Year: 2010

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the risks that young people face in relation to people who might try to take advantage of them sexually?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred. Number in parantheses indicates frequency if the same response was given more than once.

1. A girl in my school got attacked by a man walking home from school by herself in a public area. I don't think it's safe to go anywhere by myself now.

2. A lot of teenagers who get drunk in clubs or the street, are left just to lie there, therefore, anyone could take advantage of them. This is very common and dangerous as it could be anyone lifting you/them and you may not come back at all. Even though its illegal to consume alcohol, lots of us still are being able to access it and most teenagers don't act responsible.

3. Alcohol is a huge factor young people can get a hold of it very easily which causes them to get involved in bad situations.

4. All hese questions were about the adult 'bonding wi9th the young person before anything happened. That's not always the case. When I was 8 a man called me over to his van and sexually exposed himself to me. Then when I was 15 a Polish man grabbed my breast whilst walking past me in town and followed me home.

5. As there are not many activities for young people to do. They often resort to drugs, alcohol and sex. A lot of the times its girls who get sexually abused whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

6. At the age of 16 people begin to feel that they are older than they are so this puts a very negative image to others, a couple of years older. This is due to the advantages they begin to receive at home and from the Government however when they abuse these this results in a negative outcome. These priviledges are EMA, learning to drive etc.

7. Being on your own on a night out.

8. Better security needs to be placed amongst social network sites e.g. facebook. Checks should be made before and thoroughly to reduce chance of grooming etc.

9. Blackmail.

10. Children and young people in general should be warned about the danger of the inherent, there are sites where people can talk to strangers and sick people can be their to take advantage of young valuable people.

11. Children my age can't go out or can't go to a certain place because there are creeps out there who do these things to us. If they didn't exist we would all be safe!

12. Date-rape seems to be more common. Young people are not well educated enough about the dangers of this i.e. leaving your drink etc.

13. Depression. Fear. And in worse cases it may lead to attempted suicide.

14. Don't trust anybody outside your home.

15. dont know how to defend themselves

16. Drinking with other peer's with your boyfriend that might put pressure on you to have sex with him or someone telling you they really like you and have always forced you all just to have sex with them, so drunk you wouldn't have hard sex sober.

17. Drug abuse, rape/sexual abuse and sexual transmitted diseases. Alcoholism, Self harming, social abuse & Suicide.

18. Education is essential for protecting youths against these crimes.

19. Emotional abuse may be caused to the young person. They may have to speak to a councilor etc.

20. Emotionally, physically traumatised, social problems and trust issues.

21. Facebook and other websites are the main risk in today's society.

22. Foreigners have a reputation of sexual assault as a female I feel scared.

23. Get pregnant fall out family catch an STD forced to drop out of school (pregnant) Rape.

24. Have had awareness talks within school. Aware of dangers but never been exposed.

25. I believe adults have become overly paranoid about "grooming" and this is limiting adult's ability to care for children and support them.

26. I believe that risks of most young people, like me getting taken advantage of is when they are out with friends and there is alcohol involved in this situation I believe is when most young people don't realise they are being taken advantage of sexually.

27. I can't think of anything that you have not already mentioned or described.

28. I don't know! don't think so.

29. I don't think the police take the risks of those who might take advantage of the serially as I personally had a male who used to watch my bedroom window but the police would not do anything about it.

30. I don't think they're warned enough about people + how some people can act. They need to be told about it and what to do if it happens to them.

31. I know a lot of people who have got drink and then guys taking advantage of them while they are out of it. Though a lot of girls nowadays tend to sleep around anyway at a young age, and know full well what they are doing.

32. I know they exist but I have never been exposed to them personally.

33. I personally don't think young people are fully aware of what all this covers and don't know what is considered to be taken advantage of sexually. Young people, generally, drink a lot and this sort of thing can happen without them knowing. I know this isn't the care for all young people such as myself but it is for others.

34. I think that there should be more done for the children and make sure that people that are suspected that they are talked to and make sure they are judged and that the children have there say as the people would think the children are making it up and that people around them believe their story.

35. I think the risks are high. There is an increasing amount of people out there who would try to sexually abuse children and young people.

36. I think they face having their life ruined as they won't tell anyone what is happening in case the person who is taking advantage of them is threatening them.

37. I think young girls especially are at risk; and especially at 17-18 years of age and going out clubbing with friends. I think drinks can be spiked for too easily and something should be done about this.

38. I understand that there are some innocent people who get have to deal with sexual harassment but in most cases it has been the result of the young person doing something stupid e.g. going to a club underage. Making yourself open and easy accessible on the internet or getting involved in the wrong crowd. If you keep yourself safe then it is most likely no-body will bother you.

39. I was witnessed to a rape the boy who commited the crime was only 2 years older then his victim but because we all hung around as a group he was integrated & respected & therefore the victim felt unable to report him.

40. I would believe that many girls would be targeted on nights out, usually because they are dressed in very little, and it dose not help that they are usually drunk. Thankfully not all girls are like this, like my friends and I, but for those who dress badly, I would imagine they're sending out the wrong message and putting themselves at higher risk.

41. If it were a female she could possibly become raped and in serious conditions killed. Affects the mind intellectually, Affects the person physically, e.g. Self harm, lose weight, Pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (if intercourse was involved).

42. If someone is really out to take advantage of you they will usually try there best and when it is over the internet it is hard to know if the person is genuine or not usually it is easy to tell but that is only the blatant fake's there are some that are smart. Also sometimes the grooming isn't obvious and isn't harmfuland not seen in the victims eyes as grooming rather a 'crush' on you.

43. if you are out at night and someone is under the influence of alchol and you aren't they may take advantage of you sexually if they really wanted to.

44. In my view, unless the issue of under age drinking is addressed in a more effective manner, the problem will not come close to being solved.

45. Internet sites and social networking is particularly dangerous in this sense.

46. It's clear that in today's society girls especially, at least I know that I don't always feel 100% safe and it is very wise to be an guard/careful there are numerous men about who would try to talk to you I say inappropriate things. A girl essentially should not be on her own if possible and fact.

47. It's the ones closest to you, you need to be cautious of also. A family member is just as likely to approach you with a sexual motive as just a stranger on the street.

48. It's usually not adults who take advantage of young people but people in their own friendship groups.

49. It is mostly older guys (17-21) that would pray on younger girls - not adults.

50. It is probably more common between people in the same age group.

51. It may wreck their lives as they may be faced with unwanted pregnancies which in turn leads to the thought of abortion or the pressures of keeping the child alive i.e. food, clothing & heating.

52. It mostly happens to someone who is drunk although. Society has moved on, people are more aware.

53. Just that as you probably know, it would be girls that affected by this and not boys, and that it is very often.

54. Make people more aware of what they can do if it happened from a younger age! Like maybe people telling the young people out school in primary or secondary school!

55. Many young people find it hard to say no and think its okay to give in to pressure and it will make them fit in.

56. More and more young people drink alcohol and so this could leave them venerable, esp. on a night out in a strange town or area.

57. More and more young people today can get access to alcohol and drugs. Because young people have it fully developed sexually or mentally they become wearable to each situation peer pressure is a big issue today most people have sex before they actually plan to and that one mistake or carelessness can cause pregnancy or even worse.

58. Most people have little or no sex education and know little about drugs which could be used against them.

59. N/A. (8)

60. Nightclubs and large panties are when we feel we are meet at risk very easy to be taken advantage.

61. No-one ever feels like they can say if something happens. Everyone feel like it's their fault and it's too embarrassing to tell anyone.

62. No - not at the minute but I'll let you know.

63. no (117)

65. No as I am fortunate enough not to have experienced anything like that.

66. No everything has been said.

67. No Thanks.

69. No, but I think they should stop having naked babies (nappy advertisements etc) on TV, because although it seems harmless, it is kind of sick because some perverts probably get off on it.

70. No, can't think of anything.

71. No, I have never seen or experienced this or haven't heard stories of people my age, in my area that this may have happened to.

72. No, if you put your hand in a fire of your on choice then it will get burned.

75. None (3)

Nope. 79. (7)

Not sure.

80. Not that I can think of, no.

81. Not that I know of.

82. Nothing to say on this

83. Now a days police and organisations which help young people should be more aware because relationships are getting more voilent and sometimes can lead to one or another being forced for any type of sexual relationship which is not wanted. That is why there are more young teenagers pregnant! 84. obcession

85. Often feel that they are to blame, but they are innocent and have done nothing wrong.

86. Peer pressure to take part in sexual activity because other people have.

87. People not properly police checked.

88. People on social network sites should have prop of who they are by showing ID in order to stop grooming.

89. People who hang around bus station with no intention of getting a bus on mondays to fridays should be watched 90. possible sexual diseases and physical harm

91. Predators take advantage of young teenagers through social networks such as facebook or bebo these young children need to be taught about this event that takes place daily at year 8 instead of them learning at year 9/10 and it could be too late.

92. Pressures from young boys to be more experienced than you are.

93. Probably presents.

94. Sacredness not wanting to tell anyone. Make the feel disgusted to what's happenings. Physically and emotionally sick.

95. Sexually transmitted infectious disease. Unable to move forward with their lives (scored). Feel variable and find it have to trust people after such experience.

96. Social networking sites should be highly monitored. There should definitely be some form of help for children and teens who have experienced this or who are going through it.

97. Some of the encounters can be avoided using plain of common sense. Bars should be more harshly regulated for ID checking. Honestly, some of these bars are serving alcoholic beverages to people who are - obviously - underage.

98. Some people get too obsessive.

99. Some young people scared to say "No" and are influenced by the media and friends.

100. spiking drinks seems to be a big problem

101. STD's, STI's, pregnancy and emotional problems.

102. Strangers on social sites such as facebook.

103. Taught what to do if someone ever experienced this.

104. Teenagers are frightened to talk about because they can be taken for children.

105. That not all adults want to have sexual relations with young people.

106. That they are putting themselves at risk when they go out and get drunk on the streets or when chatting to people online that they don't know.

107. The fear of the person starting to spread roumers, or tell your family or friends about this. You feel like the things they tell you to do, must obey or bad things may happen to you. Something it feels as though there is no way out of it.

108. The place where most people get groomed is on the internet. Social networking sites such as facebook are very dangerous, especially younger, vulnerable people.

109. The problem today is that any stranger, whilst being seemingly friendly and decent, maybe only putting on a facade of innocence. Not being able to trust only unfamiliar member of the public is saddening.

110. There's this guy who lives opposite a friend of mine who stands near our school and stares at all the girls legs as they walk past. It's really creepy and then he would come home and follow my friend around like some stalker. But we can't do anything about it because technically he's not doing anything wrong.

111. There are actually a lot more people of the same age taking advantage of each other, especially males. It may be good idea to do more for the victims and make the idea of help through counseling more appealing/less shameful.

112. There are many risks faced by young people in relation to people who might try to take advantage of them sexually, especially due to social networking sites. On these sites people can pretend to be someone else or a differet age to try and get close to someone and take advantage

113. They become quiet, and don't talk to anyone they then become scared to bring new people into their life they feel they can not trust anyone.

114. They can risk obvious blackmail, and the attacker may make threats if they don't do it again. In relation to young girls, they are most at risk because there is nothing they can do if a grown man attacks her. I understand that boys can get attacked, but this is in the clear minority.

115. They could be scared and worried for life. Might not get the bad ideas out of their mind.

116. They could end up with trust issue, or low self esteem no confidence anxiety stuff like that.

117. They could get pregnant.

118. They don't understand what can of things that can happen and need more information about this matter. Being sexually active and not knowing consequences is a massive issue!

119. They just tell you what you want to hear then the young person does it and regrets it.

120. They may believe that they are genuinely interested in them so may be emotionally hurt. May be abused when trying to make them have sex with them.

121. They may face bullying from more person or other people.

122. They should deal with it more better to stop it from happening.

123. They will feel devalued and have low self-esteem and some may relate in suicide in young people. May think this is what they have to do survive. Pregnancies. Alcohol and drug misuse. STD's.

124. They will have emotional problems with regards to what happens to them.

125. This man rooms free around our area he used to walk past bus stop at school times and stare at us all. He never touched me out always made me feel nervous. He touched himself granting beside me in taxi office I went out and told mum but the man walked off.

126. This question is written in the wrong context. If someone has had a sexual relationship with someone who is taking advantage of them, this could mean charges of 'statutory rape' should be given to that person. However young people who are sexually active with another person are usually fully aware of what they are doing.

127. This type of grooming is becoming more and more frequent due to the increase of people using social networking sites such as twitter bebo and facebook.

128. Threatening.

129. Through texting someone can pretend to be a girl and deceive you.

130. Too many teenagers are under the affect of alcohol, sex & drugs. No one does anything about it!

131. Uhh. not particularly, as you can see, I'm not well versed in the love of sexual abuse of young people and as such I have nothing to draw from for advice. No.

132. Underage drinking puts more young people at risk.

133. unless it physically forced most of these incidents are due to carelessness

134. We are warned a lot about these sorts of events. Young people that attend school should be well aware of these dangers.

135. Well men can take advantage of girls that are drunk.

136. When young girls dress up for a night out, older men think they are asking for a hard time or if a girls skirt is too short or wear too much make up or even look at an older man in the wrong way.

137. When young people are out and they have consumed alcohol they don't know what they are doing and anything could happen.

138. Yes I feel that too many girls get raped these days because they meet people on internet and because of drink I feel that all social websites should be cancelled and the illegal age to drink to be increased to 21.

139. Yong people need to made aware of what can happen if they start talking and all with older people (adults).

140. You can never be too careful; people are not what you first think. If you hear of anything suspiciously!! Contact Police.

141. You hear a lot of stories in our city. This makes me feel unsafe and scared to go out. I understand we should be warned but it's frightening all the same.

142. Young girls are very vulnerable to older men, and by that I mean like a year of two. They just seem more experienced, confident and cool. It's far two easy to get with younger girls. Somebody should teach them to respect themselves a bit more start by stopping them sending pictures.

143. Young girls run the risk of being "used" by boys. Boy's who won't do any harm but just trick the girl into doing sexual things by treating her well and saying things that he doesn't mean i.e. I Love You, your the one. This then may cause the girl to getting a bad name for herself. Her view of what is responsible may be misconstrued, which may lead to her "sleeping around" & acting inappropriately.

144. Young people are susceptible to these risks and they are often gullible and give in they also may not be aware of what is happening and the extent if causes.

145. Young people can be at risk mentally so appropriate counseling should be available to all children no matter the level of abuse they have been subject to.

146. Young people need to realise that they are at risk. The I know it won't happen to me' attitude leaves some young people at higher risk. Awareness should be raised and methods of protecting yourself as best a possible. Young people should be made aware of those in their area and who could pose a threat.

147. Young people should be made aware of what to look for and what to do and given more information on what exactly sexual abuse is.

148. Young people should be taught how to be aware as someone taking advantage as them sexually and taught haven't avoid this.

149. Young people under the age of 15 should be supervised at all time while on social networking sites e.g. MSN & Facebook.

150. Total


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