Year: 2008
Module: Health

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'What makes you stressed'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

    1. (1) Trying really hard at school work & tests & performing poorly. (2) School in general (3) Tests (4) Friends drawing apart.
    2. A levels, Making grades to get in to university, Money problems, Sick friend.
    3. A lot going on in my life.
    4. A lot of assignments and essays to do, and not getting time to relax and as my own thing.
    5. A lot of course work being given out at the some time, therefore juggling this and my part-time job stresses me out.
    6. A lot of different things, not having money and ongoing with people.
    7. A lot of little factor where the whole is grater then just the sum of the parts. For example people whom I dislike or people who I like ignoring me or nothing constant demands on me.
    8. A lot of school work, too much things happening at once.
    9. A lot of things, mainly school, friends, sometimes family and peer pressure.
    10. A.S. Maths, the financial crisis, short deadlines.
    11. About everything really
    12. After football if we get beat. Women!!
    13. A-level work, people in my class, things at home.
    14. A-Levels, UCAS/Uni selection also job selection as entering armed services.
    15. All the hard A-level work -> Chemistry, Biology really stresses me out. Friends and other social things: trying to keep up appearances. My part-time job.
    16. All these don't: exams, and my boyfriend. Teachers my mum. Christmas coming up. Religion-what's the point? These question Ii don't know what you want me to say. I'm sorry.
    17. Arguing with people.
    18. Arguments, Work commitments.
    19. A.S. chemistry and biology are so hard! On my predicted A level grades it said I was working at a B in both but was expected to get an A and mum took a psycho.
    20. A.S. level exams, School work or coursework, not enough time to do things, Family problems - parents, arguing a lot more than usual. Not enough money.
    21. A.S. level homework.
    22. A.S. Studies, Exams, Coursework.
    23. Assignment, people & weight.
    24. Assignments for college can be hard to cope with but I manage them.
    25. Assignments from college, but nothing realign critical.
    26. Assignments to be handed in on time.
    27. Assignments, Assessments, Arguments.
    28. Assignments, coursework, busy days at work, a hectic day.
    29. Assignments, Well-being, Family Problems
    30. Bad teaching, unfairly being blamed on a variety of issues, however most of the teachers are helpful!
    31. Being behind in my school work. When I don't understand what I'm meant to be doing., when people have no respect or time for others.
    32. Being behind in school work. Not enough sense of achievement false sense of achievement.
    33. Being board
    34. Being late for my football training!
    35. Being told what to do.
    36. Being under prepared for exams. Having things go badly wrong.
    37. Boyfriend, Friend
    38. Boys! Friends (sometimes)
    39. Boys, parents, friends, school.
    40. Brain Cancer
    41. Brother
    42. Build up of school work and mounting deadlines.
    43. Certain things
    44. Chemistry O (lol)
    45. Christmas, school course work, school exams, home.
    46. Collage or work if I'm under some pressure.
    47. College
    48. College assignments
    49. College assignments, hand in dates
    50. College work, college in general new things.
    51. College, assignments
    52. College, College work, Friends, Family.
    53. College, coursework, girlfriend.
    54. College, Family, Gossip, Home life.
    55. College, Work as [I] have 2 part time jobs. Worr[y]ing about money as everyone is, worr[y]ing about what future holds for me, At home with siblings.
    56. Conflict from friends & family. Pushing myself too far worrying too much and trying to do everything possible to help my friends which can sometimes hurt me.
    57. Course work [5 respondents]
    58. Course work and studying for exams and keeping up to date with school.
    59. Course work at school, Being put under pressure at home.
    60. Course work deadlines [3 respondents].
    61. Course work, Exams, Boyfriend, other friends problems, My dad.
    62. Courses work, friends, home life, school, sleep (lack of), not being able to work out a problem.
    63. Coursework & School in general
    64. Coursework as levels. Parents trying to balance school and part time job.
    65. Coursework at school and [???]
    66. Coursework deadlines, exams, shortage of money.
    67. Coursework deadlines. All grouped together.
    68. Coursework deadlines. Fear of disappointing my parents. Not being able to keep up with my friends. Not being able to keep up with things such as clothes, music, gadgets style is general.
    69. Coursework in college and deadlines.
    70. Coursework in school-unrealistic deadlines!
    71. Coursework, arguments
    72. Coursework, A.S. levels
    73. Coursework, exams
    74. Coursework, Exams not being in control.
    75. Coursework, knowing that I have a huge assignment to do and having lots of homework. Money, knowing that Christmas is coming up and that my boyfriend is going to spend money that I don't have for him. And not being able to buy presents. My boyfriend when we fight.
    76. Coursework-as I have been getting a lot lately so I can meet the dedlines.
    77. Day to day worries such as school & A level exams. Also some school situations etc.
    78. Dead lines for work, thanks all.
    79. Deadlines for assignments
    80. Deadlines for coursework and school.
    81. Deadlines for coursework..
    82. Deadlines for school work. Falling out with family or close friends.
    83. Deadlines on course work.
    84. Deadlines!!! Really long coursework Essays. My parents like thinking or knowing things about me. Arguments.
    85. Dentist, exams, lots of course work.
    86. Depends
    87. Depression
    88. Different rows at home, doing thing I'd rather not do!
    89. Different situations may arise suddenly or gradually.
    90. Different Things
    91. Different things going on.
    92. Disorganised study.
    93. Don't really know
    94. During exams at school and looking for work.
    95. Every thing nothing
    96. Everyday Problems
    97. Everything [2 respondents]
    98. Everything, School, Family Live
    99. Exam and coursework
    100. Exam pressure, lack of sleep, conflict.
    101. Exam pressure, peer group.
    102. Exam pressure, peer pressure, parents, family, work, school, not enough sleep.
    103. Exam pressure, the high demand for Medicine in Universities.
    104. Exam results not exams themselves.
    105. Exam, Bomb attacks/scares wars, X factor results lol, Big brother results lol, School, Family
    106. Exam, Course work.
    107. Exam, family problems, arguments.
    108. Exam, homework overload, making sure I get my work in on the deadline.
    109. Examinations [2 respondents]
    110. Exams [27 respondents]
    111. Exams - not passing, Not being able to do something the right way.
    112. Exams & pressure of doing well.
    113. Exams (school)
    114. Exams (School, Music etc)
    115. Exams + work load can sometimes stress me. Arguments with good friends
    116. exams and coursework that has to be handed in on time and also trying to work out what subject I'm going to do when I go university!!
    117. Exams and New Challenges.
    118. Exams and not having any time to do what you want because I always have so much home work to do and extra studying ever at the week-end.
    119. Exams and school !!
    120. Exams and trying to balance school with sport, friends and home. Sometimes it feels like I don't have time to do everything but cures [?] nothing I want to give up.
    121. Exams in Jan A.S. Level.
    122. Exams sometimes. Deadlines for work sometimes. Very rarely get stressed.
    123. Exams test time limits, school work, my siblings.
    124. Exams, Work [2 responses]
    125. Exams & revision for exams, Arguments with family&friends.
    126. Exams, arguments, chemistry, work.
    127. Exams, arguments.
    128. Exams, Awkward moments.
    129. Exams, but not overly stressed.
    130. Exams, course work, teachers.
    131. Exams, Coursework deadlines.
    132. Exams, decisions (e.g. universities etc.), arguments with friends, peer pressure.
    133. Exams, essays, family, being gay, boys that treat you like crap.
    134. Exams, Expectations, extra events eg sports/assignments household chores, reactions
    135. Exams, family relationships.
    136. Exams, fighting with friends etc. falling out with loved ones
    137. Exams, Finding out I have no more up left.
    138. Exams, football, homework and parents.
    139. Exams, friend trouble.
    140. Exams, friends' problems & family issues.
    141. Exams, homework
    142. Exams,iIllness, coursework
    143. Exams, interviews (when I have to speak to somebody in English, sometimes I feel I can have little problems with understanding).
    144. Exams, Long homework, School (Sometimes).
    145. Exams, Losing in sport
    146. Exams, lots of exams! Being afraid I haven't studied hard enough.
    147. Exams, money, falling out with friends/parents, school work & revision.
    148. Exams, not being able to get something I want or need
    149. Exams, new places (work/school).
    150. Exams, Organising my formal.
    151. Exams, overload of school work, leaving things until the last minute, people's opinions of me and my actions.
    152. Exams, playing the violin infront of family over protective parents.
    153. Exams, races (running)
    154. Exams, relationships.
    155. Exams, Revision, Fall outs with friends, Arguing with parents, Working a lot.
    156. Exams, School work [2 responses]
    157. Exams, school work deadlines.
    158. Exams, School work mostly
    159. Exams, school work, financial difficulties.
    160. Exams, School work, Relationships, Family illnesses.
    161. Exams, School, Coursework, Revising, Every little problem I worry about.
    162. Exams, school, family, not having a part time job and not having money
    163. Exams, School, Friends
    164. Exams, the thought of studying and not getting all the work done.
    165. Exams, time, money
    166. Exams, Unable to do something, fights with friends
    167. Exams, work, boy's, peer pressure.
    168. Exams, Work, Family and personal problems
    169. exams, worrying about family, coursework.
    170. Exams/Tests, Dancing, Parents, Sibilings.
    171. Fall out with friends, when there is a fall out with my friends, coursework, art
    172. Falling behind in school work, and felling as if others are performing much better in their schoolwork. They general disorganization.
    173. Falling out with friends
    174. Failing school, in work, at school exams
    175. Familly issues, employment problems, troble my friends may be having
    176. Family arguments school e.g. Exams
    177. Family life work, School work, Worrying about things, People being disrespectful and ignorant.
    178. Family life, School work.
    179. family problems, college, fighting with friends
    180. Family problems, friends, money and jobs
    181. Family problems, School work, friends arguing, football.
    182. Family, friend, school.
    183. Family, friends, school/school work, work.
    184. Family, friends, work, assignments.
    185. Family, School
    186. Family, School work, Friends, Money
    187. Family, work, friends
    188. Fighting with parents and girlfriend.
    189. Fighting, Arguments, Little sleep
    190. Financial worries the future lack of self confidence falling behind in college.
    191. Football, school coursework, pressure can to performs in football.
    192. Friends
    193. Friends and School work
    194. Friends, fallouts, exams, family, job, too much school work, untidy room.
    195. Friends, family, school work.
    196. Friends, Losing matches, people being late.
    197. Friends, school, lack of self confidence, worrying about problems.
    198. Friendships, Coursework, Exams.
    199. Gaming
    200. Generally school work, it is difficult to keep up with the added pressure of extracurricular activities.
    201. Getting into problems that I can't sort out, college work I can't do and exams I don't pass, falling out with people, family problems
    202. Getting things wrong.
    203. Gym
    204. Having 3 jobs and being at school. Mum and dad arguing. I feel the[y']r on my back a lot. My brother doesn't talk to me, mum or dad and we're not allowed to see his child.
    205. Having a lot of school work to be done when I don't have a lot of time to do because I have so much to do.
    206. Having a lot of school work to do.
    207. Having a lot of work and thinking you are not going to meet the deadline.
    208. Having exams in school with a limited religion title. I feel the teachers haven't given me enough time and so it is not my fault that I seem to not be working at my potential.
    209. Having lots of home work, deadlines to work to and exams.
    210. Having no cigarettes, just being put under pressures.
    211. Having no time to sit back and relax.
    212. Having to study for serious exams such as GCSE's and now A-Levels.
    213. Having too much on like homework, sports. Not getting on with someone or having a lack of confidence.
    214. Having too much to do to fit in a day e.g. sport, homework.
    215. Heavy workload, too much work with houses & school.
    216. Homework.
    217. Homework & Exams [2 respondents]
    218. Homework and revision
    219. Homework, having deadlines to finish theire for.
    220. Homework, personal problems, school, friend's problems.
    221. Homework, Studying for exams.
    222. Homework/Coursework, Thinking about exams/future.
    223. Huge amounts of work in my part-time job and school, but never happens often.
    224. I am currently working on four A.S levels. I find this straining at times as I do not have a lot of time to myself to devote to activities such as drama and community, shows, my part-time job also causes me to stress as it prevents me from lying on at weekends resulting in my stress levels increasing when I become tired,
    225. I am setting my GCSE's this June ! A lot of course work.
    226. I don't normally let things get to me.
    227. I don't usually do any work in school because I feel so shit and it seems pointless as I know I won't succeed. When it comes to completing the undone work I stress as I haven't done it.Then stress further because it isn't good enough then the circle continues.
    228. I get stressed about schoolwork and coursework. I also stress sometimes when I can't find things and lose things.
    229. I get stressed about living with my abusive parents.
    230. I got stressed when people put to[o] much worry on me or when I can't get things right or need to do something that feels right.
    231. I have just changed one of my AS level subject so there is pressure put on me to make sure I catch up.
    232. I los[t] my father very sudden in death and my mother has to save as much money all the time for her household bill and I feel bad not to be able to get work to help my mother to keep the house going through this credit Cr[unch].
    233. I stress out if I do not play well at tennis.
    234. If I have lots of work to do at school and things to do outside of school as well.
    235. If I have no money to get people presents at Christmas or their birthday. If I haven't got work done for college.
    236. If someone keeps continually annoying me, course work.
    237. If work has to be handed in and I do have it all completed so trying to get it fine, at work if people are telling you to do more than I am able to do and you can't say anything to them.
    238. Ignorant people
    239. Important exams, as I feel pressurised to do well I want to prove to myself Ii can pass my exmas so revison sometimes gets me stressed and worried.
    240. In general I think I am the type of person who worries about everything, so I am stressed quite a lot of the time. Things like work, friends, family and especially the future stress me out.
    241. Increased school work
    242. Interviews for part-time jobs. Orals for foreign languages.
    243. Irregular days
    244. It just depends on what mood I am in
    245. Just everything that goes on.
    246. Just Family problems stress to reach a target.
    247. Keeping up to date with school work. Exams! Coursework!
    248. Knowing I have more work because over for exams than I think I am capable of, and parents expecting me to know it all really well.
    249. Knowing I still have to go to work when I have work too] hard in at tech.
    250. Lack of money, outstanding work, sports problems.
    251. Lack of sleep, on drugs for spots called ruacutane can have mental side effects.
    252. Lack of sleep, prospect of exams, arguments with friends/family.
    253. Life [3 respondents]
    254. Little things have been stressing me out lately because of a resent death in family. Everything has started getting on top of me.
    255. Living with Epilepsy.
    256. Loads of school work coursework, essay etc. My parents excessive nagging (but they do keep telling me they have my best interests at heart. Not fitting in
    257. Look after family who are not well and not going to get well because the are disabled.
    258. Looking after my baby, going to college and working.
    259. Loosing rugby or performing bad
    260. Lots of assignments to be done for the same day. When things don't go according to plan. When I'm upset/worried about something.
    261. Lots of homework, coursework.
    262. Lot's of questions
    263. Lots of things sometimes the smallest we thing can really stress me. Mainly arguing with people in my household.
    264. Lots of things to do.
    265. Mainly school work pressure to make family proud pressure from friends to work good and go out.
    266. Mainly school work, the thought of having to leave home to go to University.
    267. Makes for exams, Homework deadlines, Finding enough time to do everything that needs to be done.
    268. Making decisions about contact time with my mum.
    269. Making decisions about my future, Family problems, Disagreements with friends.
    270. Many things, such as school work. Not being able to sleep at night, which makes me feel ill.
    271. May boyfriend-we've been fighting the past week, exam & coursework, keeping other people happy, helping friends out with their problems, being accepted.
    272. me not being able to sit down to my school work, thinking am Ii really academically strong and if I am not, what else is there to do? I am not ready for the full working world!
    273. Meeting new people, talking in front of the class, getting lots of course work. Finding lots of mistakes in my work (School), making mistakes at my part time job and being watched.
    274. Meeting targets, slagging.
    275. Meeting course work deadlines and exams in school.
    276. Money
    277. Money going to college and getting all my work done in time.
    278. Money problems and exam stress.
    279. Money problems, Work in school.
    280. Money worries, family issues, school work, stress of work, lack of sleep, friends asking about their problems etc.
    281. Money worries, My appearance if ill ever get a boyfriend & marry! Ever though I'm 16, I still worry a lot about marriage.
    282. Money worries, warring about what I am gang to make of my life.
    283. Money, People
    284. Month moon [???]
    285. Mostly school work, as I have lots, and the deadlines are so soon, and sometimes fights with friends.
    286. Mostly the pressure of my A-Level
    287. Mother, little brother and school work.
    288. My A level school work as I find it hard to find the time to hand it in completed on time as well as working in my part time job.
    289. My A Levels and all the homework and coursework I get.
    290. My A-Level exams. Not being organized into a study routine, money , problems with friends.
    291. My daddy got murdered in front of me in May 2007. I get stressed when the people that murdered him are allowed to do things there out on bail, and I always think only if I was stronger I could have helped.
    292. My family, because they wind me up a lot and I don't get on with my sister. I also recently moved schools and have a lot of work to catch up on at the minute which is stressing me up a bit!
    293. My friend died at the weekend.
    294. My friends and school work
    295. My image, School exams, Tension between friends. Being taken for granted being used.
    296. My job in a busy hotel as a prep chef.
    297. My mum
    298. My mum yapping at me!! Hehe!!
    299. My studies, losing things, misunderstanding with my parents, getting things done, my future, my weight.
    300. My workload at school.
    301. My works load of assessments as I hand in at least 2 essays a week.
    302. No money
    303. Normal things, day to day activities that may cause stress, school work-part time job, other relationships such as friends, and boyfriend/girlfriends and family worries.
    304. Normally argument with my mom but lately most of my stress has come from school. A levels are stressing me out, a relationships with a friend as well is beginning to unravel and is stressing me out mostly.
    305. Not a lot
    306. Not being able to carry out activities in rugby and soon [?].
    307. Not being able to express an opinion.
    308. Not being able to go out with any friends sometimes.
    309. Not having a job and school work.
    310. Not much really, maybe out of school work and pressure with my school work might stress me slightly.
    311. Not sure
    312. Occasionally things in live.
    313. Organisation
    314. Other expectations, demands made [upon] me, family friend relationships.
    315. Other people, family.
    316. Other people, friends, parents
    317. Overload of home work, essays and exams.
    318. Overload of school work repetitive runtime and boredom at school. Boredom at house, Bad things on the news.
    319. Parents
    320. Parents, school work, exams.
    321. Parents, school, friends
    322. Part-time job and assignments.
    323. People [2 respondents]
    324. People annoying me whenever busy.
    325. People annoying me.
    326. People around me being awkward or difficult., School work, particular teachers, particular pupils causing trouble in school, Christmas.
    327. People annoy me.
    328. People telling me where and where not I can and not go?
    329. People who annoy me!!! and people who don't tell you things when they are unhappy!
    330. People worrying too much about themselves and people who care too much about what other think.
    331. people, changing schools, coursework, bus drivers
    332. Portfolio work in school, having to meet deadlines, not getting work finished on time, being put under pressure to do something.
    333. Pressure
    334. Pressure from others to do things right.
    335. Pressure from school (crazy teachers) mum taking out frustration from work & money on us (siblings & I). Pressure to work, revise, babysit clean, socialise and look after my health.
    336. Pressure from school activities outside of school, Exams.
    337. Pressure in school when we are overloaded with homework and when it is coming close to exams.
    338. Pressure of assignments.
    339. Pressure of school work and family life and relationships with other people and pressure of the future.
    340. Pressure of school, Trying to achieve higher grad[e]s in a society that is always pushing us to be sm[art]er, prettier and skinner.
    341. Pressure of striving to do well at school and pass my exams, so I can go to University. Pressure of lack of space as our house is not big enough for our family. Pressure of finance.
    342. Pressure to be the best that I can be, when things go wrong I find it hard to cope. Struggling to keep relationships and also exams.
    343. Pressure to do good in A(o) levels or to eat healthily.
    344. Pressure to do well in school, in dance & musical performances and money issues in my family.
    345. Pressures of no work and bordom.
    346. Problem faced in life
    347. Problems in my home and school work.
    348. Questionnaires haha - tech, friends, family.
    349. Recently I wasn't living at home, so that was hard. Being unemployed - money generally not knowing what to do in life, unable to make decisions.
    350. Relationship with others, School
    351. Relationships, friends.
    352. Revision, School work.
    353. Right now exams are extremely stressful apart from that I'm quite laidback
    354. Rude people, teachers singling you out, parents badgering me to get a job, not having enough money, trying to keep up with school work.
    355. Rules
    356. School [18 respondents].
    357. School, Boys, Family, Friends
    358. School - As, Family - At times, Friends who have changed.
    359. School - Exams, Coursework, Homework, Essays, Friends, Boys, Family - arguments.
    360. School - thinking of future, Living up to standards
    361. School (work in school) - deadlines etc, teachers, ballet class, certain people, boys.
    362. School and exams, Part time job, the hours can sometimes be long.
    363. School and home life, exam, teachers, women!
    364. School and home work arguments.
    365. School and Parents [2 respondents].
    366. School and social life.
    367. School and the people in it that you have to deal with day in and day out.
    368. School assignments (if they build up). Football finals (nerves).
    369. School commitments arguing with parents money worries.
    370. School course work deadlines, exams.
    371. School coursework and exams.
    372. School coursework! I am good of sticking to deadline but in particular art can be stressful as you yourself have to come up with the ideas and are not told what to do.
    373. School dead lines but gets me working harder!
    374. School deadlines, lack of sleep, occasional build up of work (school).
    375. School deadlines, the constant thought of what people think of me, not knowing how other people will react to me, Juggling 2 part time job[s] with school life.
    376. School exams December, Christmas, nothing to look forward too.
    377. School exams, GCSEs
    378. School exams, arguing with dad, making my decisions.
    379. School exams, difficult school assignments with a deadline approaching.
    380. School exams, friends problems.
    381. School exams, Relationships, Part-time job
    382. School Exams/homework
    383. School, family life
    384. School, Friendships.
    385. School in general. At the moment I am spending at least 2 hours per night on studying alone, plus whatever work I need to do. At times I feel that it's just building up and getting too much. I am used to achieving high marks and now at A-level have to work hard to maintain my standards. Also I am the victim of homophobic bullying and it can get to me sometimes and make the enemy and worked up and have last steer over it.
    386. School including homework and exams, Decisions about future are stressful especially choices of university.
    387. School life, Work, Family life, Social life (friends)
    388. School, money - lack of it, nagging parents
    389. School mostly and small arguments with friends and family.
    390. School pressure, exams, too much work, not enough time.
    391. School pressure, to[o] many things to do.
    392. School tests
    393. School tests, girlfriends, money.
    394. School, things like homework, Coursework or exams.
    395. School, thinking about my future, trying to find a job, having enough money, low self-esteem
    396. School work [38 respondents]
    397. School work & exams, Getting everything done, which needs to be done in the day, Being allowed to do/not allowed to do things with e.g. my friends, Meeting new people, Large group situations.
    398. School work & meeting deadlines.
    399. School work & School Expectations
    400. School work / exams, Family relationships, Lack of money.
    401. School work / Home work & finding time to study.
    402. School work and being really busy, but I take my burdens to the lord and leave them there- He helps me through.
    403. School work and commitments
    404. School work and exams [11 respondents].
    405. School work and exams. When I argue with my friends or family.
    406. School work and family life [3 respondents]
    407. School work and Gaelic football.
    408. School work and part time job
    409. School work and people distracting me from the task I am engaging in.
    410. School work and problems with friends.
    411. School work and revision for exam, but after a few months it becomes easier.
    412. School work and sometimes playing guitar.
    413. School work and sports
    414. School work as I feel I don't have enough time because of work. I don't have time to revise and I worry and get stressed.
    415. School work, deadlines, family & some friends also.
    416. School work etc.
    417. School work, hockey, not having enough time, not having enough money.
    418. School work i.e. homework & tests, when people are being annoying on the bus home from school e.g. throwing things.
    419. School work, issues with friends, relationship issues, family issues.
    420. School work load, doing bad in sports etc.
    421. School work overload, fighting with family, friends & boyfriend, money shortage, stress from boss at part time job.
    422. School work sometimes
    423. School work such as coursework also tests etc, Christmas exams, sometimes just life itself.
    424. School work such as exams, homework's, coursework and deadlines. My part time employment adds to stress also.
    425. School work that I have had a long time to do and Istart it the night before it's due.
    426. School work that is hard to group, Work - busy restaurant so can be quite stressfull.
    427. School work, worry about future and how successful [I] will be as a person.
    428. School work, among school work difficult, meeting deadlines.
    429. School work, arguing with people.
    430. School work, Arguments, Exams, Unnecessary mocks
    431. School work, aspects of social life, examinations, deadlines.
    432. School work, assignment and coursework, Exams and revising.
    433. School work, At deadlines
    434. School work. Because I do four 100 percent coursework subjects, school and homework have been very demanding. Friendships have been stressed because everyone is feeling the work has got far harder.
    435. School work, being tiered, friends, girls most small unimportant things.
    436. School work, boyfriend, family and friends.
    437. School work, Course work
    438. School work, Deadlines
    439. School work, Deadlines, tests.
    440. School work, Deadlines to meet, Teachers putting pressure on me and not understanding me.
    441. School work, deadlines, an argument with anyone close
    442. School work, Deciding what to do school
    443. School work, exam pressure, closing dates for c[ourse] w[ork], boy troubles.
    444. School work, exams, arguments with family friends.
    445. School work, exams, friends, school.
    446. School work, exams, Less free time due to a part time job.
    447. School work, exams, recursion, my parents, boys, my ex boyfriends, my weight, my sports & how I perform in them, my friends, their problem.
    448. School work, exams, sports injuries.
    449. School work, exams, Trying to fit in with self appearance-body image.
    450. School work, exams, work (job).
    451. School work, Exams, Work, Friends, Family.
    452. School work, expectations.
    453. School work, Extra Activities- After school, Bedtime management.
    454. School work, Falling out with friends.
    455. School work, family arguments, exams, silly, stupid things, friends-fall outs.
    456. School work, family life, no money or time to enjoy yourself.
    457. School work, family problems, exams especially.
    458. School work, family relationships.
    459. School work, friend difficulties.
    460. School work, Friends
    461. School work, friends that may have problems and I want to help out but seem powerless to do so.
    462. School work, girls. Important matters but that is good as it increases my performance.
    463. school work, health worries, worrying about my family\r\n
    464. School work, homework, tests and thinking about the future.
    465. School work, idiotic remarks from people handicapped by ignorance and intolerance.
    466. School work, it is very hard to work and get good enough results for university, a-levels are very demanding.
    467. School work, job & family problems.
    468. School work, keeping up with others in school work, friends & economy.
    469. School work, lack of sleep sometimes.
    470. School work, Larger political issues (e.g. elections)
    471. School work, meeting deadlines.
    472. School work, Money, Boyfriend
    473. School work, my brother, Friend sometimes, family decision.
    474. School work, my current financial predicament, relationship problems.
    475. School work, not enough time.
    476. School work, Not having enough "me" time, Thinking about important, Boys marches, Not having enough time to get things organized/do things I need to do.
    477. School work, not reading my expectations of where I should be, feeling fat!
    478. School work, or not being picked for teams and working at being picked and also my part time job, girl friend also sometimes.
    479. School work, Parents situations in which I feel out of my depth
    480. School work, parents.
    481. School work, part time job, family.
    482. School work, pressure in sports teams.
    483. School work, Pressure to do well.
    484. School work, Relationship with friends/boyfriend/family.
    485. School work, Relationship, Appearance
    486. School work, Relationships with boyfriends and friends
    487. School work, Relationships, Home life.
    488. School work, rumors, friends and the way I look.
    489. School work, Running late
    490. School work, Sport (sometimes)
    491. School work, falling behind in work, exams.
    492. School work, teachers not realising pressure pupils are under, family not taking an interest.
    493. School work, teachers, having no job = no money no ema!
    494. School work, time management, money.
    495. School work, trying to manage time for every thing, I find it hard fitting everything in the sports school, part time job, duke & Ed, my volunteer work and then obviously socializing.
    496. School work, trying to use my time wisely between schoolwork and leisure time
    497. School work, work [2 respondents]
    498. School work. Peer Pressure.
    499. School work/ coursework, Part-time job, making time for social life, choosing a future career
    500. School work/homework/coursework, exams.
    501. School work= coursework and upcoming tests. Family= problems within my family and it makes it harder for me to concentrate in school.
    502. School work-course work falling out with friends.
    503. School works, exams & course work
    504. School work-study for as levels commitments outside school eg: family, church, part time job, friends.
    505. School!!, Arguing with parents boys, university-having to pick.
    506. School, arguing with parents, work, friends falling out.
    507. School, Boy friends etc.
    508. school, boy troubles, friends, parents
    509. School, boys
    510. School, Career, Life in General, Work.
    511. School, Confrontation, Family.
    512. School, coursework and part time job.
    513. School, Dance team, relationships
    514. School, exam, boys!
    515. School, exams, decisions.
    516. School, exams, family, personal life, friends, job.
    517. School, exams, friends problems.
    518. School, exams, friends, family & relationship problems.
    519. School, exams, Parents (at times!)
    520. School, exams, sickness, parents, friends, family, media, teachers, what is expected of me.
    521. School, exams, studying, deadlines, course work.
    522. School, exams, time management, people relying on you when you can't do what they want.
    523. School, falling out with people.
    524. School, family [2 respondents]
    525. School, family & holidays.
    526. School, family argument.
    527. School, Family disagreements, relationship. Money worries for family.
    528. School, family quarrels, friends bring "dicks" A levels! Same people in my year.
    529. School, family, arguments with friends.
    530. School, Family, Friends
    531. School, Filling this form in
    532. School, friends problems, sometimes family.
    533. School, Friends, Boyfriend/Relationship, Too much commitment to one particular sport, to much commitment expected and time taken up.
    534. School, friends, family
    535. School, friends, family, lack of money, lack of part time job.
    536. School, friends, Parents
    537. School, Friendships, Course work, Lack of money, Family
    538. School, friendships, some time family life
    539. School, Guitar Practice, Friends, Surveys.
    540. school, home
    541. School, home work, exams, relationships especially.
    542. School, home works, exams, if my friends are worried, boys, if my family are unwell.
    543. School, Homework, A levels, Fights
    544. School, Homework, Exams
    545. School, homework, exams coming up very soon, everything piling up unable to deal with problems, want a simple life but this is not possible without a good education.
    546. school, homework, exams, peers, arguments, part-time work
    547. School, homework, family.
    548. School, homework, tests, A-Levels, trying to study. Working part time, hard to keep up with work and school at same time, I only work weekends.
    549. School, lack of social activities.
    550. School, my personal self image work.
    551. School, niece constantly crying at nights & Parents.
    552. School, Not being allowed out, Running at of make-up , Not being able to find things, Not having money, When there is no hot water.
    553. School, paranoia and the future.
    554. School, quarralling with parents.
    555. School, relationships, money, work.
    556. School, School teachers, School work
    557. School, teachers, courswork, homework, deadlines, revision, I mate people Computers, people placing demands on me, e.g. to go places do things, money (lack of it) Ex-boyfriends! The bible... burning lakes of sulphur etc.
    558. School, Too much work
    559. School, work, Family, Worries
    560. School, Work and difficult family life.
    561. School, Work, boyfriend, future.
    562. School, Work, family, boyfriend, friends.
    563. School, Work, Friends, Parents, Myself, Worries
    564. School, Work, Money
    565. School, Work, Money, Parents, Bags, Falling out with friends.
    566. School, Work, Relationships, Coursework.
    567. School, Working, Coursework, Teachers, Friends failing out, Illness
    568. School. Exams. Part time job. Arguments with family/friends.
    569. School/ coursework, Part time job
    570. School/College
    571. School/Coursework
    572. School/exams, Fighting with friends, Unpleasant strangers/threatening people.
    573. School/exams, fighting with my parents. Ex-boyfriend messing with my head.
    574. School/school friends, family/home situation, exams/relationship with my absent father.
    575. School-exams, Coursework, Friends arguing.
    576. School-exams, work, remembering everything money.
    577. School-Meeting, Course work deadlines and revising for test, Part time job.
    578. Schools, Exams, Friends
    579. School-so much more work, having to make decisions of where to go for work experience and having to decide your future at such a young age.
    580. School-tests, This survey
    581. Schoolwork deadlines, times leading up to examination time.
    582. Schoolwork due to AS-Level studies which is a large workload.
    583. Schoolwork, deadlines, part time job at times.
    584. Schoolwork, exams, trying to keep all my friends happy, boys, parents
    585. Schoolwork, Homework, Coursework, Exams (deadlines). Not understanding the above. People telling me to do too many things at once.
    586. Schoolwork, Money problems, Worries.
    587. Schoolwork, next having enough and home for everything.
    588. Schoolwork, worries, fighting with family
    589. Schoolwork/Exam, Friendship troubles.
    590. Sea cadets work and home
    591. Serving unhappy customers at work also lots of coursework in school.
    592. Skateboarding, when I can't land a certain trick.
    593. So much coursework, playing sports non stop.
    594. Social anxiety.
    595. Some teachers at school
    596. Some work situations.
    597. Sometimes Exams
    598. Sometimes friends, Sometimes schoolwork
    599. Sometimes School
    600. Sometimes school, A-level, but very rarely.
    601. Sometimes the amount of homework or revision I have to do makes me stressed, or issues with my friends sometimes contribute to stress.
    602. Studying and money especially at holidays.
    603. Stressing over stupid things e.g. school, work, friends
    604. Surveys like this.
    605. Taking care of things for people and fighting for people and credit crunch.
    606. Teachers having a word with my parents. Waiting for exam results.
    607. Tech
    608. Tech work. Work.
    609. Tech, sometimes they like to give a lot of work at the same time.
    610. Television
    611. Tension, work, when I can't do things, lack of sleep.
    612. Test, homework arguments with family.
    613. Tests ( AS levels), Family, Friends, Going-out, Shopping
    614. Tests in school, GCSE's but now [AS] levels, Parent's now and again, Occasionally friends.
    615. The amount of course work we get from the subjects I do at school. There is so much to get done in a short time.
    616. The amount of school work, having exams.
    617. The amount of work & decisions to be made (deciding on work experience & concern paths).
    618. The fact that I'm unemployed and am unable to keep up with my every day routine as I train a lot and have to use public transport.
    619. The main thing that makes me stressed is thinking about the future and making choices that will affect my future career.
    620. The only thing that makes me stressed is trying to get all my work done and I have been more stressed recently because the school show was taking up all my time and I wasn't getting time to do work or relax.
    621. The stress of exams is very high especially in a Grammar school were the average grades are very high. There is a lot of work & I'm finding it difficult to keep up. I really want & need to do well so I put a lot of pressure on myself.
    622. The work load of A - Levels.
    623. Thing[s] I can't do (Maths).
    624. Things that put me under pressure.
    625. Things to do & trying to impress people.
    626. Thinking of an amount of school work I have to do , or worried if I said something to someone to offerd them without realizing into after.
    627. Thinking of having to work myself.
    628. Thinking of the exams coming up in January and course work that has to be in before Christmas. Just trying to fit everything in.
    629. This is my business, not [yours]
    630. Time pressure
    631. To many things happening around the same time - not having the time to get things done that need done.
    632. To much things to do eg homework, projects (youth), drama (scripts) other things.
    633. To much work
    634. Too many responsibilities, too much work at school.
    635. Too much [work] having to be done & I not having it done. Afraid of not meeting deadline, Falling out with friends.
    636. Too much school work and not enough time to do it.
    637. Too much school work to be done in such little time.
    638. Too much school work, family issues.
    639. Too much school work. When people don't listen to me.
    640. Too much Schoolwork
    641. Too much work at once.
    642. Too much working on the farm.
    643. Training to be a chef and when your cooking and its not going right, if something has gone wrong and you[']r[e] trying to do things quickly.
    644. Trying to balance my school work with my extra curriculum & musical ambitions.
    645. Trying to get school work finished on time and the amount of work given.
    646. Trying to live up to other people's expectations of you. Day to day life. A lot of things.
    647. Trying to make decisions, about the future eg. Uni Exams.
    648. Under pressure to do things on time.
    649. Unfairness towards me for an unsupported reason.
    650. Usually School
    651. Usually school work and home work it.
    652. Waiting to be the age to drive, Sitting in at weekends, when I'm asked to do chases at home.
    653. Well I have anger issues and I take drugs.
    654. When at work, at college, or at home when the[re is] a hurry to get assignments done and handed in on time as I'm always working. (Need the Money)
    655. When friends are being bullied or abused and when playing football.
    656. When I am in work and its busy I get a[ngry] and lose the head
    657. When I can't get anything right then I can get frustrated easily. I also get stressed from not having a cigarette.
    658. When I don't catch onto work [I] am doing in college. When I can't get up what I am researching and I am running out of time to hand in assessment.
    659. When I get my exam results, When its busy at work.
    660. When I have a lot of things to do in very little time.
    661. When I have a lot of work at school.
    662. When I have exams or a lot of homework I get stressed
    663. When I have to handle to many different problems.
    664. When I work because I can not use the tills. They are difficult for me because I only sorted. And it gets me worried that I will be a failure.
    665. When I've been given a lot of homework to do; deadlines approach shortly and I don't get enough time to chill out. I'm okay most or the time though.
    666. When my family don't get on with the[ir] partners or my dad is not nice to me.
    667. When my mom doesn't let me do what I want to do and she goes on at me.
    668. When people around me and close to me become worried. Unhappy and sick around me.
    669. When someone close to me is upset or workloads get to[o] much. Also being unsure as to what to do in life eg after I leave college.
    670. When someone is trying to push me.
    671. When there's a lot of work to do but I have other things to do also.
    672. When things don't go to plan or if something happens and I can't fix it.
    673. When things don't go to plan.
    674. When things don't happen the way that they usually happen.
    675. When we have to hand in course work
    676. When you fall out with your friends. Lot of work of school.
    677. Wife, Friends, The post, School, Hads [?], Money problems in house
    678. With school work, and also things you done which are bad but you can't tell anyone.
    679. Work [7 respondents]
    680. Work - My future. When I phone my dad and he won't return my calls or his girlfriend won't put my dad on phone and whenever he buys her son clothes and toys and leaves me and my brothers out, he took them to Disneyland and didn't tell us he didn't get us anything.
    681. Work & College
    682. Work & Tech & (boyfriend)
    683. Work (School and job) Fall outs with friends.
    684. Work at school, my younger brother.
    685. Work, College
    686. Work fights with sisters at home.
    687. Work for college, Tec expects us to do so much at home and some students have other house jobs to do.
    688. Work from college.
    689. Work in School
    690. Work load at tech.
    691. Work loads - school and job family problems.
    692. Work, no one listening, people being ignorant.
    693. Work not being handed in on time and tests.
    694. Work, School [5 respondents]
    695. work, family
    696. Work, homework, getting a taxi home, fighting with friends.
    697. Work, school work, waking up on every morning.
    698. Work, tech coursework, falling out with people, being tired, making hard decisions.
    699. Work/school work - hard to keep a happy medium, tests/exams.
    700. Working and assignments for college.
    701. Working, Essays
    702. Working, food, anxiety.
    703. Work - meeting targets and having to constantly sell products. But I need the [money], school work - too much of it. Don't have the time to keep on top of things.
    704. Work - too many hours, school, relationships, money, Christmas weight.
    705. Worry about my college work just.
    706. Worry about, getting a job.
    707. Worrying about money circumstances in my family


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