Year: 2008
Module: Minority Ethnic Groups
Variable: MEGELSE

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything esle you would like to say about migrant workers and minority ethnic groups in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

      1. A lot are unfairly taken advantage of by employers which wouldn't happen to locals, so that's unfair.
      2. Although especially now during recession, local accuse migrant works of 'stealing our jobs'. They are in reality doing the jobs we don't want to do e.g. cleaning, catering, etc. We should be grateful for the supply of their labour.
      3. Although I said I agree that ethnic groups are taking local jobs, which is unfair. Some people would argue that they do the stupid jobs none else wants, but personally if people from this country can't get a job and are in debt they should have first pick at which job they want. If the other ethnic groups need a job so bad why can't they get one were they're from as a cleaner etc.
      4. Although they do take a lot of jobs they do not take the jobs that many people would be prepared to do e.g selling newspapers by the side of a road.
      5. Although they do take up many jobs, they work hard for their money and do the jobs the many northern Irish people would be unwilling to do, so I don't have a problem.
      6. Any immigrant coming into another country should integrate themselves into that culture and leave their own behind.
      7. As I have previously stated, prejudice to due to the minority of narrow minded people who are reluctant to allow change within society. With regards to immigrants and ethnic minorities, I feel that they have as much right to be have as anyone else, if not more so. Many migrants have come from poverty stricken wav zones and have came to Northern Ireland in a bid to seek shelter, solitude and even a decent ways. It is morally worry and unjust to despite these people of their necessities.
      8. As long as they abide by our laws. What harm are they doing? They are spending money in our economy which is needed at the moment. If they however, break our laws I believe they should loose the right to live here.
      9. As long as they are legal there shouldn't be a problem but jobs, I think, should be given to local people first.
      10. As long as they respect our Culture & try to speak English. I don't mind. In all fairness, you never see a 'Migrant' on the BN.
      11. Because migrant workers move to NI, they often bring family with them. If this includes children then they have to be educated. In my experience most migrants don't speak very good English so when the migrant children go to school they struggle a lot because they don't know enough English. This can be very hard and annoying for teachers and pupils.
      12. Despite the fact that local jobs are taken by other groups as stated in part 'b' I think that if they benefit the economy and do a good job working hard then it isn't a problem.
      13. Discrimination of any sort is wrong. Migrant workers are here for a better life they have a right to that. Minority ethnic groups also come for a better life they have a right to that. After our past we should be glad people from different ethnic groups - we should not scare them off.
      14. Do the jobs that no locals want to do for the pay.
      15. Don't know [2 respondents]
      16. Every man & women has the right to live free from fear, intimidation. They have the right to live and work where they want and to practise their own religion. However, people from minority ethnic groups have to keep the law, not be sex attackers.
      17. Every one needs a job to get money to live on and feed their families so fair play to them.
      18. Everyone has the right to come to live here but people are unwilling to let other ethnic backgrounds live here due to things they see on TV, like terrorists etc.
      19. Everyone is equal and skin colour or different beliefs does not make you different.
      20. Everyone says that the crime rates has increased due to the amount of migrant workers and minority ethnic groups in Northern Ireland.
      21. Everyone should have an equal chance in life.
      22. Fair enough for them to come to N.Ireland to work & have a better life it is a huge beneficial change from what they used to live in or as. Personally I hope the poverty in Africa is quickly resolved. All live here.
      23. Fair play to them as they also do jobs we don't want to do e.g. cleaning jobs or 'dirty' jobs. Then again at my part time job at McDonalds I feel I'm a minority in the staff room become 90% of people aren't speaking English.
      24. For migrant workers I am only able to say that although it is right for people to be able to get jobs, it can be considered unfair by people if they think that they are being considered second because they are not migrant workers when it comes to job applications, promotion or job layoffs.
      25. Generally jobs taken by migrant are one's other don't want and there are enough jobs people just use migrant worker as an excuse.
      26. Get paid less therefore we loose jobs to them as businesses hire them instead meaning we have less jobs to employ Northern Irish people.
      27. Get them out
      28. Gives them a better chance in life due to the difference, in pay and I think that threatens a lot of people who are unemployed or not well off.
      29. Go Home!!!!
      30. Have a good time.
      31. Having worked with migrant workers I have come to understand that job because they came from a different country/religion does not make them in crying [??] a bad person and it is unfair to stereotype because of these factors.
      32. I agree with ethnic workers coming to work in the UK as it boosts the economic and the company they are working for.
      33. I am 16 years old, I'm nearly 17 and I have been trying for the past year for a part time weekend job and still can't get one.
      34. I am not at all racist, but in my opinion, a lot of immigrant works come over here and completely disrespect our re[li]gions and background by blatantly disregarding social rules we have. For example if a Hindu child goes to school and wears their religious garments instead of school uniform and get away with it, this is wrong. When they are in our country they should follow Northern Irish rule. No Northern Irish person would go to a foreign country and wear inappropriate clothes if they were told to cover up, so why should immigrants get away with it over here.
      35. I am not bothered by different ethnic groups but it isn't fair that they come over and take the locals jobs.
      36. I am not that aware of this problem/situation
      37. I believe if they have the right qualifications and right experience they are entitled to be offered the job. I believe they all have the right to live in Northern Ireland if they don't annoy anyone and stick on the right side of the law.
      38. I believe it allows people to make friends from different backgrounds, which I think is important and interesting.
      39. I believe migrant workers have just as much rights to live and work here as any person born in the UK.
      40. I believe sometimes that foreign workers aren't treated as a citizen of our country but as an outlaw that are not welcome.
      41. I believe that people who scapegoat migrants for 'taking jobs' are perhaps covering their own folk of work ethic or skills, on the other hand, I think that anyone wishing to live/work in Northern Ireland should be competent English speakers who are willing to mix with the indigenous population.
      42. I believe that some of the migrant workers and minority ethnic groupes are very disrespect[full] towards people here as they know they can get away with it. I also feel harassed and intimidated when I can't even walk down the street in my local town without someone trying to bombard me with the 'big issue' when they clearly don't need the money and nothing is done to stop them from doing this.
      43. I believe the situation should be turned around - instead of complaining about the situation in NI, i.e. foreigners coming here for help and to get jobs. Why can't people from NI go to the countries, give help, and people don't have to leave. Simply this simple and everyone wins.
      44. I believe they form an important part of our economy, and by working here, they contribute to providing essential public services. Many native people would not want to work in many of the jobs occupied by migrant workers.
      45. I can see no problems with letting other ethnic groups into Northern Ireland as their standard of living is poor in many cases and I believe they should be allowed a chance.
      46. I come from an area of N.I that was recently classified as an area with a high rate of un-employments. I feel that many of the jobs in the primary and secondary sector have been filled by migrant workers, which is not fair on locals. I would like to see programmes set up within communities to help minority ethnic groups interact more with the locals of their area and this would in turn tackle any problems of segration.
      47. I do feel quite negative towards ethnic people as sometimes it is noticeable not many of our jobs they take.
      48. I do not wish to comment.
      49. I don't believe that migrant workers are treated very well after seeing people in my job abused by their bosses.
      50. I don't have a problem with it at all.
      51. I don't have a problem with migrant workers there is just maybe too many. old their [?] not enough part time jobs for young people.
      52. I don't have a problem with them. Although when I worked in a coffee shop last year with someone who was Spanish and someone who was German, at times it was [hard] to communicate and work well, but that was only on a part time basis.
      53. I don't have anything against foreign people but am finding if hard to get a job as they don't need anyone and they mostly have all foreign workers.
      54. I don't have anything against other ethnic groups, as we are all human. It shouldn't matter what colour your skin is, or what your religion is, we are all human beings and are equal. If people want to come to the UK for a better life for their families then that's fair enough - although it does mean there is less jobs available for the British public.
      55. I don't have problems with it, I think new people with different backgrounds are good for anyone's country. I don't agree with racists and I am not racist. Just because you were born somewhere different or brought up somewhere different to yourself doesn't make you any different from anyone else.
      56. I don't mind them coming to Northern Ireland as long as they work and don't take benefits off our government and also they have to pay tax like everyone else.
      57. I don't mind workers form different countries because my dad has told me they are very good workers and deserve to be here
      58. I don't really have that much contact with them but I don't have a problem with them. The jobs they do over in Northern Ireland most people that have lived here all of their lives won't do, so why not?
      59. I don't think it is fair the way that migrants are taking all our jobs over here.
      60. I don't think that they should be treated any differently than the rest of us. Some people resent them for taking jobs but who would they rather have as their doctor (for example); someone well suited to the job but from on ethnic minority or a person from N.I who isn't as well qualified? People from ethnic minority may also have more experience in certain situations.
      61. I don't think they take our jobs, they've willing to do the jobs no one else will do.
      62. I don't understand why they want to come and work away from family when more of them are getting reset [??] to nothing anyway. Wouldn't they be happier with nothing but being with family?
      63. I feel as many occasions migrant workers and minority ethnic groups are all too often associated with low paid jobs and poor quality of life in Northern Ireland. As they are different, people are intimidated by them and often believe that somehow they are dangerous. I think there should be more minority ethnic groups intergrated more into society so they can become part of the community so they can receive the respect that they deserve, as every other person has it so why can't they?
      64. I feel it doesn't affect me.
      65. I feel its fine for migrant workers to come over to the UK to help make money for their families, But there has been a vast increase in crime including theft, murder, rape, stabbings and other antisocial behavior involving a minority of migrants which is not right.
      66. I feel it's very hard as a shop assistant to serve and understand the needs of migrants and they then get angry when you keep asking them what they are saying. When I go into a shop to buy something, I prefer to go into somewhere where the staff can understand and chat to.
      67. I feel people in Northern ireland should be pushed to get employed if unemployment as it's their own fault. Migrant workers are brought over as there are so many unemployed..
      68. I feel people would accept migrants if they were to speak our language while living here - it's only manners.
      69. I feel that if they are living here, they should have the right to a job, as if someone born in Northern Ireland were to travel to an Eastern European country, looking for work, I don't believe they would be badly treated.
      70. I feel that some are using and abusing our welfare system. However I completely support any foreign workers who are Doctors or Nurses etc.
      71. I feel that the negativity is not only coming from mainland UK towards minority ethnic groups but from the local crime that they cause e.g. Muggings, rapes, robbery, abduction etc.
      72. I feel that the only reason they come is to do jobs that people here would not already do, so therefore they are not stealing jobs of locals.
      73. I feel that they are not taking jobs away from local people. If local people had more of a drive to learn skills they could get jobs. Jobs in the retail industry require next to no skills, therefore local people have no excuse for being unemployed, unless they are ill or disabled.
      74. I feel that they can be mistreated because they have taken a lot of jobs, but from their side, fair play, as they are making a living to help support their families, which is more than what some of the people who are suppose to have the 'right' to the bad jobs are doing.
      75. I feel that they deserve a good life, as much as the locals over here, however at the same time I think we need to protect jobs and resources for local people.
      76. I feel that they do come over here and take all of our jobs.
      77. I feel that they have every night to be here and cause our society to be multicultural. That I feel is a positive thing.
      78. I feel that they should be welcomed by the habitants of Northern Ireland. They give us a chance to learn about different cultures and will make our society more cosmopolitan.
      79. I feel they are being victimised by people in N.I because they are willing to do jobs which local people refuse to do.
      80. I feel they are welcome here since a lot of people from NI & Ireland move to their countries & are mostly welcomed. Why should it be any different for them here?
      81. I feel they deserve to have jobs as they work for their money, unlike those people on benefits.
      82. I feel they should be treated equally. And paid the same wage.
      83. I feel they get a hard wrap, and that we as a society need to be more open both youth and the older generation.
      84. I find it is a disgrace that they get EMA and I don't just because my parents both work, I have even been in Westminster to debate about it, but it still hasn't changed. It should be the same for everyone.
      85. I have a mixed view. I do believe migrants take a lot of our jobs as they are paid low but at the same time Irish went out to America for jobs years ago and go to other countries.
      86. I have been raised to believe all people are equal. Our family have some very good Bulgarian friends who have settled in Northern Ireland and some good Polish workers who work for my dad. If local people got off their fat lazy backsides they would get the jobs. Bulgarians and Poles are excellent workers!
      87. I have Chinese friends, black friend and my boyfriend was born in the Philippines they are no different, at the end of the day were all human.
      88. I have found that from working with people from ethnic minorities, especially from Lithuania and Poland, that they are extremely hardworking and dedicated. The majority of them are only over during the summer, trying to make some money for university and if it wasn't for them the restaurant I work in would not be open today. They realise and understand why people from here are prejudiced towards them and do their best to stay out of people's way and work a lot instead of socialising. I asked one of my friend why he thought people were so prejudices towards ethnic minorities and he said he thinks its because we live here. So we socialise and work here. They are expected to be here and work only as their home is elsewhere. So if they are seen to be socialising at all, they are seen to be lazy.
      89. I have no objection to any of them coming into this country if they abide by the laws and contribute to the economy.
      90. I have no problem at all with them, I welcome to learn about religions and cultures. I am very open to having friends of the ethnic minorities it there were more my age that I meet.
      91. I have no problem with them at all because they are equal with us - they deserve the jobs just as much because they have left home to find work. However, in my local paper it always seems to be foreign people breaking the law and facing court. Also society has became too politically correct with things , e.g. can't call people black anymore.
      92. I have no problem with them- in my mind if they get a job have it is because they deserve need it like anyone else does.
      93. I have nothing against their color of skin. I just think the[re] is too many.
      94. I have nothing against them.
      95. I just think that it is not right what people in Northern Ireland are doing to people from a different background because everyone is the same in some way and we would not like it being done on us.
      96. I personally do not feel intimidated by people in other ethnic group but I think that many people in northern Ireland think differently and share their own views on the topic
      97. I personally do not have a problem with migrant workers in Northern Ireland and feel that they have a right to work here and earn money to support their families, however I do know people who would feel aggrieved at the fact that migrant worker[s] can get jobs here while there are many unemployed Irish people living here.
      98. I personally have no problem or issues with these people.
      99. I personally think, there's too many coming over, because they're putting us out of jobs! Which isn't fair because we've lived here longer, so why can't some of them just stay over there?
      100. I play rugby with black people and mixed ethical background and they can be better craic, more respectful and nice[r] than your own race.
      101. I rarely experience meeting many other ethnic groups but when I do find it very interesting.
      102. I strongly disagree about other ethnic groups taken local jobs and it being unfair to locals, as locals don't know why they have moved to UK and most ethnic groups are taking the jobs no one else has took and also work for low pay. They also need to make a living. It's very unfair to other ethnic groups about locals complaining.
      103. I strongly disagree with people saying local jobs are being taken by other ethnic groups making it unfair to locals. Most of the job migrant workers 'take' are jobs people in NI probably wouldn't want - So I don't see why anyone should complain.
      104. I think anybody has the right to a job because there is people living in this country who aren't working for a living and spend there live on the date.
      105. I think cultural diversity is a positive and beneficial for both the society and the individual.
      106. I think diversity is a good thing, however am worried about the lack of jobs for 'Locals'
      107. I think everyone has a right to live and work. Where-ever they please, but in northern Ireland jobs are scarce enough these days.
      108. I think everyone should be able to compete for jobs on an equal basis, no matter what ethnic group they belong to.
      109. I think everyone should be treated equally in spite of their colour or where they come from.
      110. I think if people came over to the UK to get a better job so they can therefore provide for their families better, than they should do the best they can e.g. get a job. I believe everyone should be treated equally.
      111. I think it is good as it shows me, if not more people more of the world without ever having to travel it. It's also good as people may think of our country a place to get a better life.
      112. I think it is good to have different cultures being brought to Northern Ireland, as it teaches people knew things and helps show us there is more out there beyond Northern Ireland it also helps us to experienced different ways of life.
      113. I think it is unfair to say migrant workers are taking local jobs making it unfair to locals because if most of the time they work in places like McDonalds where locals rarely apply for, they are judged on the same criteria as locals for other jobs and the employers should choose the applicant who is best suited, not based on ethnicity. We can learn a lot from educated people from other ethnicities.
      114. I think it's fair that people if they can gain the opportunity to earn more money else where may should take it. After w[ork]ing with several filipino and polish people I find that they're very motivated.
      115. I think it's great that other people from different countries and cultures are coming to Northern Ireland. They do contribute to the economy in a positive way and it's really interesting to learn about difference cultures, races and religions. However I do think that they are exploited sometimes-getting paid a lower rate and do face discrimination.
      116. I think it's unfair how migrant workers are treated.
      117. I think it's unfair, that people who live here can't get jobs because of migrant workers & minority ethnic groups.
      118. I think migrant workers are great because they work so hard doing the jobs that local people are reluctant to do. Ethnic groups help us to have a more multicultural society.
      119. I think our community should not be so angry at migrant workers. Yes, they may take jobs from locals, but for all we know they too may have that experience for that job. Besides many M[igrant] W[orkers] decide to work in places like McDonalds and Burger King, because some employers here refuse to accept foreigners to work for them. My opinion is if you have the qualifications for a job, and no criminal record, then you have the right to that job.
      120. I think people of other ethnic communities should be welcomed. I think its very stupid and unfair that these people are attacked and the people causing and it causes our country to suffer because it gives Ireland/N.I a bad name.
      121. I think that all people from different cultures deserve a good chance in life and it is only four if migrant workers earn jobs in N.I as they are willing to work as hard as locals and earn their place in northern Ireland and become a citizen in this country, as it may be difficult joining into a very different society and cultures.
      122. I think that everyone should be allowed to come and go as they please, to everywhere in the world. I think they should be made welcome, however I think they should be educated about our life style.
      123. I think that having different cultures on Northern Ireland is something to be encouraged a huge attempt must be made to stamp out any racism.
      124. I think that if minority ethnic groups come over the Northern Ireland they should try to fit into our culture so that locals feel more comfortable with them, they can see them as anyone else. I think that also before they do decide to come over that they can speak English well or even quite well to decrease the uncertainty of their race.
      125. I think that if minority ethnic groups have the qualities and qualifications for a job they should have as much the chance to get that job as anyone else.
      126. I think that it is understandable why locals would be annoyed but it does not affect me so I do not have a strong view. It does not bother me.
      127. I think that regional workers absolutely have the right to come and look for a better life in another country. That is what I would do if I had the chance and was living in a poorer country. As usual, I think it is a tiny minority of immigrants, like the beggars you see in Belfast City Centre, who are giving everyone else a bad name. I think it is a disgrace for people to judge other people because they come from a different background.
      128. I think that the only problem with migrant workers is that they mostly have jobs that require little skill. If skilled and educated workers come over it would be much better for the economy as they would help boost economic growth.
      129. I think that they aren't being accepted into society especially because they are doing the jobs that nobody else want to do e.g. binmen. I also think that they should learn English, even just a little Basic English before they start work.
      130. I think that they do not attempt to associate with other people only there own.
      131. I think that they should be allowed to live and work in Northern Ireland if they wish. I work with polish people and they are lovely people.
      132. I think that when they come to live in the UK they should become more involved in the community so that we can learn about them & they can learn about us.
      133. I think the majority of them are a great asset to our county. They are willing to do the jobs many citizens refuse to do because they are not necessarily paid well as the majority of them are working. Law abiding citizens who are not living off the state, I see no reason why they should be criticised.
      134. I think there should be a limit otherwise people who are actually from NI might have to emigrate.
      135. I think there should be governmental support for the mingling of ethnic groups in order to get rid of sectarian, racist and ethnic violence before it gets too late.
      136. I think they are good for the diversity of northern Ireland. And to learn about their different cultures.
      137. I think they are playing a positive role in our community.
      138. I think they do mostly do jobs that people here wouldn't be willing to do and that they shouldn't be judged on the basis of other people from the same ethnic groups actions even though it can be hard to forget the stereotypes.
      139. I think they play an important role in Northern Ireland, take up jobs which many Northern Irish people deem 'dirty' etc. But then they complain that the migrant workers are "stealing their jobs"
      140. I think they should try to integrate into the community more. They should adapt to British life, not having Britain adapt to them - the introduction of [Sharia] Law in England.
      141. I think they take most of our jobs and we don't g to there country to take there.
      142. I think this sectarian hatred is now becoming evident again and needs to be stopped however, it wasn't happen unless the main authority figures in the minority groups come to an agreement, The racism these migrant figures are facing is becoming too much and needs to be stopped. Those people are only trying to support their families. However, those of the migrant communities who commit crimes in our society should be society punished.
      143. I think too many migrant work[er]s are coming into N I as there are little jobs as it is and people are hiring them because they will work for minimum wage.
      144. I think we should be taught in school more about why migrant workers come here, so we can see that they are not that different from someone who has always lived in northern Ireland. I also think that the language barrier contribute greatly to the segregation.
      145. I try to take people as I find them, wherever they are from.
      146. I welcome diversity and would like to all a great big m[e]lting pot where all rules [?] could become as one colone [?], religion doesn't matter everyone has qualities to share and enrich each other[']s lives.
      147. I welcome migrant working with all my heart, as for the most part, they do an honest day's work and have every night to work in this country because of their ability to work hard. Many desperately need to send money back to their familiars in their homelands, and feel that us should try our best to support them in their [???].
      148. I work with a few Indians, they are nice and all, my only problem is when they speak to each other as it puts me in a uncomfortable position as they may be talking about me.
      149. I would like to say I can't get a job because of them.
      150. I would say that as long as they obey the laws of the land, I am fine with them.
      151. If I would be able to support my family better by moving to the UK if I was a migrant worker, I wouldn't hesitate to go. It[']s fair enough to seek betters jobs.
      152. If the locals in Northern Ireland got off the dole, and got a job, then there would be no jobs for ethnic minorities people here try to find reasons to hate ethnic minorities.
      153. If the workers are coming from EU countries why aren't the conditions in their own country not as good. They are detracting from our economy.
      154. If they are prepared to work harder and get the job they deserve it.
      155. If they have fluent English and a working permit they should be allowed to apply for any job in Northern Ireland.
      156. If they live in Northern Ireland, they should speak English.
      157. In general, I would give anyone the benefit of the doubt until I know them, but in the case of ethnic groups, it may be time to change our laws, on deportation in particular. Some serious crimes go nearly unpunished because the perpetrator is deported instead of being fined or jailed, notably in offenses like traffic accident where this leaves the victim uncompensated.
      158. In most cases they are doing the work the locals can't be bothered looking for.
      159. In my opinion, the ethnic minority of our population are handle [?] grateful and hard-working.
      160. In my opinion. I see it as a positive thing that minority ethnic groups are coming & living in N. Ireland so that people can mix with them and learn that the[y']re not as different as everyone might think they are. The[y']re equal as everyone else!
      161. In response to the statement above: a lot of local jobs are being taken by other ethnic groups which is unfair to locals, I think that there is alot of jobs going to others of different ethnic groups but because they apply for them. The people that complain are usually people who don't work and can't be bothered to find a job. They use this as an excuse.
      162. In the true Irish term 'wise up' after all we are all still human beings. Many people try to be individual and we should accept them as who they are.
      163. It can be intimidating when a group of foreign men are talking in their own language whilst looking at you.
      164. It doesn't bother me, I feel if they can do the work they should have the same opportunities as us to get a job. There are polish people in the kitchen at the restaurant I work part time at, and they're very good workers and nice people.
      165. It is a basic human right for someone to be able to choose where they live. They generally are doing jobs people would like/don't do e.g. cleaners. However people now use this as an excuse for unemployment which is generally due to them being too lazy to do themselves. It's unfair.
      166. It is mostly a positive thing as there is a more culturally diverse society but perhaps they should not be given any priority over local people when [it] comes to jobs - everyone should be considered equality.
      167. It is possible that in the eagerness to protect minority ethnic groups, majority groups can be discriminated against. If an argument was witnessed between a member of a minority ethnic group and a person who is not, it would be assumed that the latter is racist or prejudiced.
      168. It is sad that they are treated badly. People should have internationalist views and ideology rather than nationalist.
      169. It is sometimes difficult but try to adopt northern Irish culture to incorporate successfully. It is also important to speak English and learning long is appreciated by people here.
      170. It is the job of the employer to pay what they want to pay. I can see both sides to the argument but don't know enough about it to make a decision on how I feel.
      171. It isn't fair the way they are taking local jobs while the locals have to survive on the dole as they've been made redundant. It's disgraceful and wrong.
      172. It may be unfair to local[s] in some cases that migrant workers get local jobs, but everyone is entitled to a job, regardless of where they live/lived further more, most migrant workers work for less than locals, which is often not very much.
      173. It must be hard for them when there is so many strong stereotypes already against them.
      174. It's not fair that they are taking the jobs of people who live in Northern Ireland.
      175. Its unfair for people to think that ethnic groups are taking up jobs as they in most cases are taking jobs that we as British people do not want.
      176. Just that I don't believe people from N.I realise how much suffering and hardship many of these people go through in their own country. There are many N.I people who are prepared to take benefit and not get jobs so why should other people who are willing to work not be able to come here to work when there are northern Irish who make no attempt to be employed or give up to easily.
      177. Just that I think everyone is welcome
      178. Just that they should be given a chance. Migrant workers put a lot more effort into the work than local people would. People from a different ethnic background are human beings too there should be no difference made. They have feelings and a personality and should be greated with the same respect as we are.
      179. Just treat others with respect.
      180. Locals are angry because migrant workers take the jobs that they do not want. Also ethnic minorities have been associated with crime on the local areas.
      181. Majority have poor english
      182. Many believe that the jobs are been taken, and in some case they are. However it is usually the less desirable jobs which they take up, therefore the economy moves on. However I believe it is wrong to employe migrants just because they can be paid less.
      183. Many have a bad reputation because of terrorist attacks in UK and throughout the rest of the world. Many people don't welcome immigrants, not because they're racist but because they don't like change & unfamiliarity.
      184. Many jobs are being taken by migrant workers as they are keen and able to work, contrasted to many Northern Ireland residents who are happy to receive benefits rather than earn a decent living!
      185. Many migrant workers do not have many chances to integrate with society & so are secluded in a way. 'Trend' to harass & offend them has grown and many are generalised in terms of others experience & not each individual.
      186. Many people find it unfair that foreigners are taking 'their' jobs and that they have their own country, Why should they come to ours.
      187. Many people say that they take local jobs and it's not fair to local people but they don't actually take into account the fact that migrant workers do jobs that many local people don't want to do.
      188. Maybe more information given on the jobs that they are working.
      189. Migrant workers & minority ethnic groups face a lot of problems in society solely because they are not from Northern Ireland but since working alongside them and interacting with them, you realise they are just like us.
      190. Migrant workers & their families shouldn't receive benefits.
      191. Migrant workers are only an excuse for locals on the DLA.
      192. Migrant workers are useful because they do jobs that others don't want to do. Migrant are also important in keeping Britain's birth rates higher then they would be without them - help in the long run because Britain is becoming more dependent.
      193. Migrant workers boost the economy and jobs they now have have always been there. People complaining about the way they have 'stolen' jobs perhaps just lacked the initiative to find one before the influx of migrant workers.
      194. Migrant workers should not get a job before Irish citizens. Maybe if they have better qualification, but never because it costs less to employ them.
      195. Migrant workers shouldn't be treated like slaves just cause they're not from this country. Also other regular, long term workers['] hours shouldn't be cut and done away with just because migrant workers are on a lower wadge.
      196. Migrant works have come to Northern Ireland to seek work. Migrant workers work [in] jobs the locals refuse to work.
      197. Migrants workers and minority ethnic groups are being stereotyped due to the media. The main suspects of terrorist attacks are automatically presumed to be dark skinned and wear a turban. It's like saying you can tell a catholic because their eyes are too close together but yet the same is said from a catholic point of view about Protestants, young people need to be taught about these groups in society and not just listen to the media.
      198. More integrated between minority groups & white Irish is required. We don't know those people, more of push to include them into the Irish way of life/whilst not insulting their culture.
      199. More than welcome but should not interfere with as culture as he could not do in Arab countries.
      200. Most are very hard working and it is only some who put a bad name on the rest.
      201. Most employers employ different races because it is cheaper, I feel that the pay should be equal though it is unfair to generalise migrant workers and minority ethnic groups because In fairness most work for their achievements, this point should be made more clear. Example doctors.
      202. Most of the migrant workers in NI are doing jobs which the Northern Irish won't do as they may feel their above that type of work. Also I think it's terrible that migrant workers are being paid unfairly and that something should be done about it. Also migrant workers are taking local jobs which means that it is harder for locals to get a job however it is up to us to allow these migrants to acquire skills and talents which they can use and bring back to their own country as so they can help their own country by teaching these skills to others their as so they don't have to travel and so they can get jobs in their own countries.
      203. Most of the migrant workers only get the jobs that people from Ireland don't want to do.
      204. Most of them are alright but it is scary how many of them have knives in their pockets.
      205. Most of them are friendly and nice when you get to know them. The few that are bad and do things which are illegal make people in Northern Ireland feel that all that ethnic group are like that.
      206. Most of them are here to work, not cause trouble although it does happen unfortunately.
      207. Most of us came here, or to another ancestral home at one point or another, so why should people discriminate? People all around the world are basically the same. A few billion cells, a heart, a mind.
      208. Most people welcome migrant workers and minority ethnic groups into Northern Ireland with generosity and kindness. It's just when the migrant workers and minority ethnic groups do not accept this purely because they do not understand the local people, they want to go about their business themselves, this is when the mood towards these groups changes.
      209. My dad lost his job.
      210. Nice people
      211. No I don't have a problem with them. I think they are treated well in our country. As long as they respect our culture.
      212. No, I don't have a problem with migrant workers, everyone needs a job to get, money to buy, food, clothes etc.
      213. No, they should be all welcomed as we are all emigrants. They are doing the work that locals won't do.
      214. No. Why don't penguins fly? They don't have enough money to buy plane tickets.
      215. Nope well they don't really bother me because we do the same so whoever criticises there is slightly hypostatical¬ as everyone wants to move/venture at some time in their life. It's as Irish trait.
      216. Northern Irish people judge migrants way too much. They don't give people a chance, they just stereotype straight away.
      217. Of those that I have met in hotels or Indian/Chinese restaurants, they seem really friendly and tend to work with a bigger smile on their faces than some of the locals you see.
      218. Often appear to be closed societies.
      219. Only that I feel their presence is a good thing and it encourages cross community relation even between people from Northern Ireland and it is good to have such a diverse range of people. Also, people who believe in prejudiced stereotypes are very narrow minded.
      220. Other religions do not bother me but when the person of that religion is of a bigoted of sectarian nature, I do not have any time for them 'so to speak.'
      221. Other then at work and school they are not integrated into social networks and therefore many people do not have the opportunity to get to know them.
      222. People are reluctant to be acceptant of ethic of ethic communities views as so many members of it don't seem to respect us, like extremists and terrorists.
      223. People feel intimidated by migrant workers and minority ethnic groups as they are convinced that they have only came to Northern Ireland to take local jobs. However, I believe this is the wrong impression to have as migrant workers are doing jobs locals would refuse to do.
      224. People get arrested for calling a teddy bear Mohammad in Muslim countries yet Muslims in the UK say that we are unfair to their religion and have to be given a special status, complete bullshit.
      225. People have a perception of minority ethnic groups as they seen them as people who are taking things off the state & others-in terms of benefits and people who won't go out to work. However I believe some, although not all would like to better their future and lifestyle.
      226. People say that these immigrant's are taking all the job's in places like northern Ireland but they only want to make a living like everyone else.
      227. People say 'they are taken our jobs' but at least these people are wiling to work, not like some people in N Ireland.
      228. People should not complain because they are taking the jobs that some people in Northern Ireland wouldn't want to do.
      229. People should treat them with more respect. It is not easy for migrant workers to come to another country, and have to speak and learn a whole new language and on top of that they do not need abuse directed at them just because they are from a different country. People should think that if they were to move from their home country to the other side of the world. Wouldn't they want to be welcomed and treated equality.
      230. People sometimes stereotype against people that have a different skin color or are from a different race.
      231. People wouldn't be so racist. We go to their countries on holiday or to stay and a big fuss isn't made of it.
      232. Personally I think that here are too many migrant workers in Northern Ireland and they are then receiving benefits which they then send back to their own country and this is not benefiting our society. Although on the other hand, migrant workers can be seen as a good thing as they do be jobs that lazy people in our society won't do.
      233. Some of them are very scary, following you around town and giving creepy looks, also some if not most (And some women) talk about you and make it obvious when they walk past.
      234. Should be allowed jobs because often they work a lot harder and do the jobs which the local feel they are too 'good' to do.
      235. Should be more accepted, should be treated as a local.
      236. Shouldn't get benefits, unless born here.
      237. Society are too quick to judge, they need to realise that all migrant are not the same and are not all class in the same group.
      238. Some are good, some bad
      239. Some are nice, some are not, they are arrogant and they smell.
      240. Some do cause a lot of trouble, Polish in Ballymena.
      241. Some jobs are being taken by migrant workers, but they are generally the unskilled and difficult ones that locals do not want to do.
      242. Some of the foreign attend my school and I feel they get to do anything they please whereas if we were to do the same thing, we would get a detention or shouted at. Differences are made between the different religions which I don't feel is fair.
      243. Some of them are treated unfairly whereas others have created a bad name for themselves and others, mainly Lithuanian.
      244. Some of them can be dangerous as they are violent but some of them are genuinely nice and so it is hard to judge them. Talking to a strange foreign national would be difficult because they could get violent for no reason.
      245. Some people in Northern Ireland look down on the migrant workers, they think that they are stupid just because their English is not that good. But in actual fact some of the migrant workers can work better than those from Northern Ireland.
      246. Some people may come here because the quality of life is better, they may work to improve their life for themselves and earn a better image to look after their other relatives.
      247. Sometimes people complain about how local jobs are being taken by migrant workers but sometimes they are doing this country services because they do the jobs that we don't want to do and are sometimes paided a lot less.
      248. Sometimes we, as white N. Irish people, are criticised for discriminating against immigrants who want to keep their own culture in our country but they need to show some consideration for our culture.
      249. Sometimes when I have encountered migrants workers. Problems are that English understanding - they haven't understand what I have been trying to say-they are also very keen to help and please but can lead to some confusion.
      250. Stay in their own country.
      251. Stop living on benefits steal jobs.
      252. Stop taking\bringing drugs into N Ireland.
      253. That people shouldn't judge them so immediately and give them a chance. One day I would want to live in America and I wouldn't like to be treated like that.
      254. That some have caused harm to people in local [areas], hat's why there is a bad attitude against them. But others are nice and are just to help their families so give them a chance just be careful.
      255. That they should all treated the same and treated equally in society.
      256. The increasing number of illegal immigrants getting into the country damages the image of any foreign person in the country.
      257. The Majority are dead on. Just like ourselves.
      258. The migrant workers have increased.
      259. The people that came into our country do the jobs most of us refuse to do. Irish people in general are not willing to work for little money and then sit and complain about not having a job! Fair enough people may not be able to work but the ones who can should get up of their back ends and get a job!
      260. The very fact that these questions are being asked in this survey highlight differences which may not have been apparent i.e. ask to count. How many other religion friends or people from other countries I have, I understand that you may have to compile such statistics, but as we are moving on from the events of recent history in our country. thefore I feel it is better to li[v]e and let li[v]e. Life it's self is tough enough!!
      261. There are a large number of jobs being occupied by foreign workers, however they are mostly jobs that local people do not want.
      262. There are very few places where we can interact with minority groups.
      263. There has been a rise in crime blamed on ethnic groups who are unemployed, as in some countries (e. g. Romania) stealing is simply part of their culture
      264. There has been so many of them have come into one country. (I and everyone [k]now that has lived here all are lives we cannot get work. Everywhere you go the foreign are working taking our money which we need.
      265. There is a general suspicion & ominous prejudice against Eastern Europeans in particularly. Due to reports of violence, rape & social disruption they bring.
      266. There needs to be more integration in schools and youth groups and less racist brainwashing material on TV and in video games.
      267. There seems to be an increasing amount.
      268. There should be a limit as there is a lot of people taking our jos.
      269. There should be more activities organised outside of school to bring the different types of people together. Schools can teach children more accurately about the different types of people & their reason for coming to Ireland.
      270. There should be more integrated colleges around Northern Ireland to give people the opportunity to go to a[n] integrated school.
      271. The[y']re taking jobs that the people of Northern Ireland are unwilling to do.
      272. There taking everyones jobs - Credit Crunch
      273. There's to many coming in we[']re a small country. Limit the amount before we are out numbered in our own land nothing amount [??]. If not levels of hate crimes will rise.
      274. These migrant workers and minority ethnic groups are painted negatively by the press and media. It seems to me that only negative things like crime reach the news and news papers. Positive things like different music or food being introduced in to N.I. are never shown much appreciation.
      275. These people are no different from us besides colour or place of origin so why should they be exposed to abuse any more than me or you.
      276. They actually should be speaking fluent English and obey the rules of the country.
      277. They are all after the same thing as our parents, to look after themselves and their families. If they get a lot of our local jobs it's not that they are stealing them they are just more hard-working.
      278. They are allright as long as they aren't in the Country illegally.
      279. They are costing the tax payer money as they are claiming benefits, free housing, free health care etc.
      280. They are doing jobs which people from Northern Ireland aren't willing to do.
      281. They are entitled to be here. They are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Irish people did the same.
      282. They are good hard workers! Sometimes they get away with things, but they shouldn't e.g. rape etc.
      283. They are harmless and I think it is good to have different people in the country as we can learn a lot from them.
      284. They are human beings just trying to make a better future for themselves, just like us!
      285. They are just the same as us.
      286. They are just trying to make a living and support their families. I think they are good workers and only want to fit in and be happy.
      287. They are made do jobs which people from here don't want to do.
      288. They are nice people because I work with polish people and they are insecure coming to a land where they can't speak the language but they have learnt it now and are really kind people they have taught me some polish phrases.
      289. They are not given 'proper jobs'. Most work in local shops rather then lawyers, doctors, teachers etc.
      290. They are not protected well enough. Paint attacks are on the increase, arguably they are replacing certain ones. People discriminate often because of their seemingly irritating [?] jobs, this isn't their fault. We need to be more sincere like Canada or even England.
      291. They are often given low-end jobs regardless of their qualification which adds to the stereotyping that occurs. They often connect with each other rather than try and integrate perhaps because N Irish people don't want/let them integrate.
      292. They are taking most local jobs because they don't need paid as much and when I worked with two migrants they didn't do the[ir job rite, I done all the work. They send all over money back to their families.
      293. They are taking over everywhere.
      294. They are welcome if they provide something to our country.
      295. They aren't taken our jobs their doing jobs nobody else want to do i.e. cleaning toilets.
      296. They bring a lot of trouble to Northern Ireland with them fighting and stabbing one another, they are making a lot of trouble for themselves.
      297. They cannot be blamed currently for taking 'local' jobs because there are none to begin with.
      298. They come here, take our jobs, get paid are money then send it home to their country's. I blame them for the credit crunch. They steal are money.
      299. They deserve work like old of us. But they should be equal split out of jobs.
      300. They do not affect the way I live at this part of Northern Ireland, in fact there has recently been a clothes shop opened by a young Lithuania girl which many teenage girls my age love.
      301. They do stand out and annoy quite a lot of people in my town. Not me though as I don't have any contact with them.
      302. They don't get paid enough, they work for buttons and do the jobs we don't want.
      303. They don't like us.
      304. They get jobs because they want them and local people don't.
      305. They have as much right to the jobs here as much as everyone living here as they are living here also. So it isn't unfair to locals as we are all locals.
      306. They have the right to [be] treated equally and be respected within the community.
      307. They help the economy.
      308. They make the culture more complete, it is more interesting.
      309. They only seem to take the jobs that no one want.
      310. They should abide to our rules & laws instead of provisions [being] made in these to adapt to them.
      311. They should be accepted and treated equally.
      312. They should be given a fair chance like the rest of us have had at a good life.
      313. They should be given a greater welcome.
      314. They should be given fair chance like everyone use in society.
      315. They should be paid equally.
      316. They should be treated the way we would like to be treated.
      317. They should learn English so they can socialise with the majority and the label "ethnic minority" can be discarded.
      318. They should not have local jobs and I don't like them being intimidating.
      319. They shouldn't be here taking our jobs, no wonder there are so many people of Northern Ireland unemployed, and can't find work, migrant workers are the reason for it. People of Northern Ireland should get 1st choice of the job! There are too many migrant workers in Northern Ireland!!
      320. They shouldn't be treated any differently.
      321. They sometimes are berated unfairly even though they want to work & do the jobs that the locals won't.
      322. They still have the same right as us, so people shouldn't be prejudiced against them.
      323. They take advantage to social services making false claims.
      324. They take low paid jobs we won't take. I have no problem with them but not millions of them where they seem to be taken over us. It[']s like you wouldn't see a white person in a certain part in Africa.
      325. They usually do poor jobs because we don't want to.
      326. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't fight with their shadow.
      327. They're all welcome and are entitled to come here.
      328. To be a bit of an idealist, I think that everyone has equal rights, no matter [where] they are originated, what creed they belong to. Everyone has a right to a comfortable, happy life.
      329. To be honest, the migrant workers are just like anybody else those days just trying to do well in life and the only reason people from Northern Ireland are giving out is that they are intimidated and the only know too well that they are doing the job better!! Fair enough, I can see where they are coming from, but are the Irish not doing the same in other countries!!?? Bit rich coming from them don't you think?
      330. Too many migrant workers.
      331. We are a part of the EU and they do the jobs we don't want to. Migrants should be welcomed.
      332. We need them because so many young people don't want a job.
      333. We should show each other respect. We've been born into the same world.
      334. Well in my school you could count the people from minority ethnic groups on one hand. I really don't feel it to be a problem, I do have close friends who are black and one good is polish and I love be [?] to bits.
      335. Well it is very hard to get a house because there is so many moving in.
      336. What ethnic group they are doesn't matter. It's the person that matters! If a person from one of these ethnic groups takes a job you wanted, its probably because they are a harder worker and it means more to them.
      337. White/local people should get jobs over them.
      338. Why is there so many of them! They are tracing all of our jobs!
      339. Yes a lot of local jobs are being taken by other ethnic group which is 'unfair' to locals but most of the ethnic group are taking jobs that people in the local community don't want to do.
      340. Yes I think there is too many migrant workers taking over our jobs.
      341. Yes many people think it is unfair to local that migrant workers and minority ethnic groups are taking jobs however many don't overlook the fact that these people are trying to make a better lives for them and their families. We cannot be against that, we should emphasise migrant workers etc.
      342. Yes they come over here half of them illegal and take our jobs and they get houses which people in Northern Ireland need.
      343. Yes, as migrants and minority ethnic groups must feel very intimated and threatened emigrating to northern Ireland as there is high racial tension figures and they are just there to make a living for the[ir] family.
      344. Yes, I feel that they are getting in the way of local citizens by taking up the jobs leaving less for us, plus, they can be very intimidating and rude at times which show that they take their entry to N.Ireland for granted.
      345. Yes, I think that the credit crunch has happened because foreign people has come into our country took most of our jobs, getting paid less than we are so their getting kept on, instead of us.
      346. You can make friends with any race and religions anywhere.
      347. Young people today such as myself & my friend wouldn't think of someone of a different value as different to ourselves. It wouldn't cross my mind to ask myself or others the questions on this survey. It may just be that this discrimination is more concentrated in some areas and less in other areas such as Fermanagh w[h]ere I live it is very un-sectarian and un-racist.

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