Year: 2007
Community Relations

This page lists the questions asked within the Community Relations module in 2007. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Community Relations can be found on the Community Relations Resources page.

FEELMEC: How favourable or unfavourable do you feel about people from minority ethnic communities?

IMPACT: What was the most important influence on your views about the other main religious community?

CCSTATE1: Would relations between different religions be better if more cross-community projects were formed?.

CCSTATE2: Can cross-community events feel awkward because you are expected to get on with people you don't know?

CCSTATE3: Is sectarian hatred in N. Ireland now being directed towards minority ethnic communities?

CCSTATE4: Would most people like to have more friends of a different religion, but don't have the opportunity?

CCSTATE5: Will no amount of money-grabbing cross community projects will unite the two sides as people will find something else to stir up trouble?

RLRELAGO: Are relations between Protestants and Catholics better now than 5 years ago?

RLRELFUT: Will relations between Protestants and Catholics be better in 5 years time?

RELGALWY: Will religion always make a difference to the way people feel about each other?

MXRLGNGH: Would you prefer to live in a neighbourhood with people of only your own religion?

MXRLGWRK: Would you prefer a workplace with people of only your own religion?

OWNMXSCH: Would you prefer a school with children of only your own religion?

RACOWNKD: In relation to colour and ethnicity, do you prefer to stick to people of your own kind?

COMMENTS: Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?


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