlin. Respect both cultures and stop being selfish. The twelfth is a musical celebration.

456. People need to stop with prejudice we all bleed the same colour

457. People need to wise up and stop bringing things up any time anyone says something that they don't agree with.

458. People say or think/judge things about other religion, not because they are sectarian or judgemental themselves, but because they have never met anyone with different beliefs or they have been brought up to hate this way by parents & family.

459. People seem to follow their parents, friends or their communitys views and these views influence them in the rest of their lives and becomes a sort of vicious circle.

460. People should learn to live side by side no matter what religion or race the people of N.Ireland want to move on and look to the future and never let it go back to the way it was in the past.

461. People should stop being so closed minded about other people who are different from them. Its disgusting to think of the attitudes that some people have towards you because of your religion or ethnic group.

462. people should stop fighting over nothing all their fighting over is their belifes in the end up its not worth it everyone shouldbe treated equally in work, school and home no matter what religion you are or how much money they have.

463. People still live in the past. I feel if people just left the troubles in the past and got on with life now people would get on so much better .

464. People think about religion too much.

465. People usually get on with their community but there can be sectarian isolation in certain areas and even pranks etc. from teenagers that could be due to sectarianism.

466. People who aren't Catholic or Protestant, i.e. religious minority communities, are often ignored in discussions about religious equality. I think young people tend to be more prejudiced against or not understand other religions, not people from a differen

467. People who work hard to get and keep jobs are not stealing whether Polish, Lithuanian or Northern Irish.

468. People who work hard to get and keep jobs are not stealing whether Polish, Lithuanian or Northern Irish.

469. Perhaps young people can be influenced by the views of their peers or parents who have been directly affected by incidents and built prejudice against these communities.

470. Personally speaking I feel that we are a new and very different generation. As much as there is violence we see the consequences. I have never been involved in violence and personally don't see the need for it. If I am provoked I will respond in a non violent nature or not take on the comment/act. for me i wasn't involved all those years ago, i was not there so how can i stand and fight/riot etc. on something i have not heard threw word of mouth passed down from generations and increasing becoming more bitter. There will always be something someone is not happy with and this will never change. but to me i don't see the need for all the chaos/havoc/violence which takes place!

471. Personally, I have no problems as I do not judge people before I get to know them. Most people however are not so open minded.

472. places that are hiring should have mixed cultures they should have an equal amount as i feel as if my colour is affecting chance to get a job some applications say they accept different cultures but i have not seen one coloured person in that store.

473. Poor - cross-community projects should be promoted more. I would be very interested in attending them but there are a few of which I know of. Most are religion-based and predominately Protestant. I would enjoy meeting people from all different backgrounds very much.

474. Prejudice discrimination occurs because of the smallest things, when this happens each group are as bad as each other.

475. Protestants seem more bigoted and uptight about their culture. Marching season, flags, Irish language etc.

476. Putting situations together for people of different races don't always fail because people don't want to try - it can just be awkward.

477. racism will always be a problem although many people have no problem with ethnic minorities but don't get the opportunity to mix

478. Regarding my views on minority ethnic groups, I feel as if many people in my community feel the same way. Nowadays, more and more ethnic groups are coming into Northern Ireland, this is bound to create tension due to the clashes of beliefs and cultures. I

479. Regarding the reason why most people get involved in sectarian trouble, I blame a mix of paramilitaries from either side creating friction, and people thinking too much about the "troubles".

480. Regardless of your religion I feel everyone should be treated the same

481. Relations between boys from different religions could be improved.

482. Relations between the Catholic and Protestant communities are quite tense but with cross community projects they are slowly getting better.

483. Relations have improved, but some people feel the need to disrupt the peace.

484. Relations in N.I could improve over time but people (especially older generations) first need to accept the current position of Northern Ireland in the UK

485. Religion has nothing to do with it its personalities and greed that separate people.

486. Religion is becoming a huge problem, mainly Catholics and protestants. Rioting over a flag is a disgrace, especially as there is people as young as 11 down protesting and rioting.

487. Religion is brought into too much; most of these questions would be better worded asking about nationalist and unionist views, rather than Catholic and Protestant.

488. Religion shouldn't matter and the riots that are caused are defiantly provoked and that's why some people are so sectarian and some towns are so segregated!!

489. Religious and sectarian issues need to be avoided at all costs. E.g. City Hall flag

490. Rioting makes me angry

491. School segregation teaches us nothing but isolations and sectarianism.

492. Security forces jump to wrong conclusions. Security forces are biased to one community.

493. Should be more events held for teenagers of all different ethnic backgrounds to meet, and learn about different cultures.

494. Some are good some are bad.

495. Some communities can be bad or hurtful but only some must are grand.

496. Some communities get on very well no matter how different everyone is but there is always that one person who sticks by their own religion etc and has to cause riots over nothing.

497. Some people don't like other ethnic groups here because of taking jobs

498. some people make a big deal about their religion.

499. Some people need to be less narrow minded

500. Sometimes I feel that relationships between protestants and Catholics/ Irish and foreign people are very intense due to lack of understanding and tolerance.

501. Sometimes people from other ethnic groups judge you on your name eg. Aoife/Elizabeth and your school and decide that they don't like you before they even know you.

502. Stop putting emphasis on religion or ethnicity. Give over, everyone's human.

503. Strained

504. Strong bond because it's a small area so people know each other and look out for each other.

505. Substance laws need reviewed, drug create a terrible underworld of crime and provide money and power to scum bags, when the government could participate in the trade, which would make money and benefit the economy the cannabis trade alone is worth £6 bn. also research into the use of psychedelic such as DMT and LSD.

506. Suppose integrated schools and cross community projects focus only the prod/rc divide and don't do anything about other groups.

507. Terrible

508. That everyone should get along regardless of religious beliefs or ethnicity instead of having sectarianism or discrimination in our society

509. That sport is a good way to make relationships. So clubs/schemes that are cross-community and include both majority Protestant games and mainly Catholic games. Bigger crack down on intolerance in communities.

510. That there should be more events to get people to mix also all the pubs should allow both religions to go in and have a laugh with each other.

511. The Catholics and protestants are still kind of divided but it is improving.

512. The community is probably more divided than last year this time as the union flag was taking down from the City Hall

513. The emphasis on peoples difference are silly. Why do we have to dwell on past generations actions - what's done is done, we can't change that but we can prevent such happening again. On the basis of Catholics/Protestants, why can't we focus on the religious side instead of political.

514. The fighting is unnecessary - Catholicism and Protestantism are not religious anymore - they are reason for people in a community to fight needlessly, without knowledge of how the fight began in the first place.

515. The government CSI programme looks really poor. The presents of having separate communities and community relation is self defeating. There are still peace walls so it hasn't really delivered.

516. The government is trying to fix the divide between communities, although I would love to see progress within this, I don't expect it to happen nor think that it will. In some cases its better to leave the people alone rather than trying to force it.

517. The government need to try and improve them as it is putting people off coming to northern ireland

518. The main reason why people would rather stick to a school of pupils of their own religion is to avoid agreements and fights

519. The majority of people live in peace and aren't bothered by the differences in religion or political views but there are a few areas in which people are sectarian on both sides of the community.

520. The older generation are instilling past values on young people effectively creating a vicious circle of religious ethnics.

521. The older generation are the most cautious about religion still. Teenagers are more relaxed and aren't as sectarian as our parents.

522. The only problem is that some people are closed minded and un-willing to let go.

523. The only way for any improvement to ever take place in N. Ireland that will make a difference to society is when there is a complete separation between church (religion) and government.

524. The politician's mess community relations and the people just want to get on with life however politicians always arose debates and give the people something to talk about, which can lead to arguing, then fighting etc.

525. The relations are improving, however I feel that no matter what is done, there will still be an underlying problem in certain areas.

526. The sectarian rioting is petty/ridiculous and unnecessary.

527. The segregation of things such as school buses going to catholic and Protestant schools in the same area is unnecessary and, separating the groups is damaging if anything.

528. The solution is to educate all children of ethnic and religious backgrounds in the same schools.

529. There are community relations in my area however they do not have the resources for everyone to be apart of it. Only some get to go, but when you get they are excellent.

530. There are many, but I feel everyone who resides in Northern Ireland should be treated equally.

531. There are massive divisions between groups due to politics, religion, and poor education and up bringing that must be fixed and rioters harshly punished.

532. There are no community relations in NI. The two religions don't mix at all and most disike foreigners.

533. There are poeple who will always have issues towards people from different countries or that are different religion and i think thats not right as we are all the same and we all should respect each other.

534. There defiantly getting better everyday. The gap is closing between different religions.

535. There has always been angst between the two communities and always will be as some parents have really strong opinions and this gets passed down to there children. Our generation should not have these hatreds towards one another, we just do because of our parents influence. For example, I do not care what religion someone is because I went to an integrated primary school but I have noticed some prejudices in myself since I have attended an all Catholic grammar.

536. There is little that will ever be done about it unless the children from the most sectarian areas are probably taught.

537. There is lots of happy and unhappy people.

538. There is never any interaction's with protestants in my community I think this is because I live in a big republican community.

539. There is no community relations in the North of Ireland as there is too much prejudices and bitterness on both sides of the community.

540. There is room for improvement

541. There is sense of community relations because everyone keeps to themselves

542. There isn't enough relations between the community I think because of religion.

543. There needs to be more mixed communities when the people are ready.

544. There needs to be peace within both communities

545. there should be a shift from 'cross-community' work to employment opertunities and university fees. in my opinion this cross community stuff is a total waste of time and money there is 2 main communities in northeren ireland they will never become one and

546. There should be more activities outside school that allow the community to mix because in school everyone feels forced to mix and there is that added pressure.

547. There should be more communities activities to get Catholics and protestants together. As it is a good experience.

548. There should be more cross community programmes for adults to promote more open mindedness in their children.

549. There should be more emphasis on improving community relations at a young age so that children do not grow up solely with the opinions of their sectarian parents.

550. There should be more integrated schools

551. There should be more opportunities to mix with different religious groups.

552. There will always be bigots who will stick to their "own mind" despite the fact that we are all human beings.

553. There will probably always be a sectarian resentment in Northern Ireland but relations have got a lot better over time.

554. There's always problems in mixed areas about flying the union jack and that its offensive to Irish people. But this is a protestant and British country and we are very proud of it and are in no way offending them.

555. These are my daughters own words - why do people stare, call rude names to people who have disabilities.

556. These 'riots' are useless waste of time and I feel people that take part have no respect for others like myself who want to ignore all the violence and disruption.

557. They are awful, because Police are not firm enough with them.

558. they are disgraceful people need to be more open and understand that everyone is different and just accept people for their differences not reject them, northern ireland is trying to be culturally diverse but its hard because of pre-conceived judgements a

559. they are extremely weak especially between young people which could lead to abuse and secterianism in Northern Ireland in the future.

560. they are getting better

561. They are improving slowly between different ethnic and religious groups.

562. They are mostly negative, but there is good and bad on both sides. If people would respect others for their religion there wouldn't be as many fights. At the minute the future looks dull.

563. They are not involved in much together, getting them together will make the country a better place.

564. They are not the best but with more peace talks and willingness from everyone, despite religion, race or ethnic groups, things could get better.

565. They are reaching a stage where they will eventually become repairable.

566. They can be good if people get involved with different projects

567. They could be better, but unlikely to change, more emphasis needs to be placed on people not religion, political affiliation, sexuality, gender identity etc.

568. They could be improved so that it can become a more peaceful and nice place to live.

569. They could be stronger

570. They don't really work most of the time

571. They flag situation is having a negative effect on Northern Ireland which is very disappointing. But I don't agree with the rioting coming from a protestant background.

572. They have became a lot worse in the past month due to the union flag being removed from Belfast City Hall. I think that the relationships are very volatile.

573. They need to be stronger

574. They need to improve or things will get a lot worse.

575. They need to move on from the past and start to realise that in this day and age you need to get on with everyone and move forward as a unit and make northern ireland and Ireland a better place for everyone!

576. They need to sort their difference out because what they don't realise is that there is no difference at all everyone is equal and should not be treated different because of religion.

577. They only reason that I would feel unsafe in the opposite community is because of the general sectarianism in N.I and would be afraid in case just because I am the different religion they will hate me.

578. They should be better than they are at the minute, this could be resolved by having an equally divided local council etc and having council organised events for both sides of the community not just the catholic side

579. They should be encouraging children from an early age so that relations can improve.

580. They should remove peace walls and make more facilities to meet people from other ethnic groups

581. They should work together no matter they're Catholics or protestants, for better future to young generation of Northern Ireland.

582. They would be improved more if role models such as political leaders were to show more civility between the opposites - Protestant and Catholic. Also if church's taught more on equality. Also if schools taught about other religions in "religious studies" and raise cultural awareness.

583. They're at the best they've ever been but still need to improve

584. Things will only change if we move forward. Its not just relationships between protestants and Catholics that need to be improved all communities need to learn to live together without prejudice otherwise our country will get nowhere.

585. To start a integrated school# was a very good idea! Community feels better now when they see each other in safe place.

586. Too many immigrants and giving to much on a plate

587. Towns and cities are too divided geographically between Catholic and Protestant however attempts to integrate should not be made at the cost of quality of education. More transparency in government, more equality in funding.

588. Treatment, both officially and from the society of immigrants could greatly improve.

589. Violence and rioting in an area is usually caused by a selected few and should not represent reviews of that area.

590. We all work together, we all shop together, we share transport but behind closed doors it's a different story.

591. We can accept people from the EU but there is certain people still think living here is sectarian

592. We can never make everyone like each other, and I don't feel that, in Northern Ireland, we will ever be free from the petty, misguided and idiotic views of certain people.

593. We don't get the opportunity to mix religion a lot

594. We have to move on and forget about the troubles otherwise there will always be sectarian activity in Northern Ireland.

595. We need to try and move past and move on from Northern Ireland's troubles history

596. We should have the chance to meet with people and understand people of different backgrounds.

597. We shouldn't have murderers in the government

598. We still need help. The violence is not over yet and although our generation is making steps towards great community relations, there will always be some who dont believe everyone is equal.

599. When I done community relations work, I had so much fun and learnt a lot along the way, about the catholic side - I made new friends and it would be great if there were more for youth of Northern Ireland.

600. When people are very openly enthusiastic about any religion it can be very annoying

601. when people dont feel safe in their own town. things have to change. organise more youth clubs around main mixed relgious towns and more youth opportunites

602. Whether your catholic or protestant, your religion shouldn't matter. Its your beliefs and way of live.

603. while i agree that relations between communities should be improved i feel this should not cease N.Ireland from being recognised as part of the UK.

604. While the protestant majority tolerate the Catholics in N.I I don't feel they completely trust Catholics or fully accept them into the community. Events in the past seem difficult for some to forgive and forget.

605. Whilst things are improving, a continuous journey will still have to be faced. What I mean by this is that there is still sectarian, racists homophobic people and so on.

606. Why is there not an option for mixed groups and backgrounds of families as there is a lot of families like this e.g. Mum- Protestant and dad- catholic so children are mixed. In the questions there are no options for mixed families views and not just labelled catholic or protestant.

607. wish everyone could get on, we would all be safe

608. Would be better if more events went on to obtain relationships in communities. 609. Would like to see less fights breaking out!

610. Yeoooo

611. You can't force people to change what way the believe or expect everything to please everyone. The past will always be brought up.

612. Young people should not be forced into cross community events, it makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. .


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