Year: 2011
Module: Community_Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A lot of name calling can often be light hearted and just jokes among friends. However often these jokes are based on actual opinion although I have not experience this myself that much I feel Northern Ireland can be very hostile to new comers, foreigners and other ethnic groups. Northern Ireland can be very reluctant to accept others and very angry and bitter, resenting and set in views and opinions when it comes to other minorities and other religions. My [***] has experience discrimination in the civil service. When looking for a job I have also experienced very very hostile opinions expressed about foreigners. Because I am generally accepted as N. Irish I am generally accepted, however if I was not I think many would not accept me.
  2. A lot of people make racist jokes for fun, they don't mean to offend people, its all a joke.
  3. A lot of teens don't have a clue about religion or race and they dislike anyone different to them because that's how they have been brought up.
  4. A lot of the Catholic youth groups in my area get a lot more funding than the Protestant groups; this is very unfair and should be equal if peace between these two communities is to get further. There are a lot of foreign people living in Northern Ireland and as a result of this jobs are getting harder to find. Although I do not blame them. If they are willing to work they should get the jobs, but I believe there should be a lot more immigration officers to stop illegal immigrants.
  5. A lot of things young people would say to do with race is generally with good friends - so that they are sure it will not be negatively interpreted
  6. All I can say is there should be no such thing as racism but we are all human beings!
  7. All the politics stuff is irrelevant to me. I highly doubt many teenagers my age would know much about it. And all the stuff about Catholics and Protestants has never really affected me and I have never come across any problems personally.
  8. Although a lot of minority ethnic groups come to Northern Ireland, people from N.I. who moved to other areas or countries become an minority ethnic group in the host countries eyes.
  9. Although different ethnic groups are fine, it is unfair to make our people have to understand others with different languages
  10. Although the government and schools try to bring communities together they both do poor jobs of it. We need to open certain people's eyes to see the lives that some people have to live or have lived in. When we do this I believe people will change their views on certain things.
  11. Although the relations between Catholics and Protestant groups have improved a lot over recent years, in some areas of Northern Ireland they still remain a problem. There is more conflict between ignorant young people, and the frictions often end in violence.
  12. Although there are a lot of cross community projects I feel there needs to be more
  13. Although they have improved, relationships between different groups need work and people with attitudes like 'they are stealing all our jobs' should be educated on people from other ethnic groups.
  14. Apart from specific troubled areas I would like to think community relations in Northern Ireland are generally good and racism is falling thankfully.
  15. As a young person I feel relations are good
  16. As long as bigotry and hatred and ill teaching other others by e.g. parents, then things will never change.
  17. As part of my enrolment in my church youth group, I partake in the 'Kairos' project. It help me understand the Protestant community a lot better and I believe that this projects should continue to improve community relations in Northern Ireland.
  18. At present my two sisters are both taking part in a cross-community homework project. Both really enjoy it and seem to get a lot out of it. So this all seems positive.
  19. At the minute I don't feel that community relations are at the point of acceptance for religion or nationality.
  20. At the moment even though I have only been alive 16 years I feel as if community relations in Northern Ireland have never been better since the troubles. However I write this knowing there is always going to be sectarian activities going on here in Northern Ireland. My logic behind this being most of our primary attitudes towards other people is learnt from a child by the people we grow up with i.e. - family and friends. Unless the attitudes of everybody in N. Ireland becomes positive between each other, not all of the negative attitudes people currently have will ever go away. Therefore things will never completely get better. Even though it is a minute percentage of people who still have negative attitudes, they still have a large effect when they do something.
  21. At this present time in Northern Ireland I think that community relations are very good because we now have schools/ community centre were Protestants/ Catholic/Black people/White people etc can all socialise. About 15 years ago that would never have been thought of.
  22. Because I attended an integrated primary school and now doing my A Levels at an integrated secondary School I have always had a big mixture of friends from all backgrounds
  23. Both school and the media have raised me since I was young to treat no-one differently based on their race or ethnic background. People of minority ethnic backgrounds are simply lesser in number in the area I live in, so I generally do not have extended c
  24. Bring down peace walls and throw bigoted politicians out of Stormont.
  25. Building, binding and growing!
  26. Bullied all through school because of my disability.
  27. Businesses should encourage different ethnic groups in as I had a work placement in an all Polish factory and I found it extremely difficult as it was hard to communicate.
  28. Can be improved
  29. Catholic and Protestants usually get on well, although some Catholics and Protestants tend to be more strong about their religion, therefore fail to get along with the other community, especially those who live in an area that consist of their own religion.
  30. Catholics and Protestants will always have problems with each other - this is a big reason why N. Ireland is famous! More encouragement for cross community projects is definitely needed!
  31. Clear division, many prejudge them
  32. Community relations in N.I, I feel are improving and has improved a lot compared to the times of the troubles. In my 6 years in N.I, I felt that minority, about 96% of the people that I've came across are very welcoming of members of other ethnic minority groups. Although I also feel that relations between Catholics and Protestants in N.I, could be improved even further, and that young people of N.I especially, should be given the opportunity to mix with other religious community members, more often from their schools & be made more aware of each other's religion.
  33. Communities seem to be divided because of Catholic/Protestant only schools, towns etc and so not much contact is made between them. I feel it is partly because of some people in groups that don't like the other group/groups act/say things that makes it see
  34. Community Police officers who side with the other religion due to being their office and removed on from our own community area to allow them freedom to intimidate & insult us. Picked on by Catholics because of religion & threatened. Don't feel safe to go down town.
  35. Community relations (Protestant + Catholic) are improving significantly. I believe this is due to both sides becoming more educated and realising the conflict actual never had anything to do with religion. In fact, it was about Irish republicans that wanted smash British imperialism and resistance to these Irish republicans. As a teenager, living in a 60% Catholic town, can only speak for my local area. Sectarian tensions are stirred up by the new generations of loyalists during the summer. Thankful all teenagers I know from the nationalist community have moved on and would not even acknowledge the immaturity from some. It seems one community has moved on quicker than the other. Only time will tell how long this lasts.
  36. Community relations are greatly affected, in my opinion by parents passing on their own negative opinions to their children. Schools should be encouraged to organise cross community activities inclusive to members of ethnic minorities
  37. Community relations are growing steadily, but surely
  38. Community relations are very good in Northern Ireland, but sometime some people do not like Polish and also me, because I'm Polish girl.
  39. Community relations have been said to have improved over the years, but speaking very much from within where these changes are said to have taken place, I can say that mostly nothing has changed since I've been aware of the differences in our community, and
  40. Community relations have got better in some areas in Northern Ireland. But children get their opinions from their parents. In the area I live, there is a high number of Protestants, and my friends are Protestants too. But I have no objection to other communities or making friends with them. I just haven't had the chance.
  41. Community relations in Northern Ireland are getting out of hand. Due to the facts of jobs. People from other countries are moving to our country for jobs. That explains why most people are paid off or unemployed.
  42. Community relations in Northern Ireland need to be improved to encourage positive thoughts/ideas of the other ethnic groups.
  43. Community relations in terms of Protestant and Catholic are certainly improving but I feel there is a strong need for cross community groups to stop stereotyping between the two communities without the cross community group I attending I can honestly say my views on the Protestant community would have been mainly negative.
  44. Communities need to forget the past and think towards today's troubles the troubles of our economy not religious tensions.
  45. Could be better
  46. Depending on where in Northern Ireland people are from changes views about community relations. For example locations such as Ardoyne, would feel stronger about different relations and ethnics from experience, compared to Holywood.
  47. Distorted. Lack of understanding about other groups
  48. Every Monday night I would attend a 3 hour session of a cross community religions grouping called [***]. This was introduced to me by my youth club. Within the 3 hours we do drama, music, art and dance classes together. This is a chance for teenagers in Belfast to come together and socialise with different religions and cultures. The 3 main races are Catholic, Protestant and Chinese. By participating in [***] my eyes have been opened to many religions and cultures. In my opinion race or religion does not matter and therefore every human being should be treated equally and with the upmost highest respect!
  49. Everyone is equal, no matter what ethnical background they have.
  50. Everyone in Northern Ireland is far too judgemental about people who aren't the same as them. I can see their point when it comes to jobs and the small minority of outsiders involved in crime/hate attacks (including prod/Catholic) but they shouldn't judge a whole community on what only some of the people do.
  51. Everyone is equal in Northern Ireland - we may have different views but we are all equal and one community.
  52. Everyone is going to get along one day Michael Jackson man in the mirror inspirational song!
  53. Everyone should be treated equally no matter what religion, colour etc.
  54. Everyone should be treated fairly and with equal rights.
  55. Everyone should get along, religion and skin colour shouldn't matter, we are all the same.
  56. Everyone's the same at the end of the day, so everyone should stop fighting over religion and live life without making others lives hard to live. The crime rate of people causing conflict to the other ethnic minorities' homes and communities just makes our country look bad! Just because they may be foreigners.
  57. Feelings towards other race, especially eastern European, are poor.
  58. Generally good, the only problems are coming from close-minded people. Places like schools and youth groups are helping these relations along.
  59. Generally quite good in my opinion, however that could just be the area I live in.
  60. Generally speaking there is an improvement in people becoming more acceptant, and welcoming of people as a different ethnicity. However this is a minority in some communities who do harass or bully these type of people, which I feel is wrong.
  61. Generally, people of my age - teenagers, are only racist because they think its funny, perhaps they think this is funny due to the media T.V shows, but it is rarely out of hatred, most people get along.
  62. Getting better as there's not as much hatred now
  63. Help available to victims of any kind of racist bullying is easy to access especially in schools, I as a victim of bullying because of mu polish nationality, found it very useful.
  64. Hope everyone realises were all the same and you shouldn't make a difference in people purely because they are not the same Ethnic, Religion etc.!
  65. How can community relations improve with the "marching season" in Northern Ireland, whereby flags are flown on lamp posts to mark territory, bigotry and national hatred? All flags on lamp posts should be banned in North.
  66. I am all up for foreign ethnic groups, as long as they don't commit crimes. I have heard of a large number doing illegal things and I don't think they should be here if they are going to commit crimes.
  67. I am aware of racism in Belfast but it has never affected me or any of my close friends.
  68. I am in year 13 in an integrated school, we are treated equally and everyone is the same to me. I didn't actually realise sectarianism actually happened now until my Catholic friend was called names when she moved to a Protestant grammar school for sixth year.
  69. I am reasonably happy with people from other ethnic communities being part of our society except for those who are relying on benefits and aren't contributing to our society.
  70. I am very open to mixing with people from other ethnic groups. I used to go to an integrated school which I believe is the best way to mix children from a young age. From a mixed school, going into a segregated school I have had my eyes opened about how bitter some people can be.
  71. I believe community relations in Northern Ireland have greatly improved. In today's society in Northern Ireland the population is of every community therefore everyone is treated equally as individuals treating everyone with full respect and dignity.
  72. I believe ethnic minorities coming into Northern Ireland should contribute to society & be encourage d to do so they would then be accepted & tolerated by more people already living here.
  73. I believe everyone should be treated the same, no matter about their colour, race or culture.
  74. I believe everyone should stop judging people because of their race or religion, and start excepting people for who they are. People have their own opinions, but it shouldn't affect how we treat one another
  75. I believe in the last year or so trouble between Catholics and Protestants are returning. Young people normally don't feel passionate about hating the other side but are fuelled by older members in society and their location of home.
  76. I believe most people of my generation have people on personality rather than ethnic background etc.
  77. I believe NI has been stuck in its sectarian ways for far too long and that Protestants and Catholics could never co-exist for a long period of time. People with different religion coming into the country does not bother me, what bothers me is immature people who feel the need to be racists/sectarian.
  78. I believe people will try to make and effort no matter what, never mind ethnic backgrounds people like people for who they are and not how they look
  79. I believe that a lot of the troubles still live on in Northern Ireland. Although, I believe it is kept quite quiet by the government etc…
  80. I believe that children should be encouraged to accept people from different ethnic backgrounds and realise they are normal people and not as most people say, "here to steal our jobs" It's so frustrating for me as they bring much more to our country and can drastically change their quality of life for the better.
  81. I believe that community relations should be both positive and constructive, with people coming together and working together for a common goal.
  82. I believe that older generations are still prejudiced to other communities, which affects the younger generation. Such views would influence young people to form views and ideas about religions and races that they are not that familiar with. Hopefully, things will change for the better and we can become a better community.
  83. I believe that on that on the whole relation between Catholics and Protestants are improving but there will always be a few individuals who give both communities a bad name and are sectarian unnecessarily.
  84. I believe that people from other ethnicities should stay where their roots are instead of coming over here and draining our country of much needed money. I don't mean that to sound harsh or racist, but I just feel that where you are born, you should stay
  85. I believe that there is still a division between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland
  86. I believe that they are improving significantly among the younger population due to the increase in socializing and I believe that this is a good thing. However I believe that the introduction of more facilities and services to promote socializing would b
  87. I believe that things/relationships between different communities can change, but it'll take time but everyone should get along. We're all the same after all!
  88. I believe there is some awkward tension between different communities. There are a small group of people who do not want complete friendship and peace; but the majority do want friendship and peace between everyone.
  89. I dislike people who think that the Polish have only came over to steal jobs, because I believe that they're just making a living and they work hard.
  90. I don't care if they are black, white, gay or straight if they treat me nice I'll do the same back
  91. I don't see people as a religion or colour I just see them as people to be friends with.
  92. I don't see why people argue as there is no difference in people we are all the same why should we fight because of a colour or religion or where we are from.
  93. I don't think community relations are as bad as people make out.
  94. I don't think many people have racial problems with people from ethnic minority groups, it is just the language barrier that prevents you becoming good friends
  95. I don't think religion or race matters. As long as they are nice people. I'll get on well with them!
  96. I don't think there's enough focus on communication between the communities in NI & I don't think the younger generations don't know enough & therefore they adopt their parents & friends beliefs & views instead of forming their own.
  97. I don't understand any reason for people to be racist against any ethnic minority group. If I've never played sport or associated with anyone from this, it's because I didn't know or notice. U see us all as equal.
  98. I don't understand why when at job interviews, or when filling out a work application form, the question of whether you come from Protestant or Catholic background is still necessary even though we have been, and still are, going through a "peace process". I think it is unnecessary and comes across as if the employer is discriminating
  99. I don't want people to try and change my identity but I would like to see better relations between people from different backgrounds with different beliefs to my own.
  100. I don't want to make it seem as if racial abuse is not important; but, as I have a brother with ginger hair, I have noticed the amount of harassment that people can get for the smallest of things sometimes.
  101. I don't really worry about other people's ethnic background of religion and I try not to get mixed up with harassment and bullying. I just mind my own business and treat everyone the same. So that, I don't really know that much about communities relations.
  102. I don't socialise much with people from other ethnic groups, that I feel a negative stigma attached to them. However the people from other ethnic groups that I have met were just like me.
  103. I don't think it is right to pick and choose who we are to associate with based on what they look like or where we are from or what nationality we are. Isn't everyone supposed to be equal in the eyes of god?
  104. I don't think people should judge someone else on the colour of their skin or what they believe in everybody's different and that's what makes us, us. The world would be boring if everyone looked the same or believed in the same things. There is a reason we're unique.
  105. I feel community relations in Northern Ireland are getting stronger and stronger. It is only a small majority of people who do not have good community relations with other ethnic minorities or other religions.
  106. I feel it definitely depends on where you live, which accounts for the discrimination against different ethnic origins.
  107. I feel it needs more inter-school contact.
  108. I feel it's going in the right direction as people are becoming less hostile to other segments of the community " I feel that although Northern Ireland is slowly coming to accept the Catholic community. We as a whole need to begin to accept the ethnic minorities in the same way.
  109. I feel that anyone is welcome in this country as long as they enter it legally and do not abuse benefit payments. It is disgraceful if any of these are bullied or abused.
  110. I feel that community relations are beginning to progress in Northern Ireland, so the government should continue to do as they are doing.
  111. I feel that community relations in Northern Ireland have improved to some degree as there are a lot more religions and ethnic groups who communicate with each no matter how different they are from one another.
  112. I feel that judging people on their religion or skin colour is wrong. If anyone focused on people's personality and what type of person they are, the world in my eyes would b a much better place.
  113. I feel that many people don't understand the cultures of others and that is why they are afraid to socialise with them, because they are different. Also many people's views are led by what they hear even though this may not always be true.
  114. I feel that orange parades thought Catholics areas is just causing unneeded trouble and because of damages costing the average tax payer more money. I don't mind people celebrating because of their traditions and heritage but there must be better solutions.
  115. I feel that people from different ethnic minority groups should come together more often and share their different views and believes as I don't feel this is being done enough in Northern Ireland.
  116. I feel that some of my friends have a very strong opinion on other religious communities. But generally everyone accepts other religions.
  117. I feel that such organisation such as youth initiatives, youth centre bring people from different religious and racism backgrounds together.
  118. I feel that the barriers we put up around us need to come down as some people are afraid of change but i believe we are all equal even if not all my actions show this
  119. I feel that there is a lot of discrimination in Northern Ireland which I personally find disturbing and a disgrace.
  120. I feel that within the communities of Northern Ireland people mainly stick with their own group but people do not have anger towards other groups bar small parts of Northern Ireland.
  121. I feel the population of Northern Ireland are mostly open to different races in the country, however there is many who discriminate for a number of reasons. In the next 20 years as generations age, we will see a new more welcoming Northern Ireland to different races.
  122. I feel the questions which asked if I found people from the Protestant/Catholic Community/Ethnic Minorities favourable, were unanswerable. You cannot judge a whole community and stereotype them all to give them one opinion. I would not dislike someone for
  123. I feel there has been a great improvement in the treatment of ethnic and religious diversity in Northern Ireland, and less harassment or violence. However, I have good reason to believe that the tension and instability of previous prejudice and violence still early exists, and if not handled carefully can result in its return. There is still underlying intolerance and even aggression as seen in Belfast last summer with July 12th when there was more violence than in previous years. Youth of our time need to know that this is unacceptable. I also feel that religion still has far too strong of influence on the government and its policies, particularly regarding controversial issues such as abortion.
  124. I feel there is too much prejudice towards ethnic minorities and a lot of pre-judgement about people if they don't know them and hostility
  125. I find in my local area even though in the only Protestant family I find that a lot of Catholics very friendly but there is some which will say bad things but I have dealt with it in my own way
  126. I find that Northern Ireland is generally quite accepting or those from different ethnic origins, however everyone will always have different opinions on how they feel towards this topic.
  127. I have a mixed view, it irritates me when they come and ruin our homes or poke fun. Which could be a reason for disliking them, but at the same time I am glad they are making a better life for themselves and I greatly respect that. I also would (and have) stepped in when I have seen ethnic bullying and i despite people bullying & hate towards minority groups.
  128. I have no problem with people of a different religion/colour etc. It is so wrong to bully for this reason.
  129. I have no problems with people of a different race or ethnic backgrounds. I have been brought up in a home with a strict outlook on Racism. Although I have my own views on Immigrants, or people with different ethnic backgrounds.
  130. I honestly, couldn't care less about anyone's religion/ethnicity, as long as I like them I will socialise with them
  131. I know that in Fermanagh community relations are very good, but it still has a few narrow minded view.
  132. I like both Protestants and Catholics. We are all the same. I hate people being sectarian. A lot of my friends are. When I ask "why?" They hardly even know. They associate all Catholics with IRA and killing people. My view is Protestants also killed Catholics in the troubles. We are all to blame-both sides. We should try to make peace. We may have different religious views but we're all people & should have a right to believe in what we want. I don't like the IRA or the UVF or any other group that killed innocent people. I'm a born Protestant and I hate the orange order because they are sectarian and don't allow Catholic to join it.
  133. I live near a mainly Protestant, all white town, where people of ethnic minority would probably not be received very well, so I have had little contact with ethnic minority groups.
  134. I look forward to the day that religion is not a factor in N.I no one can move forward faster. I am not against ethnic communities, however feel that they should always remain a minority as Ireland is not their home country
  135. I may or may not live inside some kind of cultural bubble
  136. I myself think because of Northern Ireland's trouble people are very stereotypical about people living here.
  137. I never get to socialise with other ethnic groups because there are only white people in my school and area. If we are going to relate more to these communities in N.I then there needs to be a lot more opportunities for cross-community projects.
  138. I notice a divide in the community on public transport. Catholics sit on a different side of the bus than Protestants. Many assume your religion by the uniform you are wearing. If you wear your uniform in some areas you can become a target.
  139. I only have friends from the same ethnic group as me out of coincidence but I feel no discrimination whatsoever towards people from different ethnic groups.
  140. I personally don't think that there is much mixing, even in school between ethnic minority groups.
  141. I personally feel that Northern Ireland in general is becoming better at developing and building community relations. Through the continuation of cross community projects and public speakers visiting schools.
  142. I personally feel that the Burdens and experiences of the past few decades are still being carried through to today. As teenagers we have not experienced what our elders have and I feel a lot of people my age have become too focused upon something they did not witness.
  143. I personally think that community relations should be improved so that people, especially at a young age, should be more tolerant and understanding towards ethnic minority groups. I think citizenship and learning for life and work are excellent to have as subjects in schools and it should possibly be compulsory. I think that in primary schools especially children should be taught about equality and diversity so they are prepared for the future. Also cross-community school trips are good ideas.
  144. I sincerely hope that by the time my generation is in charge, that most or all of the division between Catholic and Protestant has gone. I don't believe it is right to judge someone just because of their religious/ethnic background. Everyone deserves a chance and everyone has a right to be safe and believe what they want. There is no point trying to make someone be something that they are not.
  145. I still don't quite understand how or why a lot of the [***] community can be very nice but sickly bigoted when it comes Catholic Protestant issues.
  146. I think a lot more work shops should be done with schools to help educate pupils on ethnic groups.
  147. I think a lot of people aren't open to change and are set in their ways, although more young people are open to change and different ethnic minorities. I personally don't judge people by their skin but actions.
  148. I think all the fighting between different religions, mostly Catholic and Protestant, is all very stupid. We're all the same I believe no matter what religion or ethnicity.
  149. I think community relations are improving because integrated schools are allowing children and teenagers to build relations with members of the community they may not otherwise have the chance to meet or get to know. I think it also gives them a chance to
  150. I think community relations in Northern Ireland are becoming a lot better than they were before, just when Eastern Europeans started to immigrate here. I think the northern Irish have become a lot more comfortable with this in the past years, certainly in my area.
  151. I think ethnic minorities get a hard time about coming to this country and "stealing our jobs" when the reality is that if they are better at these jobs than the people from here who are also looking for jobs then the ethnic minorities should get the jobs
  152. I think everyone should treat everyone as equal = 1 regardless of their skin colour or ethnic background. Living in a world where there is peace in sociality, I wish people would treat people as they would like to be treated. Skin colour is what you are and what you were born as, if people can't accept that they have issues with who they are!!
  153. I think everyone should be able to get along better and not have to think about different ethnic groups as everyone should be equal.
  154. I think foreign people are very included in Northern Ireland, find there isn't the many racist attacks on people compared to other areas/cities.
  155. I think if people tried to mix with other religions and ethnic groups, people wouldn't so judgmental of other people. They should have a cross-community "fun" day.
  156. I think in general relations between two communities are getting slightly better, but more could be done to create a friendlier attitude to other communities.
  157. I think it doesn't matter what religion you are. Everybody should get along and hang out with whoever they want no matter their religion is. I hope that in the future years to come that the gap between the Catholic and the Protestants gets smaller and that there will be less bitterness in society
  158. I think it has greatly improved.
  159. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that people get bullied just because they come from a different ethnic group. I was seriously bullied in school because I am a Christian. I got hit after school and beat up all the time. I pray that everyone could just get along and be treated as they would want to be treated!!!
  160. I think it is disgraceful that people from ethnic groups have been forced out of their homes by thugs who call themselves patriots even though it makes our society worse.
  161. I think it really depends on how strong family views are. My family is half Protestant half Catholic so I have no strong views against either. I know a lot of groups have strong beliefs. My family moved out of Belfast because the Catholic area was in minority to the Protestant and the Protestants would stone our houses but they must of have very strong beliefs. I have meet others I get on very well with who have very much the same views as I do but depending on where you live and you family history can affect your views.
  162. I think it would be great to have a fairly mixed community as then everyone would learn to accept each other and racism and bullying would not be a huge factor in today's society within different groups of race and religion.
  163. I think it's good that more ethnic majority groups are coming into Ireland and should be welcomed among schools and local communities.
  164. I think it's important that youth clubs mix events with other youth clubs so that young people aren't restricted to knowing only people from their ethnic group.
  165. I think it's really important that people are educated on community relations and equality at a young age to help prevent racism/sectarianism etc in NI. I also think there should be more intergraded schools in NI so that children and young people can mix with those from a different background and again therefore prevent racism/sectarianism etc.
  166. I think more should be done to encourage people to mix with people of different religions. Also I believe 'Derry' should be the official name of my city. Whether they are Catholic or Protestant everyone who lives here calls it Derry. The 'London' prefix is only used by people from areas outside Derry.
  167. I think most people wish to move forward, but there are a few that are holding everyone back
  168. I think most racist abuse comes from people who are uneducated about other ethnic groups.
  169. I think NI as a whole should be more welcoming and helpful to those of an ethic minority group.
  170. I think 'orange band parades' are wrong, especially in Catholic areas, I have nothing against Protestants at all, but I do not understand why they feel the need to parade through Catholic communities.
  171. I think people in Northern Ireland are holding the country back from developing socially because of their fixed opinions and narrow views of other cultures in Europe. It is depressing!!!
  172. I think people in Northern Ireland should get to know people from ethnic backgrounds and then they can cities them and make fun of them
  173. I think relations between ethnic groups and religious groups could be improved upon
  174. I think some young people in N.I are very bitter to other ethnic people I think there should be more things for young people to do and mixed together in N.I.
  175. I think that a lot of the time people tend to avoid people who are not the same as them and therefore creates some tension on the matter. Also, I think that in the current climate many people feel a grudge against people coming to the country and taking their jobs before the "natives", so to speak, have a chance.
  176. I think that as time goes on, community relations will get better, however, I firmly believe that there will be always a few individuals how will hate the other community. I think that for N.I to really move on the politicians need to stop referring to the past.
  177. I think that because we are all living in the same country we have the right to feeling part of the community. It is important that people who have emigrated or from an ethnic minority feel included in the area they live.
  178. I think that community relations in Northern Ireland are sometimes bad because most people do not know much about the background of the minority ethnic groups and therefore cannot understand them.
  179. I think that cross community relations are improving, and that's a good thing. However there will remain to be tensions unless Ireland is once and for all unified or divided. Unionists are in constant fear of nationalist majority in the North while nationalists are praying for it. Its not a very solid foundation.
  180. I think that in order to improve community relations In Northern Ireland, we have to forget about the past and start anew. However, I think that people in our parent's generation have been brought up, in many cases to question the ethnic or religious background of other people. Therefore I think that community relations will always be that little more difficult in Northern Ireland. I think is it important to promote the issue of community relations to children at a young age so that as they grow up it becomes a part of normal life.
  181. I think that most Catholic and Protestant group will always feel defensive with each other and not as comfortable with each other as they would be with someone of their own religion. People stick to traditions and tradition is that Catholic and Protestant are "different" and should not socialise with one another. However, I disagree.
  182. I think that Northern Ireland still has some divisions when it comes to religion but relationships are improving and it's only the minority who do abuse people for their religion. I don't think very many people are racist but in particular do not like the Polish community.
  183. I think that people are too quick to judge people if they aren't from the same background as them which is unfortunate as I socialise with many people from different backgrounds than myself and find that I strongly appreciate their influence on my life.
  184. I think that people in Northern Ireland are too busy trying to improve relations between Protestants and Catholic communities that they forget about us. People from ethnic minority groups. This is why many racism related issues occur, not only within the school or workplace, but within the community. We are victimised only because we are from different country and bullying is a daily thing.
  185. I think that people just need to stop being so narrow minded and accept the fact that there are people who come from a different background and have different view and beliefs. Everyone is still human.
  186. I think that people should feel the same way towards other community relations as they would their own.
  187. I think that relations are generally good where I live anyway, but there are a minority that are bitter to other religions and ethnic groups.
  188. I think that some people relate good but there is some people who say bad comments to people and there is room for improvements in Northern Ireland.
  189. I think that the community relations are improving and I hope this continues!
  190. I think that the majority of people don't really care what religion you are, people just want to live their lives, there are only a few that will stir up bad feelings.
  191. I think that they are much better than they were 20 years ago but it's obvious there's still improvements to be made as sum people still live in the past.
  192. I think the minority of young people in Northern Ireland need to make more of an effort to socialise and be friendly towards those of other religious/ethnic backgrounds.
  193. I think the older generations had a strong sense of nationality and are influencing their children to think negatively of ethnic minorities, even though times have changed and more people are travelling to here.
  194. I think the reason why people take a dislike to other ethnic minorities is because they think the ethnic minorities are living in Northern Ireland to 'steal their jobs'
  195. I think the relations in the community differ, Half have strong opinions about different cultural People and other half accept. When people have strong negative opinion's, I respect their opinion but in my opinion there wrong.
  196. I think there are poor community relations but it is mainly expressed behind backs and not face to face.
  197. I think there should be a lot more interaction with Ethnic minorities as I think it would reduce racial attacks. This can be done by setting up projects or youth clubs.
  198. I think there should be a school open for different races.
  199. I think there should be no difference no matter who or what you are and people should not be predjudgeous.
  200. I think there will always be a divide between Catholics and Protestants
  201. I think there's always going to be same barriers within particular areas when it comes to Catholic and Protestants, although there shouldn't be.
  202. I think there's definitely room for improvement however, we've really progressed in the past few years.
  203. I think they are always improving but relationships between ethnics groups will never be perfect. I believe there will always be some underlying conflict
  204. I think they could be a bit better.
  205. I think they could be improved if children and teenagers are taught to accept each other, therefore they can bring up their children in the same way.
  206. I was bullied badly in primary school for my religion by fellow pupils and a couple of my teachers. Physical attacks were involved.
  207. I went to an intergraded collage for 5 years so I have socialised with a good variety of different people from different backgrounds. I can say that they all believed in the same manner, (If it wasn't from skin tones, and accents I could not tell them apart)
  208. I wish racism would stop and everybody could get along.
  209. I wish there was no religion. Northern Ireland is far to religious.
  210. I would just like to say that ethnic relations in Northern Ireland have become a more often discussed issue than ever before. I think that everyone from all kinds of ethnic minorities should take this into consideration and treat everyone equally and the way that they would want to be treated.
  211. I would like everybody to live equally and a government that is run equally
  212. I would like everyone to live in harmony and peace. It doesn't matter the colour of anyone we're all humans. I have been brought up to treat everyone with respect.
  213. I would like to mention that I would like more interactions between Catholic and Protestants communities.
  214. I would like to see people getting on better. As, I think this would help the community build a better relationship with one another. I hate the way Protestants and Catholics can't accept the way we both are, we are all separated from each other as if we are kids who fight and have to be separated.
  215. I would love for one day religion to be unimportant in N.I- I have only been to integrated schools my family are mixed religions. I am not fond of minorities but would never deliberately ignore or be rude to them.
  216. I would prefer if all ethnic communities could get along with each other, as well as mixed religious communities
  217. I would say that a lot of these ideas about ethnic groups are stereotypical and far from the truth. My friend is Romanian and I respect and see him as a great person, I often forget that he is of a different ethnic background to me. The people who see ethnic groups as 'bad' are just people who have never been in contact with any of them, either because their parents had a grudge against them for no reasons or that they went to a 'monoculture school'. I think there should be integrated schools only, mixed all the way and f parents don't want to send their kids to schools like these, then tough luck, give me a good, valid reason why?
  218. I would say that community relations in Northern Ireland are improving, the gap between Protestants and Catholics is closing, in my opinion it was idiotic to focus on their differences, and people are getting used to ethnic minorities in their communities
  219. If only both Catholic and Protestants weren't so biased towards their own religion.
  220. If we keep being focused on the past and what has happened in the past then yes I think the cross community relations are not going to work as well. We need to look at the future. The majority of my generation, are too focused on careers and jobs, than to
  221. I'm in a mixed community and we all get on
  222. I'm just wondering when younger children and mostly teens will realise religion is nothing to riot about
  223. In addition, I think that politicians should be seen in public standing shoulder to shoulder at different cultural events. For example, Remembrance Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, 12 July etc. It would help if the communities seen this from the politicians and maybe there would be a slight chance that everybody would start respecting one another's culture.
  224. In honesty I feel that community relations here are good and gradually improving and hopefully they continue this way in the future.
  225. In most case I have witness there have not been overly bad relations between communities but in the occasional situation it has been quite aggressive so I think we still have a long way to go
  226. In my area there has been little or no cross community conflicts. Other parts of Belfast however more action needs to be taken to ensure that people don't see difference as a reason to fight
  227. In Northern Ireland I think communities tend to stay together and not mix with one another. I would like more cross-community events to take place and I would also like to learn more about other religions, and ethnic minority groups.
  228. In rural communities there is no cross community groups to encourage young people to socialise with each other. Churches still instil Catholics/Protestant divide. School should teach other religion views not just Christianity.
  229. In some areas of Northern Ireland people from different ethnic groups and religions are brought together but there is still areas that are very separate from these groups. Areas of people that just want to stick to their own kind. It would be great if there was a way to bring everyone together so that we no longer will be brought up with being told who and who not to be associated with.
  230. Integrated schools have a big affect on people's views. And I think it is very obvious once you drive into an area which is Protestant e.g. flags, painting etc.
  231. Irish travellers do not seem to show much respect for the community
  232. Irish travellers should pay taxes.
  233. It could be better….
  234. It does not bother me in the slightest about someone's faith, background or skin colour. If they are a nice person inside that's all that matters.
  235. It doesn't matter what your religion or colour is I have loads of friends and religion and colour never come's into it.
  236. It has certainly improved in many years passed.
  237. It has not been a big issue where I have grown up everyone seems to accept people from a different background.
  238. It is difficult to answer a question about what religion of people you prefer to be around or what race you prefer to be around because I feel that this does not reflect my view that I choose to be around, or not be around, someone as a result of their personality not what their race or religion is.
  239. It is improving to say the least.
  240. It is not so much about Protestants and Catholics. It is about Unionist and Nationalists. People generally will tend to stick with people of their same beliefs. Most Nationalist have no problem with Unionists. It is only when one side displays hatred towards another that tensions arise.
  241. It is only certain parts of N.I racist parts take place due to paramilitary involvement and religious influence
  242. It is slowly getting better, It is a lot better than what it was.
  243. It needs a lot more work to do involve everyone in a certain event that all can relate to.
  244. It needs help. Children are like putty they conform to easily to the views of past generations.
  245. It seems that this survey has assured that people in Northern Ireland belong to one particular religion but there is actually a certain group of people who do not belong to religion nor care about other people's religion, such as myself. In my option, there shouldn't be such pressured idea of people in Northern Ireland.
  246. It seems to be that you follow what your parents believe.
  247. It should get better!
  248. It should not matter what type of religion or ethnic group you are you should always be respected!!!
  249. It will only change if we want it to change. Students from different schools often shout abuse at each other, so they clearly see that there is something wrong with people of different religions or ethnic backgrounds. This is very negative behaviour, and can spread like wildfire among a community.
  250. It would be better if there wasn't IRA in government
  251. It's alright with other ethnic groups but could be a lot better, with Catholic and Protestant there is little desire in participants to be a part of it.
  252. It's very poor between communities
  253. I've personally not came across any racism or bullying therefore I've nothing to say about communities relations
  254. Just because someone has different colour skin doesn't mean they have to be treated differently. If people took time to actually get to know these people they would see they are just normal people with regular needs. I have noticed that most people I know with different skin, religion or culture beliefs are nicer, more understanding and generally better to be with than people of the same backgrounds as myself!
  255. Just because someone is in a different minority ethnic group doesn't mean they are different they can do anything anyone else can, they aren't different except their ethnic group.
  256. Learning English should be a requirement of the naturalization process.
  257. Many people in Northern Ireland are stereotyping whole ethnic groups. Many people don't realise how harmful even a small racist comment or action can be to a person. So young people are racist because they have seen their parents behaving in a racist way to a person from a different background.
  258. Many people make immediate presumptions about people of different ethnicities, often with no grounding beyond their skin colour or accent.
  259. Minority ethnic groups need to mix more. Catholic + Protestants still need a lot of improvement
  260. Mixed communities are on the increase In Northern Ireland & it's great to see!! Were all the same.
  261. Modern government and lack of jobs. In areas of ethnic groups claiming benefits that they should not be entitled to cause stress in communities. No one should be entitled to benefits unless born here. No one should be fit to send child benefits to children in EU countries.
  262. More awareness of different cultures should be raised in schools.
  263. More cross community programmes.
  264. More funding for community groups and integrated schools.
  265. More needs to be done in order to make the immigrants feel at home and to encourage the locals to be more welcoming e.g tea/coffee mornings and English lessons
  266. More needs to be done to improve them. Many people in Northern Ireland have very little understanding.
  267. More needs to be done to pull Catholics and Protestants together. Too much segregation and bitterness within my town and other
  268. More schemes for Primary School children would introduce the children to minorities and give them a positive impression to counteract the peer pressure.
  269. More should be done to help people mix with one another, school projects
  270. Most people try to make friends with their own kind.
  271. Most young people born around the time of GFA - at least those brought up in afferent/middle - class areas /not living in politically influence areas, don't care what religion/race someone is. Children aren't as racist those - Minded as you to imply.
  272. Mostly the only thing I don't like is they come to Northern Ireland and speak their own language.
  273. My age group is working together to improve relations, so hopefully it will make a difference
  274. My dad is Protestant & my mum is Catholic - I was brought up in a mixed environment and religion never came in to our house. I attended an integrated primary school and a grammar school where all communities attended and my views are treat everyone as you want to be treated no matter what religion or colour
  275. My opinion is community relation needs to understand we are all the same but with different religions
  276. My sister is a white Protestant, her bf is a black Catholic and they joke racist stuff all the time, he's the only one I call funny names but we all know it's a joke.
  277. My views are a little to theoretical to get any information out of them.
  278. N.I. people cannot accept change or people from dif countries.
  279. Need more integration within communities to move on and into the future. Also need to get rid of political parties that base their campaign or strategy on republicanism or unionism.
  280. Need to improve. Sadly though with current politicians on both sides, we're getting nowhere. Happy to accept votes on religion terms and not from votes about their plans about the future. Politicians still gain votes from people of the same religion. No loyalists for Sinn Fein and vice versa.
  281. No Community Keep people in their own colour religion in their own place, NOT enough room for people to come from different countries to live here.
  282. No one should be treated unfairly, everyone should be treated equally and nice.
  283. Nope, only that I was brought up not knowing about the differences about Protestant and Catholic religions. I have only now in the last two years learnt about it and the history in Northern Ireland the going ones.
  284. Northern Ireland are stuck on this subject to much, doesn't matter what colour you are or religion everyone is the same and I love meeting new people of different believes, I wouldn't judge anyone before I meet them.
  285. Northern Ireland has a fractured community which is slowly rebuilding itself. More needs to be done at grassroots level to promote equality. More teaching of tolerance needs to be done in secondary schools beyond the age of 14. I think intergraded schools should receive more funding as it would be a step in the right direction for N.I
  286. Northern Ireland has a range of ethnic Groups & I don't feel they should be subjected to Racism, they have just as much rights as everyone else & more people should attend integrated schools & cross community projects to portray this & show a united front against section & racist members of different communities.
  287. Northern Ireland is socially, economically & politically broken. As a young person I feel like it should be my job to help fix Northern Ireland. Whilst many people do not care much for negative cross communities relations, yet a minority of people put their all into hatred. I hope for things to get better, but don't put much confidence in the current government.
  288. Northern Ireland is very multi-cultural place, but not everyone sees this as being positive. In relation to Catholic and Protestants, I don't be any improvements especially due to the fights in the summer when the Protestants hold their celebrations i.e. parades and bonfires
  289. Northern Ireland needs to accept all types of religious diversity if we are willing to move forward.
  290. Northern Ireland seems to be years behind everywhere else. We need to wise up & see people for who they are and not their colour or religion.
  291. Not enough is being done about bullying, assault or harassment
  292. Not much respect for the chinese. The word 'chinks' is used a lot and reciest jokes on facebook.
  293. Not really because with my group of friends no one really cares what colour you are or your religion.
  294. Not really, haven't experienced anything I would describe as negative
  295. Not really, I am satisfied with the way things are at the minute.
  296. Nothing at all in my community for children or young people not even a youth club or cinema. No were for us as young people could get away from family life for a while and hang out with friends.
  297. Often no strong relationships are made with people ethnic community as they are seen as 'different' it needs to change maybe stricter laws should be set in place. Young people should get to have their say more like this survey where the governments take the time to listen to their thoughts and feelings.
  298. Old habits die hard. And older generations run the country.
  299. One thing I find helpful in Community relations is the City of Belfast School of Music. The people here are a mix of both Catholic and Protestant and everyone gets along really well. The CBYO, City of Belfast Youth Orchestra, also goes on tours which helps cross community bonding.
  300. People are beginning to accept people of different cultures now more, well in my area they are and before this would have been completely unacceptable
  301. People are getting to be less caught up in the arguments between Catholics and Protestants. Everyone now seems more relaxed and enjoying their communities more even with people of ethnic minority, different races and colours etc. Although there still are those that are dwelling in the past and they need to look to the future and not to relapse in the past again.
  302. People are starting to respect each other regardless of the colour of their skin or ethnic group. I think this has happened because of the laws put in place and all the cross community projects that took place also from the increase of immigrants and the ben
  303. People are still prejudiced and make racist or discriminatory 'jokes' and these are consider acceptable. I would definitely say heterosexual discrimination is much more prevalent than ethnic discrimination.
  304. People are very focused nowadays on religion. Mainly because their families don't like to associate with a different religion.
  305. People are very racist and especially are against travellers and gypsies. There should be much more equality, especially in the work-place, especially for Irish Travellers, as they have little to no support from the non-travelling community and I would li
  306. People from large areas like Belfast seem to be bullying different coloured people more than others
  307. People in Northern Ireland should all mix together doesn't matter where they come from.
  308. People mainly living in Northern Ireland from a different ethnic group usually has one parent who is from a different ethnic group and the other parent comes from, that's the reason so they live and are brought up here as "Northern Irish" but are just slightly toned.
  309. People need better education about the types of religion because they don't really understand why people fight if they knew this could be beneficial to them and their community
  310. People need to be educated more in relation to other religions/cultures. Understanding = harmony
  311. People need to make an effort to not be prejudiced against other communities
  312. People now joke about religious views, it is no longer taken serious.
  313. People overreact to ethnic minorities with phrases in constant use such as "they're stealing all our jobs". People don't realise we need these migrants to our country to help our economy. People from other ethnic backgrounds are awesome and I wish I knew more people from different background as I personally think they're interesting.
  314. People say things about other religious/ethnic groups to act 'cool'.
  315. People seem to be treated differently if they don't appear to be the same as everyone else which is unfair and I feel that everyone should be treated equally.
  316. People should forget about the past and look into the future and make it better for children to come. Also if other ethnic groups come over here and work why not, it's the ones that are from here that are to lazy to go out and get a job.
  317. People should just realise that everyone is the same, so I don't see why people have to treat others differently just because they are a different colour or have a different nationality.
  318. People take religion and race to serious and don't like people because of these things when they don't even know them.
  319. People tend to feel more comfortable in their own relgious groups/neighbourhoods
  320. People tend to stereotype about ethnic minorities and are afraid to come into contact with them.
  321. People who are racist, or make fun of people from an ethnic minority really annoy me, and so I don't socialise with people like this.
  322. People, especially the young, are ignorant to other religions than Christian as well as the values of the other ethnic minority groups. There is a lack of education about this and the fixation on Catholic and Protestants in R.E lessons is ridiculous. Why are we learning their values only and what the ever so sight differences in them are when there is a world full of culture hidden from us.
  323. Perhaps you might like to know for your research. Once, when walking home from school in my Catholic uniform I was physically threatened. As regards to my own beliefs. I personally have zero prejudice to any other community. I don't really 'get' why I am meant to hate someone else who happened to be born on the other side of town.
  324. Personally I believe the way in which the media outlines the political differences in the North of Ireland and how the policies are split politically but also how the DUP have members who are linked to the orange order and who don't allow the attendance of Catholic mass is the sign of the bigotry in the loyalist community. Ultimately both sides of the community need to put aside their religions and historical beliefs to the side and live as one community which the media needs so influence and allow for the unionist or nationalist majority decide the province's future at the time of a referendum when called, but in the mean time the politicians and media needs to show greater progress in representing both sides of the community.
  325. Personally I feel community relations are quite good in Northern Ireland, as many foreign people have entered the country, got a job and have done well for themselves and their families. People from N.I had to give those people a job and a house to live in. In my opinion this proves relations are good.
  326. Personally I feel community relations in Northern Ireland is quite good
  327. Personally I feel that there is no difference if you're a Catholic, Protestant, your black or white; I feel there shouldn't be difference made you should get to know people before judging them & I feel that people who do make a difference are pathetic.
  328. Personally I feel the conflict over religion and ethnic origin is pointless. I think it is cause by stupidly and ignorance and many of the people who take part in it, especially between Catholic and Protestants, are using this difference as an excuse and do not even know the difference between the two. I think parents should be discouraging any hostility towards other social groups but sadly there are parents who encourage sectarianism to their kids.
  329. Personally I think they are quite poor overall. The assembly is at the heart of this as we constantly see MPs fighting over silly matters from both sides of the community, Protestant and Catholic. If the assembly showed examples of working together maybe the rest of NI will follow behind them but when MPs pick fights over silly things it makes many lose confidence in them.
  330. Personally, I feel Protestants and Catholics is an issue in NI, but not as everyone makes out to be. I feel loyalist bands at parades e.g. 12th so not cause trouble, but the run up does. Protestants use these events to express and be proud of their culture. In my opinion, i am in a band and they are like family. I love to parade. I live for it. However I do talk to Catholics in school. They know my religion, and have no problem with it. So why should I question theirs.
  331. Personally, I feel the majority of the population look past the pettiness of religion and race and see that there is more to life and more important matters in hand but sadly there is that minority who has a different ugly mindset and it is these people w
  332. Personally, I think someone's ethnicity is completely irrelevant; living by principle,
  333. "If someone is nice to me, I'm nice to them" is probably one of the best pieces of advice that can be given.
  334. Polish people come over here and beat people up and think they run the country they gave my friend a beating for nothing and they steal all the jobs. But I don't mind the Polish people who are friendly and wouldn't hurt anyone.
  335. Politician make relations worse sometimes e.g., mayor of Belfast refusing to give a duke of Ed award to a army cadet!
  336. Protestants and Catholics that are bitter towards each other are usually not religious. Most would claim not to believe in God.
  337. Racist bullying is a problem, I feel that there has been no effective solution in the past few years, thankfully I go to a well respected school and the lesser end of being victimise but it still goes on. However, that said I find that most well educated people do not bully others for their ethnic group, but more the uneducated.
  338. Relation between different communities in Northern Ireland is based on bigotry and stems from a fear of the unknown. As a result of the Troubles people here are more likely to stick with their own communities and have become wary of other ethnic background.
  339. Relations between Catholics and Protestants seem to be similar to what they were 10 years ago. People from a different community can often be hostile to the other main community.
  340. Relations within communities are strong, but relations between different communities are unfortunately weak.
  341. Relationships are improving!
  342. Religion is only a name to me. I am a Catholic but go to a Protestant school. In NI religion is the main divide. People need to wise up & get over it.
  343. Religion plays a large part to community relations
  344. Sectarianism is still quite a big issue.
  345. Some community relations are good in my opinion the media portrays everything to be fine, I think Northern Ireland still has a long way to go and the wounds are still new across Northern Ireland.
  346. Some people sat that people from different ethnic communities get all the jobs and that is why there is no jobs for the people that have always lived in Northern Ireland.
  347. Sometimes people still live in the past, and can't move on or say sorry.
  348. Still huge problems with prejudice in society between Catholic and Protestant societies, often this prejudice is blind bigotry. Many in society are disdainful of ethnic minatory groups and immigrants.
  349. Still tension between Protestants and Catholics
  350. Stops letting people from other countries take all the good jobs they should be offer to the people from Northern Ireland first.
  351. Those communities should hold events for culture and mix with other ethnic groups to get to know about their background before they misjudge someone on how they look.
  352. That I hope that less focus is put on the religions in Northern Ireland, and more on how to move the state forward
  353. That Protestants get more freedom with marching, they are also more violent and start a lot of fights in my community.
  354. The community relations have improved since the Good Friday agreement and more recently the St. Andrew's agreement, I believe because of these steps taken in the government of N.I that both sides of the community can only get closer and give a better sense of community. Although because of the system in the assembly I believe NI will never truly get over the spilt in communities as middle parties cannot become deputy of first minister, so the social barrier will always be there.
  355. The community relations in Northern Ireland are split between because many people are unaware of people of different ethnic backgrounds. There is rarely cross community events.
  356. The government tries to say that everybody gets along well now, but I think that there's still a lot of sectarianism in Northern Ireland.
  357. The majority of people try and succeed in getting along, but others can stick by their beliefs and not mix with other ethnic groups or religions.
  358. The minorities seem to be favoured by our government in different aspects such as work and benefits, which tends to make the relations lower between them and the British White community.
  359. The only way country will ever sort out its problem of community relations is by making education completely integrated. As a student who moved from a non mixed school I have literally seen both sides of the fence and I can honestly say that integrated education is the best form of education and understanding of others is the key to it. Its time to take politics and religious stereotyping out of school and to stop judging schools by religion and instead focus on which schools have a higher quality of teaching. I JUST FEEL THIS COUNTRY SHOULD TAKE ONE MORE STEP FORWARD!
  360. The police assume if you are hanging around town at night, you're up to no good
  361. The racial harassment within my school is mere mockery and our friend allow us
  362. The sectarianism that goes on now a days is a minority and is just plain pathetic, a lot of people my age are influenced far too easily by their surroundings and so just follow the crowd whether they are Catholic or Protestant and doesn't make it any better on either side, that is why from my experience most people my age want to move away from here to a different country with more opportunity.
  363. The term ethnic minority should not be used ethnicity does not matter
  364. The upbringing that children get from their parents will affect their religious views. Some families feel stronger about the issue to Catholics and Protestants, and so that child will be brought up in that view point. Things will never change if it keeps going like this. I personally have no problem or issue regarding the matter, but I feel that from an early age children should get a proper education on what really happened compared to what their families think or say.
  365. The working population that are from N.I, may feel their jobs are being taking by those from ethnic minorities group as they will work lots of hours and probably more committed to working.
  366. There appears to be more on-going work in communities. To encourage every getting on.
  367. There are several people strongly opposed to other areas. This then has an effect on their friends. Racism can be looked at as a form of peer pressure.
  368. There are some people who could stand to take a few lessons in tolerance, but in my personal experience relations in the community have been good
  369. There are still high amounts of racial tension and insecurity in day-to-day life. But I've noticed through schemes through education that society is trying to reduce this social friction. Through A- levels Sociology, I've been made more aware of ethnic differences in society
  370. There are still some people who choose to be very close-minded and I find that to be very upsetting.
  371. There are too many immigrants in NI which take the jobs who have lived all their lives. Not that I am saying anything bad about them I just feel that they take all the jobs especially with the economic downturn, it's not fair on the local people.
  372. There aren't enough events and awareness isn't realised to encourage inter-community relations. Any events that are organised do not spread their information as much as they should and many may not hear about them. I certainly don't.
  373. There is a large divide between religions in Northern Ireland. Especially in schools.
  374. There is always going to be conflict between Protestant + Catholic no matter what, unfortunately. It's ridiculous but true.
  375. There is still tension especially towards minorities in Northern Ireland. I think this is due to sheltered communities with no diversity.
  376. There isn't enough support for people getting bullied. There are support groups that claim to help but don't do much
  377. There need to be more groups distributed around N.I
  378. There needs to be more mixed distribution of the populace and greatly improved education along with less attention given to religion, in order for progress to be made.
  379. They're pretty bad
  380. There should be more cross community activities in our city.
  381. There should be more cross-community events for people from different religions and ethnic backgrounds to get to know each other.
  382. There should be more introduced in Northern Ireland to bring communities together.
  383. There should be only certain amount of immigrants in Northern Ireland, as we cannot cope with high numbers as we find it hard to find a job and there is a lack of government money to go around.
  384. There will always be a divide between ethnic groups
  385. There will always be a divide between Protestants and Catholic community there has been a divide even before the battle of the Boyne in 1690. One community distrusts other, from past experience, if not from previous generations and shows angry for a lost cause.
  386. There will always be problems no matter how hard we try to work together
  387. There will always be some people who are extreme, however, I feel Northern Ireland has a very positive future ahead as in my school (which is mixed) no one is segmented by their religion or ethnic group.
  388. There's only a select few who have problems with people from other origins or religion etc. Not everyone is like that or even cares. We've moved on, just some people haven't matured yet.
  389. They much better than before, however they are still many unemployment problems.
  390. They are generally good throughout the country apart from a few areas which people are very strongly affected by race and religion.
  391. They are still bad. I feel Northern Ireland should be handed back to the republic.
  392. They commit a lot of petty crimes e.g. thefts, no insurance.
  393. They could be improved greatly but seeing as they are peaceful now maybe things should be kept the same for a while (leave things as they are)
  394. They could improve across communities so that more young people are not stereotypical.
  395. They don't mix so people don't know about them so they judge by the colour of their skin and no about them personally
  396. They have been damaged due to rise in unemployment and excessive immigration.
  397. They have drastically improved in recent years, and despite popular belief, its only a small minority committing hate crimes, the rest of us simply get tied in as part of a group or majority, and personally, I'm sick of the hate but I'm also sick of the fact that some people still have the belief that different faith e.g.: Catholic and Protestant can't get along. It's a disgrace.
  398. They need to be improved and us to become more open minded about the situation
  399. They need to improve
  400. They need to improve!
  401. They should be more cross community relations in secondary schools instead of the majority stopping in primary school.
  402. They shouldn't talk their religions so seriously. If they want to have a serious religion keep it to them self. Religions only cause more trouble that there already is.
  403. They would be better if more integrated schools were developed and if there were more extra-curricular activates which promoted the xo operation of different religions
  404. They're fine.
  405. They're getting better, but there's a lot of room for improvement. For example in education sector. My school has RE (Catholic Religious Education) as compulsory at GCSE. I feel this is a bit discriminatory, as people who feel uncomfortable with this indoctrination would choose not to go to this school, resulting it remaing for only Catholics.
  406. They're gradually improving, however there is now a culture were after the troubles we didn't ask what religion our friends are this is a major step forward because it means there is no association with them and us. Generally I think religions are good with ethnic communities and others against them as to a small minority as citizens in relation to this survey I don't have black friends nor I mix with them this is not by choice it is just coincidence if I liked a black person id become friends with them! there just isn't many in my school and none as all in the clubs I go to.
  407. Things are getting better and the new generation of people in NI are more acceptant a variety in people and culture, however more MPs need to be of ethnic minority.
  408. Things have improved a great deal over the years but I think the government is trying to push Catholics and Protestants together too much when, in their own time, we will make our own relationship because it should not be forced. Even at our age, we are very aware of our history and most of us will not forget what has happened. With regards to ethnic minorities, the media has exploited the issue of immigration and has made such a big deal about it which is why so many immigrants receive so much hassle from people.
  409. Think people should be more tolerant to each other and get along with other communities.
  410. This country will never be any different because of the mindset of some of the groups here.
  411. To me personally peoples religion or background is never important to me, I always relate to the person from their personality
  412. To me the harassment that is carried out does not start out to conflict with those from a different background, but gives it a reason to carry it on further, by targeting those from a different background.
  413. Too many foreign people to be honest
  414. Too many foreigners in our country - no job prospects for us!
  415. Was pulled into a garden of house. Foreign people lived there. We were passing but were blamed for boys throwing items. We did not do it.
  416. We all get along.
  417. We all need to interact more with people of different religions and ethnics.
  418. We are all human beings. We should treat each other the same as we would like to be treated.
  419. We aren't completely ok but, we are constantly improving in our relations with each other.
  420. We let in a lot of different coloured, races etc. into Northern Ireland. I personally do not mind socialising with them in school, however, the vast amount of immigrants means I cannot find a part-time job without having previous experience. This is because they are taking them. I think Northern Ireland should have standards and only let immigrants in who meet these requirements apart from this, I have a number of foreign friends in school whom I'm very close to.
  421. We need more cross community projects however our sectarian/racist attitudes come through generations so parents should be educated too. More education is needed in all Protestant/Catholic schools on the opposite denomination. Sectarianism remains a huge problem in our country however we have greatly moved on.
  422. We should live together in peace no matter what we are.
  423. We should STOP fighting with different religions cause we are all the same.
  424. We shouldn't put so much emphasis on ethnic background and colour. We should accept people for who they are, not where they come from.
  425. Well about the questions which state do you socialize or play sport with any other ethnic or religion I only say never because I do not play sport or attend any clubs I would happily socialise with them it is just because I attend an Irish language school that I don't know many.
  426. While they are much better than a few years ago I still think there is room for improvement.
  427. White people may prefer to remain in their own ethnic or religious groups not all people here are intently bigoted. I socialise with people of different faiths or races and we don't give much thought to it.
  428. With different religions and races in Northern Ireland there is always going to be hostility because people are still stuck in the 'troubles', even the new generation of young people feel this hatred due to their upbringing and social group.
  429. Yes it's still not safe in N. Ireland you always have to watch your back the bad is still there!
  430. Yes there is too much bullying in NI.
  431. Yes!! It's really only chavs who care about religion… People with a problem
  432. Yes, people care too much on where you're from, colour and accent to much! Personalities are what people need to look at!
  433. Yes. Northern Ireland should have more cross - community projects e.g. Spirit of Enniskillen, so that people from all sides of ethnic groups young and old learn about each other cultures and views.


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