Year: 2007
Module: Politics
Variable: WHATNI

Below is the full list of open-ended responses to the question:

'The new Assembly has the potential to shape the future for our society. Please use the space below to say what sort of society you want Northern ireland to be in the future.'

NB: Square brackets indicate where the text was edited for grammatical reasons. A number in parentheses indicates how many respondents gave a particular response.


A "more happy" NI, so to speak. I know that there is not a lot of unhappiness in NI but I feel that people should be made more aware of the level of homelessness that actually is here and also I feel that the situation about the transfer test should be deeply thought about. Is it a good idea to get rid of it?

A better place for young people

A better place to live in, and a safer environment. There should be more facilities for the young and old.

A British, peaceful society

A caring society where no-one should have to live with being discriminated against or their lives being made unnecessarily hard

A classless, free society

A clean happy place to live in where houses and accommodation are affordable instead of young people living in a life of loans

A clean safe environment for all the people of NI

A cleaner and more welcoming society where you are not judged by your race, religion etc.

A close co-operative society

A community spirit, less segregation between Catholics and Protestants and to see us all live as one to the best of our ability

A cool one

A cross-community society and a peaceful one and an anti-crime one.

A diverse society devoid of prejudice and judgement

A drug free, safe, non discrimination based society

A fair and equal society in which everybody has a role and motivation

A fair and just place where all people can live together

A fair and open society with no divides or boundaries

A fair one where you don't get things just because of who you know in Sinn Fein or DUP! Young people should be a priority as we are the future

A fair one which will not be seen as lesser that the rest of the UK

A fair society with little violence, discrimination or inequalities. We need to build a new reputation for Belfast, now we have the chance to.

A fairer society, the law may "stop" people from being discriminated against for e.g. jobs, but people themselves still judge others on the colour of their skin or how rich they are or where they come from

A friendly and peaceful place

A friendly environment. A multi-cultural society

A friendly society where people can show their religion and not be discriminated against for it. Also more activities for young people to participate in

A future where you can go out after 9pm and not have to worry about getting attacked

A good healthy, no racism, no murders and a friendly society

A happy peaceful community where you can travel anywhere without being hassled

A happy relaxed country. No racism and everyone will get on with each other

A happy society but in order to make this work we need a settled and clean society

A happy society where everyone is accepted for who they are and no one has to worry about money or crime

A happy society where everyone lives in happiness together, no discrimination or racism

A higher tourist level; greater activities for foreigners, more tourist attractions. A clamp down on racial discrimination

A just society with full implication of civil rights, regardless of what community you belong to. Keeping in mind that little or no violence should be caused. We should all follow the same rights and obligations.

A kind and friendly society and no more fighting

A kind welcoming society

A less sectarian Northern Ireland with more cross community activities for children from a young age so it reduces violence

A less violent area, a friendly place. More police worrying about bigger crimes rather than small crimes

A mixed community of all races. A peaceful reunited Ireland

A modern society where things in the past can be left in the past

A more peaceful community, as in no divides between Protestants and Catholics, e.g. all schools made to be integrated so people are more open-minded

A more popular tourist destination, a nice place to live and providing all essential requirements for foreigners and more laws to protect them against discrimination.

A more safer environment for everyone in your area. An environment where people can appreciate each other and without violence.

A more secure place to live. Equal rights, no matter what age, race etc.

A more together society, rather than having areas where Catholics live and areas where Protestants live. Have more mixed areas. It just starts trouble

A multicultural society built on respect and tolerance. A society free of hatred and discrimination. An all inclusive society, one in which all feel proud to play an active part within

A multicultural society where people are at least tolerant of others.

A multicultural society, a safe society, a society that listens to the needs of all its people

A NI where Catholics and Protestants live in peace

A NI where everyone can live in peace with no difference made because of who they are

A nice safe place for children to play and for elderly people to go out for a walk. More neighbourhood watches to keep the areas safer

A non-sectarian, mature, safe society

A peaceful and happy place, where Catholics and Protestants can work side by side

A peaceful and harmonious society admired throughout the world making our city and country a place for all to want to come and visit

A peaceful and integrated society

A peaceful and productive NI that will provide work for years to come

A peaceful and productive society, in which people of all religions and races can live successfully amongst each other.

A peaceful country where people of the same religion can live alongside each other. In addition I would like to see businesses in NI thrive.

A peaceful NI and for NI to stay as NI and not to become part of Ireland

A peaceful one, much like the one nowadays, I enjoy living here.

A peaceful one, where there is no more tension between the two communities and all past events are forgotten

A peaceful place to live in with less crime and violence on the streets

A peaceful place with very little violence and less segregated areas

A peaceful society [2]

A peaceful society where people aren't judged by religion, race etc and where people aren't divided by religion

A peaceful society where young people can be taken as seriously as adults. People could feel safe to walk down any road without feeling threatened or in danger.

A peaceful society which does not always go back to the troubles. Foreign workers to be given good, safe housing and paid the same as everybody else. All schools to be integrated so that Catholic and Protestant children will get educated together

A peaceful society with a high standard of living

A peaceful society with career opportunities and with more tourism so that I can be proud of my society

A peaceful society, where both religions can mix and play opposite religion sports and don't be discriminated against because of this

A peaceful, happy place where everyone feels welcome, wanted and safe

A peaceful, happy society with good cross-community relations.

A peaceful, prosperous, fair society

A place that just because of your religion does not mean that you should be discriminated against

A place to live where the Protestants and Catholics be treated equally

A place where all religions can live without conflict

A place where every time you turn on the news you don't hear about a sectarian attack, on either Catholic or Protestant, or even an attack on a person of a different race.

A place where money is nothing to worry about and everyone can meet their basic needs

A place where people can feel safe and secure with a good sense of community spirit, regardless of age, gender, race, religion etc.

A place where people can live happily if not together then separately but with no fighting

A place where people old and young can go about their everyday lives without fear for themselves, their family and their possessions from groups who show a lack of respect to authority and the law. A society where the punishment suits the crime

A place where we will not have to have police at every event like a march or festival

A place where young people can grow and develop in a safe society free from the problems associated with drug abuse, religious and racial discrimination and a decrease in incidents of suicide and child abuse.

A place with a better reputation than its current standing. Somewhere people can be that bit prouder to say "I'm from there"

A positive society, with Catholics and Protestants living and working together without any sectarian tension or violence. More respect should be given for our different cultures and more emphasis should be given to the things that bring us together, not draw us apart

A prosperous society with more tolerance. One that we can be proud of

A safe and clean environment for children to grow up in

A safe and clean environment that children can be brought up in. No more arguments or fights over religion, race etc. Hopefully for the society not to be divided by a bridge or flags. For there to be integration in estates between Protestants and Catholics

A safe approachable, generous and helping society

A safe friendly society

A safe place for children and teenagers to spend time outside in the evenings with friends

A safe place to be after going out i.e. when travelling home very often you find yourself in the position where you could be in a fight.

A safe society for everyone to be happy living in, one where everyone gets along and there is no fighting. Where children can go out into the street and play without being attacked.

A safe society where people aren't ever afraid to leave their homes or say something out of place

A safe society where people do not live in fear and where people are happy and can get jobs in order to support their families. Also people that graduated from university should be able to get a job that they have just done a degree for.

A safe society with a lower crime rate and less racism and peace between Catholics and Protestants

A safe, non-sectarian community which I know that in the future my children will be safe and happy and that they won't see the "troubles" that past generations have had to see

A safer society to live in with Protestant and Catholics and other religious and ethnic groups living along side each other. A society where there is more understanding of ethnic minorities and other minorities

A society free from tribal politics and sectarianism. The government should do more to regulate the economy and improve the health and educational institutions in NI, rather than having petty squabbles over the past and NI's position in relation to the UK

A society free of fighting and discrimination, where Catholics and Protestants can get along and also no attacks on people just because they are different e.g.. Polish worker

A society free of sectarianism where both Protestants and Catholics can live without discomfort about the area in which they live. A society free of racism. A society in which people feel life is more affordable, without the strains of poverty

A society in which everyone can live together regardless of their religion, race or social status and where nobody is discriminated against because of their background and who they are

A society of equal rights, where no areas are "no-go" zones for certain religious backgrounds

A society of respect for each and every individual, no matter what their circumstances

A society that accepts people for who they are and does not discriminate against each other. A society that welcomes people into their community so that they can live in peace.

A society that anyone can feel safe in, a society that doesn't tolerate any illegal drugs

A society that brings NI up to standard with the rest of the UK. On issues such as sports facilities which NI has a limited supply of. Schools that are not for only one religious group or for those who can pay a large annual fee. A society that breaks the boundaries between catholics and protestants and work together to make NI independent

A society that can assure jobs for local people because all the industries are closing to go to foreign countries for cheaper labour

A society that people from all different backgrounds and ethnic groups feel safe and accepted. A sustainable country that values and protects its resources.

A society that people get along with each other because of their personality rather than their background

A society that we can be proud of. That people around the world know us for instead of just the troubles. I want sectarianism to be crushed. It's a horrible thing

A society that will prosper without an extreme emphasis on religion.

A society that works together and for the violence to stop

A society where all ethnic groups can work together without racism. Better health care i.e. less waiting lists for operations etc. No children living in poverty - as we are a MEDC and should be no poverty

A society where any minority can walk through Belfast without having the whole city glaring at them

A society where everybody is mixed

A society where everyone has equal rights, and we are all living in a safe and clean environment where we are all environmentally friendly and there is no sectarianism

A society where everyone is treated the same as everyone else no matter what or who they are

A society where people are equal, one in which there is no conflict and where all ethnic groups are accepted

A society where people aren't bullied physically or mentally because of their beliefs

A society where Protestants and Catholics can live together in peace. Equality for everyone whatever their race or religion , rich or poor.

A society where race or religion doesn't matter and free from paramilitary organisations and where people from NI have their own identity, i.e. Northern Irish passports.

A society where the communities can live together with no resentment. Everyone equal.

A society where there is enough jobs for young people and a better economy

A society where you can go anywhere where there is no sectarianism and the space of freedom. A society with more policing patrols around areas that are flash-points and "unsafe" areas that were like this before the PSNI was formed

A society which is clean from pollution, abuse and all types of poverty

A society which is tolerant and respectful of all people no matter what they believe or who they are. That all people should have the same access to health care and education. Less poverty, more equal society. A society that looks after and cares about the environment.

A society which shows respect and equality for everyone.

A society who knows how to answer a question like this. All I can say is I want to know I'll not be in high debt in a few years when attending college

A society with lots more to do and a safer place to live in.

A society with no conflict or fighting, where everyone gets along and everyone is treated equally. Where young people's views and opinions actually count

A society with no racial discrimination or sectarian discrimination who's country is open to people of any religion/background or colour

A society without small mindedness, political correctness or bigotry that focuses on the future rather than the past. A society without abortion on any grounds.

A stable community, with a solid health and education system with high numbers of police on the streets.

A sustainable society with more local produce and fair trade. A society where everyone is in peace and has employment. More opportunities for young people as well as helping our current ethnic minorities

A united society

A well-run, peaceful place

All religions should be able to live together in harmony

An accepting society with no friction or hatred between different groups e.g. Religions, race, ability etc.

An all-rounded community living under equality without discrimination of any kind nor poverty

An equal society

An equal society in all ways

An equal society where everyone has a chance to live in a safe and better way of life

An equal society where people of different races can live together in peace. With no poverty

An equal society where there is no discrimination and very little crime. Everyone should be treated as equals

An equal society with fair rights and good opportunities for everyone

An important society is a safe, trouble free one. Excluding sectarianism is important for NI. Promoting our country will bring more tourists

An open and welcoming society

As a Christian I feel our society should be shaped according to God's law. A lot of work is already being done in NI to improve community relations.

As a young person I would like peace. Children of both Catholic and Protestant to mix at a younger age and let everyone follow their own traditions

At the minute hopefully a place where Catholics and Protestants can communicate and participate and no silly quarrels. A place where going to university will not be as expensive and hard to get into, a place where there is finally peace. A place where tourists can enjoy but at the minute Ireland needs to take ideas from Germany about cleanliness and use renewable energy more.

Because I was involved in cross community projects previous to this, I would like us to live in peace together. There should be opportunities for children and adults to bond with others. There should also be more mixed housing estates etc.

Better employment prospects, lower transport costs, more choices of courses in further education

Better for everyone

Better housing for people, especially disabled people

Catholic and Protestants live near each other without fighting. No-one discriminating coloured people

Catholics and Protestants to live and work as one community

Change the country's name, I'm sick of people thinking this is the north of Ireland when its Northern Ireland. Different country.

Clean, peaceful, low crime rate

Clean, safe, free of crime and discrimination. Freedom to walk where we want, live where we want and worship without interference

Continue to be part of the UK, loads of job opportunities


Education system which offers a wide range of subjects to cater for all children, with consideration for different abilities and limitations. A safe and secure society, free from paramilitary influence and no more territorial disputes

Equal and inclusive

Equal rights between nationalist and loyalist in the NI assembly. Loyalist paramilitaries decommissioning

Equal rights for all people e.g. black, white, fat, thin, old, young and disabled plus the rich and poor

Equal rights for all people. To be able to go anywhere without feeling intimidated by flags and bunting etc.

Equal rights for everyone. No more sectarianism. More opportunities for everyone

Equal rights, prosperous society

Equal, prosperous, look after the vulnerable

Everybody should be equal, no one should be better off than others

Everybody to get on well with each other

Everyone has equal rights and the freedom of speech

Everyone is equal, do more to prevent sectarianism. More financial aid to help younger people pursue the careers they want

Everyone is equal, no one feels small or discriminated against. Safe place to live and everyone feels secure. But immigration should not be as big as it is now.

Everyone should wise up and get along with each other

Fair chances for all members of the community. More help for students

Fair, equal society with more benefits for the less well off. I would also like schools to be less divided with more integrated schools. Especially focus on the balance of Catholic and Protestants. I don't think we should learn separately

Feel safe. Jobs available. Happy community. No money for no work i.e. people on the dole should contribute to their community

For all to live in peace, with no fighting between Catholics and Protestants. There should be more things to do for teenagers on school holidays as well

For everybody to live in peace

For everyone to have an equal say

For everyone to have enough money to be happy and comfortable

For our society it should be equal and there should be more help for families who suffer poverty

For people of any ethnic group to get on with each other

For people's religion not to stand in the way of everyone getting on

For society to be more helpful towards young people starting out in housing etc.

For the future the NI assembly should base their issues of discussion on the state of NI's housing. There is not enough being done to prevent poor families from living in squalor in an overcrowded housing estate. Also they should discuss the impact that integrated schools have on children.

Free of poverty. A happy, peaceful and contented society

Friendlier, calmer, safer etc.

Friendly, equal, intolerance free

Friendly, good opportunities for young people, crime free

Functional with no violence or fighting among communities

Get rid of hatred between Catholics and Protestants

Happy [2]

Happy, healthy, honest, prosperous, respect for each others, high moral and spiritual values

Happy, peaceful. No fighting.

Happy. Everybody gets on with everyone. Enjoyable.

Have a society where young adults have a say on laws that are going to affect them in the future e.g. education, jobs

Hello, I would enjoy an equal society where we are all given equal chances and not be judged as often as we are.

I believe it should be one of equality for all, young and old, rich and poor, white or other. The assembly should work together in order to provide a more satisfactory society for all to benefit from.

I believe NI should be a friendly, safe society. One in which people of all races, religions etc. can grow, develop and work together in harmony without the fear of discrimination and sectarianism

I believe that the ideal society for the future of NI would be one in which every person feels safe to walk the streets, every child who shows ability, despite their financial background, gets a chance to experience a good quality education and where each persons religious beliefs are respected without dispute

I believe the majority of people will want a peaceful society without sectarianism or any form of discrimination

I believe the new assembly should propose more cross community projects. There projects reflect a very positive atmosphere and help to erase our memories of NI's troubled past

I don't want childhood abuse in NI and I think underage drinking and smoking should be tackled seriously in the future. Childhood poverty should also be stopped

I feel NI should be a tolerant, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan society, combating racism and discrimination with emphasis on education for all, regardless of race or religious background. This should include a just legal system and policing system

I feel that no amount of proposals or so called "promises" from the NI government will have an effect on the state NI is currently in. In the future there may be minor changes but I can't visualise a much better NI

I imagine a society that followed the bible's standards fully would be an ideal one

I personally believe that NI has the potential to be a place of natural beauty and also a place of modern beauty as long as we all work together to achieve this goal

I think NI should be a place where people respect each other. Protestant or Catholic we should respect each other's traditions and beliefs. Everybody should be treated the same and have the same opportunities

I think NI should be an interdependent society where we all work and exist together to provide the highest living standards possible. I think NI should be shaped into an equal society, where all people regardless of background, colour, religion or race can live side by side and without having to live in fear of being harassed from their homes or jobs

I think NI should have a lot less sectarianism so I want NI to be a peaceful country

I think NI's society should still be more peaceful about the different religions and people from other ethnic groups should be accepted more easily I think our society should be mixed and at the same time everyone should be treated as equal and treated fairly. Everyone should have someone to turn to.

I think that NI should have a society in which everybody is treated fairly and equally, no matter what race or religion that people are, where people are kind to each other, without crime and vandalism so that the world would be a more peaceful place.

I think that Northern Ireland could be a better, safer and more enjoyable place to live if everyone had to get on with each other. If there was a harder punishment for the type of behaviour we see today as in social and physical abuse from narrow-minded people

I think that there should be more awareness of the effects of bullying, drugs and underage drinking. Also I think that Catholic and Protestant communities should be able to get along and walk through any areas in NI without getting shouted at for it.

I think the society and the future of NI and UK is becoming so "politically correct" it is ironically inhibiting the freedom of its inhabitants

I think there should be a society where people are not judged on their race or beliefs or even the clothes they wear

I think there should be more support to stop constant arguments between sectarian groups, so having more integrated schools would help

I think they should accept the diversity that societies are becoming and be able to welcome the change and move with the times

I think we need to get guns and thugs off the streets making it safe again

I want a fair, peaceful society in which people of all ages, races and religions are free to walk anywhere, anytime of day, without fear of being attacked in any way. An environmentally friendly society is very important which uses renewable energy. Cutting down on litter is essential and all animals and their habitats need to be protected.

I want a NI society free from poverty and violence where everyone from different races and cultures can live peacefully together. I would also like a more prosperous economy in NI

I want a society in which people are not judged by their religion or race.

I want a society where Catholics and Protestants can walk past each other without words or fists being exchanged

I want everyone here to be happy, successful, focused and I do want NI to remain part of the UK

I want everyone to be treated equally, the standard of services such as public transport or healthcare to be increased and for the country to be more ethnically diverse

I want it to be a more fair, equal and integrated society where age, gender, race and social standing do not matter.

I want it to be a peaceful and helpful society with Protestants and Catholics working together as a country instead of this crack in the land that appears to be separating us and causing severe hatred

I want it to be a safe society. Currently in [my hometown] many residents including my own grandmother have been targeted by drunken youths that are coming out of a night club around the corner, urinating and damaging their property. My grandmother's window has been smashed and her back wall has had slabs pulled off it. They are mostly elderly residents in that area and I wish to see the police have a more positive role in tackling unacceptable behaviour in our town/city. Also I wish to see a stop on sectarian attacks in all communities in NI.

I want NI to be a clean tidy town where people from every race, religion of any form could come out of their homes without being threatened or beat up. I hope they change it because this city is how many deaths has structed by knives or drink

I want NI to be a peaceful secure and safe place to live where people can get on and move on from past troubles

I want NI to be a place of peace and harmony. For NI to leave its troubled past behind so people will forget about all the previous conflict and everyone will work together as a whole in hope for a happier future for our children and a thriving economy

I want NI to be a place where everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or financial standing can feel proud to be an NI citizen. They should be able to be who they are without having to fear anything

I want NI to be a place where people of different races, ages and stereotypes can get along together without being discriminated against

I want NI to be a place where young people are not discriminated against for having a hood up. I also want the 50/50 thing to join the police should be done away with, it should be the best suited for the job that gets in not your religion.

I want NI to be a poverty free country and no fighting wars with other countries as a lot of children get scared

I want NI to be a safe environment for both the young and old generations

I want NI to be a secure happy place to live in for all races. Where everybody can live comfortably and have all their basic needs catered for. I would like there to be more stuff for teenagers to do, as there is currently nothing in my area and many my age hang about in the street.

I want NI to be a society that involves peace between communities and active peace, that includes schemes set up to encourage relations between communities. People should be allowed to express their views on matters that involve them, without worrying

I want NI to be a society where everyone is treated equal even if they're poor or a different race or a certain age.

I want NI to be a society where people are not afraid to walk down the street alone without feeling degraded, be it because of race, religion, sexuality or anything else that makes them a minority

I want NI to be a society with equal rights for everyone, much less or no child poverty and lower levels of unemployment.

I want NI to be a united society

I want NI to be more accepting. To not hate people for their religion, race, sexual orientation etc. Children should be taught this from a young age.

I want NI to be peaceful and I would like to be able to walk over the town in ANY football top (Rangers) without thinking I will get attacked

I want NI to be seen as a less violent place. I want better relations between religions in NI

I want NI to be in favour of equality. This will only work if young people improve their attitude as discrimination is still going on whether the assemble decide to recognise it or not, it is still a high factor in society today

I want NI's society to be fair and to realise what is really happening in NI and to stop wasting time on things that don't matter and to really make a difference

I want our society to be involved more with the Republic, even to be "all Ireland" again. I want poverty in NI to be cut out completely

I want society to be safer. I don't want my sister to grow up and be scared of going out because she might get verbal abuse for being a girl or for being Catholic. I don't want to walk down streets with my guard up because union jacks are hung up.

I want the society in NI to be a caring, loving, non-sectarian, non-violent, non-racist society in which there is less poverty, less children born to teenage mothers, less binge drinking and drug taking amongst teenagers and adults alike.

I want the society in NI to be an intelligent, pleasant and productive society

I want the society to be peaceful and friendly. It would be a much easier place to live in

I want there to be no sectarian fighting at all and no one will be discriminated against because of religion or anything

I want there to be peace between communities or at least understanding

I want to be able to go out on the streets without having to look over my shoulder and worry about being raped, mugged or kidnapped. I want the citizens to feel safe and secure in their homes and for them not to be afraid of saying what's on their minds.

I want to see a fairer equitable society which values individual rights and responsibilities.

I wish NI can be a better place to live and live a happier life without Catholics and Protestants fighting e.g. stabbing, shooting

I wish NI to be a country where many different communities can live as one, with equal rights and opportunities. A place where the people in charge are of a neutral understanding of politics and religion

I would hope that in a few years time I would be living in a United Ireland, which is more economically beneficial to the people. For Protestant and Catholics to live together, respecting each others view and opinions

I would like "the troubles" to be put behind us and everyone to be accepted into communities. I would like the PSNI to continue to improve their work. I would like something more to be done to prevent teen/young adult suicides

I would like a fair and equal society in NI. I wish that Catholics and Protestants would get on a lot better than in today's society

I would like a peaceful society with less assaults on young people at night

I would like a peaceful society without fighting and poverty

I would like a peaceful society, more job opportunities

I would like a society in which everyone is treated as equal, where people aren't discriminated against just because they look different/are different to others. Where people go out and earn their money instead of living off people who do work and a society where pensioners are better looked after.

I would like a society in which people are free from persecution, a society that helps those who need it most and one in which religion does not dominate politics and beliefs

I would like a society in which there are equal opportunities for everyone and where religion is no longer an issue. I would like to see the whole population working to achieve a better future. The friendliness of the people and character of the country

I would like a society that is free from discrimination of people who are from ethnic groups and stop sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants

I would like a society where people are not judged by their appearances, religion or financial situation but judged by their morals, their criminal record. I would like a just judicial system where criminals are punished as they deserve and for honesty in politics, it should be essential.

I would like a society where there is no prejudice against people with different race or religion. Everyone should be treated equally

I would like everyone to get along and not be so nasty to one another, and not to discriminate on what they look like

I would like everyone to get on. Everyone to live together instead of people living in different places. E.g.. Catholics and Protestants living in the same area.

I would like everyone to stop fighting, prejudice and sectarianism to end and for NI to be a safer place

I would like for NI to be a healthy society, so there would be no discrimination between religion especially and the race of people. Also clean and no homeless children

I would like for people to be accepted for whom they are not for what they own. That everyone is equal and no one is above anyone else even if they have an important job

I would like in NI to be peaceful and live in no fear

I would like it if people wouldn't discriminate against each other. We are all equal and I would like people to understand this.

I would like it to be a place where you could walk anywhere and not be discriminated against because of religion

I would like it to be a society that isn't divided by prejudice

I would like NI in the future to be a place where everyone has the same opportunities for education and also that we wouldn't have to worry about what t shirt we are wearing when walking through certain areas and that we could accept other cultures

I would like NI to be a country free of sectarianism, discrimination and racism. I would like it to be a society where people are not afraid to leave their homes

I would like NI to be a peaceful and happy place where people can get along with each other and not be discriminated against because of the clothes they wear or the community they live in

I would like NI to be a place in which you shouldn't be afraid to go places such as not being afraid of kidnappers and gun crime

I would like NI to be a place where children are able to walk the streets without getting killed or snatched. Where different races and religions can walk down the street without abuse being hurled at them just because they may be different to some people

I would like NI to be a safe and supportive country, that provides opportunities for people of all ages.

I would like NI to be a safer place and not as many foreign workers coming in

I would like NI to be a society of complete equality especially within schools and workplaces. I also feel that workplaces and schools should be monitored more closely to ensure the laws concerning equality are kept in place.

I would like NI to be a society of equal rights and for there to be no sectarianism within communities

I would like NI to be a society that does not contain fighting with the other religion and no racism

I would like NI to be a totally mixed society with equal opportunities for everyone

I would like NI to be a well integrated society with mixed communities and schools, and more understanding of different religions and cultures.

I would like NI to be a worry free community, where Catholics and Protestants can live in peace.

I would like NI to be an equal society where everyone is treated as equals

I would like NI to be free of race, bullying, sexual discrimination, child abuse and a lot more. It's not fair that people are treated different because of this

I would like NI to be less focussed on separating people of different religions and bring them closer together. I would also like NI to try to develop things for young people do to in their leisure time i.e. a theme park

I would like NI to be less racist and for more multi cultural communities to get along and less discrimination

I would like NI to be more accepting of others with different religions and race

I would like NI to have a close society where there are less problems and people help each other.

I would like NI's society to be free of discrimination against religion and for everyone to be given equal opportunities

I would like Northern Ireland to be a society where everyone is accepted for the person that they are. Everyone should be able to have their own culture and national identity without being judged for it. All young people should have the opportuniy to pursue their dreams and to do whatever they want in life.

I would like people who were born in NI to have priority over people from other countries who have immigrated to Britain, when it comes to issues such as employment and housing

I would like religion to be a thing of the past. There would be no fighting because we would be friends

I would like society to be a place where people of all backgrounds, religion and walks of life are to be treated equally and given the same opportunities in education and careers. Also a cleaner society

I would like society to be safe for children and adults. Also to be free from drugs and paramilitaries as these cause fights and deaths

I would like the society in NI to be one where you are not judged by your race or religious background, one that is not separated by sectarian hatred

I would like there to be more peace in more communities where Protestants and Catholics live together, for example no flags on the twelfth or marches where Catholics live. People should be free to walk down their street without getting abuse for being Catholic

I would like to live in a country with peace. Better jobs with better pay, equal pay for women. More things for teenagers. Local hospitals reopened.

I would like to live in a non-religious society. Example where Protestant and Catholic doesn't matter

I would like to live in a peaceful, fair society where all kinds of people are treated the same

I would like to live in a society where everyone can live together without fighting or awkwardness between groups of people. I would like our leader to be the first to set a good example

I would like to live in a society where you didn't have to hide whether you're Protestant or Catholic in certain areas. This is just not going to happen though as the members of the NI assembly have sectarian beliefs themselves. If we become a United Ireland (which could well happen) all hell will break loose. I don't want that.

I would like to see a society in which everyone is treated equal and where no person has to live in fear

I would like to see a society with no sectarianism, racism or bullying. Harsher penalties for law breakers. Co-operation with Gardai in border areas

I would like to see an inclusive society for everybody

I would like to see NI come together as one and stop sectarianism and racial abuse etc. At the end of the day we all live in the same place and all have to suffer

I would like to see no poverty and Catholics and Protestants joined together in the community

I would like to see the country in peace and able to live along side each without the fighting because they are black or different religion. I also would like to see more laws for animal protection

I would like to see the future NI society to be peaceful. Cleaner society with everyone getting along, more things for young people to do and better transport

I would love NI to be sectarian free, for all types of abuse on humans and any living thing to be stopped. I would also like to see the 100,000 children in poverty to be zero but if not possible then lowered

I would want Catholics and Protestants to not have as much hatred for one another and to get on well. Also punishments should get worse as the criminals don't get high enough punishments so just keep committing crime.

I would want NI to be a friendly place where everyone would get on. I think there should be more done to keep young people off the streets at nights and more done about crime because then maybe NI would be a safer place.

I would want NI to be a safe place to be and I feel the PSNI spend more time trying to round up teenagers than solving more dangerous crimes, I could go onů

I would wish that NI would be the type of society where prejudices wouldn't be held amongst the young as they grow up, regardless of race or religion. I would also wish that people abroad would not view NI as a "war-zone" and feel sympathetic towards the children who live there. I personally find this extremely insulting.

Ideally, the future of NI should be one in which prejudice does not exist, as well as, one where there is no segregation of "classes". Everyone should be equal and health should be available for all races to a good standard as well as education

If someone is different in some way, we should except them for who they are

If something has been brought to court, justice should be served no matter what the case. Better road works. If prices go up so should wages

In my view NI needs to be a place of peace rather than destruction and degradation. We need to attract people to our country to show the changes in peace rather than attracting them using conflict and anger. In the future Catholics and Protestants should be at peace with one another and sectarianism has to stop.

In NI, children from the age of 14-17 are categorised because of who their friends are, what their family does and what way they dress and act like. Because of this you can't go to certain places or do certain things. I'd like to live in a place where I'm not criticised for who my friends are.

In our society there are many different religions, races etc. We need some sort of law that states that everyone is equal and give people what they need most of all.

In the future I hope that the society in NI will be peaceful and everyone will be treated equally with the same respect for everyone

In the future I would like NI to be a safe place to live with people from all ethnic backgrounds getting along

In the future I would like NI to maintain peace. Also a drug free country. I think there should be more help out there for teenagers with problems e.g. depression, self harming, anorexia and the ever increasing number of suicides.

In the future I would like society in NI to be less divided, with people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds mixing and co-operating and working for a better NI

In the future NI should be a safer, more understanding and happy society. Every person should have equal rights

Integrated and peaceful

Integrated society [2]

It should be a friendly society where you don't have to worry about being pressured into things you don't want to do

It should be a peaceful society where all Catholics, Protestants and other groups live together in peace. It will be a society where everyone has access to free and efficient health care. Also children have access to the best educational tools available, giving them the greatest opportunities.

Keep grammar schools. Stable government. Remain as part of the UK

Keep NI British

Kids would not suffer so much if parents/ guardians would show time and not spend all their money on alcohol and drugs

Kind, friendly, more acceptance from other people, less bullying

Less child poverty. Better relations between Catholics and Protestants

Less conflict between ethnic groups and less discrimination. Less emphasis on education

Less sectarian-related violence and discrimination

More Asian shops and restaurants. Education to help people understand homosexuality

More money is given to those who need it and the crime rate is lowered and taken more seriously

More open minded

More open minded. More races/mixed community

More police, less crime

More to be done about drug crimes and street fights and just because you are a teenager doesn't mean you are taking drugs and always getting stopped by the police and discriminated against because of the way we dress. We are not told all the rights that we have.

More up to date with mainland Britain

Much the same but with better job opportunities

Multicultural society

Multi-cultured, open-minded, tolerant

My ideal NI would not be prejudiced or racist against other people, there should be more for young people to do, there should be an end to the hatred and violence and our political situation should be addressed as we are not a proper member of the UK and we are not united with the south. We need to be one of these.

Needless discrimination between religions

NI currently contains too much violence and disturbances. The amount of young offenders is on the increase as they have nothing to do and so turn to drink, drugs and violence. These issues should be tackled in order for people to feel safe in their homes

NI in the future should be a peaceful environment for people to live in. No-one should be afraid to walk down the streets by themselves.

NI needs to be more integrated although less foreign people who cannot speak English and are not beneficial to our society must not be allowed into our community causing trouble

NI should always be a place where any kind of person from any race should feel safe. This is not the case whether it is trouble between P[rotestants] & C[atholics]. The future should have a peaceful NI with no child poverty

NI should be a peaceful and equal society it should be a place where young people are heard and the old are treated with respect. No family or person should live in disgraceful poverty and the PSNI should have 50% Catholics

NI should be a place of many cultures, languages and religions. People should be able to live their lives regardless of their religion, politics or ethnics

NI should be a place of peace and open to all cultures and religions without the chance of them being discriminated against. A lot more working class and children from deprived areas going to grammar schools

NI should be a place where everyone is important and people live in harmony without the worry of paramilitary hoods wrecking society. A strong security system needs to be in place

NI should be a society that accepts other cultures, (religion, race etc.) by embracing them and regularly see valid opinions as equal response, disregarding age, race or religion

NI should be free of both poverty and cruelty to both humans and animals. NI should be a place where no human being or animal lives in fear of being attacked or being kept in harsh or vile conditions. With no shelter, love, care or attention.

NI should not be in poverty. The assembly should discuss raising pay and lowering rates and taxes so that everyone has enough money for basic needs and also enough to enjoy themselves. I think the assembly needs to concentrate in accepting other nationalities

NI should try to be a crime-free and mature nation. Most important is cutting down on anti-social behaviour

No discrimination [2]

Religion not stopping you from going places and doing things

No paramilitary power, drugs

Non violent, strong society which is safe and a pleasure for myself and maybe in the future my children to live in

Non-sectarian [3]

Non-sectarian, affluent, affordable housing & fair wages

Non-sectarian, multicultural, friendly societies

Non-sectarian, non-racists and more left wing i.e. end privatisation and more power to the working class

One free of poverty

One where criminals are actually punished, especially paedophiles. A society where abortion is banned and where politically correct people and their principals are banished from this country. People should be allowed to say as they feel, no matter what

One where I don't have to worry about being in certain areas because of my religion or family background. One with more after school clubs and organisations for children who live in built up areas

One where people do not judge each other on what religion they are

One where the education hasn't been ruined by the English assembly

One where there is less religious discrimination between different religions etc.

Peace [3]

Peace and kindness

Peaceful [8]

Peaceful and less crime on the streets

Peaceful and non-sectarian

Peaceful and prosperous

Peaceful and with the same laws applying to everybody

Peaceful co-existence

Peaceful co-existence between both communities (Protestant and Catholic)

Peaceful community. Catholics and Protestants living, working and socialising together

Peaceful society that everyone can live together with no discrimination. More police on the streets to deter drugs

Peaceful with equal opportunities for all children

Peaceful with equality

Peaceful without sectarianism or discrimination

Peaceful would do

Peaceful, better, faster health service, rise in the minimum wage level, housing prices reduced, interest rates reduced

Peaceful, litter free and more to do for teenagers

Peaceful, no bigotry or racial/ethnic discrimination. Plenty of employment including in the North West. Better transport trains and buses, good roads

Peaceful, no discrimination, undivided

Peaceful, no fighting

Peaceful, prosperous and free from sectarianism. Also an improved health service, better education, more facilities and services for the elderly and assistance for carers

Peaceful, prosperous. Where you can walk the streets in peace. Jobs for all.

Peaceful, united and just. Equal opportunities for all, no matter what religion or colour. Definitely no more separate areas for Catholics and Protestants. No more "peace" walls

Peaceful, united, independent society to feel safe in.

Peaceful, with places like Londonderry being called by their real name

Peaceful. To feel safe in your own community

People can wear GAA/Rangers tops etc. without worrying about getting beaten up

People should not care what others think, they should just care about what's inside

People should not suffer. Disabled people should get their homes heated same as the elderly. The cold just makes them worse and they need more looking after. People should be happy to live here and no one should suffer

Pleasant place for everyone to live in peace with each other. Safe for everyone

Politically stable, lower priced economy and lower interest tax. Also for the government to assist with payments for a computer in every home as technology is taking over


Prosperous with clean, safe streets. Where people are fairly treated based on merit and not a "poor me"/victim mentality. Less focused on religion and more focused on people working hard to do well

Prosperous, healthy, crime-free society

Protestant and Roman Catholics living without idiotic animosity. Yobs etc. off the streets intimidating peers and elders etc.

Quiet, peaceful and relaxed

Raise the minimum wage level to help eradicate poverty

Real peace - so that everyone can work together etc.


Safe and free from drugs and crime

Safe and happy place to live, in a care free place

Safe and sectarian free

Safe and secure

Safe, affluent, equal opportunity with good career opportunities

Safe, industrious

Safe. Free from drugs, thugs and all people to live together safely

Safe. More restrictions put on teenagers with weapons and on drugs culture

Safe. Sound economic structure

Sectarian free. Discrimination free


Somewhere that has let go of the past feuds and move forward for a brighter future for all of us. Everyone as equals enjoying life without fear or prejudice

Somewhere where everyone feels safe and a nice place to live

Somewhere where race, religion and disability etc. are not discriminated against. Somewhere that feels safe to walk through streets at night without fear and for there to be less pressure on kids about exams.

Stop all the illegal immigrants coming into NI

That everyone is equal regardless of religion, disability, race or age.

That there would be no affliction on both sides

The constant building of new houses when older ones could be renovated to current high standards. Cross community relationships. More help for families with little money, difficulties, disabilities and an improved health service

The economy in a lot of places is horrendous. Why is there a high level of underage drinking? Nothing to do! In Derry there is the cinema and bowling. That's it!

The future for NI should hold peace, we should be one, no matter what background we come from, we shouldn't make a difference because of the religion, race, disability etc.

The needs of children and adults with autism need to be better met, also a better place to live in and applied behaviour to be given its place as one of the best interventions and treatments

The NI I would like to see in the future is a sectarian free one and the only way to tackle this to stop it from reaching young generations. More cross community schemes and schools so children learn to judge the person and not the religion. To be able to wear a football top without having to be sure you cover it up before you enter different places.

The society I want is that all communities can work together

The society I want NI to be in the future is one that isn't ruled by fear and crime such as the paramilitary groups. I believe that they are making things quite difficult for the NI assembly. For a proper functioning society they must be taken care of

The younger generation should be more tolerant of other cultures and people with disabilities or who are disfigured. Also, flags such as nationalist/unionist should be removed from streets as these can be intimidating and encourage extremist views on cultures.

There is no fighting about religion and race. Less people in poverty. Everyone to get on. Less break ins to people's houses

There is still a religious divide in NI although it's worse with different types of ethnic groups now arriving. It would be nice to have different races working with each other. Also as a young adult I will be thinking about moving out of my parents house but I will not be able to do this as I will not be able to afford the prices of housing in NI.

Those who do not work do work. All have the basic necessities which life depends on. For our future to be secure on this earth. That any disagreements between regions does not end in violence. For the response of emergency services to be quick and fast

To be a good and reliable the whole time

To be peaceful

To bring more jobs to NI so that our young people don't have to leave home to go away to work.

To encourage a sense of pride and to build on a sense of identity and equality for the population of NI, that unites people of religious and ethnic backgrounds and brings economic prosperity to NI

To have more police on the streets as this will stop most terrible deaths e.g. stabbings, shootings

To have the same levels of wealth as the south of Ireland and have a free society where you can express your political opinion and culture without fear

To let people live, according to their religion to be allowed to have their own culture, to live in peace with no worries about which area they walk through.

To prevent drug dealing in Ireland

To put an end to child poverty and discrimination, not try to stop but put a full stop on it


United against discrimination

We cannot forget the past but we mustn't dwell on it either

Where different races, religions can live together without dispute (socio-economic)

Why is it Catholics and Protestants have to be against each other. I wish they'd get on

With power comes responsibility - instead of wasting funds on what the majority of society "think" they need, try taking some initiative and amend the real problems with society

World peace

You can walk down the street without having to worry about who or what is around you

I would like Northern Ireland to be a society where you should NOT feel scared to walk down the street incase you are discriminated against. It should be a society where you should NOT feel isolated in your community and you should NOT betreated unfairly

A peaceful society one with no fighting and crime. A society where people can speak out about their religion without being called homophobic or a discriminator!

The society I wish Northern Ireland will have in the future is a society where nobody is judged by there religion, race, colour, disability or gender. I hope that in the future the society of Northern Ireland will be much more peaceful and crime rates wil

An equal non-violent society where people have jobs and enough money to provide for themselves

For everyone to be able to get on, and less fighting among young people because of the ways certain groups dress etc.

I think that everyone should be treated equally no matter what your religon, sex, age or race is! many women are discriminated against in certain jobs such as mechanical engineering, also vice versa for men. Some people are discriminated against because

I want Northern Ireland to be a pleasant and safe environment for everyone. This means an environment without the drugs and alcohol culture that currently exists. Under-age drinking is a BIG problem that needs to be dealt with.

No discrimination, good health service and high quality of education for everyone

In the future I would like to see Northern Ireland free of discrimination, violence and underage drug taking as too many teenagers are indulging in them. I would like also to see an end to sectarianism.

In the future in Northern Ireland, firstly I would like to see peace between communities and a more socially and ecomically fair system with no discrimination.

I would like to see a multi-culture society where everybody is respected.

A safe society for all, where everyone feels safe to leave there homes, at anytime of the day.

I would like Northern Ireland to be more of a fun and friendly society, with less fighting and attacks between catholic and protestant religions, allowing young people to go where ever they want without worry or abuse or fighting.

equal and fair society that promotes the diginity of all human life with the absence of: greed, negative media, cheap, dirty, idiotic television programmes ( 4 ), sexism (porn) and the dramatic decrease in abuse-drug, sex, etc. and more help with [???].

A society where everyone can get on together and not complain about stupid things that we cannot control. A society of friends.

Northern Ireland should become an more inviting place, at the moment tourism is the main idea that people are promoting, but I believe that the tourism industry will not be a sustainable one if attractions are not put in place, Northern Ireland has great

Peaceful and thriving economically

A society free from sectarianism, free from flags on lampposts and paint on curbs. One where religion does not determine where you live, what school you go to and who your friends are.

A peaceful, happy and prosperous society

A society is which everyone is equal. No matter their race, religon or what social class they belong too.

A society were people are not afraid to admit their religion, were there are not certain areas that catholics or protestants are allowed. a large decrease in racial discrimination. a safe society

I want a Northern Ireland with no religious tensions.even though there isnt supposed to be anymore its obvious there is.i want a peaceful place and no discrimination!there is even discrimination by the elderly because my generation are often stereotyped

Peaceful society where everyone can live together in peace

For everybody to have the same

I think that more mixing of protestant an catholics would be something I would like to see off the future having more intergrated areas.

A society where everyone can get along without problems like colour, race, financial situation or religeous background getting in the way. A society where local hooligans are provided with means to take them of the streets and into somewhere where they

Peaceful society. Zero tolerance for low life scum

An equal society with no ethnic divisions or religious divides

A peaceful and friendly home for people, not just of british or irish nationality but for people from anywhere in the world. A society where people, no matter what race, religion or disability, feel comfortable, safe and loved.

I want Nothern Ireland to be a peacful place.

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