Year: 2006
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

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A lot of fighting. A lot of local jobs are being taken by other ethnic groups, which is unfair to locals.

A lot of people do not view religion difference as a problem, I hope in the future everyone will agree with this, but it will take a long time.

A lot of racial and nationality issues still need to be sorted out.

A Majority of People in Northern Ireland will follow the crowd that is the problem.

A quote said to me on holiday when asked where I was from sums up Northern Ireland. "Northern Ireland, that's the place where Christians are killing each other isn't it?"

About question 84, I don't think that is right because you should mix in with other people even if they are not the same as you or the same colour because they are just the same as you. But just look different and come from different group you should treat everyone the same.

As someone born in England and only arriving in Northern Ireland at 11, I find the whole religious/ethic issue quite disturbing. We are on this planet for a short time. Many many people, from both communities are still living in the past - understandable but very very sad.

At the end of the day we are all human beings who go through the same feelings, emotions and struggles in life, so why not just be friends and accept each other for who we are!!

Being raised in a mainly protestant family and community I am very open to others and diverse. I firmly believe that there are good and bad people from both protestant and catholic sides. I get on with both 'sides' but I strongly disagree with nationalists and republicans. From my understanding of politics and our Government, I think our country is run by a branch of self-educated fools with very little common sense.

Black should get along with white and Protestants should get along with Catholic. It doesn't matter what colour/religion a person is.

Both sides of the community need to stop cheating each other and learn to live together. They don't have to go to the same schools etc. just accept that we both must live here.

Catholics and Protestants need to get along better. Most people have improved but need to get better at accepting religions.

Class discrimination is disgraceful.

Colour or religion shouldn't matter, everyone is the same.

Community relation[s] are generally poor, most of the older community (30+) behave negatively towards people from different backgrounds. I hope that my generation behave more naturally and openly to different people and cultures.

Community relations are still terrible, [there] will need to be drastically improved times for Northern Ireland to improve [the] economy and things like tourism. [...] Most people are now tired of having the threat of troubles hanging over their head. Things like flags need to be banned. They bring [down] areas. Public Holidays like 12th July need to be made more public and less threatening towards Catholic.

Community relations I think are improving but parents play a big part in how children see people from other religion and ethnic groups.

Community relations in Northern Ireland affects different people in different ways. Some people get on with people from different religions but there are those who don't and due to this in our town. Certain areas are for Catholics to hang out and Protestants hang out somewhere else. There is also fights after school between people from Catholic schools and people from Protestant schools.

Community relations will never improve in Northern Ireland as long as religion is sourced upon young people by parents and schools, children should be taught moral values without the bits [which] is a religious unplugging.

Could be a lot better, but politicians will never agree.

Could be l lot better.

Cross-community groups are great! It's important to embrace your own religion but also accept others.

Despite religion everyone should get along. The only difference there should be in the North of Ireland is the difference in politics whether to Republicanism/Nationalism or Unionism/Loyalism.

Different religions should not try to wind the other religion up. As this causes further trouble. [...].

Division among the community is often fuelled by ignorance and prejudice. A wider knowledge and understanding of each other would help close some gaps.

due to unfortunately me stereotyping, i find it difficult to accept a few ethnics groups, for example muslem people because of the many terrist attacks.

Everyone is equal and should be treated that way.

Everyone should be treated fairly and have their say.

Festivals such as the 12th of July and St. Patrick's Day should be worked upon to become more like a festival they deserve, rather than a reason for conflict, trouble & violence.

For Northern Ireland to move forward children from each community need to mix together and extremist politics needs to be removed.

Foreigner[s] can cause trouble if they begin to feel like they belong over here, i.e. fighting, stealing.

Fuck all!!

Get on with it.


Hopefully relations will get better.

I am a member of a cross community theatre group and I feel it is very important for young people to have the opportunity to meet other young people from different faith backgrounds.

I am glade things are changing.

I am strongly against the sectarianism in Northern Ireland and the divisions it causes and believe people need to wise up. There is no difference in the way Protestant & Catholics look etc., and a lot of people only dislike the others because it is their parents who make them dislike them a lot of sectarianism is also based on innocent and having friends from the other community helps show how stupid the whole thing is. I believe Northern Ireland needs to forget about the hurt, from the past and move on. However I still believe each community should still show their mentality i.e. parents. However I am against ethnic minorities moving in and would not like the situation in England to happen over here i.e. a lot of black people.

I am truly sick of the narrow minded people out there who cannot behave like adults.

I attended and enjoyed the Belfast Indian Mela in Botanic Gardens last year.

I believe in Northern Ireland at the minute [people] are being brought up with more and more ethnic minorities in their school or elsewhere such as fast food restaurant[s] and [...] should be taught not to be prejudiced towards them.

I believe it is taken into to much consideration in Northern Ireland and so this is the most common disagreement in my eyes (Religion).

I believe that more work should be done to improve cross community relations. This work should begin when people in Northern Ireland are young e.g. 7, 8,9 & 11 years old. Also do more work to end racism now!!!

I believe that some people are too opinionated about other peoples race and religion. Some young people have been taught this from a very young age, and therefore know no other way of living. But I believe if more education was provided to inform these individuals of cross-community relations it would definitely help relations in Northern Ireland.

I believe that the differences between different communities in Northern Ireland are something to be embraced rather then disputed about. I also think that we try to have so much respect for other communities, So much so that we become afraid of offending them. I think that if we have respect and then act on it, community relations would improve.

I believe with the amount of foreigners entering the streets of Northern Ireland every day relations to colour and ethnicity will take a huge dive. I do not like it when a group of people (Catholics/ Protestants) claim that they are being discriminated against. That is always their excuse.

I do not think politicians are doing the job effectively. Also need to get all the community is day in to policy. Too many flags.

I do not think that things will improve at all more than likely just get a lot worse.

I don't feel a sectarian discrimination is an issue for the majority of people. Most don't care what religion you belong to but I feel that is a minority which express violence and racial hostility to people of ethnic minority such as Asian or Chinese.

I don't have a problem with Protestants just because they're Protestants, I only have a problem with people who have a problem with me.

I don't like them, we should all live together in peace.

I don't think people should care what colour or religion a person is as we are all the same and no one deserves to be discriminated against and no one has the right to discriminate against another person.

I feel that religion causes more strife and pain in Northern ireland than it does good. I think that all schools should be mixed religion and also a mix of people from different ethnic origions. I feel all forms of sectarianism should stop.

I feel communities in Northern Ireland have become segregated over very unlawful and pitiful reasons and should try and sort out there differences for the future.

I feel like in a very opened minded person and I accept people for who they are but I [k]no[w] a lot of people who wouldn't feel the same and I feel like [...] the people who cause fights don't know what they are fighting about and causing unnecessary trouble.

I feel relations between Protestants and Catholics are terrible and the politicians of Northern Ireland e.g. DUP, Sin[n] Fein fuel this anger as well as older generations who are holding grudges and are teaching young people to do the same. Also there is anger towards the Muslim community because of 9/11 etc.

I feel that Catholics and Protestants can work side by side as long as bitterness isn't show[n], which is the root of sectarian attacks in Northern Ireland. I think that we as young adults should be taught more about different religions to prevent bitterness we see today in a lot of the teenagers and even younger children.

I feel that community relations in Northern Ireland are divided by religion I don't think religion makes a difference to people. We should all work together to make this world peaceful just like God wanted us to.

I feel that in towns/villages, that the community is separated by religion in that they mostly live on their own side and I prefer it that way because there are less disagreement[s] on religious events on how and when they take place as there is less trouble and nobody bothers about it and there is peace and harmony between the town/village.

I feel that many people especially my age are very sectarian and very racist, and in my view it is unacceptable especially in our community today as people are moving countries more, and things and problem[s] about religion have changed and it's out of date.

I feel that many people in Northern Ireland do not understand community relations. This is why they can be rude and aggressive to people with different backgrounds to themselves.

I feel that not much will change from now until 5 years, where it comes to how people feel about people of different race, ethnicity and religion no matter where we live, or who we go to school with, people will always be afraid of what is difficult.

I feel that people are very racist about others around them and don't give people a fare chance in live especial[ly] in different surroundings.

I feel that racism is becoming a huge problem and it must be stopped. It upsets me, as my school is very multi-cultural and so many of my friends are from different ethnic origins.

I feel that your religion, weather you are Catholic or Protestant is too much of an issue in the area I live in. it should not matter at all. People should respect other people opinions and views. People should concentrate on more important issues in the world instead of fighting over silliest things!

I feel there is too great a segregation/prejudice between the older and younger generations. Possibly due to the current teenage culture (drink, violence etc.)

I feel they are improving, but I think there is still a large issue about the lack of trust between young people from different religions.

I feel they are slightly appearing with time but fear this improvement won't last and the troubles will start back up soon, it's always been something I've feared and will always worry about.

I feel they should keep trying to bring the communities together, but feel it is not working as this time.

I feel to be a community we must all stick together ones work with one another. But new can this happen if here is sill certain individuals committing racial attacks on people in their area? Everyone is entitled to live where they want or [to] be who they want religiously and generally ever to be able to be happy in that.

I find it hard to believe that people can not accept each other, people are individuals and should not be stereotyped as belonging to a religious group and therefore being bad people, for example, "all Islam's being terrorists" or "people from other countries are stealing our jobs."

I find w[h]ere I live, that the further from the city you are the better the communit[ies] are, whereas closer to the city ,like me, people can be made to feel excluded really easily.

I have no problems building up friendship with person[s] from different religion groups or ethnic groups.

I hope that community relations will be better in years to come.

I just think that people would like there relations to be in the same community as them.

I like Northern Ireland but at the same time I don't. Tension is building up again and people are becoming more sectarian but people who live in areas mostly the[i]r own religion can't really tell this because they don't have much experience in mixed areas.

I personally don't think people should judge people over their religion, ethnic group or race.

I personally have never many protestant [???]: all my friends are Catholic, my school Catholic, my home even and everyone I go out [with] at night. The community is completely divided in Northern Ireland. I also feel that Britain should get out of Ireland and there should be a United Ireland and also that the Irish language should be more common in media and communities.

I really don't feel happy about the way some people in Northern Ireland treat ethnically or racially different people. In the end, we are all human beings!

It shouldn't matter about religion or race.

It only really has an effect in smaller communities.

I simply feel that because of history Catholics and Protestants are trying to keep bad feelings between them-many Catholics & Protestants. A lot of teenagers my age (16) tend to pretend they hate Protestants or Catholics to be part of a group or to be "cool". It's stupid.

i strongly feel that everyone is equal and i as a person respect everyone 2 a high standard

I think as religion becomes a less important factor in our lives that religion may improve. However, many young people copy the view of their parents, but I was never brought up to know history or politics in that way. Eventually the hate may be diluted over the years.

I think children should know more about politics. War shouldn't be exposed.

I think community relation in Northern Ireland are on One up because of cross-community groups that are aimed at young people of all denominations and ethnic charity/volunteer work as well as mixing with other denominations.

I think everyone should respect each other, no matter what ethnic group or religion they belong to. I think it is unfair that people who are different are treated with no respect and I personally think everyone should be treated with equality and not to be judged or discriminated against.

I think issues based on race, religion are becoming less important as people are becoming less prejudice and more welcoming, you can see this from the way there are less troubles in Northern Ireland than what there used to be.

I think it's a disgrace the amount of prejudice that is in Northern Ireland.

I think it's a vicious cycle. Narrow-minded attitudes are passed on form parents to their children. These children are the future and their attitudes will be passed on to their children. It's sad that [the] question "Are you Protestant or Catholic" will be used widely for many years to come. The parades, the marches and the killing are pathetic - why must we overrate religion so much?

I think more young people should be thought to accept other people, even if they are of a different nationality. Community relations across Northern Ireland are awful.

I think it should be sorted. Racism should not exist. I feel strongly about this as I have had racist comments against me as I am English, although I live here.

I think people in Northern Ireland should stop being caught up in Protestantism, Catholi[ci]sm and Racism and open their eyes to real problems e.g. Africa, stagnation, people crying, instead of killing opponents.

I think people in Northern Ireland will always remember what the Catholic[s] or Protestant[s] have done to their [families?] in the past and will always have hate towards each other! As for racial differences, I feel the people in Northern Ireland are not use[d] to different cultures, which ends in violence, I think this is down to being narrow minded and selfish to say the least.

I think people need to open their eyes and realize that Northern Ireland needs to move on from the troubles. Race crime has got to shop. In 2006, people who discriminate against other people are at the bottom of society and need to be recognized as only.

I think people should not judge each other by edar [?] or religion.

I think political correctness has gone too far in some cases for example not being allowed to call Christmas due to other religions. By creating boundaries, what we can or cannot say, we are making it harder for groups to treat each other equally.

I think relations between the catholic and protestant communities have improved however there have still tensions present between them.

I think sectarianism and Racism are getting minimal nowadays in Northern Ireland which is good as diversity is very important in a community because it brings several influences e.g. food, music which broadens our minds and I think all human races are equal and should be treated equally.

I think some progress has been made between Catholic and Protestant communities and I would like to think both communities will find peace and understanding and move forward into the future.

I think that community relation in Northern Ireland have improved quite a lot over the years, however there are still many areas in Northern Ireland where there is a lot of tension between ethnic minorities, and the protestant and catholic communities and I think that due to Northern Ireland's troubled past, this may continue for a while to come.

I think that community relations between Catholics and Protestants are getting much better but that hatred between those two communities is now being directed towards ethnic communities. Especially with many foreign workers moving into Northern Ireland this is a serious problem that should be more urgently addressed.

I think that community relations have improved greatly over the years, but that there is still a good deal of work to be done.

I think that despite improvements over the past few years there is still plenty of room for improvement and I think that improvements are very much needed as community relations in Northern Ireland are quite poor. I also find it hard to understand why Nationalists and unionists proceed to make racial attacks on emigrants from Eastern Europe etc when nationalists and unionists succeed the same kind of abuse for mainly the same reasons no more than 20 or 30 years ago.

I think that in order for tensions to decrease between the catholic and protestant communities th[ere] must be greater efforts from both sides of one community so that Catholic and Protestant can co-exist peacefully within the same neighborhoods. Perhaps more community relations organisations could be set up to organise trips to either side of the community helping people to realise, that we are all not so different after all.

I think that in same areas Protestants and Catholic can get along, but in another area[s] people do not realise how alike we all are. I think cross community projects are a great idea and a great help.

I think that more things should be done to improve community relations. i.e. Mixed religion clubs, sports teams etc.

I think that people are gradually becoming more tolerant of other races and religions. Eventually Northern Ireland will become more multi-cultural and I think that is a great thing and will make Northern Ireland a much more pleasant place to be.

I think that Protestants and Catholics should mix together so there wont be any fighting in Northern Ireland.

I think that there is a common misconception about community relations in Northern Ireland. In some areas are major problems but that is the same in every country. Yes, they may be more obvious because of the past and troubles but not everyone cares about religion and race. This does not mean they are ignoring their countries past just that they are tried to move on.

I think that there is no need for the violence anymore it is never going to solve the problems between Catholics and Protestants. The lack of efforts in the community is too great for things to improve.

I think that there will always be sectarianism in Northern Ireland because some people have grown up with it and [k]no[w] nothing but to be anti-Catholic/Protestants. I think it ref. is ridiculous the way some people lives revolve around starting fights with other religious groups-it is just wasting precious time in your life!

I think that there will always be some amount of sectarianism here in Northern Ireland because of this history and the troubles. Hopefully community relations will improve though. In regards to racism I wouldn't have much personal knowledge but I think a lot of people re[s]ent the number of foreigners moving here recently however I think this feeling will also improve with time.

I think that these outdated prejudices have gone on for too long and the only people who fight about it should really take a look at the religion they claim to be so proud of instead of persecuting what should be their brothers in Christ.

I think that young people of different religions should be encouraged to socialize more. I think the community as a whole needs to interact with different races and broaden their minds. Sheltered lives has led to people being stubborn and not excepting others who are different. There's a lot to be least [?] from other religions. It's fascinating, not intimidating.

I think the way people fight due to religion is a disgrace. There are both good and bad people on either side of the community and religion doesn't come into it. At the end of the day we are all the same.

I think the whole problem between communities is ludicrous! Most problems are political, not religious. There should be peace amongst all communities in Northern Ireland.

I think they might improve & political partner stopped finding hypocritical faults with their opposing religious parties. Also, I think a neutral party would be good for Northern Ireland.

I think we should understand that those from different minority ethnic communities are not as well off as ourselves and need help to find jobs and support in this country to provide enough money for their family.I think if we started to realize this we may be more open to them.

I wish it was better.

I wish that there were no religions because that seems to be the reason for all the trouble!

I would just like to say that it shouldn't matter what community your from because we are all human.

I would like for all religions to get on and be friends instead of fighter all the time. There is enough problems in the world without people fighting about religion or the colour of peoples slow.

I would like there to be peace in Northern Ireland, I don't understand it I found it hard to understand in History class.

I would like to say to stop the race to own Northern Ireland because no one can own Northern Ireland because everybody own Northern Ireland.

I would like to see all communities ethnic groups, different religions, to get on with living together. Peacefully in one big community.

I would like to see peace.

i would not like to live in a mixed religious area as fights between the religious groups could break out but i wouldnt mind working with anyone and would prefer to send my children to a mixed school to experience and become comfortable with other religions in order to encourage the improving peace between the different religious groups in the future

I would prefer community relations in Northern Ireland to be more integrated.

If everyone did not ask about religion there would be no problem.

If parents didn't pollute their children's mind with sectarianism, Catholic-Protestants relations would improve. If there were more ethnic minorities within School, racism and discrimination would decrease.

If parents would stop teaching their children sectarian views then trouble would decline, most people who fight don't ever fight for their religion - they don't go to church, if they were Christian Protestant or Christian Catholics they would know how to treat violence etc. The British Government & Irish Governments simply don't care.

If people accept their differences and agree to disagree on some subjects, they would get along much better.

If u could get more mixed schools in a catholic area and in a protestant area, therefore parents would have no option but to send their children to a mixed school, then the children can make decisions on people for themselves!!

If we were to treat everybody, how we ourselves would like to be treated, here would not be so many troubles [...].

In my community 20% of people are foreign. The people from Portugal are usually very friendly and make an effort to join in community life. However I feel that eastern Europeans do not. There have been some rape incident[s] and other types of crime from these people which has caused local people in my area to resent people from minority ethnic communities.

In my experience, people living in Northern Ireland tend to place a great deal of information on material value. For example you can be judged by the size of house you have or what, if any car, your parents drive. This can be seen even more so after travelling to different European countries where this does not seem to exist, or if it does, nowhere near so much.

In my opinion I think that both Protestants and Catholic should get on with one another, in my opinion there is no difference. The community in Northern Ireland would be more at peace. I need to live in Belfast and there was a lot of worry going through my parents needs. To be honest we didn't know what to expect. Every day and night it was no life to live, and this still is going on today. It's not fair.

In relation to the troubles, I think both the Catholic and Protestant sides are as bad as each other. There are good and bad living Catholics. And good and bad living protestant[s]. It depends on the actual individual as to how I judge them.

In some cases it is better to have a separate Protestants and catholic communities to stop fight.

In the rural areas the people have less experience therefore a harsher opinion of people of different races or religious. They are quite prejudice[d], a lot of the time taking the opinions from their family.

Integrated primary schools/secondary schools might help the different communities get on won each other better.

It a[nno]ys [?] me the way people fight or stuff [???] if it is non of the[ir] business. People ca[n] believe what they want, Northern Ireland needs to learn to respect people. As long as no one pushes the[ir] religion on me I will respect the[ir] beliefs. You could not judge people by something so simple. I only hope that [?] Ireland grows in culture and people feel safe to come to Northern Ireland. It annoys me that the colour of someone's skin or whether they are born Catholic or Protestant gives other people reasons to judge them. We aren't given a choice before we are born, it's just how things happen.

It appears to be legend, people fight or not [be]cause they [are] used to & everyone expects it of them, not [be]cause they have their own reasons.

It doesn't matter what colour, creed or religion you are everyone is the same underneath.

It is a disgrace when you fear walking to friend's houses or into town because you may be jumped [?].

It is not about religion in Northern Ireland, I think it all comes down to the fact some want a united Ireland and some want Northern Ireland to be part of Britain. Both sides are fighting for their cultures and countries. Until politicians actually do something useful and both sides stop being childish and violent, things will go around in circles in this place for years.

It is unfair the way some children are brought up in a family w[h]ere speaking to different religions is not acceptable. It should not matter what religion we are or what ethnic background we come from. We are all human and we are all the same.

It will always be divided and tensions will be high. It's a joke!!! It's the parents fault that the children end up being prejudiced against others, Schools should do more to stop the narrow mindedness of them. The relations would improve vastly if the children weren't as indoctrinated and blinded by hatred.

I've been out of the country for 5 years before I left lived in the country so moving back and seeing all protestant, catholic stuff like painted kerbs and all the flags for the 12th seems a bit stupid!

I've been told that the differences between Protestants and Catholics have been resolved. But everyday its clear, the problem is still there. I'm afraid going to a protestant area alone because a comment is always made. Older people who tell me things are ok are lying and they know it. I've been raised and taught by a pack of hypocrites.

Just that if communities were mixed the future generations would learn to, in time get along.

More integrated schools.

More school integration is needed so children will learn from a young age how to socially interact with members of another community.

More should be done to help re[a]lise we are all equal.

Most communities try to have and create a community where everyone is welcome but their will always be those who will never let it happen in their own community.

Most people I know don't care about race or religion, but there are still a lot of troubles. I do think things will improve though, because in schools they are running cross community' projects, and this will help children to grow up understanding there should be no difference between people because of race or religion.

My community to mostly white, but very recently a few Polish and Lithuanian people have moved to the community, but I have not yet met any of them (more are of my peer group etc) so I have not had a lot of experience with ethic minorities within a community. I would only be bothered about relatives marrying those from different ethnic & minority groups because of issues such as religion of the children, country they would live in etc.

Need more cross community contact schemes provide[ed] in schools.

No because many my age haven't faced prejudice and discrimination in Northern Ireland as they have only been used to living in a community where they are part of the majority religious and so don't really know about other communities.

No I am happy with all the questions you have asked me. I just strongly disagree with racism.

No just that I feel not enough is being done to help young people of both communities to mix and become friendly example. At school there should be more cross community activities.

No there is nothing else I would like to say about community relations is Northern Ireland.

No there is nothing else.

No! Thank You!

No (92 respondents)

No. All questions asked is fine. I have nothing else to say.


Nope (4 respondents)

northern ireland is a very unstable country, although the country is moving fowards in development and industry!! the people of northern ireland see each others religions as a divid of their pasts! and the countrys past is not beautiful but the future holds it all. we will move on in our differences but this will take time and i see the country becoming a ....centre of the world would you say with all its mixed religions and ethnic groups! and good developments ! we are moving fo[r]ward as a people.

Northern Ireland suffers and will continue to suffer from poor community relations while there remains the influence of religious and social pretence and separatism within the mindset of the nation. The most obvious case of this is the hate spread between elements of the protestant and catholic communities without reason and against the very religious they claim to represent. Disturbingly, this hate influences a great part of our culture, and can only be rectified with the complete support of our generation and the next.

Not as good as could be!!!

Not enough cross race groups.

Not really


Only that the "need for Racism" has to stop. It's the only thing that makes ethnic communities frightened to come here.

Only that we are stuck in a never-ending cycles of mistrust and confusion, everyone works peace - lab are one truly believes it is possible in the foreseeable future.

Parts of Northern Ireland are very racist and some people from other ethnic groups are driven out of their new homes when they should be made to feel welcome.

People always blame other people and can't take responsibility.

People are so concerned about different religions. A religion is a religion, people can believe what they wish we are all individuals but as long as they are not innerving it in to ache peoples faces.

People are too ignorant about things today. They see protestant or catholic, or white or black or Asian. They put religion and race in front of things before they stop to see the person behind that, how are we ever going to get past racism when people in this country act as they do.

People are too prejudice[d].

People in Northern Ireland care too much about ethnic groups and religions. Can't we all get along?

People may be a different colour or religion but they are still the same as us!

People need to be taught more about ethnic minorities.

People need to get along or stay away from each other.

People nowadays don't care what sex, age, race or ethnic group we belong to. We are taught at school that one person made us to be different and unique.

People of the community argue and fight to try and keep young people off the streets and out of their areas, but where are the young people supposed to go?

People see community relations different according to their backgrounds or their area; people should treat each other with respect and accept a person for who they are.

People should accept people for who they are rather than how they look or, what they believe.

People should learn to get along better. It shouldn't matter about the colour of sign.

People should live and let live.

People should not be racist as it insults the colored community and they don't like it. Protestants and Catholics should stop fighting and get to know each other.

People should try harder to get passed the labe[l]ling of Catholic & protestant and see everyone as individual human beings. It would make things a lot easier for everyone.

People think that it's a lot worse tha[n] it is. I find that Protestants and Roman Catholics unit against ethnic minority immigrant workers [i.e. meat factories].

Peoples colour and religion don't matter to me and I think people should be more open minded and think of what's on the inside that really matters.

Personally, if I had the opportunity to interact with people my age from the Protestant Community, I would embrace that opportunity, as I would like to more friends of a different religion, but never seem to find the opportunity.

Personally, the politicians should stop fighting and get on with heir jobs. They're well-paid to do them. British ministers are no use to this country; they don't understand our issues (Peter Hain is a case in point).

Politicians represent people but not all their views. They argue over nothing when something agreeable could be decided upon if the people got a better say. They should be proven people who are not extreme in their views so we can all get along and enjoy life.

Polititians set a bad example for the rest of the people in Northern Ireland. if they refuse to get on with the opposite then the rest of the people are likely to follow. Community relations in NI will only improve when everyone is prepared to stop being childish and put the past behind them! there[']s no point living in the past it[']s the future we have to think about and the future should bring peace.

Protestants and Catholics who would previously fought with each other, now target ethnic minorities, but still, relations between Catholics and Protestants could be improved.

Quality [?] one should get along at the end of the day we are all human.

Recently more than usual there has been prejudice sectarian remarks made near outdoor activities such as cinema and mixed places. It's a very changing thing because it makes you hear hatred that is overwhelming and stressful.

Relations could really improve if people from all sections of the community abandon violence and allow a sustainable peace settlement to be made by politicians, so that people are not constantly blaming each other for our troubles. Also, members of the catholic community need to realise that remaining within the union provides the best future for this province hence stopping the bigoted attitude which some have.

Religion is stupid! No Religion No Trouble.

Religion should not be an issue.

Rumanians and other communities here can't mix.

Sectarian attacks need to stop, we're all the same. Different religion should not come between people. The next generation need to understand why we should all get along.

Sectarianism and Racism will always be present in Northern Ireland because we live in a world full of sin. If we continue to teach more children Christian morals e.g. "Love thy neighbor as yourself" we will be able to reduce bad community relations - but not completely remove.

Should be more effort to reach out to people coming from other countries to Northern Ireland.

Some people are very narrow minded and not prepared to accept people from different religions and race.

Some people make fun of others who are not from the same ethnic group as them.

Some people take things here too seriously, personally it does not bother me if someone is Black or Asian. I would still marry them regardless.Colour and Race shouldn't be a barrier for what really matters in our lives or community.

That more communities would do a cross community course with young people.

That there should not be any problem between ethnic groups and religions as they all are linked to the same believe in a God.

That to accept people for who they are no matter what colour or religion they are? There's no need for the violence!!

The community has improved a bit, the[re] is still lots of room for improvement. Everyone needs to stick together. People should try to get along better.

The community relations in Northern Ireland could be a lot better. The violence should stop and everyone to live in peace.

The fighting between Catholics and Protestants is utterly futile as at the end of the day aren't they both part of the Christian Church?

The main reason the[re] is so much conflict between Catholics and Protestants is because they learn and hear about [it] in their own homes. It is up to the future generations to help their children mix with other religious groups and other ethnic communities.

The problem with community relations I feel are not dependent on religions but rather people's political opinion. It just so happens that religion and different political opinions come hand in hand.

The situation has improved in terms of violence but the level of hate remains as high.

There are only problems here because people make them I strongly struggle to believe that these problems will be overcome.

There are programmes in Northern Ireland trying to better community relations such as Web citer and Museum group they both bring different communities together.

There are some racist attacks which are unacceptable in my opinion, but not as many as sectarian attacks which are more common.

There is a definite need to improve relations as well as promoting good relations.

There is a lot a hatred and friction between different religions mainly Catholic and Protestant.

There is a minority of bigot people who simply won't and will not attempt to tolerate those of a different religion and who ruin things for the majority of Northern Ireland population who know that everybody, deep down, is the same.

There is a need for improvement.

There is a still division between protestant and catholic communities because this how some people are being brought up by family members. If children were brought up in more mixed Schools they would learn to get along with people of different religion (and ethnicity).

There is not enough cross community relations and activities to make young people more aware of the different race and religions in our society. They should learn to respect their belief.

There is only one God so why are wee all divided up into different religions? We may be different but we are all human, so why be racist? People who fight over religion aren't even religious people! What is the point!?

There needs to be a greater degree of acceptance. In Northern Ireland people are always shouting about their rights to do this or that and about inclusion but seem to have the attitude not in my each yard. Northern Ireland community is a multi-cultural society and people need to accept difference as being equal.

There will always be fights. Nobody wants to change.

There will always be trouble in Northern Ireland, most people are not open minded and judge others too soon. Projects e.g. "the Ulster project" a Christian cross-community project helped me to change my outlook on others majority, if only more people could have this opportunity.

They are improving, but gradually and not by much.

They are not as good as they should be.

They aren't good. You couldn't walk down same road with certain Football tops on without being looked and are even abused.

They will always be tension in Northern Ireland as everything is sectioned.

They need to be improved.

They need to improve.

They need to see their act together and wise up.

They should be better.

things can only get better!

Think everyone should go to same school, starting from primary school e.g. catholic or protestants.

Too much racism, a lot of white people are against having black people living in the community.

They need to be a bit stronger [???], children nowadays are being led by their parents and if they think its not being [?] to be friends with people of different religions etc. then they are not going to be and its not right.

Unfortunately I feel people are living in the middle ages in relation to other ethnic minorities and religions. Northern Ireland is known for being the racist capital of UK. People need to open their eyes, more on, be more accepting of others who practice different religions to them or look different from them. It's sad.

Unfortunately, the community relations in Northern Ireland is a sad reminder we are still living in the past - not willing to be open to a mixed multicultural society, yet it is just a minority of people who are unwilling to a "new" future. It is these minority of people who attack, vandalise the weaker people of our society and still are "infatuated" by religious divides and who flag should "triumph" over others. In my opinion, the people of Northern Ireland should more a united stand, our religion and " root" out those who stand in the way of a peaceful future.

Very one sided.

Very tense between Protestants and Catholic.

Very tense between white Protestants and people from ethnic minorities. Of course It is not always tense and some people get on well with everybody's.

Violence and the troubles and how if has affected them and their friend and family.

We are all human no matter what colour we are, what way we talk.

We do not have much have a chance to communicate with people from a different ethnic community as there are not many people from a different community in my area or school.

We have come a long way however we can not expect those people who were imprisoned and interned for their beliefs to forget all about the troubles and forgive.

We just have to keep on trying to make "things" better for our generation and the one affects. We/I would never like to go back to the way it was when my parents grow up and people (all communities) to suffer as they have done in the past.

We need to stop being so divided i.e. unionist & nationalist Northern Ireland & the Republic.

We should be able to live together in peace in our community.

We should be working for peace between the different religions instead it seems we are working against it.

We should learn to live without stupid obstacles like race religious backgrounds.

Well for a start there will never ever be peace! Do you honesty think the IRA are going to go away? If you do your as na[i]ve & blind as Tony Blair and the rest of his cronies! Ulster is being sold out to Marxist scum i.e. Sinn Fe[i]n/ IRA would they let them power share England? Don't think so! But if they think the people of Ulster are going to stand by and let our country be turned into a United Ireland, they have another thing coming!

We're all people at the end of the day, if we put our difference[s] [a]side, we could probably get on but I think th[ere] will always be sectarianism in Northern Ireland. Racism is building in Northern Ireland due to the amount of immigrants.

Where I live is very hard to live in, It's an all Protestant estate and most people here are very bitter towards Catholic. I have Catholics in my family and I have been brought up differently from most people in my estate.

Where I live there is a minority of Catholics and of other ethnic communities and both integrate freely with the majority white Protestants.

With integration, things will get better.

With more Asians etc. now in Northern Ireland, something has to be done to increase relations here. Some people are surprised to see someone from Pakistan sitting on a bus. Relations should be increased so these people sitting on a bus could be seen as a normal thing or less intimidating.

Yes although I feel Northern Ireland is becoming more metropolitan. I strongly believe there is not many places, activities or venues for young people to mix or socialize in order to learn and respect each others culture and beliefs.

Yes, I would to see many more community relations programmes and I would like to be involved when I'm a bit older.

Yes, there are many unnecessary tensions between the Catholic and Protestant communities.


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