Year: 2008
Module: Mental Health and Self-harm
Variable: ELSEHARM

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about stress, depression and self-harm?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. (Self-Harm), no when people cut them is when they are very sad about thing[s] in the[ir] life and they feel that it is the[ir] fault. So when they do harm to the[ir] body they think that it helps.
  2. A couple of years ago a girl attacked me and left me with a scar on my lip and I had to get surgery on it. Not only did she leave me with a scar I was also depressed and couldn't stop thinking about what happened. I am very conscious of my scar and often feel sad about this. I went to my doctor about it and he has referred me to counselling to help me cope with it. I just feel like everyone who is going through the same thing should get help and not let it build inside
  3. A lot of it is just frustration, I think.
  4. A lot of people think that teens who self harm are depressed/suicidal or 'emo', but they don't realise it usually is a very muted, last resort as a cry for help or attention, or even a private rebellion. More needs to be done for teens to alleviate stress, I know that in Omagh there is nothing for 15-17 year olds, only pubs that some sneak into or young teen, discos.
  5. A lot of self-harm is done to be part of the Emo/Goth culture. You can see that sometimes cutting their wrists is a cry for attention by the fact that it is done horizontally and not vertically.
  6. A lot of stress can be caused due to school work, family and friends.
  7. A lot of young people who self harm do it because they are down, depressed or are being bullied. This can make them mentally feel worthless and feel that there is no other way out. So, I think that there should be more done in school to show young people that there is a way out and that there are people to talk to.
  8. A problem shared, is a problem halved. Live life to the max.
  9. A stable live enables you to awesome difficulties. Too many young people live in a home where no one cares. There is no family unit.
  10. About a year ago, I had an eating disorder due to bullying, I felt the only positive thing about myself was that I was then and so tired both sure. I remained then depression affects different people in different ways. You focus too much on actual physical harming.
  11. Adults don't understand that people in our age bracket have a lot of things to worry about or feel miserable for. For example exams, future, pregnancy, teachers, boys/girls, friends, school life, a sick parent or relative and the list goes on. It isn't because people are mentally ill that they would want to self harm. It's a permanent fix for a temporary problem to some a moment of madness. Thinking about and doing it are very different.
  12. Adults put too much stress on young people such as doing well in school good grades so can get a good job.
  13. Adults sometimes don't understand how stressed we can get.
  14. After letting out my pain I would instantly feel better. But that quickly wear off and I was left feeling stupid and ungrateful. I couldn't stop it straight away. So I did it less and less and it worked. It also helped thinking positive thoughts, doing something to occupy myself, listening to different music, reading about it and feeling than there is always someone out there who is worse off. Harsh that may seem, but it helped me. I never did do it after though.
  15. Almost everyone goes through it.
  16. Although you should talk to someone when you feel stressed, depressed and feel like self harming many people don't want to make a fuss and try to carry on with the[ir] life
  17. Although some people do self-harm for attention, most self harm is serious and not widely seen by most people.
  18. Always upsides [?], in real life problems are never as bad as you build them up to be in your mind.
  19. Being depressed is a bad thing, in my opinion people should live their life because you only have a few years (50-60) sometimes more and I can not believe I'm 17 in two months it's like 16 years gone by and when you think of the good stuff I have done, there isn't much because school is stressful and it makes you unhappy at times, just think of what you can do in life "Don't take drugs, don't take alcohol, don't become scum" Just be a great success.
  20. Children could be helped, its just they try and hide it, then when it gets too much day do something stupid.
  21. Clearly when people self harm, they are depressed some way, in most cases I believe this could be prevented through schemes in school etc.
  22. Communication is vital.
  23. Depression and self harm is a growing problem a lot of which has lead to suicide in Craigavon and Co. Tyrone as I know of some people why carried this out; more help needs to be offered to these people which is confidential as I do not think there is a lot of help especially in these areas.
  24. Depression can be cause[d] by stress as it causes people to worry etc. thus leading to self-harm. People can usually blow their problems out of proportion, making things worse than they are, self harm for attention, as they feel it will help.
  25. Depression is strongly to do with social life.
  26. Depression, especially in young people, is not dealt with or picked up on quickly and efficiently enough. The government should invest more money in counseling in schools etc to help young people particularly bereaved young people to cope with whatever they're going through.
  27. Don't do drugs
  28. Don't let it get to you. Try & find someone to talk too, it'll feel like your solving your problem out, & a weight will have lifted.
  29. Don't like to talk about it.
  30. Dont't have depression
  31. During teenage years people get stressed but I think that our worries aren't as serious as we think. Family and friends are there to help and so we shouldn't feel alone.
  32. Everybody gets a stressed at some point or another, but you have to go down before you go up.
  33. Everyone experiences stress at some point but it is important to realise that things always get better & there are plenty of ways to eradicate stress other than harming yourself. Depression is also common but I think you need to set targets & have something positive to put you[r] energy into to try to become happier again.
  34. Everyone gets stressed and it should be dealt with or it could be depression or self-harm, a lot of the time stress gets exaggerated.
  35. Everyone gets stressed, [I] think but it's how you deal with it, I have never been depressed or tried to self harm myself but I think that is because I never heard my family talking about it as I was growing up, and none of my friends ever tried to self-harm or were depressed.
  36. Everyone has problems in their life it is how you deal with them is difficult. You need to talk to someone who you trust who is able to advise you and help you through it. I believe nobody should take their own life, there is always a better solution to help you with your problems. You need to remember their are people in the world worse of than yourself and your can sort out your problems.
  37. Exams are an added strain
  38. Families of people who self-harm or suffer from depression need help also. In some cases, the reluctance of the family to tell professionals, perhaps at the request of the sufferer, means they are left unaided.
  39. Family has a massive part to play.
  40. For many young people, we feel that no one would want us to stay here, and not many of our friends have experience on what to do in these cases. There are so many pressures on young adults, girls especially, that many of us feel that there is no way out, no escape other than to end the hurt… I feel that depression is something that is quite common and it's the people who keep it a secret that need the most help although not many people offer them a helping hand.
  41. For me, I find self harm to be a way of fair punishment for everything I do wrong. Blaming myself is the easiest way and it stops arguments coming from it.Depression is now a part of everyone's life. Some don't understand what it really is and slag people of for showing their emotions through a blade, knife, rope etc.What happens in my life is my fault. I cause the events to occur therefore I take responsibility. Without help I would not be here today, dieing was my only way out but someone, my councilor, my friends, my family, gave me a reason to live!
  42. From my own experience I feel that sometimes you just have to get on with your life and try not to think about stuff that make you feel depressed. They will pass, or you can hope them to do so anyways.
  43. Get angry then, get over it, and move on, If I'm feeling stressed at all I try to sort it out, very much like the three points above.
  44. get help.
  45. Get help. From your parents & Dr.
  46. Have had no experience of this.
  47. Have never been in these situations so don't really have views. Friends will listen and understand. I know I would from my point of view.
  48. Help you from depression see friends and talk if I out with a close friend-stress-Learn relaxation techniques.
  49. hi there is nothing I will like to say.
  50. I am depressed because of the job I am in and stressed out because of it to I don't want to let any one down or get an order wrong because it will be my fault. Any I get paranoid about it to.
  51. I am just a regular 16 yr old- I don't have any serious problem, I got to a nice school & house lots of friends & therefore am quite happy gratefully speaking. Like any person I get arranged with exams & sports etc because I feel that I am put under a lot of pressure to do well & succeed. However I would never self harm & I am not depressed at this moment in time.
  52. I am to[o] young for these things to effect me. I live a happy life & don't think anything could lead me to think about this.
  53. I am very lucky to have a good, strong family who talk to each other every day and keep a good eye on me.
  54. I am very stressed due to school.
  55. I believe some people do self harm as they have or feel they have no one to help support them, others just want attention yes but thats not how to do it!
  56. I believe self harm is an increasing problem in the UK among male and females and is causing a rising rate in suicides. A lot of people find it hard dealing with stress and self harm seems an easy way out of problems and to some people the pain from self harm is almost relieving, and healing from stress. I think people should do more to help young people nationwide and get them talking over problems. Young people should have someone to turn to and relate to in stressful times and let teenagers know that they are not alone and help is out there.
  57. I believe that there is a relation between the 3 terms. If you are stressed out by whatever it may be and you don't act this in turn leads an individual to become depressed. Depression makes an individual feel so low that this. Tends to lead to self harm!
  58. I believe that yang people who are stressed or suffer from depression self harm as a way to feel better or get attention as they maybe too embarrassed to talk to someone about, I also believe they may stay as they don't want to burden other people with their problems. I also think some people choose to ignore the fact they stressed or depressed as they believe by doing this it will go away. I think if someone is depressed they should tell a trusted relative a friend so they can get repaid so they know they're not alone and that people care for them and want to help them.
  59. I believe the media is partly responsible. Two particular articles caught my attention. One was about a girl who was self- harming herself and eventually committed suicide. Before this she had said goodbye to her parents and they didn't do any thing. The other one was about a boy who committed suicide because of people bullying him because of the way he looked emo . In both of these articles they blamed their case in music especially a band called 'My Chemical Romance'. They called their fans a cult. This angered the fans and the band. The article says that they have don't lyrics which [e]ncourage self-harm, this angered the fans and the band. Self-harm is a very important issue to me however I don't actually do it.
  60. I believe there should be a test done on young adults every 6 months to make sure none is at risk of self harm so doctors and the health board can keep the levels of self-harm and depression at a minimum.
  61. I come from a city where last summer it was plagued by suicides from young people. After a total of around 12-16 suicides over the summer I feel as though maybe a domino effect was triggered. The lack of education on a subject considered to be taboo in religion terms may have lead to the victims believing that it was the only option. I believe that school should have suicide awareness as an integral part of the curriculum in PSE or PICSE classes or even LLW. I empathies a great deal with anyone suffering as I know how hard it can be to deal with particular issues. Over the past two year I faced numerous strikes such as losing my favorite uncle to lung cancer I coming to terms with my security, the death of my closest grandmother also to lung cancer, exam pressure, and the stress and struggle of thing to fit in at a new school. I know that some people are worse off, but I feel that the best way to resolve these problems amongst the youth & having the help widely available in schools. Finally I feel that more outcomes need to be brought to however bullying in school. Many suicides amongst them are relate to secutunity accelerator is all we are for!
  62. I don't know any one who harms them self or had depression.
  63. I don't see how you can talk to a stranger but not a relative or a friend, how can a stranger help when they don't know the full story or the full background & the person.
  64. I don't self-harm! I'm stressed a lot! I don't think I'm depressed!
  65. I don't think anyone can trust councilor/ social workers, as they tell you that you can trust them & the information you give will confidential. You then find out that some of them have already spread your story about, for example, teachers. The only way young people are going to be able to talk to them about problems is if we can trust them.
  66. I don't think it last forever if you get the correct help & if you feel any of the above to go and see your local doctor.
  67. I don't think that it is made that clear to teenagers who to turn to and how to help those in need. I also think that adults underestimate how much teenagers have to go through these days.
  68. I don't think there is much you can do to stop people from harming themslevs. If you knew someone who has something wrong with them you will no matter what look at them in a different way as not everyone knows how to deal with them in this situation.
  69. I don't understand why people would harm the[ir] own life if they have a full life ahead of them.
  70. I feel college should give us the time in class to do our assignments and explain them more clearly. Some students have a lot of other thing[s] to do when they get home like look after the family and the house or work for their living.
  71. I feel depressed after filling in the form.
  72. I feel in my age group the three are happening too ofter and steps should be taken to change this.
  73. I feel more should be done in recognising the sings of depression or stress in schools. Some children cannot cope with the stress in school combined with home problems. This could lead to depression or self-harm. If schools took more of an interest in this problem by providing a counselor for example, children and young adults will potentially find school less stressful.
  74. I feel people should be more open to telling friends, family and teacher's about feeling stressed or depressed. I think by doing this and than getting support many teenagers would disregard the action of self harming. Also many people feel lonely and if people e.g peers in school include those people, this definitely could help with that person's depression and let them know that they are not alone, which could prevent that person from self-harming or taking on over dose.
  75. I feel stressed out quite often but the problem is that I don't know how to distress effectively.
  76. I feel that all teachers should receive counselling training to help all student who are strained etc & knew from my own go penances that a leader who can talk is a very good counselor.
  77. I feel that more needs to be done on the topic of stress and self-harm during secondary education.
  78. I feel that more should be done in schools to help for example if someone doesn't seem to be their self, the teacher should maybe pull them to the side to see if there is any problem.
  79. I feel that teenagers need more help, school is very stressful and my home life is. I wish I had more support to deal with certain situations.
  80. I feel the pressure on young people in school etc about exams contributes to a lot of stress, depression and worry. I have experienced this myself.
  81. I feel the try and help young people but never do.
  82. I feel there should be more help advice, and information given on self-harming in particular. For example have an area in a leaflet, poster or on a website where it says - before you go to self harm, think of, and a list of reasons why they shouldn't. Maybe some reasons to scare them into not wanting to do it like on cigarette boxes - the adds to scare people into not smoking. Also, on the poster, leaflet/website should have a number of help lines and counselors' numbers.
  83. I feel young people are put under to much pressure at school and therefore get stressed. I think we are made do to many exams at too young of an age.
  84. I find it really hand not to feel stressed out and panic during important (or even not so important) exams, even though I generally do pretty well in them.
  85. I find playing sports makes me less stressed. I have felt depressed before and must agree that most at the time I get angry and short-tempered.
  86. I find that there is a lot of stress on young people of my age for example at school, there are deadlines to be met for coursework, have work and at this age there are many important exams which will probably affect be rest of our lives. Out side how much stress there actually is on us. A lot of adults, I think, do not realize how easily our embers can be changed and so depression can occur very easily and in some cases thing all may lead to self harm, which should not be the answer to all of our problems.
  87. I get stressed and angry very fast and often don't know how to deal with it. When I get stressed or depressed I cry and shout and can even lash out at family. Find in the end I get sad that I done it.
  88. I got depressed because my friend died and for the year after it me and my mates went a bit mad drinking and fighting and stuff and when I looked back on it I regretted it, but it's finished now. I'm getting a job and stuff and when I look back now I just think "God I wasn't wise when I was younger" but I was never at any point suicidal and it want a daily thing so I didn't and still don't think it was a big deal.
  89. I hate home work. Especially the amount of ICT.
  90. I have a good happy family who do things together and feel I can talk to my parents if anything is bothering me and since starting college I am enjoying it very much and this has given me a new found confidence which I never had at school.
  91. I have being under stress but you cannot avoid it as it follows you throughout your life. I was also told by my doctor that I had depression before I had turned 16 years old. Self-harm is just a way I finish myself and I only done it because times were hard and I could not talk about it to anyone as I thought no one would understand but some of my friends, teachers and my school counselor was there if I wanted to talk about it.
  92. I have had to deal with a lot of self harm victims, as they are my friends but not all the people who self harm do it because they hurt or are suicidal. About 2 years ago when the young children of 13 and 12 got in to the 'Emo'. Some [of them] thought that you had to self harm to be 'Emo' me and my friends sat them down and explained to them that what they were doing was wrong and stupid and that if they were doing it as a fashion statement to stop it. They seen how silly they were being and stopped. About two years ago I was depressed, and regularly thought about suicide, but I am ok now. I still have hardly any self esteem but I don't get depressed as much anymore. I do stress a lot though!
  93. I have never considered self them. Teenager do get stressed but I have never tell really stressed out.
  94. I have never harmed myself! But I do get stressed & my family have a history of depression, so I know it can be genetic. I have suffered depression & am happy to say I came through it due to the help of family & friends! I still get extremely down but I know its better to talk about it. Not everyone has such a great family or supportive friends so I do sympathise with teens who are feeling like I did. School pressures contribute a lot to stress. Exams are the worst as everyone expects you to do well as its getting harder to get into University.
  95. I have never suffered from stress, depression or self-harm. I do know people who suffered from temporary self harm because they were on a specific drug, although nothing serious at all happened.
  96. I have since told my Psychologist and my best friend about my problems.
  97. I have thought about it few times but not seriously. Its very easy to get stressed out now a days. There is a lot of pressure on young people from friends, family and school and all teenagers will agree. Sometimes we like to feel sorry ourselves and blame other people because we aren't strong enough to take the responsibility ourselves. If someone I knew told me they were self harming. I would try to help them as much as I can because its not the answer as it makes things a lot worse.
  98. I know of people who have suffered from stress & depression I understand that it can be a difficult time, not only for the person but for the family members and friends. Sometimes talking to other or professionals can help the sufferer.
  99. I know some people who have used self harm thinking it will get rid of their problem. I feel that most people do this because they are verbally bullied for no reason. Some do it because of family life and the family environment in which they have to live. I strongly disagree that they do it for attention as no one knows how they are really feeling inside. Some don't mean to do it as they are on drugs or drunken and they regret it afterwards. For some it is too late. There are many reasons to self harm not just the ones mentioned before and now!
  100. I know some people who self harm by cutting themselves because they think it's cool, & show each other and compare. I think this is just for attention & it is very wrong however I know someone who cuts themselves because they are obese & are unhappy about the way they look.
  101. I live in an area in which people (teenagers mainly) have been committing suicide more than usual, and are all from the one town or near it. I feel that people who have serious problems & believe that they're better off dead as they don't have anyone to talk to or relate to. I think the nearly every teenager experiences stress and at periods depression. I have recently experienced out of this due to the death of my father and I feel people need to know that if they went to see a counselor it wouldn't be as awful as they believe.
  102. I myself think that if anyone feels the need to do any of these, they need help someone to talk to.
  103. I only cut my wrist because I was bullied all the time. I don't do this any more I am happy.
  104. I personally don't think self-harming is always the answer, however for some people it may seem the only way out. Stress and depression is very difficult to overcome, as young people nowadays can find it awkward to speak with their parents about their problems. And for those with no parents it's extremely more difficult.
  105. I really don't feel significant enough to look for professional help. It would be hugely embarrassing if anything found out you were getting help.
  106. I self harm because of the depression and cutting myself makes me feel good. It's a relief to do it I always feel better afterwards even though I know doing it is wrong.
  107. I sometimes feel stress and depression for unknown reasons and sometimes it can be hard to talk about it because you don't know the exact reason as to why you're upset you just are. I sympathise with people who self harm but I feel it's misunderstand because some people attach labels like Emo-to self-harming and think they are only doing it for attention which is untrue.
  108. I think a lot more could be done about stress, I have been quite stressed out but there is no-one is school that can help me sort out the problems there are people who I can tell talk to about it but no-one who will actually help. Both my parents are full time workers and have very little time to talk, I think counseling services should be set up within a school, and every pupil should be made to attend every fortnight, I think this would help a lot of young people who aren't coping.
  109. I think anyone with these problems should go to their family and try to talk to them.
  110. I think everybody goes through rough patches but it does not mean they are necessary depressed or ill.
  111. I think everyone get stressed and depressed at some part or another, some more than others, they just need to know how to deal with it. Self harming however, I personally don't understand why anyone would feel the need to harm themselves, however its their decision but I think they should be encouraged, more so, not to.
  112. I think having counselors in schools is a good idea as it gives pupils someone to talk to in confidence and sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger. Also having a pastoral advisor & a head of year is good as you can talk to them because they are trustworthy.
  113. I think help should be more available, recently a school colleague of mine has committed suicide and I would nice this to be aided for and possibly prevented.
  114. I think in todays society i think that teenagers feel more pressure as they think they have to do what everybody else is doing and the way the media is trying to influence teenagers on different types of subjects that are being issued by the media!
  115. I think it has become common now and sometimes people feel like they have no one to talk to, and may be other people don't want to listen.
  116. I think it is being lonely. The factors of stress add onto this because of exams, but exams will never be abolished, and young people worry their problems.
  117. I think it very sad for young person to do this.
  118. I think it's wrong to self-harm or harm anyone. However many things in life can cause people to get stressed and maybe depressed; things like breakups in relationships, school exams, course work, work place and even peoples homes and when they live with might cause a stress full atmosphere around any person.
  119. I think less pressure should be put on students to achieve 'top marks' in school. More schools should have an outside confidential councilor for people to talk to. Communities should encourage people to become involved in certain activities over the winter months to avoid people becoming depressed from staying inside. Raise awareness on the issue of self harm and make people realize there is always someone to talk to.
  120. I think more attention should be paid to young people and their stress problems, as there is many young people in our society who are feeling depressed and feeling the strain of pressures around them. These are more pressures around now than in previous years and this needs to be looked in to, as most people do not like to or feel that no one wants to listen to them talk about their feelings.
  121. I think more help needs to be provided for serious mental health problems, like eating disorders. There are lots of advice lines and counselling services for other things, but for an eating disorder it took 2 months for my GP to get a counselor for me, who had one session with me and told me I was fine and didn't need to come back. Looking back at that time I think I was at my lowest. It had taken months for me to wake up the courage to admit I had a problem, but after that I felt like I was lying. I felt isolated, depressed and on the brink of despair, and I am sure that my case was not unique. No one else should be made to feel the way I was.
  122. I think more help should be given to students who are exceedingly worried about exams and how best to cope with the stress and pressure of trying to do well. I find them very stressful and have felt depressed when I think of exams in the past.
  123. I think more should be done to help [those] afflicted and to identify the early signs.
  124. I think more talks should be carried out in schools and youth clubs etc. About depression, stress and self-harm to make young people aware of the 'warning signs' and the ways of dealing with it, either inside or outside school. These talks may also encourage young people to talk about their problems because personally I think sometimes people would rather pretend self-harming and talking overdoses etc. Did not happen, but if adults and teachers are willing to speak about it then young people may feel more confident speaking about it.
  125. I think most people do it because they are lonely, feel undervalued & just need to talk. I feel that more help is needed to prevent it and educate people. So it's not just brushed under the carpet!
  126. I think most people live with street & stressful situations because it's a way of life for all of us. Its learning how to cope with it & what to do in stressful situations that the biggest difficulty.
  127. I think most stress for people my age is caused by school. There is a lot of pressure facing people due to exams/grades/subjects. It can also be difficult juggling a part time job and school. Relationships (Boyfriends/Girlfriends) can be stressful, especially break-ups. Some people may get depressed if they feel alone etc. I think only a small group of people self-harm due to stress or depression.
  128. I think most young people who self-harm or say they are depressed is just get attention as most young people have not much to worry about if they live with their parents. I was depressed I am overweight and was looking on computer for weight loss pills. But I got over it and am just going to try and lose weight by more exercising and [eating] less fatty foods, but its hard when no one is really there to help you.
  129. I think often self-harm is a cry for help, I think many young people feel stressed and depressed but often find it hard to talk and bottle things up.
  130. I think people cut themselves because if they use a razor, or a knife or anything to make just a slice, a small cut, then all this pain and hurt that's inside can come gushing out in the [bl]ood. The pain leaves. Even if just for a while. Why would they ask for help? They can make themselves feel better on their own. They don't need you.
  131. I think people need to be more considerate about other people's problems - there's a reason why someone may self-harm. I know that I feel like I can't talk to close people about certain things - so I know there are other people who feel the same - and it's because they are made to feel like they are worthless and pointless.
  132. I think people should see that the young people like me are stressed, depression and self-harm! As for me I had depression and I went to the doctor and the doctor told me to take it easy and get back to them, this was after my Granddad had died.
  133. I think people should talk to someone if they are feeling stressed or depressed and I strongly disagree with self harm.
  134. I think people who self-harm are just crying out for help because they are feeling low or depressed. It can be just an attention thing.
  135. I think people who send out messages that they are feeling like this, should seek help and talk to someone as this could elevate their problems. People should be more aware of self-harming etc and look out for the signs in young people and then, help them.
  136. I think relationships for young people are a huge part of stress and depression and I don't think there is any type of support for this problem.
  137. I think self-harm is really stupid and the young people that do it are attention seeking.
  138. I think some adults underestimate that fact that young people can suffer from stress. And I think some young people don't know how to handle their stress. I think helplines for young people are well publicised in the media in Northern Ireland.
  139. I think some people self-harm because they would rather feel physical pain than the emotional pain they are feeling or that they are upset and don't have anyone to talk to.
  140. I think stress and depression affects everyone at least once in their lives even if it is only a small issue. It [is] in my opinion is a silent killer in our society today and is a very often issue especially with young people . I think more youth groups like Samaritans should be published to all secondary schools across northern Ireland & UK to help prevent self harm.
  141. I think stress can come from pressure put on people to achieve and constantly keep up with right standards. Feeling unhappy at home and having bad relationship with family members can lead to overall unhappiness in life and combined can result in depression & possibly self-harm. People who self-harm are not to blame.
  142. I think teenagers need to see how harmful self-harm can become, attention seekers should see that it is a serious matter and not 'cool' infect it's a mockery to those who are ill and need help.
  143. I think that it would be more upsetting to be reminded of these problems when answering a questionnaire.
  144. I think that many people overexaggerate small problems which can lead to serious problems.
  145. I think that many young people find it difficult to talk about their problems which can result in a 'bottled' up feeling of their problems.
  146. I think that most teenagers often feel stressed or depressed [...] that often this is not taken seriously enough or put down to "hormones"
  147. I think that people who are suffering from these problems may be afraid to tell someone now they are felling because they afraid of how they will react towards the problem. Also they may think that by over dosing or cutting is the only way to get out of the problem.
  148. I think that people who self harm, are stressed & depressed should have the strength to admit that they have a problem and get help. It doesn't help if your going to do nothing about it, as your condition could possibly worsen. The hardest part is admitting it. I think that anyone who does this will have the strength to get through it all and beat it!!
  149. I think that people who self-harm are crying for attention-but sub consciously. I would see it as a cry for help. My self is that stress if you don't talk about it and try to solve it, will obviously just build up and you'll end up frustrated and forgetting why. Stress can range in severities. I don't believe that adult realize that we too can become worried and irritable over things that matters to depression is quite serious and the people who suffer it probably don't know themselves.
  150. I think that relationships play a huge part in the lives of youths in Northern Ireland. A relationship ending can cause depression and a lack of self esteem and self worth. Though a healthy relationship can help on individual to feel secure and calm.
  151. I think that stress and depression is much more common and young people have many stressors within their environment school can cause a lot of stress, as can relationships. Also many people who self-harm are seen as attention seeking which I strongly disagree with, they may not be able to talk to anyone about their issues.
  152. I think that the things that get young people stressed the most are relationships and exams. I also think that many young people can hide depression.
  153. I think the amount of pressure put on young people with regards to school work and exams, is a big problem. Pupils are made to think (in my school any way) that school is the "be all and end all" and I think it is this that gets a lot of teenagers stressed and maybe depressed. School is very important, and so are exams, but I do think that teachers etc put too much emphasis on exams and too much pressure on pupils. They have to remember that not all spare time we have is going to be used to work for school, and take it in to consideration. My friend and some others I know stay up until 2 o'clock most nights, just to complete school work. We do need a life out side school!
  154. I think the issue is not widely enough discussed or understood. I may not have self-harmed myself but I know others who have. On the first occasion I came across self-harming I was too young to understand. The second time however which was a few years ago, I simply didn't know what to do or how to address the person concerned and so regretably did nothing.
  155. I think the new lifeline adverts on buses are very well done and there should be more awareness that there are places you can phone.
  156. I think there is a lot of help out there for people who are stressed and depressed and for people who are thinking of self harming themselves.
  157. I think there is something mentally going on and that its stupid, but I do realise why people do it as my friend committed suicide.
  158. I think there should be more clubs organised for people at 16 to talk about stress, depression and self-harm. Also to bring people together so people can make more friends.
  159. I think there should be more help available for teenagers or days out and activities should be organised to keep teenagers busy.
  160. I think we should do more for those who are stressed, depression self-harm. We should do more to try & prevent teenagers harming themselves. We could do this by setting up groups were they can get involved in activities & talk about their problems to.
  161. I think young people use self-harm as a cry for help and they must be feeling depressed if they are willing to hurt themselves.
  162. I thinks they should get the[ir] anger and hurt out a different way from harm[ing] themsel[es].
  163. I would like to say that people do not need to do anything like this and should get help from someone and do not try anything it is not worth it just get help and look forward to the future.
  164. I would like to strongly urge people to hurt themselves in any way just to think of their family and imagine they will go thought, if you diligently hit yourself.
  165. If anyone is feeling depressed about something I would suggest they would talk to the closest person to them. If they feel they want to self harm sit back before you do it and think to yourself do you really want to be left with scars over your body? And think about what you are leaving behind you? How many people would be hurt over your loss?
  166. If I am suffering from depression is there a cure? Because I'm suffering from depression. I would still like to kill myself.
  167. If I get depressed I would hold in my tears so it seems to cut away at me. Once I have had a good by, had help from friends & family and looked realistically at the situation everything goes back to normal.
  168. If people feel depressed do talk to someone as soon as possible and do all you can to sort it out, do not be alone
  169. If we listen to people's problems it could help them. I'm a member of Youth Actions Rainbow Factory School of Performing Arts and we recently did a play with suitcase theatre on self-harm, suicide and sexuality. The play was called 'Crossroads' and we traveled around different areas in Ireland and we had a lot of positive feedback from the audience.
  170. If you talk to someone it may be prevented.
  171. If young people are considering self harm they should talk to their family, friends or teachers as well as getting help from a specialist.
  172. If young people are feeling any if those they should talk to someone about it.
  173. I'm recovering from Anorexia Nervosa for the past 2.5 years, as a result of bullying which led me to feel paranoid, worthless and uncared for. I am still on Sertraline 100 mg tablets, to help keep depression at bay.
  174. In my opinion, people who hurt themselves because they are stressed are very selfish. Why would you put your family through things like that when you could just talk to someone or go for a walk? Everyone gets stressed. I think depression is more serious though and people who are genuinely depressed should definitely get help.
  175. Is it normal to be stressed when you're 16 years old?
  176. It affects lots of young people. I see the results of stress and depression everyday at school and it isn't good I think more should be done to help young people and make them aware of stress, depression and self harm.
  177. It can get to anyone with the right circumstance (exams etc)
  178. It can really get you down but with the help and support of family and close friends, it can easily be overcome. It soon posses after comforting from those close to you.
  179. It can sometimes be difficult to talk to someone you know about these issues, therefore it may be an idea to put social workers in schools so they can easily reached but are unknown.
  180. It destroys your childhood!
  181. It does happen to a lot of young people, my best friend part away last year due to taking an over dose. This made me realise not to it's due to stress or bullying and I hope people do think twice about it like I did and get help to talk to someone.
  182. It doesn't affect me in my life.
  183. It is a big problem for young people in Northern Ireland. They need to feel more secure and part of the society. I think school has a big part to play in causing stress in young people.
  184. It is a serious issue facing young people. Although it has never affected me directly it is no less significant for me.
  185. It is a very serious pattern and would need to be sorted out with young people. More young people should be aware of help and advice that is available.
  186. It is all real. Work is getting harder and large people judge you more if you self harm making it worse. Depression happens to everyone around this age at some point, which I think is just wrong.
  187. It is difficult when you don't have someone to talk.
  188. It is usual for people to expression stress, depression and self harm at some pant in their lines. The best thing to do is talk to someone.
  189. It is wrong, talk to someone and sort things out.
  190. It makes you feel trapped even more and that you've let your family down.
  191. It may seem like the best idea at the time but you do not know what harm you are causing yourself and your family in the long run.
  192. It really depends on the person; people should learn the best way to deal with things themselves. Other people can try to help, but just letting the person know you're he [?] is enough. It [is] up to the person to help themselves.
  193. It should be focused on a lot more.
  194. It's a huge problem in society today as well as bullying. It needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  195. It's a terrible feeling - it's like a really bad nightmare that you can't wake up from.
  196. It's a thing everyone gets, it's normal but advise people help before it's to[o] late because the wonder is always there why? Me personally self harm reduces anger and makes feel better. Less Stressed.
  197. Its all in our leads, often our paranoia presents as for recognising reality.
  198. It's best to talk to the people your most comport able with.
  199. It's easy to get stressed as [a] lot is expected of young people nowadays; peer preasure & trying to fit in with other people can lead to depression. It can be hard to talk to people & easy to fed dose [??] to people from daily stresses & they can lead to feeling isolated & self harming. With young people being allowed to do thing[s] younger e.g. going out drinking. Can be hard to fit in if not doing same can lead to depression.
  200. It's hard to deal with alone!
  201. Its hateful and could be prevented. it is not right that young people are put through stress and depression when it could be stopped. there is too much pressure put on young people.
  202. It's not talked about enough in school etc. When my friend died by suicide it was the last person you would expect, I think if there was more done especially for boys it would not have happened because he had so much going for him. People should be made aware!
  203. It's very hard to help people you know, e.g. a friend who is feeling suicidal or depressed. I don't know how to help them or what to say. I think there should be more information for the friends of the people who are suicidal because they are sometimes the ones that can help them & sort out the problem & as a result stop something terrible.
  204. Its when you have yourself, your body, people, who you are. You just don't want to be alive. It seems the easiest way [to] get rid of the internal aching.
  205. I've suffered from stress, depression and self-harm and my futures' looking bright… =D1 because I got help and if this was shown to anyone noticing that they could have depression or thoughts of self-harm, don't bottle up what your feeling inside because it will only get worse. It is hard to open up to someone. I thought it was impossible, but I wanted to get better and the only way to do that was to tell someone, it doesn't have to be your parents… I opened up to a consellor first and once its out in the open you will feel a lot better because then you can start to get help and eventually become the person you want to be =D.
  206. Just that you become a stronger person after you have gone through it so it does have its benefits whether you see them at the time or not.
  207. Just to say that my family mum, dad, brothers and sisters all get on. So I know I am really lucky. I also have great friends. My mum & dad have always guided me in the right direction and its only after the events that you realise they are right e.g. no alcohol or drugs, take me and pick me up when I go out. I also have part time job and my parents have taught me value of money. I am really lucky as I said before some people my age are not so lucky as me.
  208. Make help services for it more known about! Make parents realise what their children are doing.
  209. Many people feeling depressed just need guidance along the way.
  210. Many people should definitely speak to someone if they are in a situation such as self-harm once somethings out in the open it doesn't feel such a burden.
  211. Many people who fall into the cycle of stress & depression go in & out of it, there are good & bad days but there are not many society or people young people feel they can go to without being stigmatized.
  212. More counsellors in schools (More available)
  213. More emphasis needs to put on the fact that if you're depressed it's ok to seek help and you're not a 'looper.' Also young people may feel very stressed about their appearance. Which is why many may suffer from Anorexia and I find it very annoying that there is no specialised clinic for these people in NI as they should not be placed in a Physocotic Hospital with people who have been severe mental illness which in turn could make them worse.
  214. More help is needed to those suffering.
  215. More help needs to be published for young people to know that there is someone to talk to.
  216. More mental health hospitals or help groups. Don't be shy to spend money.
  217. More money or services should be addressed to this very controversial issue. I am sure that there are more people stressed or self harming that we do not know about. I believe that with further advertisement and TV adds more and more people will realise what they are doing.
  218. More needs to be done to help people and encourage them to get help.
  219. More people should be encouraged to talk about their problems before they get so low.
  220. More should be done to help students cope with stress in the lead up to exam time. More awareness about depression & self-harm.
  221. More stress needs to be taking off teenagers, suicide awareness, de stress days.
  222. More talks and services should be available in school. Stress can make young people self-harm as they don't know any other way to deal with the self-harm.
  223. Most cases of suicide/ self harm could be prevented if the young person didn't feel isolated or had someone, they felt, they could talk to.
  224. Most families don't support a teenage enough when they feel stressed, fact as if nothing is wrong. I have noticed that school has put a lot of stress on students & not enough encouragement.
  225. Most parents think its ridicule to suggest that someone as young as 16 is stressed. But actually, I think that younger people are just as stressed as older people and it's unfair for parents to ignore it.
  226. Most people get stressed its how they deal with it that is important. I normally talk to friends because they are my age and they might be feeling the same way.
  227. Most people I think don't actually understand depression or self harm. When you to any explain to people, they can't understand way you do/did it so they get angry or upset at you but there is no way for you way to explain to them.
  228. Most people who harm sometimes don't want to talk about it.
  229. Most people will do it on the spur of the moment as it seems logical, but their mind cannot comprehend the correct answer so the person is partially insane/ mental. So in reality, it's not themselves who are committing the act of suicide.
  230. Most stress is triggered by exam pressure and the amount of study needed. I suffer from Asthma and have found that extra stress around exam the causes very condition to worsen. This has a knock on effect on my performance and this in turn leads to more stress.
  231. Most young people feel seriously stressed or have problems but don't ask for help for fear of looking vulnerable or weird. There needs to be much more advice/help sites available.
  232. My dad committed suicide when I was 14
  233. My friend from school self harmed and then committed suicide, no one could have stopped her & had deiced it in her own mind-people don't realise how much they are missed you definitely don't see it coming neither. [If] Only she would have talked to someone.
  234. My Parents always tell us no matter what it is never be afraid to tell them.
  235. My self harm was brought on by feelings from anorexia nervosa and if I was in a normal mental state I would most certainly not harmed myself.
  236. Never happened to me.
  237. No as I don't know a lot about any of these situations. I can get stressed a lot in my day due to everything going on e.g. school work, family & friends.
  238. No I haven't really had much contact with anyone who has self harmed that I know about.
  239. No I'm pretty happy guy
  240. No, sorry I don't know anything about this.
  241. No, stress is natural so I get on with it and cope as usually I caused the stress by not completing my work
  242. No these tend not to affect me.
  243. No, became, don't do any of that, I pretty happy person.
  244. No, I got a lot of home work and don't have time for this.
  245. Nobody understands how much stress we are put under at school.
  246. Not about me personally but other people, if they feel that bad should really seek help. People around them should help more as well because if they are that depressed there would be a drastic change in their personality and the way they do things. They should be given as much support as possible, especially from family.
  247. Not got, nothing to say except the Emos are to blame, they have made depression a fashion.
  248. Not particularly, Why does many keep falling off the swing? She has no arms! What's the best things about twenty one year olds? >> There's twenty of them! Yeoooo!!
  249. Not really no.
  250. Not really no. Just that people out there that are feeling like this need to realise there is help for them if they feel they cant talk to close friends or family.
  251. Not really since, none of those issues have ever occurred in my life.
  252. Not really, it's a thing that is happing all over and we should not sit round moping about it, get up and get out with life, look on the bright side.
  253. Often self-harm is a search for expression of anger at yourself as much as anything. Not all teenagers are depressed, self harmer's etc. but like anyone life can wear us down a bit. It's annoying that we are pointed as tortured souls.
  254. Only that people should talk about it.
  255. People are good at hiding places they have self harmed on, Addictive habit - Self harming.
  256. People at 16 shouldn't be depressed and self-harmers just need help.
  257. People can be good at hiding problems and issues, and it's usually the people that have loads of friends and a good social life. That are going through depression or stress behind closed doors.
  258. People do it because their hurt and don't see anyway of getting out of this feeling.
  259. People do it because they have been hurt by some one they loved & know one has helped them get over it.
  260. People have a perception of 'Goths' & 'Emos' they think just because someone is labeled a Goth or an Emo they are depressed all the time & self harm. I have friends who are 'Goths' and 'Emos' & they are the complete opposite.
  261. People keep raising the standards that they want young people to achieve, we're only human. My school expects five hours extra study per subject each weak on top of homework, giving me four or five hours sleep a night this [is] effecting performance in school. My friends are just as stressed.
  262. People may think that you are fine if you are chirpy and always have a smile on your face but really you aren't happy inside people should also try to chat to someone privately about this matter.
  263. People need constant reassurance and they need conference, I think self-harm is a phase that teenagers to through, though saying this, I don't completely know if it's a phase. I do think students should have more time to do homework or complete a task because it causes so much stress. Exams especially cause stress and I think exams are too soon for 6th form students and there is a lot of stress.
  264. People need to listen more, People need to understand more.
  265. People need to realise people care about them and they need help realising that they don't have to harm themselves because there is always someone who cares about them!
  266. People react in different ways to these emotions and sometimes depression and stress can cause self-harming. Others cope better but it may catch up on them over a period of time.
  267. People should always talk about it because it can lead to even worse things
  268. People should be able to talk to people if they are stressed or self harm. Sometimes depression can't be avoided, but all these topics should[n't] be so taboo, so people should be able to talk to people without being stressed.
  269. People who do it just want attention.
  270. People who do these things are not looking for attention or are in any way mentally ill. They just feel lousy at one point this can be caused by family, school or relationship problems. These people are not "weak" everyone has a different way of coping with problems and stress. e.g.I cry when I have serious problems or am stressed.
  271. People who have actual depressions (not just sadness but & chemical hormone unbalance in the brain) should seek help and get an tide presents but a lot of young people are now trying to get attention by claiming that they're depressed when they're not, they're just slightly sad. A lot of people such as "Emos" are doing this and it irks me slightly, as I once had clinical depression myself.
  272. People who self harm really need to get help or talk to someone if feeling stressed or upset I would hang out with my friends or if something is bothering me I just say 'f**k it!' and it helps. So make sure you are always in control otherwise it just takes over.
  273. People who self-harm should talk about their problems rather than sit quietly. I think that self-harming could possibly be a short cut for help but on some occasions attention.
  274. Sad to think it affects people.
  275. School causes a lot of it there is for too much pressure especially with having to decide your career after your GCSE in order to chose the right a-level or course. People especially girls are very bitchy but I highly doubt any significant changes can be made. The government doesn't do enough, there is nothing in school nowhere to go if you want to talk to a psychiatric or counselor. There is not enough publicised about maintaining good mental health.
  276. School could make it a more openly spoken about issue, and not make it sound like a boring lecture when it is mentioned.
  277. School is the cause of all stress. Homework should be abolished.
  278. School should talk to pupils more about this subject. Self harm should be discussed more openly. More helplines and adverts to show what direction to take if your in trouble.
  279. School think they are there to help. But a lot of the time they are the problem. Teachers need to sort out and invest in lives. Teaching is more than teaching a subject. It requires help to be their emotionally also. I'd lost without my friends.
  280. Schools do not give enough information and do not offer enough support. I don't feel I could go to a teacher in a time of stress, depression or if I had hurt myself.
  281. Schools or maybe just some are not very sensitive towards people with depression or who self harm, but that's from my own experience-they made me feel worse as if I was not 'right in the head' or something. People take self harm way too seriously-in my opinion.
  282. Schools should have more awareness about stress, depression and self-harm.
  283. Self harm is for people too weak to deal with the fact the world is an unfair and cruel place. Depression is a load of shit; lines it is proper Bi polar, which is a mental condition.
  284. Self harm is not about being mentally ill, but a cry for help. It's not about preventing it the first time around, but from it happening again. Few teenagers ever actually mean to kill themselves or injure themselves permanently. It is a communication, a sign for someone to come in and help, it is not the worst thing a teenager could do if treated the right way.
  285. Self harm is pointless! People need to wise up! How in hell is cutting yourself going to help when you['re] feeling down, I'm pretty sure it's a pile a attention seeking bull shit!
  286. Self harm needs to be dealt with depression can lead to serious problems.
  287. Self harm was the only way I could get away from all the hurt I was feeling.
  288. Self harming is a selfish act and people who do this should think about how this must make friends and family feel.
  289. Self harming students can be ignored by teachers in school due to, I'm assuming, them not wanting to involve/pry into the situation. Stress in young people generally is brushed away and not taken seriously.
  290. Self-harm is a very selfish act.
  291. Self-harm is pointless it only makes matters worse not only for the person but for the familys of them who do it.
  292. Self-harm is stupid. Why put your family through stress, if you feel stressed, go out with your mates and have a blast; your only young once, live it to the full.
  293. Self-harm, I don't know why the person must feel and how harming themselves, could help the situation.
  294. Self-harming should be treated the same as depression. In my opinion, it is either seen as 'attention seeking' or 'suicide attempt gone wrong' but if someone is diagnosed with depression it must be a real problem! E.g. I have never told my parents that I cut because about 1 year ago there was a feel of young teens cutting themselves for because of the fashion term 'emo'. I knew if I talked about myself they wouldn't help but blame it on my lifestyle-yet I don't listen to 'emo music' wear 'emo clothes' etc-I think it's disgusting that they cut for 'fashion'. Also, I would consider myself quite 'gothic' in fashion taste but I hate the foot that people immediately associate 'goths' with depression. (I loved black long before I begun cutting). I think teens should be taught to see the difference between fashion, & real problems. And also having the 'blues' not is look upon depression as something to be ashamed of but just a part of someone.
  295. Since I turned 13 I have got more stressed over things, I get angry a lot, I shout, I know it is not normal but I can't help it.
  296. Social anxiety is not well known. But it is causing be depression.
  297. Some people think you can just get over it but you really do need some help from some where.
  298. Some people threaten to do it but never do, its all for attention. I tried to stop my ex, but his excuse was that cutting himself picked him up when he's down. It's a confusing issue.
  299. Some people who self harm do have problems but to be honest I think it is a 'fad'. Like a style skills as 'Emo's. I think because a lot of attention is given to it, a lot of people think of it and then decide to give it ago. Some people feel the need to do it because their friend may do it or a person in their group. Most teenagers think they are depressed aren't actually. Its just, that it is constantly mentioned so people feel a little bummed & think they are depressed. Most of these people are just feeling sorry for themselves & this isn't fair on the few who actually have problems as it is hard to differentiate between the two.
  300. Some people who stress haven't really got problems they just turn small problems into major ones. I think the main stress for teenagers would be exams or family problems.
  301. Sometimes I get stressed over family problem, or because of my illness which is asthma.
  302. Sometimes people don't know that what they are doing is, in fact, self harming such as bulimics. There are lots of advertisements and campaigns in the media to encourage people to talk about their problems, but it is very difficult to actually do that.
  303. Sometimes we just need time to sort ourselves out. I have had several friends with bad depression and from trying to help them it seems that they need to talk with someone who can relate to them.
  304. Sometimes you feel down and feel like the world's against you but it's not. Don't do everything major in the spur of the moment. You & the people around you would only regret it life's precious, hold on to it as long as you can.
  305. Stress can lead to self-harm sometimes. My view on self-harm is that the person is hurt inside and self harming can relieve that hurt.
  306. Stress - Mainly caused by school. Assessments at a level standard are a lot harder than at GCSE and so people get stressed out more easily. Depression - Once people get into this state of mind, it can be very hard to get out of it. A lot of people have a view of it as being something abnormal, but it is something you can not help! Self-Harm - Young people are doing this now because it is 'cool'.
  307. Stress & depression on a minor scale is typical of any teenager growing up- its natural, Self harm is when it's gets serious and needs sorted out.
  308. Stress affects people differently, it can upset me and make me quite unhappy in relation to work but in school work and exams I work best under stress and pressure. 3
  309. Stress and depression are awful feelings. Depression is really difficult to get rid of because you just feel as if everything is hopeless. Depressions can affect anyone, even those who think that they would never get to that level of unhappiness. Sometimes when you are depressed, you self harm, even if it is just once, because you are so frustrated. You feel as if you have no control over a situation. The worst thing is that you feel as if you can't talk to anyone, even if you want to, because you feel as if they won't take you seriously or are over reacting to stupid things. Sometimes depression gets so bad, you can't even look in the mirror. I think depression seriously affects 15-18 year olds.
  310. Stress as a teenager is difficult to clear with. Same times when you feel depressed it is hard to as for help.
  311. Stress becoming a popular thing and so are the other two as well.
  312. Stress can be caused by lots of different reasons and if you are under stress talk to someone who will listen. Depression is something that can hurt people and it is the same with stress and it can be the course of self-harming.
  313. Stress depression and self-harm are not to me illnesses. They are just ways in which young people, my age, cope with life.
  314. Stress is a strong character[istic] in everyone's day to day life and it contributes in many different ways in which many people respond to different tasks in their life. [...?] it is important that others are aware [of] the causes stress can have on an individua,l stress is powerful and can affect a person in many different ways.
  315. Stress is kind of integrated into modern society, it's pretty much impossible to avoid. In some ways we have to get used to it, but I think it would be helpful to be better educated how to cope with stress.
  316. Stress is quite easily avoided but many have a habit of over worrying about work, social life or personal problems which can lead to stress. Depression is often caused by a deep emotional or mental problem that has been left too long without getting help. Self harm is a definite cry for help and it should be said that someone should talk to the victim to find out the root of the problem, it should not just be left.
  317. Stress is related to schoolwork, money and trying to find to do it all. Self image can stress people. Boyfriend/girlfriend trouble can lead to depression.
  318. Stress: just got heavy work load in school. In one week it will be over so I won't be stressed.
  319. Stress should not be overcome by harming yourself, you need to relax and think through. Depression and self-harm, I believe, are caused by bullying or the loss of a close relative but if help is given straight away and a person is made to feel happy about going to see someone then the problem can be solved.
  320. Stress, Young people sitting their GCSEs are under an immense amount of pressure. This leads to unnecessary stress for such a young person. Depression, it's so easy to fall into. The sad they is that you don't realize you a victim of depression until you either start harming yourself or attempt to take you own life. Even then, some people choose to ignore this or don't have the strength to stop. Personally, I don't think enough help is provided to children. Its at times in a child life, when fauns [?] tough exams or losing someone close to them that support should be there for each individual to stop them falling into Depression etc.
  321. Talk to close, friends, relatives and even teachers. Do not ever bottle it up as you are doing more to yourself than anybody else.
  322. Talk to your parents if possible, never bottle anything up.
  323. Talks in school etc, don't help because generally people who are worried about thing[s] don't want to voice the problems in front of everyone else. Good friends = Less worry.
  324. That if you need help more should be offered.
  325. That if anyone is in the position they must get help.
  326. That people should talk about feeling depressed for it hurts more people in the end.
  327. The[y] can all be prevented if the victim will talk, sharing a problem is halfing a problem in a way!
  328. The credit crunch is depressing and I feel it is putting many people in a position were they become depressed, stressed or even choose to self harm.
  329. The helplines aren't helpful, not enough operators, too impersonal.
  330. The media put many young people under stress to look good like celebrities. They emphasis that everyone must look good and work hard to get the best body. If people can't do this they may get depressed and turn to self ham.
  331. The pressure of society can often lead teenagers to feeling not smart, pretty or thin enough which can lead to much bigger problems, such as depression, anxiety or stress. I believe if there was less emphasis put on intelligence and more on developing other qualities and life skills, young people would not fear failure as much. Every school should also have a counsel[l]or or frosted [?] teacher for pupils to talk to if they need help. More awareness should be made about the dangers of self harm and depression and how to help prevent it (and how to recognise it.)
  332. The worst possible thing to hear when stressed or depressed, is someone close to you telling you "What have you got to be depressed about?"Or even them thinking that you're joking and starting to laugh, I nearly went ins[an]e because it this.
  333. There are areas that need more attention, and more teenagers need help, as many of them do not seek help.
  334. There are many things that can help reduce stress such as good sleep, exercise, healthy diet and help with the problem. Stress should not lead to self-harm as simple things can normally fix the problem. I think self-harm is stupid as it doesn't fix anything and can lead to more problems.
  335. There are so many factors that add to depression and I believe that as young people grow up they feel that there is not enough support available (be this true or not) Eating disorders are rapidly increas[ing] and yet they are hardly ever addressed in any shape or form in school. There are another means in which depression is brought about and expressed. There is so much stress put on young people at home, school and outside of it and it is important for young people to know how to prioritise and understand what is most important.
  336. There has been many occasions when I felt like I was on the edge. I got so worked up I thought 'How can I get through?' It's never as bad as it seems. Trust me! Self- harm to[o] a big issue, many do it for attention as they see celebrities do it, but there is the other kind of attention when they are crying out for help if they attempt it, all they need is a shoulder to cry on a friend. With that they can get through anything.
  337. There is not enough backup in schools. There is too much stigma attached to depression and self harm, not enough discussion. Prevention is better than cure.
  338. There is not enough getting done about it
  339. There is not enough help and support groups in local areas, people that need someone to talk to have to travel before seeing someone. A lot of people say they [k]no[w] how you feel, which I think unless they have been in the exact same situation [they] can not say this!
  340. There is not enough, people in schools got to help with these kind of things are be trained. The young people are just suspended from school as they don't know how to deal with them.
  341. There is too much pressure on young people to succeed academically. Leisure pursuits or hobbies can be given little attention and non-academic people can be made to feel unintelligent or failures. There is constant stress of school with frequent testing. I don't feel that I am in any position to comment on self-harm as I don't fully understand why people do it. I don't see the attraction but I can't help feeling that some people do it for attention. I do think that enough help is available for depression and stress with plenty of advertising for help lines e.g.
  342. There isn't enough information given to young people of where to seek help.
  343. There isn't much help for young people who are stressed, people have no consideration for people who are depressed or who self harm.
  344. There need to be more qualified nurses in school to help diagnosis teenage depression. There should also be less exams and more project based learning to combat teenage stress more qualified guidance counselors that are based outside of school that is free of charge.
  345. There should be more advertisements for groups such as the Samaritans because there is not many advertisements on TV and there could prevent or help the above problems.
  346. There should be more awareness of suicide and information of where to get help. e.g. use of the media ( TV, magazines, Internet)
  347. there should be more easy access to confidential support
  348. There should be more education in schools & work places so that people are able to talk about problems and can be helped.
  349. There should be more help to teenagers from school and community. School puts too much pressure on us and teamed with home troubles, you would need to have on cold heart for it not to get to us.
  350. There should be more services available in schools/communities to help young people who feel stressed or depressed.
  351. There should be more talking about it in schools & openly with the reassurance of just information in case it happens to them or a family member & know how to react & act.
  352. These are lead on to earth other. Its very difficult to overcome depression but talking to friends is the main solution do not keep everything inside.
  353. These things can be dealt with, don't let them get on top of you too much.
  354. They all need someone close to them who they can trust and talk to who suffers from none of these to talk to the[m] calmly and offer the best help and advice they can and they should not run away from the problem.
  355. They need to be able to talk to someone. Don't try to be hard, just ask for help.
  356. They should not be left to suffer they should get help as soon as possible so that their condition doesn't get worse.
  357. To get attention
  358. To me it seems like there is a bit of a taboo about self-harm and I think this only makes matters worse. If we talked about issue like this more in schools or with our parents, I think young people would be able to resolve their problems without having to self-harm.
  359. Try not to,try to get help.
  360. Try to talk to someone.
  361. Two acquaintances of mine killed themselves in the past 2 years, one nobody know[s] why exactly, but her entire appearance and dream-sense dramatically changed in the last, weeks. She had also been spending a lot of time on the computer, much more so than usual. It is suspected that she became involved in a pro-suicide website, which may have influenced her decision. I believe this is a serious problem and websites such as these should be dismantled. The other young girl, we have no idea why she did what she did but obviously she had serious worries or problems bottled up inside her but felt that she had no one to share them with. It should be made certain that every young person has a trustworthy confidante.
  362. Umm, the only people I've heard about self harming are generally attention seeking people, but I do think there are many more real serious cases. People today can be made to be depressed by comparing themselves to others and obvious because of many other factors e.g. work, friends and family.
  363. Well just on thing. That teenagers do and can suffer from depression & stress. And more needs to be done to prevent this, example more facilities & clubs.
  364. When I done this I was feeling very low, felt no one cared, had a lot of problems I thought I couldn't cope with. Thinking back on it now I realise I blew it way out of proportion.
  365. When it comes down to it, there no point in self harm, you will just hurt yourself more (even end up dead) and hurt others like you family. It's better to speak to someone. Your life is valuable.
  366. When self-harm takes a step-up, it is horrible for those left behind. Makes you feel that you could have presented it.
  367. When you are stressed out take a break or it could lead to depression which will cause you to self-harm. Life is precious and you should be happy to have your health.
  368. Whenever I feel stressed I also wish it could all just go away and all end. But however I always know that this is only a moment in time and it is all going to pass. I think every young person goes through a stage of depression, I have learnt how to deal with my feelings, just talking to someone makes a big difference.
  369. with the [right] help you can get over it and deal with it
  370. Yes but it is too hard to express at times. I lost my friend at the weekend and at times it is hard to cope.
  371. Yes I would like to say that there is not enough help and activities for young people age[d] 16th [and] above. It is very common that young people feel the same as me. Many of my friends have done this and discussed, how they are feeling and why and it has shown me that they are feeling what I am feeling. Also I don't want to talk to people because you don't know how to approach them or what to say.
  372. Yes it's a horrible thing and I realise now that if the people around you don't help you then you become very lost and so it continues because you feel like no one cares or understands what you [are] going through. It is the worst feeling in the world when you['re] depressed but some feel to overcome this depression they should be in control and so they cut themselves or take an overdose to feel in control.
  373. Yes that it is point less. It's just a dead end. It doesn't get you anyw[h]ere it just makes you feel worse. I did it for years then then didn't do it for 1 year then just out of the blue I did it.
  374. Yes, I feel that these are major issues in today's society and should be addressed more often in schools, colleges and universities so that you can give the young people a lifeline. I also feel that the issue of bullying is not carried out well in schools too as just today [?]. I witnessed a young boy getting chased by many other youths. With more talks I feel this could have been prevented.
  375. Yes, these issues are quite common in todays society and those who suffer usually suffer from silence. So these people should speak up and try to get help without having to suffer.
  376. You will only hurt more and more people that are very close to you, and you will wreck their lives as well as your own.
  377. Young people are under a lot of stress with tests and such. I think the work surrounding tests should be lessened.
  378. Young people aren't given enough help. No-one really understands the extent of these groups problems.
  379. Young people don't feel as if they have someone to talk to so they keep things in their head which builds up and eventually could cause depression.
  380. Young people don't get stressed often, the biggest stress is exams and that comes from the school itself scaring young people into doing well.
  381. Young people don't seem to tackle this as an important issue. I believe they don't recognise sign of depression in their early stages, so they are indeed to stop the progression. I wish someone would initiate an effort to highlight the importance of these issues. This survey is great, however, I wish all young people were asked of their opinion and solution to help individuals in such circumstances.
  382. Young people in my experience once don't think it not big an issue [?] when they do it they have no idea of the repercussion of their actions.
  383. Young people need more help.
  384. Young people should be taught about how to help friends with problems like these and eating disorders.
  385. Young people sometimes feel depressed and may self-harm to relieve their pain and desperation. Many who are depressed and self-harm do not intend to kill themselves, they just want to be free. They may do this to seek attention which they feel they are deprived of. People who are stressed, depressed or feel like self-harming need to seek help and resolve the problem.
  386. Young people who do it might be going through a ruff time, and maybe should think about getting help, as all problems could get solved, If you open up and let somebody help.
  387. Young people who do this often feel lonely or isolated and will not feel comfortable talking or discussing their problems with a strange[r] down the other end of a phone line something else may make them feel more comfortable.
  388. Your making me depressed by asking me this survey. Lol

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