Year: 2008
Module: Mental Health and Self-harm
Variable: HELPQ62

If response to OVERDOSE is not 'No'...

If 'yes', did you talk to, or try to get help from, any of the following people or sources on the last occasion? (Please tick all that apply)

This is a multiple response table from question 62 in the 2008 YLT survey. The case numbers are too small to provide a breakdown by gender and religion.


Number of respondents
% of respondents
Another relative
Your partner (or girlfriend/boyfriend)
A friend
A teacher
A GP (Family doctor)
A social worker
A psychologist or psychiatrist
A telephone helpline
A drop-in/advice centre
Other source (e.g. Internet, book, magazine or other person etc.)


If 'no' to all of the above, please say why you didn't try to get any help. (All responses listed below)

About last year a very close friend of mine committed suicide and I was too hurt to talk to anyone.

After a while, I thought how stupid it was.
As not to make my problems worse.

Because I knew myself doing something like overdosing or something would be ruining my life and future career, so talked myself out of it and I would not try to think about ever doing it again.

Because I didn't want to think about it.

Because I had help before, but I believe I helped myself more than the professional help.

Because it was to difficult to talk to anyone.

Because people will think I done it for attention when I never.

Couldn't bring myself to discuss it.

Couldn't talk to any of them.

Didn't feel I needed to.

Didn't want anyone to know.

Didn't want it, embarrassed, afraid.

Didn't want to cause any trouble.

Don't really know.

Don't want people to know.

Embarrassing, don't want to bring other people into the situation.

I asked my dad, he promised he would call - but didn't my dad doesn't see me, he spends all his time with his new girlfriend and her son.

I didn't feel like bothering them with my problems they already, have their own to deal with.

I didn't want attention for being the one who wanted to die.

I didn't want to make a fuss.

I don't want help. No one can help me anyway.

I felt like I could deal with it by myself and I did.

I had calmed down.

I just overcame it myself.

I know I said 'yes' to a friend but I also tried to work though my problems myself and expressed myself in poetry.

I like to look after myself.

I sorted it out by myself - didn't need help, wasn't very serious.

I thought about it but in the end I didn't.

I thought everyone would think I was stupid and no one would want to help.

I thought it was stupid & was embarrassed to tell people in case they thought I was attention seeking.

I thought people would think I was crazy and I knew I would never actually do it.

I wanted to sort it out on my own, its my mass I should be the one to fix it.

I was afraid of hurting myself but still considered it - I am ashamed of it - I don't talk to people about sensitive subjects to myself.

I was embarrassed.

I'd feel stupid if I was to explain I had a suicidal moment to anyone.

It was just one of those days where everything was going wrong. I hated myself felt stupid when I though to about it.

I've had help before it's a test to see how well I overcome the emotions.

No, because inever taking an overdose or harmed myself.

Scared of what might have happened/of what they would do.

They wouldn't understand why I felt like that and I don't like sympathy or attention.

Things got better, doubt I will feel like that again. Think it was only thoughts, don't think I would of actually gone through with it.

Too embarrassed, no one would believe me, wouldn't know how to explain why.

Wasn't serious, was just a brief moment and weakness, but I realized I was just thinking like an idiot.

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