Year: 2008
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A catholic boy was murdered in Ballymena by Protestants and I feel sectarianism needs to end.
  2. A lot of people are prejudiced, we are treated differently depending on our religion. We get into fights and are mocked over our religions, but in my opinion I think that community relations are a bit better than they were, and hopefully will get better in years to come.
  3. Adults aren't going to change-they have fixed views. If children can be taught to ignore religion then there could be change.
  4. Again there should be more done as regards integration. Whist it is acceptable for people to stick by their own beliefs, it is impossible for any advances in society when there is two parallel communities.
  5. Although there has been significant change, there are still many problems in communities which [I] don't think are taken as serious as they use[d] to.
  6. As a catholic teenagers living after the troubles I think relations should change.
  7. As a christian, I don't think that it matters what religion one is. I feel that religion is important to me but not in the sense that it separates me into [a] particular group. As people call themselves Protestant or Catholics without having any religious beliefs or ever having gone to church. It really shouldn't matter what religion someone is.
  8. As long as Protestants learn about English history and ignore Northern Irelands past, and Catholics learn about what the British did, things will never change.
  9. As long as the executive in Northern Ireland keep disagreeing so will the two main religions. Until it comes to an end the violence will continue.
  10. As much as I would like to have peace between Catholics and Protestants, it will never happen, some people are just brought up to hate the other religion and they know no better. But religion can kill so many people, fights between the two religions.
  11. At both social and professional levels, community relations is constantly developing in a positive way.
  12. Attitudes will change and be diluted through the generations.
  13. Because of our past-out sectarian violence being a reason community relations in the North of Ireland need to be strengthened and helped. This is an Island of many religions but ones which can work is co-operation for a better future. At the moment community relations are better than they ever have been but a future needs to be created in which there is no hatred or ill feeling between Catholic and Protestant.
  14. Better, as we can joke about it more, Catholics and Protestant are coming closer because of immigrants, but there will always be [a] sectarian barrier.
  15. Catholics of a sectarian frame of mind believe that they live in an Ireland and that the[y']re not from Northern Ireland and that they are Irish and not British. I myself have Catholic friends that support the Northern Irish football team and don't try to argue or disagree with me over politics and religion and the[ir] non sectarian attitude is the reason that [we] are brilliant at communicating and are good friends.
  16. Certain areas worse than others.
  17. Communities need to pull together more, so there is less violence on the streets and arrange a place where young people can go so they can get off the streets.
  18. Community relations are becoming more equal within different communities. The more you meet different community relations the more you become aware of you surroundings and more comfortable with others.
  19. Community relations are definitely improving and one organisation that is ensuring this is [the] Ulster Project. I think there should be more similar projects, even if only based in NI, as more % as generations will have cross community interaction.
  20. Community relations could be improved if all schools were mixed religious. I believe that people would be less likely to believe the stereotypes created by society if they had the opportunity to integrate with religions.
  21. Community relations in northern Ireland in my opinion has vastly improved and religion isn't much of an issue anymore except for maybe a small minority
  22. Community relations is getting better in northern Ireland.
  23. Community relations have prospered in the last few years but there is still some hatred which in my opinion I think will always stay.
  24. Cross community projects, e.g. Ulster Project, are great.
  25. EMU projects are a good idea, as it teaches children from an early age that people of another religion are not to be feared, and are just the same as themselves.
  26. Even though sectarianism is decreasing, there still is a slight problem with it. It should be sorted sooner rather than later to ensure things never go back to the way they were.
  27. Eventually the religous divide will be non-existant.
  28. Everybody is the same whether they are catholic or protestant.
  29. Everyone should just learn to get on with each other.
  30. Everything comes back to the Old Catholic vs. protestant fighting. Most people don't even accept that other religions exist. I get a lot of hassling from people because I'm openly atheist. But I try to educate the [???] to how much damage they are doing.
  31. Family attitudes influence opinions of other religions. People who are prejudiced towards other religions are just looking for a fight - if everyone in the world was the same religion, they would find something else to argue about.
  32. Football is a great way of bringing the communities together.
  33. From a young age, more should be done in schools to combat sectarianism. Learn about other religions. Even simply the differences between Catholicism & Protestantism.
  34. Get proper leaders. I can't vote our puppet gov is a joke.
  35. Growing up I moved from place to place, so I have learnt a lot about different cultures and religions and have learnt to accept the differences in each individual. Socializing young people into different minority is very important as they are going to be the growing up and meeting with different people.
  36. Hopefully they will keep improving.
  37. How we see other religions and how we treat them etc. is caused by how we are brought up.
  38. I attend a mixed school and it has really opened my eyes. In RE lessons we learned about both Protestant & Catholic churches and realised there isn't much difference. People don't care if you are Protestant or Catholic, I believe they matter more about what nationality you are (in my opinion). People just use religion as an excuse, when we aren't very different at all.
  39. I attend a very open minded Quaker School and I am agnostic. My friend is Mormon so I see no problem with people of different religions mixing. It makes for good debates in RE.
  40. I attend college with the protestant community and I get on well and I'm friendly with them.
  41. I believe my area of Fermanagh is quite good with cross community relations, apart from few groups which I believe there always will be, but violence & grudges seem to be escalating in other areas. Burning of GAA/orange halls.
  42. I believe some people from both sides of the community are being prejudiced and basically need to look at things logically, we're all human beings.
  43. I believe that religions do not matter to most young people in Northern Ireland. It is important the religious mix for future generations to get along together in a peaceful world.
  44. I believe that the religious relations will become better in years to come
  45. I believe that they are improving.
  46. I can get a long fine with Catholic friends and most likely other Catholics who are friendly and not hell bent [?] on religion for image. As goes for Protestants, Get rid of trouble making scumbags from both sides and watch sectarianism in N.I disappear.
  47. I currently live in an area, where it is mainly a protestant community. I also lived in an area where it was mainly a catholic community. And I can easily say the catholic community was just as nice, if not nicer than the protestant community.
  48. I dislike people who argue over religion yet don't go to church themselves, it seems silly. They worship the same god but can't get along.
  49. I do have a couple of neighbours in my area who are not of the same religions as me, and there is no ill feeling at all between anyone in my area. I feel people are judged more on their personality now a days than there religions background. I think this is a brilliant improvement in relations in Northern Ireland as I have heard reports from my parents about the way situations used to be, and I am glad to be living in today's society as there aren't as many divides in the community. The catholic reaction to the police force has also improved as more catholic people are joining the police force and there are less sectarian attacks on the police in the world we live in today.
  50. I do not know an awful lot about the troubles but I think it left many with a permanent hatred towards those in the opposite religion that still exists to today.
  51. I do not like how religion is being used as a term to describe protestant and catholic. Jesus Christ died for both protestant and catholic and the only thing that matters is that both groups accept him into their lives.
  52. I do not think it is morally correct to discriminate or avoid people of a different religion. All religions are very interesting, if you take the time to learn them.
  53. I do see that there is a lot of segregation in Northern Ireland for example by just looking at the villages near my home. I can see that nearly all of them are of one main religion only with a few people in them who don't belong to the main religion in that area. Although the people in these areas interact with each other and it is only at certain times of the year that these villages are segregated.
  54. I don't care so much about who I'm friends with as I do have protestant friends but Northern Ireland citizens, catholic & protestant will never fully get along. Too many are too headstrong and too many remain in the past instead of moving into future.
  55. I don't care what religion someone is, so long as they are a good person. I would be their friend. People should be free to practice whatever religion they want without fear of persecution.
  56. I don't feel that religious identity is very important because as long as you are your own person and have your own 'personal identity' it shouldn't matter about the religious side of it.
  57. I don't feel I know enough to form an opinion on the matter, but the pain that I have seen (on both sides of he divide) has been devastating. People need to let their hatred go and move on. But I feel N.I. future is very bright.
  58. I don't really think it is religion which is the problem in NI I think it has to do with social, economic and upbringing. People on the Malone Road don't care who their neighbours are whereas it would bother people in the Shankill or the Falls. Ignorance is another problem and communication!
  59. I don't see why all Protestants and Catholics can't agree and get on. It would make others and their lives a lot easier.
  60. I don't think it's fair making a difference between protestant & catholic. We should all be treated the same.
  61. I don't think it's really a problem any more.
  62. I don't think that religion should matter in community relations.
  63. I don't think the past should be used in our defense all the time i.e. funding. Thankfully there is only a few people from by gone days (trouble makers) left. So it is up to us the young of today - the future of years to come to sort this land out and leave the past behind for the history book. We should get alive a get over the past.
  64. I don't usual[ly] meet people from other religions.
  65. I feel as though the religious implications in Northern Ireland are more so to do with political rivalry. The beliefs of the multitude of religions are not debated or questioned. It's just used as an excuse to fuel political rivalry. Which in a sense is rather disrespectful to Christianity and completely futile.
  66. I feel both sides need to step back, take the initiative to end this arguing for the better of the country and to save lives!
  67. I feel that community relations between Catholic and Protestant communities are improving, but we should be acting now to improve community relation[s] between Northern Irish communities and the Polish/Chinese/Indian communities, as well as other smaller communities, before it is too late and these groups become too segregated.
  68. I feel that it is important to accept others for who they are and give everyone a chance, but I also think that we should be proud of our country as a whole community. I think that it is good to be proud of where you come from and I think we should be aiming towards the day when people from both sides of the community can come together to be patriotic about Northern Ireland as a separate country.
  69. I feel that parents are instilling nationalist & loyalist hatred in their children from an early age. Government policy and social help is needed.
  70. I feel that sectarian division exists most strongly in more deprived communities and I feel the key to bettering this situation is in education.
  71. I feel the majority of young people do not take an interest in conflicts between religions/races. It is small minorities that seem to over rule and voice the opinions of an apparent 'majority'.
  72. I feel we need to more to improve community relations. There has been a religious divide for too long and we need to sort it out before it goes back to the way it was.
  73. I find it interesting to learn about different cultures. However some of my friends, family and peers are simply against different religions or backgrounds.
  74. I hate sectarianism & dislike the hypocrisy of Protestants & Catholics both believe in God but still fight with each other.
  75. I have worked in cross community project and feel children should be urged to do the same. I'm not totally changed but in the process of really seeing both sides.
  76. I hope it will improve for the sake of all young people!
  77. I hope they continue to get better.
  78. I hope they get better as we are all the same. We are not different as we are all human.
  79. I just wish that they were far better-I hope that in 5 years time there will be less sectarianism in NI, but I don't think they will improve-there is too much history there.
  80. I know it is a cliché to say 'blame the parents' but I agree with it. I was brought up in a family 50% catholic 50% protestant so that I quickly learnt that religion is just a label. I think there should be less RE in schools & more about different races & cultures (more understanding questioning which is hard to do in an RE class because the reply is normally 'because the bible says so').
  81. I know people who do & say awful things about people from my religion (Catholics). It's scary. However, I went to a Protestant Primary School so they would never harm me becasue some of them think I am a Protestant.
  82. I live in a village which is entirely Protestant, yet no one in my family are sectarian but my father grew up here. I am afraid to tell people. I live here as many people know its Protestant based.
  83. I really do no see the point in arguments incoming [?] religion, people cannot and should not attempt to change people's views, because in the end it doesn't matter. When people go on in their lives it is pointless to constantly strike up arguments for the sake of proving a point.
  84. I think community relations are getting a lot better as I play for a mixed-religion football team and have friends of mixed-religions, and I don't get looked down upon.
  85. I think community relations have improved greatly since my early teens with people from all denominations mixing although at certain times of the year such as the 12th tension [is] created.
  86. I think community relations in Northern Ireland, especially relations between Protestants and Catholics, will only improve if children from different religious backgrounds are brought up together from an early age. Also, if children are taught more about different religions in schools, then this may lead to better community relations.
  87. I think community relations still have problems because a lot of people are caught up in the past.
  88. I think in general it is getting better but some people still allow religion to govern a large part of their lives.
  89. I think Ireland should be Catholic, and Protestants should live in England, Wales and Scotland.
  90. I think it is ridiculous how people judge over people [and] the[ir] colour.
  91. I think it is stupid that people of different religions don't get along with each other just because they have a different religion. I have a few protestant friends but I would still prefer to live in my own religion community because there would be less fighting.
  92. I think it's about time all schools are mixed.
  93. I think it's really sad the way people fight over religion.
  94. I think Northern Ireland should stop with the racism and sectarianism as we are all equal. Only the things we do decide on how we should be treated.
  95. I think people are just taking their religion to serious and don't even realise who they are affecting. I live in a mixed religion community and have noticed the conflict between Protestants and Catholics. I don't understand why as the troubles have nothing to do with our generation as it is now.
  96. I think people are too concerned with religion and the colour of people's skin.
  97. I think people need to wise up, it's only religion. If people have different views eg one likes radio, [the] other doesn't it doesn't matter, so why does religion?
  98. I think people take other religions in a wrong way. Ex people would think all Muslims are terrorists. But this is wrong. Not all Muslims are terrorists. So I think that people should not judge someone before they meet them and get to know them more.
  99. I think sectarianism is a disgrace in NI, the fact that there is such a difference seen between Protestants & Catholics amazes me however, I still feel proud to be of a protestant background but I would never be sectarian.
  100. I think segregation and engrained sectarianism in parents have a profound influence on young people. The conflict and Irish history are not properly taught from on impartial viewpoint, meaning many do not fully understand the situation and are left to make do with biased accounts from their family/community stoking sectarian tensions.
  101. I think some people, who have been brought up in a mainly catholic/protestant area are just a little bit apprehensive when in a workplace etc. and their colleagues are the opposite.
  102. I think that Catholic and Protestants should learn to get along and forget about the troubles.
  103. I think that NI people are nice but it is difficult for me say about community relation because no one want to talk with me just because I'm Polish.
  104. I think that relation[s] are slightly better but I would still feel intimidated and [not] safe if I were to go into an area where mostly people living there were of another religion.
  105. I think that religion shouldn't a matter.
  106. I think that the only reason that there isn't as much tension between Protestants and Catholics is because the tension is now between them and other ethnic groups.
  107. I think that there is still quite a lot of segregation as for living in towns goes, but I think it is better for people to have mixed friends - friends from both sides of the community.
  108. I think that we are all human beings and no one is better than anyone else, but we should all have a say in politics, e.g. if Protestants get to march on their days, Catholics should to[o] which they don't.
  109. I think the difference between cultural Christianity and prioritising [?] Christianity need[s] to be made clear. In Northern Ireland we use 'Protestant' and 'Catholic' as cultural term when they should be used to describe the tradition which a Christian put on [???]. Many of my requirement [?] describe themselves as 'Protestant' but not Christians which against me.
  110. I think the relations will get better because hopefully people will develop a more mature attitude to the whole situation but just like racism in America, it will never go away completely.
  111. I think the topic of sex discrimination should be refused [?] as it is a big issue.
  112. I think the younger generation will sort it out. The current governing generation caused the problems. Things will be far better without them.
  113. I think there is a lot going on to try help to solve sectarian views. For example I went on a cross-community trip a few months ago to America with a group called Friends Forever. I think that projects like those help solve problems between people of different religions.
  114. I think things have definitely improved.
  115. I think things have improved on this issue, since there are less and less sectarian attacks.
  116. I was best friends with my neighbour (protestant) but all off a sudden out of nowhere she posted on her bebo. “I hate all fenians and fenian loving bastards." This began as her friends started going with Catholics. I was very insulted and haven't spoken to her since. She all said 'British are proud'. Born a prod, live a prejudice a prod' and the cry was no surrender, fuck the pope'
  117. I went on a 'cross-community' trip with school and I don't feel it benefited any as the 'Protestant' schools talked to each other, and the Catholic schools talked to each other to. There wasn't that much of a mix.
  118. I wish some people would put the past behind them and stop wasting their time fighting. Somebody's religion shouldn't influence the way you treat them as a person.
  119. I wish that religion didn't make people fight.
  120. I would just like to see everyone get on with each other because the troubles were back in the day, not now.
  121. I would like to be taught about all the other religions. For example I'm not to sure what Hindus believe etc. I think if schools taught more about every religion, we would understand more and each other.
  122. I would like to think it's not as bad as it use[d] to be and that in the future it will not be a problem at all, and if there is, I hope there is still people being the mixed youth clubs going on.
  123. I would personally like to see community relations in Northern Ireland improve, so that there can be a better togetherness in the community.
  124. I would send a child to a school where they will be educated in their religion as I believe this is important, I would choose to live in an area of my own religion because I believe NI has not fully moved away from the trouble of the past, I think that the issued [?] identity is more important than that of religions.
  125. I would want all Catholic maintained schools to be brought under the Northern Irish Government School rather than under a separate organisation as I feel it is devisive and an institute that needs to be removed now.
  126. I'd like everyone to open the[ir] eyes and realise we're all the same and the bigger issues we could be tackling together.
  127. If doesn't matter what religion you are. You are all the same human beings.
  128. If people aren't ready to be mixed, don't force it.
  129. I feel that community relation is improving and I hope my children will not feel the divide or conflict between Catholic and Protestants.
  130. If w[h]ere I live, a very protestant area [name of town)] can get ok, about 50% of friends are Protestants, and I am Catholic, why can't the other areas not accept it? People in my West Belfast School cannot believe I live and have Protestants as friends!
  131. If you practice your religion properly, then you should be considerate enough to not think of people from other religions to be any different. If you don't practice your religion properly, then you shouldn't be arguing about it.
  132. Improving
  133. In Co Tyrone there is a lot of sectarian tension, even among children because of how they have been brought up and due to the history of that area. Personally I do not have good relations with the Catholics here as they have given us a lot of abuse as we travel to and from school and so therefore I find it hard to involve myself with them but while on holiday I have had no problem mocking friends with Catholics as they do not have the some attitude towards Protestants in other parts of Northern Ireland.
  134. In Fermanagh where I live in particular is very un-sectarian. The relationship is between catholic & protestant school [???] is very good. I personally have not experienced any bitterness & if I have it has not affected me or my friends or our views.
  135. In [name of town] here there is violence between Catholics and Protestants and I myself have been directly involved in this because I have been chased through [the town] park by a large group of Protestants on mopeds with glass bottles and we go backed [?] the police who said they would ring me back and have not done. So far about 8 months.
  136. In many places I know relations are very bad but not having any significant religious background has caused me to keep away from the whole argument thankfully.
  137. In my estate we fight all the time.
  138. In my opinion, I'd say most rows with people my age is over “the prods", but the ones that are fighting, have not got a clue what the are fighting over!!! They've either been told how to [???] that way of thinking or it's the trend to think with the[ir] peers so they just go with it, they haven't got their own opinion it's been forced onto them!!!
  139. In the past things were really bad, but now is getting better.
  140. Integrated education had greatly helped.
  141. Integrated education is a good idea, especially primary schools.
  142. Integrated schools help people from different religions come together and be friends. It also lets people see that they are only human and can be nice, genuine people. I have attended an integrated school for 5 years and it made me realise this.
  143. It doesn't bother me religion.
  144. It doesn't bother me.
  145. It doesn't matter what religion you are people are all the same they just have different beliefs.
  146. It doesn't matter what religion you are we are all people at the end of the day but believe in different faiths and go to different types of school or churches or chapels.
  147. It doesn't really affect me.
  148. It has greatly improved, whilst the people involved in the troubles stay in Stormont... the people will never move on!
  149. It has improved dramatically since the Good Friday agreement.
  150. It is apparent that anyone [is] improving and the divides are becoming less important. However there are still reports of sectarian attacks and people who do feel very strongly and feel extremely hateful towards the other side.
  151. It is better to learn about different religions from an early age so you know what they believe in.
  152. It is getting gradually better.
  153. It is mostly older generations who still tied over the nationalist and unionist divide. Most younger generations couldn't care less about religious divisions, if from better off families or education. However, younger generations with less education still tend to hold on to the divisions.
  154. It will get worse before it gets better.
  155. It's getting a better place to live.
  156. It's getting a lot better, I have noted in the past years, like all my friends, everyone is mixed, half Protestant and half Catholic .
  157. It's good as Northern Ireland is becoming more modern and some day it could be just like London or New York but only safer.
  158. It's hard to answer for all NI as different answers apply to different areas.
  159. It's mostly because of tradition that some people don't mix- e.g. grantparents that tell their family not to trust anyone from a different religion.
  160. It's slowly improving.
  161. It's stupid that people my age have enemies due to religion. The hatred is being passed down through the generations and therefore I don't see the situation in NI improving. I don't think religion determines what a person is like.
  162. Just that I went to a mixed school and learnt a lot from being with other religions.
  163. Less and less people talk to their neighbors so I don't [think] it matters that much to people anymore.
  164. Live and let live.
  165. Loyalists, republican and paramilitary organisations really need to stop acting like children. They like to think they are the noise of their communities, but in actual fact, most civilised people in this province don't really care anymore about national identity.
  166. Maybe not, What do you call a black man flying a plane? a pilot ye racist!
  167. Mixed community relations are, in my opinion better!
  168. More integration required.
  169. More mixed youth clubs.
  170. More should be done to allow relationship to be formed from all religions, races etc.
  171. Most community's are now mixed in Northern Ireland. Very few are not.
  172. Most of the majority have good relations, Some are raised from one side of the story.
  173. Most people are fine and get on with life but some people are still holding grudges and so the difference between Catholics and Protestants will always be a problem.
  174. Mothers and fathers passing on their opinions of hatred of other religions is causing children to agree. However, they have no idea why they have these opinions. This is unbelievably irresponsible of the parents. Let the children make their own choices only they have met the people.
  175. MP's should not be past terrorists, new MP's are needed. All parties should be immigrate its one and being both sides, together.
  176. My views are often squashed by other friends who are strong against protestants.
  177. Need more cross community activities in & outside school.
  178. No one religion is more correct or important than the other. Everyone has a right to follow whatever creed they chose comfortably without feeling intimidated.
  179. Not really. A lot of my best friends are Catholics it makes no difference to me - I don't care what religion a person is.
  180. Over the years community relations have got better in Northern Ireland, and hopefully the can continue to get better.
  181. Paramilitary armies need to give their, guns away forever, the police force are as bad they do not try and stop them the police need to be braver.
  182. People are friendly and racist in N.Ireland
  183. People are improving their views on different religions within NI although some people will never want to get on with everyone they will only like their own 'religion'.
  184. People are people so religion shouldn't matter in terms of relations but unfortunately it does.
  185. People are raising their kids to feel hatred forward protestant/Catholics. This is why the relationship will still be the same as it is just constantly carrying on.
  186. People here always confuse religion and politics. It has nothing to do with religion anymore, it's all about crime and beliefs (political). Religion is only a way of picturing someone out.
  187. People need to be educated and understand religions and move on in life, and leaving the sectarian fights, riots and segregation behind.
  188. People need to grow up, it's not about our race/religion, we need to come together
  189. People need to stop caring about other peoples religion. They are still people with different opinions to yours.
  190. People should rise up! More serious issues are happening that outrun sectarianism. The assembly should also get rid of its tribal politics. You shouldn't have to declare yourself nationalist or unionist when entering assembly. People should focus more on class politics rather than sectarianism.
  191. People should wise-up and realise there is more to life than hating others because of their beliefs!
  192. People will always be discriminated against no matter what their culture or religion is.
  193. Personally, I don't know why, for example, Catholics and Protestants should have a problem with each other, they just have a different religion but we are all the same and we shouldn't feel hatred towards each other.
  194. Personally, it does not bother me whether or not you are Protestant or Catholic etc. I don't believe it should matter what someone's religion is, and that everyone should treat each other equally. Its just ridiculous and pointless fighting over it - it's a disgrace. I don't know whether I would want my children in a mixed-religion school or not, as I would not want other children picking on them for their religion and I would not want them to have to get involved in such conflict. On the other hand, going to a mixed-religion school might make the children get along and be accepting of other religions, so I don't know. Most likely would prefer a mixed school.
  195. Protestant and Catholics should just get along because everyone has feelings, families and are just human!
  196. Protestants prefer to socialise with Protestant and Catholics with Catholics, although same people are open minded and it doesn't bother them.
  197. Relations among the younger generation (16-20) are better then those among over 20s.
  198. Relations between Protestants and Catholic are much better now but there will always be some sort of conflict or discrimination between the two. Attitudes in many young people now are very different to that of their parents/grand parents.
  199. Religion is the biggest load of Shit.
  200. Religion plays too much of a part in our society. People need to respect others views and wise up. After all the only significant difference between Catholics and protestants is the virgin Mary!!! People need to stop brain washing their children and allow them to have their own views about religion & foreign nationals! Religion was never ment to be causing these problems!
  201. Religious issues are getting worse due to divides in communities.
  202. Religious differences don't bother me, but political differences do.
  203. Rule Britannia
  204. Schools shouldn't be segregated.
  205. Sectarian views will always be held by some in N.I, I don't believe they will ever go away and so there will always be conflict here. I do believe people are becoming more accepting of each other, but until the day a Catholic can walk down the Shankill Road and a Protestant down the Falls Road, no one can truly say that sectarism doesn't exist.
  206. Sectarianism in [ the] north [of Ireland] is ridiculous. The sectarianism needs to end.
  207. Sectarianism is absolutely ridiculous. People should respect everyone who lives in the same country as them.
  208. Should be a lot more activities for teenagers and children.
  209. Some catholics and protestants get on, but there are some people who are ignorant and ruin it for all.
  210. Some of my best friends are Protestants, and I do not judge people by their religion. We all have the right to our own opinion.
  211. Some people are very narrow minded or don't know enough about other religions, but judge these people anyway. Bastards.
  212. Some people are willing to make the effort. But, unless everyone wants to try things are never going to change.
  213. Stormont has improved the situation greatly however as long as there is single religion school[s] there will always be segregation.
  214. Tension will rise if Sinn Fein attempt any sort of union with the south [of Ireland].
  215. That protestants and Catholics are just the same but with different religious we should and just get along and forget about the past.
  216. That teenagers in this age may be troubled but are for more open minded than teenagers 30 years ago.
  217. The catholic and protestant fighting should end...we are both Christians and there are worse things going on in the world
  218. The feud between Catholics and protestants needs to stop. Otherwise, we're going to end up like we were in the 70s and more lives will be destroyed.
  219. The labels of 'Protestant' and 'Catholic' often do not have anything to do with the beliefs or religious views of that person. It is now an excuse to fit into a box and identify people in a certain way before understanding them and getting to know them. On the surface, relations seem to have improved but I believe that there are still many views and biased attitudes that will take up to fifty years to overcome.
  220. The main area which the hatred comes from is all the well hard nuts that think they are it [???] . Most other religions then [?] your own are nice and welcome you with open arms. I know Catholics, and black people who are nice[er] than some protestants but some are not.
  221. The NI is a very well structure[d] community.
  222. The politicians cause most of the problems. I think they don't want to see an end to all of this, I am sure they don't want to be unemployed and if things were peaceful the majority of them all would be.
  223. The politics created by religion cause friction. The leaders of churches must come together and share leadership to its people. Relations can only improve when religion is taken out of the equation. Jesus Christ was not a Catholic nor a Protestant. He is the one why give us Christianity. Forget religion and allow us all to have our own beliefs which must be personal and not imposed.
  224. The reason that I like living in a Catholic neighborhood and love my religion is nothing to do with the Catholic or Protestant fights, but because I have great faith in God, and what being a Catholic represents.
  225. The relations between Catholics and Protestants have improved greatly since the troubles.
  226. The relationship between different communities were once strained but now less so.
  227. The sores of the 1970's will take a long time to heal, on both sides of the community. Yet things like power sharing give hope for the future.
  228. The way in which people of different religions within a community work with each other the political parties work with each other. So maybe they should set a better example and work together as that is the only way we will progress as a nation. I knew it's easier said than done - but let by gones be by gones.
  229. The youth are terrible, religious people are real bad to the rest of us.
  230. There are greater problems in the world rather than people being arrogant about others.
  231. There are people who are ignorant and will not accept Catholics and protestants living together as their [?] the way they were brought up. Most accept it, but some or a minority will not accept it.
  232. There are still fights between catholic and protestants.
  233. There are too many people that will always be prejudiced about religion but most young people aren't that bothered by religious differences.
  234. There is a lot of sectarianism.
  235. There is a lot of segregation, but no matter how much money is spent on these type of projects to overcome this, it will always happen.
  236. there is no need to fight, because we are all one
  237. There is some ridiculous things between Protestants and Catholics in NI which should stop as they get nowhere and are pointless.
  238. There should be more intergraded schools, religion should not be a problem!
  239. There will always be a strong divide between the two religions. It's died down a lot since 5 years ago yes, but it is still a very touchy topic and [it] is not wise to dig too deeply into. I find being English in NI is quite tricky at times but it has never stopped me having a good time.
  240. There will always be people who treat people from different religions differently, but it doesn't matter to most people.
  241. They are getting better, but dig a little & old prejudices are still there.
  242. They are getting better generally.
  243. They are getting better.
  244. They are improving significantly.
  245. They are not going to dramatically improve in the near future, but it is better then "The Troubles" anyway.
  246. They could be non existent if people didn't hold grudges and pass their judgments to their children because it becomes one big vicious circle and nothing will improve completely.
  247. They have got better but they will never disappear, it's part of our history & heritage and surprisingly, it should not be forgotten.
  248. They should all be mixed.
  249. They should be intertwined.
  250. They're getting better
  251. They're very bad!
  252. Things are getting better, but I'm off in zoiz to London.
  253. Things are getting better, but they could still improve.
  254. Think schools have a lot to do with children's behavior, I left school Oct 2007 before sitting my GCSE's, I left because I wasn't happy. I was gang bullied and these girls were taking it out of school to.
  255. Those personally different religions don't make a difference to me. I would dislike someone if they were not catholic although, if some was nice to me causes of my religion, that I would be more wary of different religions.
  256. Throughout the years the protestant Catholic divide has been strengthened if they want this feeding to end they must show some form of this. In some cases it is because of what their parents believe in others it is because football teams etc. Address these issues first.
  257. Times are pretty bad for teenagers, there are a lot of sectarian attacks close to home but do the people commiting these crimes fully understand what they're supposedly 'fighting' for?
  258. We all need to learn to live together and respect each other as human beings made in god image.
  259. We are all the same, yes we might have different beliefs. But we are all human. Doesn't matter, protestant or catholic we're all human.
  260. We can move on when the past gets left behind
  261. We have a local shopping centre which is in between a protestant community & a Catholic community and sometimes I feel scared to go to my local shopping centre. The two sides sometimes riot and things get worse for a few weeks and then [it] dies down. But will the fight even stop? I think it is down to the parents on how they bring their children up but also the area which influences them.
  262. We need to become more interested about different religions, beliefs etc.
  263. We should all respect each others religion & beliefs. Why for equal opportunities should you need to still what religion you are?
  264. We should respect each other regardless.
  265. We should try to put our religion behind us and live equality.
  266. when i was in liverpool a scouse man asked me and my freind (my best freind) where we were from i said Ireland my freind responded northern ireland , i asked my freind why he said that he said i dont fight the fact that the britsh took the land, nor do i but i beleive everyone should be proud to be IRISH weather they are north or south!
  267. Where I live there are no integrated school for secondary educations. Especially not grammar.
  268. Will always be the same I think.
  269. With each passing year community relations seem to get better but there will always be people stuck in the same old ways.
  270. With racism in the world, religion is just another stupid thing that divides us, Europe would be better off without it.
  271. Would prefer to live in area with own religion only for a feeling of security.
  272. Yeah, Catholics & Protestants in N.I are not religious how many of them actually follow the example of Jesus of the church. Many use it as a trigger for politics and sectarianism.
  273. Yes we are all human so we should treat everyone equally.
  274. Yes, I feel that the relations have got better in the last couple of years but don't think it will get any better. As we will always be divided! No matter how friendly we get with each other, which I feel is a big shame!
  275. Yes, in those questions you say "religion", I have a lot of protestant friends, they go to the 12th and stuff like that but are not bitter. But the majority of people in the [name] estate I live in are very backward, there not protestants, because they don't go to church, they are loyalists who like to be bully's.
  276. You can't tell what a persons religion between Catholic & Protestant by looking at them unless they are wearing a football jersey. The arguments have went on for too long & now we need peace & hopefully soon.
  277. You know I'm fed up of this catholic/protestant thing. Seriously I get on well with many [???] and the only reason sectarianism still exists today is due to extremist political parties (DUP, Sinn Fein etc.) who seem to be there only to stir up trouble.
  278. Young people today are not against the other religion because they actually care, but because they have been brought up that way. To hate each other, very few people actually understand and hold their own opinions, they just believe what other tell them.
  279. Young people who do not live or go to school with other people from strong Catholic or Protestant backgrounds don't really know why there is such tension between the two denominations. They are both Christian.
  280. Younger people can help to get away from the religious divide by taking part in cross- Community programmers.

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