NICCYSTN: Do you know what the letters 'NICCY' stand for?

JUDGEYP: Are young people judged negatively just because they are young?

DISRSPYP: Have you been treated with disrespect because you are a young person?

EVEXPYP1: Have you been told to leave your schoolbag outside a shop?

EVEXPYP2: Have you been excluded from a shop or shopping centre?

EVEXPYP3: Have you been treated suspiciously by staff in a shop

TLD2MOVE: Have you ever been told to move on?

WHOTOLD: And who told you to move on?

MADEFEEL: How did it make you feel to be told to 'move on'? (open)

MEDIAYP: How do you feel the media portrays young people?

WHONICCY: Who is the current Commissioner for Children and young people?

NICCYINFO: How would you like to get information from NICCY?

NICCYCOMM: How would you like to give your views to NICCY?

NICCYDOES: What do you think NICCY does?

HEARDUNC: Have you heard of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?

HEARDUND: Have you heard about the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities?

SATNIGOV: How satisfied are you with the way the Northern Ireland government is doing their job?

NIGOVEFT: What has been the effect of the Stormont government on children and young people in NI?



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