Year: 2009
Module: Community_Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

1. A lot of people are prejudice to one another and judge each other by appearance, religion, sexuality etc. However if they took their time to get to know the people their opinion would change. Once they get to know the person and their personality they would realize that they judged them before they even met the person.

2. A stronger bond needs to be made!

3. After going to a mixed religion school from 1st to 5th year to a mainly Protestant school, I don't think they are encouraged enough to integrate with other religions.

4. All people should be treated the same, and there should be multi-national schools.

5. All this sectarian stuff is in the past, young people don't actually care, and tend to have little knowledge of what and why things happened in the past yet again it is only a few minority giving the rest of us bad names.

6. Although there has been much 'hype' about racism and sectarianisms in NI, I really don't think it is the problem that the government is making it out to be. I am a Protestant who goes to a Catholic school and I couldn't feel more welcome - what as background is not important.

7. Although they are improving, compared to the rest of the U.K Northern Ireland is still probably the place where most ethnic troubles happen. Hopefully this will not be a problem in the near future.

8. As long as there are political parties which push their religious views onto others, we will always have problems in NI.

9. Bad and always will be Catholics and Protestants will never live in peace. A united Ireland will only stir up more trouble than there already is.

10. Catholics and Protestants fighting is completely pointless.

11. CBA

12. Children need to be taught sectarianism is wrong at an early age, as well as discrimination & verbal abuse over sexuality, race and culture is wrong and immoral.

13. Community relations in Northern Ireland are poor because of storys not necessarily true passed down through families about other religions/ ethnic groups. Religon is brought out in everything for excample, 'only protestants support Rangers F.C' or 'only catholics support Celtic'. in my opinion, if those teams could be extinct, there wouldn't be as many problems. you never hear of this type of bother in England or Wales, thwy can live with it, unlike here.

14. Community relations I feel have definitely come a long way, race, sex, religion of all kinds are accepted by the majority. Definitely learning that variety in life is important and without it life would be boring. There are much greater problems in society to deal with; and people are realizing that accepting people of all kinds in to the community is a great thing, widening our knowledge on people as a whole!

15. Community relations in Northern Ireland are ridiculous because the amount of White people is getting smaller and smaller because of ethnic minorities like Black or Muslims are coming over here where they don't belong and its damaging Great Britain to a great extend. They are responsible for a great deal of crime in Britain and are solely responsible for knife crime and vandalism sooner or later White people will be Northern Irelands ethnic minority.

16. Community relations within Northern Ireland is a disgrace. I have always been brought up knowing that everyone is equal. Why should there be sectarian violence because of your religion. Its not even about religion anymore for these people involved obviously do not follow God and believe murder is wrong. During summer 2009 I was involved in the Ulster Project. A cross community church based project. It gave me the safe environment I wanted to explore both my own faith and the Protestant faith. I believe that change will not happen in my lifetime or even in my children's but it has to start now try taking Michael Jackson's approach "Start with the man in the mirror."

17. Conflict with ethnic groups and religions are improving I think problems with society, is due to Ireland not getting their independence in my opinion.

18. Could be better.

19. Even if Northern Ireland as a whole become more accepting of different religions, there will always be those who beat people up for religion or race, or throw petrol bombs into homes of those with a different religious or ethnic background to them, meaning there will always remain a constant resentment for each other. Although I believe the younger generation is less prejudice than older (even if that is contradictory) because of the constant lessons of anti-prejudice being forced down our throats.

20. Every memebr of a paramilitary group should be more closely watched as the dissidents are becoming more of a threat and still trying to turn eligions agaisnt each other

21. Everyone should get along no matter what race or ethnic background they come from. Its stupid and childish to think otherwise.

22. Everyone should get along with one another, as we are all the same no matter what are backgrounds are!

23. Fighting sucks.

24. Forget the past and get on with it.

25. From learning about Northern Ireland's history, particularly the troubles for GCSE history, I think I learnt more about the conflict between Protestant and Catholic communities. I think it wasn't their particular religion that separated them, as I don't believe either community knows about or fully understands each others religions. Basically Protestants and Catholics are just names, and when the separate communities associate these names with each other, they thinks badly of them without fully understanding why. They have just been brought up to dislike one another, because of previous events (the troubles) that did not even affect themselves.

26. Getting worse

27. Have definatly improved over past years but still alot of work to do.

28. Having come from a controlled primary school into an integrated secondary school - many of my oldest friends who continued in Protestant-based education have become very bitter at times I have felt discriminated against by them for having friendships and relationships with members of the Catholic community. I love my school and will be very sorry to leave in 2011 - I think the intergraded education I have received has been fantastic for me as a person, as if has given me a friendship groups made up of people from all sorts of different backgrounds, races and cultures, which makes my life a lot more interesting and diverse in a way it couldn't here been without my school.

29. Hopefully they will get better.

30. I'm afraid I actually lack knowledge in this area despite born and bred in Northern Ireland, but I go to school in Dublin and board on a termly basis, so I never really to find out much community relations in N.I.

31. I'm an Athiest and I hate religion as a whole it causes so much trouble and war in the world. None are totally right, if any at all.... SO DROP IT!

32. I'm not very sure, we still have alot of Peace walls, in my area there is none but a stones throw away from the City Centre of Belfast theres lots. This needs changed, as people outside greater Belfast are unaware. End this ignorance.

33. i am not a racist or sectarian person and would not fight for there to be no catholics or watever .. i am just proud of my religion an nationality but i would not cause a fight over it, i am entitled to my own opinion and so is everyone else.

34. I am not affected very much and I believe a major part of this is due to my education - as I have been in integrated schools all my life - and being brought up to accept difference and not have prejudice.

35. I believe community relations are vastly improving and it is the parents or elders of children who influence their views on other minorities and eventually these people who are still bitter about other groups will eventually pass away in years to come until there is no more negative feelings from people about other groups.

36. I believe community relations have been improving over the past few years and communities are becoming more diverse and acceptance of ethnic minorities is higher, however a lot of work is still needed.

37. I believe depending on where you live is a major factor on how you feel about other communities in your area, whther or not that place is heavily Catholic or heavily Protestant mainly.

38. I believe more needs to be done to help those who have to deal with racists remarks. I believe that not all people in Northern Ireland are racist but I have strong opinions and I want get over what was said to me and I see I had to cope with it by my own.

39. I believe schools are not focusing on the issues. In religion they don't tell us about our religions (just the generic Christianity), the similarities between Catholics and Protestants, other ethnic related religions (Jewish, Hindu, Muslim). We are ignorant in our history as we are taught so little religious teachers are prejudiced and we are moving in a very negative direction racially as we are focusing nationally on religion.

40. I believe that by referring to the issues in Northern Ireland aas problems between 'catholics and protestants' rather than 'unionists and nationlists' simply INCREASES a confusion amoungst young people over what the issues are. I believe this should be alterd in the next survey, otherwise, this is simply adding to tensions, as not all catholics and not all protestants are politically minded.

41. I believe that community relations within communities between different religions & ethnicities will not change with the length of time individuals live along side them, however with each generation the tolerance between these groups increases. Teenagers & children nowadays will grow up more closely with other groups than their parents, who in turn grew up more closely to other groups but not to the extend of the children. With time each generation tends to forget the friction between different communities.

42. I believe that for too many people care about being Protestant or Catholic and with relation to politics too many people vote for either Protestant or Catholic parties even when they know nothing about politics.

43. I believe that in places like Belfast community relations between catholic an protestants and mixed race has come a long way in the past couple of years. Increasing friendships and making Belfast a more diverse area. But on the other hand i think that in places there is still alot of sectarianism, and this should be dealt with in the best way possible, for instance alot more mixed schools and better education from a young age.

44. I believe that religion and ethnic group will create a barrier between most people mainly due to social group and families of many believe it is better to stay with their own groups.

45. I believe that sectarianism, amongst young people today is unnecessary. The tension between Protestant & Catholic young people is stupid as it is not about religion anymore as most of them know anything about religion or are even religious. I believe it is just something that young people can fight over, that's why they like it.

46. I believe that the relation between communities in northern ireland has changed drastically, i believe people have become more open to interact with different communities. This is a big step forward for northern ireland.

47. I believe that the relations have greatly improved and are now alot stronger buh perhaps the focus has been placed upon those of ethnic minorities.

48. I believe that there is too much emphasis on both community's religion and political correctness in Northern Ireland. There is also a lack of respect in most youth groups. On the other hand there is a lack of respect for youths, as everyone expects as to be until proven otherwise.

49. I do not think Northern Ireland is ever going to change because the parent's attitude is post on to the kids which keeps the vote in Northern Ireland.

50. I don't believe there is enough support or research done in the area, get the problem isn't with young people. It's with their parents. Children learn what they live.

51. I don't feel that the damage that has been caused in Northern Ireland as a result of sectarianism will ever be repaired. Parents are teaching children to follow in their sectarian footsteps and i feel that this will continue to happen for many years to come. (Not that I want this to happen)

52. I don't have much experience in this regard as in the area in which I live in people are nearly all the same as me but I do think that school is helping many people my age to become more accepting of people who differ from ourselves.

53. I don't know I need to say anything to community relations in Northern Ireland. I am only 16 years old and I am DLA person.

54. I don't like all the farmers [foreigners] stealing our jobs.

55. I don't make friends because of race or ethnic origin. I find it unimportant and I don't ask people I've just met about it.

56. i don't really mind what religion people are, as long as they don't 'boast' about it

57. I don't think anyone cover if someone is Catholic or Protestant anymore. People have to move on in my opinion.

58. I don't think that it should make a differece if two people are catholic and protestent, we should all treat eachother the same.

59. I feel Catholics are not being treated fairly! Police, college teachers and the government are all favoring the Protestant community.

60. I feel like in my community we are afraid of other religions as we hear about sectarian attacks.

61. I feel like when some people move forward others get scared and move back. I'm worried about there being more peace walls. I get the feeling that my peers either care too much about the nationalist unionist divide,or not at all. I feel like I am part of a minority community, in my sexuality, but have faced very little discrimination, which is good. Though I have experienced one case of extreme dicrimination.

62. I feel most people want to forget about relations and want peace, but people who don't believe in peace keeping influence others, causing more trouble.

63. I feel people off all religions should be able to get on well and mix in together so much more in todays society. where all only human!

64. I feel relation between Catholics and other religions is heavily influenced by school. I am not influenced by it but I can see how others could easily be. We learn about the troubles at GCSE history bringing us back to the origins. This could cause spite amongst students. We learn about the differences between Catholicism different religions also in RE, not the similarities.

65. I feel shutting children away from all other religion and ethnicities is the wrong approach as the fear of the unknown is what causes tension and violence in the community in N.I. I think all schools should be integrated to encourage friendships etc among children from all kind of backgrounds.

66. I feel strongly about not getting the chance to socialise with people my age from different ethnic background so I joined the spirit of Enniskillen to broaden my religious experiences and knowledge and have taken part in several workshops & residentials. I think it is important to teach the younger generation that there shouldn't be a religious divide I work in a mixed organisation part time and I would have friends with different backgrounds at that very close friends.

67. I feel that community relations are getting gradually better as people from all different backgrounds start to mix more and views of 'Catholic' and 'Protestant' or 'Black' and 'White' are no longer seen as all important.

68. I feel that community relations in Northern Ireland have improved to a certain extent. However prejudiced attitudes are still very prominent in some people. I think that people should not be judged for their religious beliefs, ethnicity or religious sector, if this were to happen in Northern Ireland, and then there would be less fights and hostile relationships.

69. I feel that everyone's the same and should be treated the same. I don't know any community relations in Northern Ireland to be honest.

70. I feel that in the society i have grown up in community relations isn't bad as i have friends in both religions but i am still aware of the difference due to the society my parents were brought up in i.e. the troubles.

71. I feel that it is only a small minority of people who resent people at other religion/race. This is mostly because they are jealous of them, maybe because they have a job, house or car etc.

72. I feel that it is unfair to treat a person differently who has a different ethnic origin or religion. I do not feel ashamed to talk to anyone of a different kind. I wish fighting and conflict would stop. In my Pipe Band, there is two boys who are of a black race. I talk to them all the time and they are no different than me.

73. I feel that local communities should be doing more to get young people to mix with other ethnic and cultural groups in order to build positive relations between communities of young people.

74. I feel that people who see Northern Ireland on the TV, perceive us as being sectarian just because of our past and now the threat of dissident republicans, but it is better than anyone knows, where I am from it matters not at your color, race or creed, as long as your willing to have a good time, nothing else matters.

75. I feel that relations are still slightly unstable and fI eel it will take many years and at more generations to overcome, but we are getting there. The majority of people are trying to do good, but a very small majority remain who wish to destroy this. From what I have learnt about the past of Northern Ireland, things today are completely different, for the better. I would not like to go back to those days; we have peace, economic prosperity and good relations with others parts of the world which we have not had for years.

76. I feel that the majority of young people in NI don't pay attention to race or religion - it is not the first thing we look for. We are more open minded. There are a majority of youths, who will not tolerate other racial or religious groups, which I feel is pathetic. We all have the right to live here, and to create danger is a disgrace, also emotionally and physically abusing people from other ethnic groups is abominable.

77. I feel that the older generation in Northern Ireland often make generalizations about young people and judge them, believing that all young people are 'hoodies' and only want to cause trouble. I also believe that young people aren't given the chance to mix with, and meet people from different ethic groups. I would like the chance to meet new people from different religions.

78. I feel that the older generations are the ones who are holding grudges about the troubles in Northern Ireland I feel that he younger generation are more open minded. The older generation should no pass on there biased beliefs to the children because this is just continuing the argument between Catholic and Protestant religions.

79. I feel that there shouldn't be such an uproar about Protestants and Catholics as I feel everyone is equal and therefore should be treated equally. The world would be a better place if everyone got on.

80. I feel that young people today only hold prejudices against others because, there parents grew up during the troubles and lived in a divided country, and some will never get over what happened and their children mimic this.

81. I feel the community relations in NI are improving. I feel RS and Protestants are learning to live more comfortably with each other. School activities are bringing different religions and ethnic groups together and I feel we will all have a better future

82. I hate how being Protestant or Catholic is made out to be such a big thing, it shouldn't matter we should all get along.

83. I have found from personal experience that people can be incredibly short-sighted as it pertains to community relations and it has angered me on occasion.

84. I have no problem with people from different countries of ethnic backgrounds. I feel the people & who are prejudiced against them often contribute little to the community, generally less than people of ethnic minorities do themselves.

85. i have takin part in alot of cross-comuity projects and would like to when im older, make a stand to block out the hatered of peoples views of colour and religon as everyone is a person in their own right. so when the next generishon are growing up they wont have the same strugles of growing up in difficult areas and so they will know everyone is equal

86. I hope no problems with 'foreigners' coming to live + work in our country. Altough once here I feel they should live by the rules of the country. for example the amin religion of the U.K. is Christian although I feel the gov. is beginning to discriminate against Christians in favour of other religions such as muslims.

87. I just hope everyone will get along soon.

88. I just think that it is time to move on for everyone to mature and get along, because at the end of the day, everyone of us is human and more should be done to remove bitterness and get both sides of the community to be more together and less segregated.

89. I just wish everyone would get along with each others.

90. I just wish that people in Northern Ireland and Ireland would move on and stop living in the past, to either get on or just keep quiet about their own personal feelings if they still have a dislike to other ethnic groups or religions.

91. I live in the country 9 miles from Town or City.

92. I personally don't care that much.

93. I really wish people put less importance on net identities of race and religion, and more on individual people.

94. I still don't understand sectarianism - what makes Catholics different from Protestants so that violence is caused? We are all equal in God's eyes and we should believe this ourselves.

95. I suppose there is always the feeling that you don't agree with their beliefs and therefore dislike them but you know that it isn't fair to judge a person on beliefs and where they come from.

96. I think a lot of families pressurize their children into thinking something about a particular group. Children no longer understand why there is conflict; instead they copy the people around them. Although, I do not feel the divide is as apparent now.

97. I think community relations are slightly improving, hopefully they will improve in the future.

98. I think community relations could be a lot better, sectarianism is a very import factor in some people's narrow minded lives.

99. I think community relations in Northern Ireland has been really good over the past couple of years but in this year I strongly feel that these so called IRA are trying to destroy the peace process but they have no community support at all except from the people committing these crimes.

100. I think it's hard sometimes to ensure good community relations since different communities have established themselves in certain areas so many people just generally aren't exposed to each other as much as they should be on a regular basis. This may change however in the future which would greatly benefit NI, since through being exposed to other people you understand more about them and the less prejudice is able to be built up.

101. I think more should be done to encourage interaction across different religious groups e.g. Protestant/Catholic communities, especially at a young age.

102. I think people are so caught up in the past that it prevents people from mixing with people from different communities. People need to forget about stuff that happened and try and move on. The people who refuse to move on, their children are then brought up with the same views that they have which means that things are always going to be tense between different communities in Northern Ireland.

103. I think people are too concerned about the past, and if they don't let it go, as a country we won't be able to move on and build better relations.

104. I think people everywhere, but particularly in Northern Ireland, have an irrational fear of, and therefore resentment towards, those who are different from them. Sectarian incidents and incidents involving ethnic minorities such as Romanians reflect very badly on our country and the communities within it. There needs to be a greater effort made to educate people, especially in underprivileged areas where violence has been more prevalent, about equality, in order to eradicate this fear.

105. I think people should learn to accept other people for who they are and what they believe. In NI you can be bullied for what color skin is or even what side of the border you're from and there is something very-very wrong about that.

106. I think religious things have vastly improved though I think there are indications that things may get bad again in the future

107. I think that as long as everybody is able to freely express their religious views and not have any conflict, things should be ok.

108. I think that community relations in NI have come along way due to the increase in people from other countries, ethnic groups and race. However I think that racism and discrimination still exists. I wish that everyone could be more open-minded and accept other people without fighting. This would make young people understand more clearly the importance of having good community relations.

109. I think that communties should cooperate with each other better and accept that everyone isn't the same. they should realise that we have a muli-cultural society and we should start to allow it to evolve into a peaceful community

110. I think that in order to make things calm and peaceful between different communities we should bring them together. Therefore, they can realize how stupid they have been and put the past behind them.

111. I think that people are being stupid still going on about this. In all honesty, most people doing this survey where not born during the troubles and so what happen then doesn't really effect them as much. Most of my frineds are a different religion and come from different community backgrounds and this doesn't change my opinion on any of them. If people continiue to live in the past then of course different communities and religious groups won't get on, so people need to move forward and realise that its really very stupid to have fights over what and who we believe in otherwise, fighting is going to happen for the sake of it. Everytime it is mentioned in the media, people pick up on it and listen out for it, and so it will be in the forfront of their mind, but if people just don't talk about it everyone will eventually see that no-one actually cares!

112. I think that people should just try to get along. It doesn't matter what religion or ethnic group they are from.

113. i think that relations between catholics and protestants need to improve greatly. But on the other hand they need to understand the Northern Irelnad is part of Britain and will never be part of Ireland.

114. I think that relations between different communities in Northern Ireland in the recent years have improved a lot.

115. I think that relations between people in Northern Ireland will never be completely peaceful due to narrow minded people who live in the past.

116. I think that the communtity relations in my community are hidden, noone knows who is what religion and frankly, in my area i don't think anyone really cares about it.

117. I think that their shouldn't be any war between Protestants and Catholics and I also think teenagers like me should have the confidence to stand out and be able to do what ever suits them and not be scared.

118. I think that there isn't problem with religion between Catholic and Protestant but with things that happen in pass for example in Londonderry and this didn't cause either by Catholic nor Protestants but because of bad people that lives everywhere or because of politics. People need to think more about future and change this who are bad to good and help others like in 3rd world, just like bible is during to teach us.

119. I think that there should be more opportunities to participate in cross-community projects, in your school, youth club etc. This allows you to become more comfortable around people of different religions and understand their attitudes better. I believe that this may be minor reason why there is still distance between different communities especially in Northern Ireland.

120. I think that young people are judged by older generations. Police forget teenagers when they should be spending their time and money on catching criminals. Politicians do not fully understand or represent young people. They should help financially with university fees and help find jobs for young people when they leave higher education. People assume that every one is sectarian when in fact it is a minority who discriminate. Having a political view is not being sectarian. I go to a Catholic School, I was raised Catholic and I wasn't brought up with a particular view about where I live, however like so many other young people I now have very strong views about politics and don't care about religion but our elders assume that we are still as sectarian as they were.

121. I think the parents should to be answering this questionnaire as it is them who is bringing their children up to be like this.

122. I think the past should stay in the past, people should be counted for who they are not labeled religions.

123. I think the police should 'increase the peace'.

124. I think there should be less emphasis put on the differences between religious and ethnic groups and more/and more serious consequences put on those who continue to arouse problems on these differences. Cities like Belfast are continuously on the news for riots between religions. It is the people with religious issues who are destroying Belfast's name and making life hell for those who want to have a peaceful life.

125. I think they are improving, however the past should forgotten. I have many friends from different communities.

126. I think young people are able to get on with one another - from the other community; however the way some people are brought up at home can reflect on their attitude towards other religions as they can resent them and not give them a chance as they have judged them too quick. I used to have a small problem mixing however now I go to a mixed college and love it because I have realized we are all human! Also that it is good some of us have different opinions as it makes as more interesting.

127. I think your family has a strong influence on your thoughts of religion in Northern. I have my own thoughts on religion in Northern Ireland, I wouldn't mind living or working with people from a different religion or race as times have changed and it doesn't make a difference anymore. However sometimes trouble & fights could start or children could get bullied in school as some people are stuck in the past.

128. I want every one to get on. As I was brought up to get on with everyone as we are all the same and we are all human. To me there is no difference between us.

129. I wish everyone could get along and by in a mixed neighborhood.

130. I would hope in time that they will improve.

131. I would like to see people to mix with other communities more, like myself being a deaf person. I would like to mix with hearing people, to rise awareness for deaf and to learn about their culture.

132. I would love to see everyone living in harmony and caring for each other.

133. I would only prefer toive in a neighbourhood with people from my own religious community to avoid conflict, and to avoid having to live in fear of sectarian attacks. Despite this, I do believe that relations are improving between the majority of Catholics and Protestants, though we can only hope that the problem of sectariansim will completely be erased on day in the six counties.

134. If there were less people from other countries then, there would be more jobs and less trouble in our society.

135. If we Catholics and Protestants were to get on with each other it would be good because they way that it is how it is not working out we are all still fighting and we are killing each other and it's not fare on others, so something needs to be done.

136. In my area everyone seems to get on well no matter what their ethnic background is. I think it would be really boring to stick to your own group of people because you wouldn't learn anything, like for example about their background, their history etc.

137. In my area there are not many problems with religion but in more urban areas there are a lot more problems.

138. In my community grass root Protestants and Catholics don't really get along. There is a lot of violence and fights among younger people because of this.

139. In my community it is mixed which has its disadvantages in many fights/tension. However I have got to know a lot more people from the other religion due to my high school and a Catholic high school sharing classes also organisations such as 'spirit of Enniskillen' has brought people from the two communities together. I think more things like these should be done as it has been a real improvement personally, what you think/act for my community.

140. In my opinion there is too much emphasis on religion in Northern Ireland. I think its time to move on and learn to accept other people and embrace other cultures. The sooner people do this the sooner to sectarianism will end. It's ridiculous to think that people have to know what religion you are before they talk to you.

141. In rural areas there is very little opportunity to mix with anyone other than the immediate community. It has improved recently in my area with the development of a 'Drop-In' centre which aims to integrate young people more. I think all flags and marches of any kind should be banned because they only antagonise people from the opposite religion.

142. In some communities, the relations between Catholics and Protestants are bad. Young boys, especially those from towns e.g. Kedy or Magh are awful when it comes to people other than their own. Its something they are brought up with some of the older generations from these types of areas have not taught their young about the bad side of the trouble or supported the bad side and still do. More needs to be done to stop this as it sometimes gets out of hard and we should be over the difference of Protestants, Catholics people from other countries etc. As it is a big problem. My family taught me well and I accept everyone.

143. In terms of Catholic - Protestant relations we have taken a backward step in creating separate tests for the P7's to take. This will only highlight a difference in the communities that is not really there.

144. In terms of the Catholic/Protestant divide, relations are improving, but prejudices linger still - and strongly - in the minds of some of my generation.

145. In the more prosperous parts of Northern Ireland community relations seem to be good, but I think more of an effort needs to be made for less prosperous areas, as relations seem to be fragmented.

146. Interaction between the differing social classes is quite limited in my area, which I think is a disadvantage and potentially damaging thing for young people on both sides.

147. It's all very childish.

148. It's good to mix with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. One of my best friends is Muslim and its interesting knowing about the rules with this.

149. It annoys me when people fight. They do not realize there is virtually no difference between them. I think schools and youth projects should try to do cross-community projects from a younger age.

150. It is good to socialise or mix with others of opposite religion although I believe there will always be the division in Northern Ireland.

151. It is mostly older people who don't agree with younger people hanging out with people of a different religion.

152. It is not good, therefore it is getting better. Lots of croos-community programs through schools helps for us, teenagers, to know other religions and to cope with them.

153. It is still very segregated in the lower classes.

154. It isn't just people who were born in Northern Ireland that don't socialise with ethnic minority's Ethnic minority's don't socialise with people born in Northern Ireland.

155. it should all be mixed tostop secterisim because with people living in different parts of the town lik the catholic or protestant end there not getting to know eachother their for theyll just assume they hate eachother and have nothing in common. when realy they will have alot more than what they think!

156. it should change ! everyone should be able to get on with everyone. if you didnt know they were from another religion everyone would get on fine, so why does it have to be different in real life

157. It would be ideal if we could all get along no matter what our religion. If this was acheived there would be no bother in having mixed-religion neighbourhoods or schools as there would be less trouble.

158. Its good.

159. Its okay, but they don't have enough advertising as to where events, etc are held. As far as religion goes some people generate 'hate' from others beliefs. If they would voice their own opinion they would find it more beneficial to them as a person.

160. Its time we all changed. If someone is nice to me, they are my friend regardless of who they are. I am fed up hiding when troubles emerge. I don't care about what religion or ethnic minority people are!

161. Just because there is no rioting on the streets like things used to be 10-15 yrs ago, doesn't mean it doesn't go on. It a sort or "dirty war" now, behind closed doors, on social networking sites and in the night clubs.

162. Keep Er Lit'!

163. Lots of hatred.

164. Minority groups get a bad press. There are not many minority groups in my area, so it is strange when I come across them.

165. More could be done to encourage community relations

166. More cross community needed, especially for young people and children.

167. More mixed communities need to be made to help different religions bond.

168. Most agree to live together.

169. Most of the fighting and tensions in my local area are caused by youths from both sides of the community, over the silliest of things. The fact that "gangs" from both communities gather and try to provoke each other in public places.

170. Most people I know are racist, but we are all just people.

171. Most people want relations to improve but other people will never change their views on other groups because it the way they have been brought up.

172. Most people want to move on and improve relations with each other. It is only an idiotic minority trying to drag us back to hell.

173. Much of it is down to where you live - I believe I would have more friends of a different ethnic background if I lived in an area with more people from a different ethnic background.

174. My time in NI has been quite simple - I have never really had any problems with religion or race. All the problems seem like a TV program or something, as I have never experienced it personally other than that, I don't really think a lot about religion & race, so it doesn't bother me or influence my decisions. To put it crudely, I just don't care about it.

176. Need all mixed religion school, we would not allow all White or all Black school.

177. Need to improve Catholic and Protestant relations a lot!

178. NI is on a slippery slope with regards community relations. Sectarian violence is on the rise again, social tensions are growing and young and old feel disillusioned with the parties in the assembly. These politicians do not want to see an equal NI, because their very support base is centered around sectarian beliefs. Only a socialist party which cuts across divisions racial and sectarian divisions can provide a solution.

183. No matter where you go you will always have Catholic & Protestants fighting.

189. Not really, I go to an integrated school and most of my friends have different religions and I work in an environment where it is mixed as well, so religion personally isn't a huge thing for me.

190. Nothing really because I don't really know that much about them to say anything.

191. Only Northern Ireland brings religion into everything. Why do all CV's ask if you are a Roman Catholic or Protestant? It should be boxes for all denominations, I see myself as a Christian, definitely not a Protestant, I or my family do not protest against the RC church! There should be boxes to tick for your denomination (RC, CofI, Methodist, Presbyterain etc.). Why are there so many schools with 'St' to its name, they never open their door to other children of the community that is not Roman Catholic!?

192. Our day will come.

193. Peace must maintain for a better future for both sides of the community. The union of Great British and Northern Ireland is the only path which leads to peace and a better future for all because of Great British standing in the world which comes with a lot of benefits like better jobs, more money, safety and better & free health care.

194. People are still bitter about the past, and at the end of the day no-one can change those people's views, but they should try to move on for the sake of the young people of the new generation.

195. People are very narrow minded. I think the focus on Protestants and Catholics has decreased due to an increase in foreign population within the country. A lot of Polish/Asian/German etc people are being cut off and discriminated against now.

196. People look for problems within others and I believe that this is sad as most people are kind so there isn't anything wrong with them.

197. People need to look to the future and leave past behind to improve relation.

198. People need to stop letting politics decide who they like and should live with, people need to think for themselves.

199. People need to wise up and forget about what makes them different and stop picking holes in other peoples beliefs and backgrounds. They need to concentrate on what is important, and what they have in common. Just treat everybody exactly the same. thats all.

200. People should be more open minded and get to know people before they judge them on their skin colour, ethnicity or religion. They could turn out to be one of the nicest people you ever meet.

201. People should listen to each other more and more past their hatred. Communities are constantly competing against each other for privileges and rights, while wanting to doing the other side them. I don't see why it matters, we are all people.

202. People shouldn't worry about other religions to the extent that they hate the other religion.

203. People where I live relate to what they hear on the news - this seems to stir up relations in the community in my eyes if you could the troubles out of Belfast mainly & deny as well it. Could solve a lot of problems - we in the country how always lived in a mixed communities. We have learnt to live with each other and respect each others differences to only time you see - difference around here is when it comes to the 12th July other than that religion would never be named.

204. people will always be treated differently because of their religion and/or their race

205. Personally, I attend a mixed grammar school in Northern Ireland. Here we are taught that everyone is equal and accordingly where I live I feel community relations are extremely good.

206. Race and ethnic backgrounds are growing in Northern Ireland and I am a Chinese person. I feel accepted my friends and school and I don't feel different from them from the fact that I belong here.

207. Racism still exists among my community

208. Rangers v Celtic & SCUW

209. Relations are improving as children aren't all growing up knowing that there is a catholic and protestent side and can be friends with either. eg protestents and catholics can get on happily together

210. Schools should promote integration.

211. Since the good Friday agreement, community relations in Northern Ireland, especially those between Catholics and Protestants, have greatly improved, although I would say that there is a long way to go before we reach peace. Where I live, relations are quite good but I do acknowledge that in other locations in Northern Ireland, religious prejudice can both sides) does still exist.

212. Some of the reasons which I would prefer to be wish my own ethnic group is because of people who are sectarian and can't bare to be wish a member of an ethnic group.

213. Some people from minority ethnic backgrounds tend to be singled out and sterotyped.

214. Some people only use their religion as an excuse to fight with eachother

215. Sometimes when I am out with friends people will ask me if I am a Catholic or a Protestant and that makes me feel quite uncomfortable difference. Their religious background does not could offend me so it makes me angry that mine could affect them. Especially because, I attend my church and groups within my church and I remain neutral, where as they do not and they think that they are better than me purely because of their religious Christian denomination.

217. Still a lot of problems breaking down the old bigotry barriers, although progress has been made over the past few years.

218. Stop sending me this shit. I'll wipe my anger with the next 1 and send it back.

219. That they have improved, and as I go to an integrated school I am more worry of all religions and ethnicity.

220. The community relations have started to get better. Seems to & be getting better every year.

221. The majority of people in N.I. only live in communities that share their religious views and this is why many people have difficulty accepting other people from different backgrounds.

222. The relationship between Protestants and Catholic seems to be getting slightly better but relations with minority ethnic groups is not improving as there are many racial attacks recently.

223. The Ulster Project are doing a great job and shoulg get more credit for improving the relationships between catholic and protestant teens in Northern Ireland

224. There are some ethnic extremists who want to make things worse for Northern Ireland, but they won't make much of an impact on our way of life.

225. There is still a lot to do even though they have been focused on. I hope that in the future every where and everyone will accept people for who they are and treat everybody with equality.

226. There really aren't many opportunities to meet new people from other backgrounds. When you do meet them, the society of political correctness has made us scared of saying the wrong thing and so most young people don't make the effort.

227. There should be more cross community events. I don't want to see any flags polluting my village in the summer, it's not normal and they're horrible looking. I also think the orange order should be banned. Not because I have any sectarian views towards them but I think they deliberately antagonize Catholics and they are a waste of public money. I also feel annoyed that Northern Irish government encourage and appease to this ultimately sectarian organisation.

228. There should be more involvement with all ethnic groups. Schools do a lot but there could be more involvement made.

229. There should be more organisations with mixed race/religion, so that people can be more involved with other people and realise that we are all alike and may be there would be less conflict.

230. There should be more residential trips so both sides of the community can come together.

231. There should be no fighting - it's pointless.

232. There will also be some friction, between youths in either community (Catholic/Protestant)

233. There will always be friction between Catholics and Protestants because of what happened in the past but there is no need for Catholics to be portrayed as evil as unjust.

234. They'll get better when the old people are gone.

235. They are clearly not good. Going through history you can see the views that were developed and they still stand today.

236. They are getting better and it is getting better and will get better.

237. They are getting much better than they used to be. Most people want to get along with the other community but there are still a few people who dont.

238. They are improving.

239. They are improving. But the step that has to be taken to improve them further is too get rid of religious schools. Make all schools integrated

240. They are increasingly getting better Protestants & Catholics we friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and fellow students unlike before.

241. They are steadily improving.

242. They need to get better.

243. They need to improve dramatically because if it continues, we are just setting up a bad example for the next generation gap. Something should be done to improve it, like having more mixed schools and more mixed living environments.

244. Times have changed, nooen I jnow still rgerads religion or race in what they do or say.

245. To stick to one religion community may seem an old fashioned way of thinking, but for me, the close knit community of a Gaelic football team, where everyone knows everyone is an ideal place to be raised up in or be involved with.

246. Towns should hold events that include all ethnic groups, so that no one is left.

247. Unfortunately relations will always be tainted. The government attempts to make an example but people just disagree quickly. Also when we thought things were going fine again all of a sudden we set these republican attacks from idiots just trying to stir up trouble.

248. We don't have a lot of say for being young adults. Teachers and other adults stick together and don't want your point of view

249. We don't really have the opportunity to get to know people from other backgrounds.

250. We need to stop encouraging unnecessary hatred. I grew up disliking the other side of the community but not really knowing why. It wasn't until I participated in outreach with my church that I befriended Catholics and I still visit them weekly or fortnightly - when I can.

251. We should work harder to include people from other ethnic backgrounds especially due to the increase in the migrant worker population.

252. We shouldn't be pressurised into mixing with people just because they're not of the same religion as us, because it just highlights the fact that we're 'different' even more, and that's something that we would probably have previously ignored. Sometimes cross-community schemes can backfire a wee bit, because when you sort of push people from protestant schools and people from catholic schools together at that type of event (eg. EMU scheme); you'll always be seen as either 'one of the catholics' or 'one of the protestants', despite the good intentions of the scheme. If cross-community work was more subtle (ie. not telling pupils that it's cross-community work at all), it might be more effective.

253. Where I live has a strong Irish/Catholic background, but we are not bigots. I play for a local soccer team just outside of where I live, community relations where I live isn't a big thing. I have a strong faith, but other people faith has no bearing on my opinion, doesn't bother me.

254. Yeah. I think teenagers around this area from different religions need to mix more and socialise with each other instead of having a grudge on each other just because of their religion.

255. Yes - although the 'troubles' are over thank goodness! I still feel that in NI Protestants & Catholics are suspicious of one another and do not really mix which is a great pity. My brother is in Scotland and it doesn't matter what religion you are. He shares a flat with a number of boys with different beliefs. That's the way it should be.

256. Yes - I am a protestant, my father and male relatives are all orange men. I play in an accordion band for a Loyal Orange Lodge. But I also play the harp and play in a harp ensemble with all other Catholic members. I have a strong personal faith with Jesus and think the teachings of the Catholic Church are wrong - however I bare no bad feelings towards any Catholics not all Unionist, Protestant, members of the Orange order are Sectarian things! The government should stop trying to take away my cultural identity!

257. Yes I think in NI people are friendly and lots of they respect different culture.

258. yes, there are very less of our minorty people where it makes it hard for us. as they wouldn't be really interested about the things i do with my Famiy or are in my culture and because our religion tells the qomen to wear scrafes which is hard for me do here again because they laugh and make fun of our looks and dressing up. we get names called and prejudying is quite known here/in the area i live. as im an arabic asian i will get prejudge with other cultures which deep inside hurts alot becuase the use of the wrong language but it because we dont have enough asians or othetr mixed raced people whereas in England its quite home. i ve also noticed that most of my friends who are asian or muslims they get iinfluneced by some of the white poeple here who involve them in wrong things ikes of grugs and etc.


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