Year: 2005

Below is the full list of open-ended responses to the question:

'If the government decided that they should be spending more money on young people in Northern Ireland, how do you think they should spend the extra money?'

NB: Square brackets indicate where the text was edited for grammatical reasons. A number in parentheses indicates how many respondents gave a particular response.


Mixed activities - interactions.

Things to do to keep us safe.


Providing better facilities for us to go out.

Better health education.

Providing more opportunities to experience jobs.

Sorry, can't think of anything specific...

1. Having more activity centres to keep young people off the streets. 2. Better facilities in school such as computer facilities. 3. More centres that young people can go to if they are feeling depressed, stressed, being bullied, problems at home where they can feel they can talk freely about to the right person.

1. Social activities e.g. bowling , swimming. 2. Youth clubs. 3. Clean up hospitals.

A lot more places for young people to hang out.

A night club, a skateboarding park, a shopping centre. A place for teenagers from all backgrounds & religions can go to socialise with others and also have counsellors present to discuss any type of problems that may arise as they are growing up.

A suicide prevention campaign and helpline.

A wider range of groups and clubs young people can be involved [in] as there is not a lot for young people to do.

Activities e.g. social places, education.

Activity centres and places for them to go.

Activity centers.

Advice centres on social and health issues . More places for young people to go.

After school activities.

Allow everyone to get EMA, as it is that not all students get it. More youth clubs and social places to keep teenagers of all the ages off the street. Set up clubs so that different religions can get together and discuss issues. Teenagers should have a say in politics.

An educational funding and social places for students to go.

Areas to hang out- without drugs etc. Cinemas. Parks.

Arts/culture, there is enough sports ground. Why not build on theatre?

Ask teenagers from their own area what they want.

Better education, school facilities, after school activities. Put money into school revision . Help students who are a bit slow to revise for exams.

Better facilities for young people to spend time in (2).

Better facilities in school e.g. computers (modern). More and better activity centres. More student discounts as their families may have a low income.

Better places for young one[s] to socialize safety.

Better practical equipment in schools and more money put into local groups like youth groups and drama groups.

Better school facilities. Instead of spending money on museums and things they should spend them on schools. I feel like this because my school has been rejected grants for a new school.

Better Schools (2)

Better schools. More training and courses to help young people to get good jobs.

Better sex education.

Better youth centres for young people so we have somewhere to stand, and stop us getting threats off adults for standing around.

Better youth clubs, more cinemas, places of pleasure for teenagers, theme parks, outdoor pools etc.

Bowling alleys, Ice-Rinks, Discos (at School). Alcohol free clubs/nightclubs.

Breaking down barriers between community and putting more effort into cross community schemes. A larger amount into getting chicken off streets and providing safety from gangs.

Bring in new community centres and offer new courses for teenagers of mixed race/religion to take part in. This would also help keep teenagers of[f] the street and could maybe stop under age drinking etc. if teenagers had more to do.

Build more cinemas and bowling alleys. More money on cross-community projects and sport.

Build more cinemas and local clubs.

Build more places for teenagers to just 'hang out' e.g. a hall where local bands can play and have their music heard.

Build more places for young people to go e.g. disco halls, youth clubs.

Build more places for young people to go to without it been illegal. e.g.: - nightclubs for 16-18 years.

Build more social places

Build more youth clubs run by young people and people of different churches. A club where religion is not pressurised members but bigotry is not allowed.

Building an ice ring, a better indoor swimming pool. Youth centres would be a good idea as well youth clubs to get kids off the streets and they can have people to talk to.

Building cinemas.

Building more attractions or activity centers for other people or a theme park all year round.

Building more cinemas etc.

Building more facilities that the young people in Northern Ireland can go too to enjoy themselves and mix with friend.

Building more mixed places and have somewhere for them to and socialize together.

Building more places to go e.g. Bowling centres, ice rinks.

Building nightclubs for younger people.

Building places for the age group of around 14 or 15 to about 17.

Building places for young people to socialise with each other.

Building places that young people can socialise in.

Building social places, cinemas, disco.

Building sports complexes with state art facility. More cinemas that are close to us. Discos to keep us entertained. Concerts of popular singers & DJ's are in a while just even community halls with equipment for us to socialise in.

Building up more social places for young people to keep them out of trouble.

Building up the relationship between protestant and catholic children. More leisure places for teenagers to go.

Buy new cinemas. Get fun parks.

Buying equipment we need and buying some goodies for ourselves because we deserve it!!!

By building cinemas, fitness clubs, ice skating ring, dancing clubs, discos.

By building cinemas, leisure centers etc to give then more things to do.

By building more social places for the young people e.g. cinemas, bowling centre etc.

By building more swimming pools and cinemas, bowling alleys and sort of thing.

By building parts in each area where young people can hang out instead of standing around the street all day.

By creating new and better facilities to keep young people occupied instead of them remaining around the streets

By giving us better places to go at weekends and then you wouldn't see so many young people on the streets drinking.

By helping young people in areas that are dominated by religion to be more open to people who have different beliefs to them, e.g. by organising more events in which young people from both the Catholic and Protestant community, can meet each other and socialise.

By looking at villages such as [name of viallge] w[h]ere young people are not making * [?] or taking care of the village.

By making more places for children to mix and become friends.

By opening up places such as ice rinks, clubs although anything they open should have security because louds would ruin it for every one eg. when they build public parks here louds hang round there and no one wants to be around it.

By providing more things for young people to do.

By providing more youth facilities to get kids & young people of[f] the streets i.e. activity centres.

By providing places for young people to socialize.

By putting more money into community to give teenagers more things to do. There is nothing in the Banbridge area for teenagers to do.

By spending it on proper school subjects like Latin. More money spent on supporting families.

By starting enjoyable/interesting schemes for youngsters and teenagers.

By tidying the area of litter, graffiti etc. and by setting up youth groups and cross community schemes to end prejudice in Northern Ireland.

Café/ drop in centres.

Career advice, more things to do i.e. in comparison with England, Northern Ireland a lot poorer in entertainment.

Cheaper college fees.

Cheaper education. Better lifestyle.

Cheaper leisure facilities.

Cinema in my area PLEASE ! Bowling, Non alcoholic place to hang out!

Cinema in our area.

Cinema, Bowling, Ice- skating, Youth clubs.

Cinemas and places for social interaction and also on more cross community projects inside and outside of schools.

Cinemas, pools, discos, night clubs and restaurants.

Cinemas, reduce university fees.

Cinemas, Swimming pools, Bowling.

Clean up run-down areas.

Community groups relations. Day trips and outings.

Community groups, summer schemes, youth hotels, mixed religion schools, benefits and accommodation for the under privileged.

Community projects, places for young people to 'hang out'.

Complexes, shopping centre, cinema, youth clubs etc.

Counse[l]ling places, somewhere where they feel they can go if they need help & feel safe, like in Belfast where I'm sure there is a lot of pressure on them joining paramilitary groups.

Create more places for young people to go and hang out with their friends and meet new people.

Create more things for young people to do.

Create more youth projects in less well-off area schools, children's healthcare.

Creating a safe, fun place for teenagers to socialise such as cinema's and arcades. Also more disco's for Goths, grangers and punks.

Creating facilities for young people to go so they do not drink on the streets (especially at weekends).

Creating social places for young people e.g. cinemas or perhaps updating library resources.

Crime against young people i.e. counselling etc.

Cross community activities and organisations.

Cross community events. Places for teenagers.

Cross community projects and education.

Cross community projects i.e. such as Reach across, Derry/Londonderry. Social areas.

Cross community projects.

Cross community schemes.

Cross community youth centres.

Cross-community awareness programmes such as EMU, NICE.

Cross-community events. Local social life improved.

Cross-community youth work. School equipment (e.g. books) as pupils pay large amounts of money for them

Cut university top-up fees. Creat more youth facilities to improve more deprived areas.

Dance & Drama studios. Bowling alley. Clubs where everybody is expected

Definitely on new ways of socializing. There is nothing for young people to do, especially in rural areas. This leads to vandalism and anti-social behaviour as the young people are bored.

Deprived areas. Although it may take a lot of effort young people in these areas need help. Cross community youth work. More youth support workers to work with the young people

Developing better sports facilities.

Developing schemes to bring youths from different religions community together.

Developing sports teams and clubs.

Developing artistic abilities and talents in young people. Not just concentrating on the academic side in schools. Educating young people in politics in the hope of improving understanding in young people of the actual situation in N.1 so that the feature leaders can work further towards peace. Distributed evenly among people native to the country.

Don't know (7)

Don't know, wouldn't make a difference, cause not all areas and communities would see the money spend, its Northern Ireland all over.

Drop in centres for teenagers with a small fee at entry

Drug rehab.

Education - Better resources etc for schools. Leisure - Young people should be encouraged to lead healthier lives. Money should be spent on leisure centres etc. Music - The education & library boards are currently having financial difficulties so more money should be given to them to reduce the increase in fees for the Belfast School of Music etc.

Education against drugs, cross community activities

Education and entertainment for example I can't carry psychology from as to 'A' Level due to cuts in the schools budget and this forced me to drop psychology.

Education and social places of entertainment

Education classes making people aware about drugs, drink etc and on trips, for both religions to get on with each other. Workshops

Education' Leisure facilities' Help pay for university

Education, Social places

Education would be a start, especially on practical subjects such as music and art, more youth centres & organizations for young people.

Education, cleaning up parks etc.

Education, leisure complexes, youth clubs.

Education, Sports facilities (2)

Education, student * [?] etc.

Education, they are always making cuts, youth clubs etc.

Education (3).

Education. Cross Community Projects.

Education. Health. More drug awareness. More leisure activities & centre.

Education. social centres etc.

Education. social outlets. health promotion - diet/exercise/stress building up.

Encouraging healthy eating and exercise. Youth schemes in the summer to give people something to do and a place to socialize.

Entertainment centres. Entertainment facilities e.g. Bowling alleys, Cinemas, Leisure complexes etc.

Entertainment things like cinema, bowling etc. To keep going people away from alcohol, drug etc.

Establishment of more social places for youths, a variety of entertainment something different than cinemas and bowling alleys.

Even students, I'm going to college and get a grant which only covers living expenses they should also be able to at least get the EMA or some other student grant so if there was money being spend on young people it should be this way.

Every high school/grammar school should have someone fully qualified coming into school one day a week so pupils can take there problems to.

Everybody should get the E.M.A

Extra football pitches. All round better fitness facilities.

Extra places for kids, more police on roads.

Extra should be spent on training centres with a financial incentive on completion to assist with the buying of tools etc.

Extra tuition after school if required, more mock tests, under test conditions.

Facilities and the E.M.A. should be given to everyone who continues their post-16 education

Facilities for teenagers for social places.

Facilities like youth clubs etc to keep young people occupied.

Facilities to spend time at and have fun indoors. Sport grounds - tennis courts etc.

Funding for schools. Youth groups.

Firstly more social places for young people. Also I think the government should aim to help young people look at other religions and respect them, rather than fight and not because they are different from themselves.

Firstly, I believe EMA should be offered to everyone as a parents' income does not reflect how much the child receives. It also discourages young people from having part- time jobs. I think the money should be spent on places for young average people to go not just "under privileged" teenagers.

Firstly, survey the youth.

For a cinema, or somewhere for young people to hang around.

For places for the young people to play, for facilities in the town where people can go and talk to people & they are having problems.

Free admission to gyms-sports centres on swimming pools etc.

Free live music and there is no social life for people in Derry under the age of 18.

Free recreational drugs for young people.

Free transport- to and from school for all pupils in full time education because I now have to pay 12 pounds a week to travel to school

. Get kids of streets into youth clubs or social environments.

Give all young people in Northern Ireland EMA no matter what their parent's income is.

Give an under 16 discount, starting from the age of 10, to the children of N.I.

Give it to schools, that way the funding benefits as many young people as possible.

Give it to them and let them spend it.

Give more people the E.M.A.

Give them more things to do at night and at the weekends.

Give us something to do in our home towns instead of walking around the streets all the day.

Give us the money, let us get tickets to the All Ireland Football Final

Give young people more things to do

Give young people places to go, do some sort of schemes.

Give young people places to hang out that doesn't cost us money! We have more important things to spend money on. (e.g. textbooks + travel for further education) We don't want to waste money to hang out with friends, where it's safe and not influenced to do anything we don't want to.

Given them extra areas to hang out and do something.

Giving teenagers places to go [to] at weekends that doesn't cost money.

Good, cheap, safe, places for young people to meet. Help for DMS, alcohol cigarette addict.

Have buildings that people can go [to and] have fun and socialise with other people.

Have good leisure centres fitted out with good sporting facilities at affordable prices for 16-19 age.

Have more discos, better youth clubs. They also should have a place where we can hang out, day & night.

Have more drop in centers. More activities to do.

Have more drop- in ministries- such as youth clubs and build relationships with young people in the area.

Have more places that we can meet.

Have more sporting events especially now that the Olympics are coming in 2012 more in the country areas so that is so much talent that is never noticed.

Have youth clubs for mixed religion and for young people to meet different people.

Having more places closer to home like swimming pool or cinema because I have to travel and would like to go more often but I can only depend on the bus.

Having more things to do around the community.

Healthcare, education and advice for young adults.

Help drug abusers.

Help families with a lower income to give their children the best education possible

Help the young people with university costs

Help young people with equestrianism with grants, no rates on stables, areas, etc.

Hospital service for young people. Improved facilities in schools and for youth groups. More money for sport and music.

I believe the EMA should be offered to every child/student to stay in education. Not just the ones with less than an income of £30,000, as many students have large families but more than an income of £30,000.

I believe they should be sending the money to charities.

I believe the children living in poverty need the money a lot more than we do.

I believe they should use it to set up places of entertainment for people/teenagers to socialise i.e. an all ages nightclub where we can go and have fun without having to try and speak into places where we don't make to age unit.

I do not think there are enough places for people to meet and hang about in their free time and at the weekends. Something like a coffee shop with music where young people could chat with their friends is ideal. Also I believe that young people under 18 do not get enough access to good music in NI. A lot of bands play in pubs etc. and underage people miss it as a result.

I don't really care.

I feel that more money should be spent on facilities for young people, such as more leisure centers, football pitches, cinemas, night clubs and other social works.

I feel that the government should spend extra money on cinema's, bowling centers and Ice Skating rinks. This would be most appreciated as teenagers between 14-18 feel there is nowhere to socialize, as youth clubs they are too old for and pubs and clubs they are not [old] enough for.

I honestly do not know, though I think that there are other, more deserving places for the money (alternate fuels; NHS; global warming).

I strongly believe that they should be investing the money in young children's futures such as education, family needs and more subjects to study at GCSE level.

I think all 16-18 year olds should be entitled to the EMA.

I think each town/city should be given some money to spend on facilities for the young people. Such as bowling alleys, ice rinks, arcades etc. Carrickfergus has neither of these, the Omniplex is the only place to go in Carrick.

I think it should be spent on a youth project[s] to help get people of[f] the streets drinking & doing drugs...give them an alternative such as more sports centres, youth clubs etc. Something which doesn't cost them much and gives them a chance to socialize with others and realize there's more to life than alcohol & drugs.

I think it should be spent on entertainment facilities such as cinemas, bowling alleys etc.

I think it would be good for them to put some money into schools for trips/swaps so young people could see different cultures and if they have had troubles over here, been involved in the troubles in some way, they could see what it is like in other countries, how they often get along.

I think more youth centers should be opened especially at the weekends as there is nowhere to go or anything to do as we are under age to go to night clubs and too old to go teenagers disco's as they cater for 13 to 15 year olds.

I think personally think there should be more cinemas and bowling alleys etc. because while there's nothing to do for young people, they just get up to bachess [?].

I think that everyone should have been given £10 per week EMA for staying on into upper & lower 6th and for families with lower incomes, a higher amount should be given just because your parents earn more than £30,000 doesn't mean you have money and it was unfair to discriminate in this way.

I think that the government should spend their money on more community centers and on places that teenagers can go [to] and hang out.

I feel that boredom is the main thing that encourages teenagers to smoke, drink and vandalize - for something to do.

I think that the money should be invested into building youth centres and schemes which would permit activities in a range that would suit the widest variety of young people for example pool, snooker, football, rugby, nature hikes, computer clubs, art activities.

I think that they should spend the extra money by building places w[h]ere young people can go with their friends.

I think that they should spend the extra money on the essentials for schooling and also entertainment places for young people so they can get out of the house and away from the TV.

I think the government should do a survey to find out about young people's hobbies and interests and they should give handing towards giving young people the resources to take part in the activities.I think it would also be useful for the government to put money towards charities which help people to deal with issues such as depression, bullying.

I think the government should spend the extra money on young people by putting a large amusement park in Northern Ireland because Scotland and Great Britain have them and we don't.

I think the government should spend the extra money on youth clubs to keep the kids off the street and in somewhere safe.

I think the money should be spent on building a safe, friendly, non-sectarian youth club or entertainment centre for young people and teenagers within the province.

I think there should be more places for young people to go, like cinemas, bowling, ice skating even an arcade because in a place like Cushendall there is nothing for us to do.

I think there should be more stuff in the Waterside for young people such as cinemas, bowling alleys.

I think they should be spending the extra money on paying tuition fees for young people going to universities

I think they should build more community centers for people both religions to enjoy or they could fund trips abroad for catholic and protestants.

I think they should build more youth centres for young people to go to like more drama and art clubs. Reorganise and restructure public parks and play grounds, spend more money on police patrols at night to keep people safe.

I think they should build more: Cinemas, amusements activities, better job opportunities.

I think they should have more place for us to go the youth clubs where it's free to get us off the streets.

I think they should make it easier for young people to find somewhere to be with friends, whether a sports centre or an arts & crafts centre. I also think that poorer families should have a better chance to get their children into college.

I think they should spend it by building centres etc where young people of different religions can meet i.e. youth club thing etc.

I think they should spend it on more facilities in each town, whether or not the town is big or small. The money should be spent on underage nightclubs so there are no people under 18 in any other nightclubs, also I think there should be leisure complex's similar to the Odyssey in Belfast, in more cities in Northern Ireland.

I think they should spend it on things such as putting youth clubs into our community for us young ones to go.

I think they should spend it through schools and concentrate on the education of the students.

I think they should spend more money on sports facilities.

I think they should spend the extra money on paying tuition fees for young people going to university

I think they should spend the extra money on more activities for young teenagers & children. More outdoor and leisure activities. Also trips away, for a week/weekend. Something nice & interesting.

I think they should spend the money on making more things for young people e.g. better parks, ice bowl's , better leisure centres.

I think they should spend the money on places where teenagers can hangout on weekends which will keep them off the streets. Also if there were more night clubs for 15-17 year olds. It would stop the making of fake ID's which everyone has around here, and less underaged teens wouldn't try to sneak into clubs for over 18's

I think they should spend the money on trying to get more public places for teenagers to go and meet up with other religions, and race. For example they should build more community centre like a snooker club, or cinema.

I would like to see things like astro turf pitches for the kids to play football.

If the government were to spent more money on young people on Northern Ireland, I think they should spend it on education, university fees, skilled, techniqued tutors, social events, facilities and for those who are disabled.

If they made more places for young one's to hang round with each other more mixed people would get on with each other.

I'm not really sure, but I do think that families with less money should be getting something extra because I have seen the effect that causes when they haven't [to] do things, others do. And I guess on mixed youth clubs or something, but I don't think the activities are working or will work.

Improve education, have better and more places for young people to go instead of hanging around.

Improve schools and more places for us to do because the government always spends money on stupid things!!!

Improving community communication. Cross community events.

Improving facilities which are already available e.g. football parks.

Improving health service, education and roads creating prospects for those who want to work. Deal with crime on the streets. Children 9-10-11-12-13-14-15 should not be at rooming the streets. Parents must see they have some responsibility.

Improving school building, getting more books for library, starting up more after school classes.

Improving school facilities and providing more places to go in the evening, especially in the summer.

Improving school facilities. More places to take part in leisure activities.

Improving the quality of teaching in schools.

Improving sports facilities. Building more places for young people to go.

Improving the recreational facilities in areas.

In activity centres with mixed religions like even as non alcoholic bar where young people can be on a Friday & Saturday night instead of on streets getting drunk!

In education, we have to pay for things like files, file blocks, small things that all add up. Fees should definitely be lowered. Possibly more youth schemes, educational or not.

In education. Also in building youth centers for older teenagers(15-19) to get them off street corners. Also more hostels and staff for teenagers who feel stressed and annoyed at home.

In finding places for young people to go at night that isn't church groups.

In helping all young people get a good education, no matter how smart they are, race, or disability.

In more social places such as arcades, cinemas etc

. In particular areas away from the city centre.

In my own opinion, I think they should open up places, so young people could sit in on a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy the company of others, instead of drinking down the street; that way there would be less incidents of drunken disorderly youngsters and frightened elderly men and women.

In new ways of teaching. More publicity for youth groups.

In prospects like the EMA to encourage young people to school. He could also spend it on fixing or enhancing school and techs.

In schools (secondary schools as they don't have that much in them as gammers do) drop in centers. Couselling for teenagers with problems.

In schools and more facilities.

In schools, play areas like parks, more football fields.

In schools.

Integrated schools, mixed religion activities.

Inter community projects involving interesting activities e.g. bowling, crosstalk cases etc.

Investing in cinemas, having alleys for young people to socialize in more areas. Spending more money on hiring professionals to spend time with children who are having problems either at school or at their homes.

Investing in places where teenagers can go to socialise, hang out. More courses, youth clubs, etc.

It depends how much money, but generally places for entertainment - cinemas, bowling, go-karting, paintballing etc.

It should be spent on education and also in improving leisure facilities for young people.

Jobs, sporting facilities and any one where there are social problems especially suicide. There needs to be money spent on these areas, thus helping to support these young people.

Just by giving them so much each week or month to help them buy the things they need or build more things to keep young people busy and out of trouble and to stop them becoming bored.

Keep young out of trouble by giving more things to do.

Leisure activities. Football facilities. Better schools. Better training for employment.

Leisure and sports centres. Youth centres.

Leisure complexes, cross-community projects, cinemas.

Leisure facilities (3)

Leisure facilities, cross community schemes, provision for sports.

Leisure facilities, Sports stadiums, Scrap university fees for students.

Look at the problems that affect teenagers and come up with a resolution to help them.

Lowering university fees rather than raising them.

Make a complex where young people should be able to hang out with cinema and bowling and arcades something sort of like the odyssey only you don't get through out at half past nine!

Make more places for teenagers to hang out so they aren't on the streets and getting into trouble even just a hall or room to go to and not have to pay lots of money to get in.

Make more places for teenagers, more underage discos etc, more youth clubs so we can meet lots of people.

Make more places for us to go to, e.g. Cinemas, clubs.

Make more places for young people to go and get them off the streets.

Make more places for young people to go

Make playgrounds & parks safer for children.

Make more places for teenagers to go and have fun without having to spend a lot of money.

Make schools more enjoyable so more people went all the time instead of making excuses to stay off.

Make some websites for help and advice run by young people (i.e. teenagers administrate and moderate the site), with forums for discussion of problems. More areas for shelter from rain with sofas and/for rooms. More video game instruments.

Make sure that every school leaver can get a place on a training course that [they] have chosen. Better organised activities and trips for young people.

Making 6th form colleges to do at eves year out to work in fields you're interested in work experiences for about one week in every school, including grammar schools.

Making more places for teenagers to go more entertainment.

Making more youth files.

Making the community better for young people and more places for them to socialize.

Many young people are resorting to alcohol because they feel that being drunk makes their life more fun, which in a very boring town, Whitehead is true. Drunken in spawns violence so obviously more things for young people to do. I advice something musical. Music brings people together I find.

Maybe more community/youth centres to bring more young people closer together.

Maybe, some more youth clubs or * [?] or "do up" existing youth clubs to house better facilities.

Meeting places for young teenagers e.g. cinemas, bowling alleys. Improve school meals - make them more healthy.

Mixed Social Activity Centres.

Money for more youth centres and for organized activities.

Money on activities for young people is should be the main priority. Give them a place to meet up with friends instead of resorting to standing at a street corner causing havoc purely because they are bored.

Money on social activities. (Cinemas etc). More money for schools.

Money should be put into church, youth clubs to attract more of the youth of the street and give them something to do at the weekends, while they can meet new friends and hear something that can give value to their lives.

More activities aimed at teenagers, or a youth employment scheme aimed at improving the community during the holidays to keep teenagers occupied.

More activities and places to go, so this will keep young people off the streets and causing trouble.

More activities and social meeting places.

More activities as us young people have little places to go and have been caused 'troublemakers' by standing in our streets.

More activities for teenagers such as persuading them to start a new sport e.g. athletics.

More clubs and community centers, getting extra money, after school activities and a cinema.

More activities for the youth. Funding those who choose to go to university. Offering incentives/ rewards for personal education achievement.

More activities for young people to keep them out of trouble and to enjoy themselves.

More activities for young people, more money on school.

More activities for young people.

More activities so maybe it can decrease binge drinking and the effects of the alcohol.

More activities to do i.e. bowling, cinema, arcades cinema, clubs (Under 18), sporting facilities.

More activity centres, better places to go and have fun e.g. paintballing, ice skating etc.

More amenities for children & young people to go to !

More money put into schooling.

More arcades and bowling venues.

More bowling alleys and under 18 dubs.

More cinemas, leisure plexus, discos.

More clubs (youth centres).

More community centers to take people off the streets to reduce crime. Better nightlife.

More community centres and youth centres in areas near to people, as they have nowhere to go all week. Tennis courts, crazy golf, hockey and football pitches, badminton courts etc: go-carting to cut down joy-riding. These all needed in working class areas especially, as young people have nowhere to go. This would cut down on crime and drug taking within 15-18 year olds.

More Community Youth-groups, promoting cross community relationships.

More social outposts (eg Cinemas).

More cross community projects for young people of all ages.

More cross community projects.

More cross-community projects, places to spend time together and places to have fun.

More education and more jobs.

More education opportunities and more activities for young people to take part in.

More efficient schooling systems to encourage more young people to stay on at school and make the best career choices possible. I also believe that more money should be spent on places where young people can socialise, listen to music and relax.

More emphasis on practical art, music technology and design in school, the student picks the subject.

More entertainment in rural areas outdoor of the city.

More facilities to give young people a wider range of activities.

More facilities to keep young people occupied.

More football pitches.

More funding for Colleges and Universities.

More help in betting a job without qualifications.

More jobs and training for any religion.

More leisure centers. Places to meet new people. Nightclubs. Proper environments.

More leisure, entertainment.

More leisure facilities for inner cities

More leisure facilities in areas where there are a lot of young people living. We should get a discount off driving lessons as it is necessary for all young people to take lessons.

More leisure facilities.

More leisure-activities.

More local cinemas, youth clubs, places for young people to socialize without getting in trouble.

More mixed activities for young people to socialise.

More money for sports teams. Places were young people can go and socialize safely.

More money for students in further education.

More money given for people who return to school at the most £50 a week.

More gyms to keep fit.

More money on things for young people to do.

More money put into education to reduce the cost for students going to college etc. Have places built in different areas where young people go to and relax at any time of the day.

More money put into sports, school to have better equipment.

More money should be spent on social and cross community centers , to take children of the streets and teach them about alcohol, drug abuse and people they could talk to about their home life and different issues. Teenagers feel they need to talk about.

More money to children that live is in estates to keep them out of trouble or step them causing it more social centers.

More music and library facilities.

More night club for teenagers. Places to spend the weekend at eg. ice rinks.

More opportunities to get involved in courses or activities to give them extra qualifications and possibly widen their career prospects. Provide more part-time jobs.

More place for young people to go out.

More places (safe ones) for them to go their friends.

More places 4 young people to hangout.

More places for entertainment, as there is not enough for children under 18.

More places for teenagers to go in different areas not just in the city or in towns. More cross community schemes, working on mixed religions.

More places for teenagers to socialize and enjoy.

More places for us to hang out at 50. We don't be in the street, getting into trouble because we're bored ! We should have more people to talk to, so we don't be depressed and try to commit suicide. We should be shown that there's people out there that understand, care, and love us. And we aren't stuck in this fucked up world all alone !!!

More places for young people - - Bowling. - Skate parks.

more places for young people to go

More places for young people to go and spend time socialising.

More youth groups.

More opportunities to travel to other countries with a youth group eg. for Africa to help underprivileged children.

More places for young people to go as they get more of streets. Things like youth clubs should be made more popular as there are not enough of them.

More places for young people to go. School funds such as materials for art!

More places for young people to hang out for example more cinemas, bowling alleys, youth centres etc.

More places for young people to spend their free time If at school, improvement of school dinners.

More places for young people.

More places of entertainment.

More places to go and to keep us of the streets.

More places to go for entertainment.

More places to go to (2).

More places to go, and education. Same levels of education for all teenagers. Offering more practical subjects at school like engineering etc, for teenagers who aren't interested in the more intellectual subjects.

More places to socialise.

More places to socialize in the evenings. To help keep teenagers off the streets for the safety of themselves and others.

More places to socialize like cinemas and discos and more shops.

More places were young people can go to have fun at night e.g. discos for older teenagers, better public transport in the evenings to rural places.

More recreational areas e.g. parties, cinemas, leisure centers.

More recreational facilities.

More school and community trips and activities to encourage peace between protestant + catholic communities.

More services (not youth clubs) available in all towns for young people; bowling, snooker, gyms etc.

More social activities.

More social places to join together (e.g. youth clubs).

More social places etc. bowling alley, cinemas.

More social places for teenagers to go to during the week and weekend.

More social places for young people to hang out rather than the streets.

More social places!

More social places, this will mean less trouble on the streets and more bonding between people

More social places. Equipment. EMA.

More socialised places for teenagers, pocket money.

More socializing places for young children.

More spent on sports.

More sporting activities more clubs/organizations for teens - disco's, trips etc. (not to do with local church).

More sporting venues.

More sports areas, parks for children.

More sports centers & sports teams to get young people playing together and help fight obesity

More sports facilities, more facilities for young people.

More sports facilities.

More swimming pools, more cinemas and leisure centres.

More things for us to do and to go!

More things for us to do.

More things for young people like activities for them to do.

More things to do in rural areas such as clubs and places to go instead of focusing on urban areas.

More things to do/better education.

More to do in areas, more places to go especially for young people.

More training courses and more sports centres.

More youth centers for teenagers to hang about in.

More youth centers.

More youth activities to do.

More youth centres. Skate park. EMA's.

More youth centres and social places.

More youth clubs and football pitches for small towns and villages.

More youth clubs (2).

More youth clubs. Less fees for university.

More youth clubs.

More facilities e.g. cinemas, swimming pools etc.

More youth clubs. Underprivileged. Avail of trips. EMA is not available in 4th year.

More youth hostels.

More youth houses + youth groups in your area, so that young people don't have to hang around in street corners.

More youth organisations, places for teenagers to go.

More youth schemes - trying to educate kids that are going of the rails - give them a chance to break the poverty chain.

More youth workers on the streets targeting young people and telling/helping them in there life.

Motor vehicle insurance subsidies/salary for attending school.

New activity centre or cinema, bowling. There are not many places and so.

New clubs etc to take young people of the streets and out of the sort of clubs where they are getting 'hammered'.

New facilities for young people to spend their free time to keep them off the streets.

Non alcohol facilities for teenagers. Employ coaches in sports both primary and secondary schools.

Non-alcoholic bars, roller skating parks, benefits for teenage pregnancies.

Northern Ireland does not have enough for young people !! More things to do such as music tuition (Rock music - drums, guitar, bass etc). More opportunities to form band or whatever. More thing out places where can meet other people. More community projects for young people - such as art etc. Something for future ! Hope.

Off the streets programs and cross-community programs to help young people off the street and falling into crime, drugs etc.

Offer better education.

On activities for young people to participate in, as well as setting up more integrated schools. And definitely more social places for young people.

On activities for youth people to do, to stop fights and arguments as most young people are bored.

On better education offers e.g. children who want a career in performance usually have to leave Northern Ireland. We should offer the best education and options to children.

On better facilities for socialising i.e. cinemas.

On better recreational facilities.

On better youth clubs, places for young people to go. Parks with shelters.

On bowling alleys and an ice skating centre

On building more social plans for teenagers such as ice rinks and bowling alleys. And reducing university fees.

On centres that run activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh awards for both sides of the community for equipment etc.

On cinemas, bowling areas, disco's etc.

On classes like art or music for both sides of the community. Making a safe and friendly place for young people to hang out, as many activities e.g. cinema or bowling cost a lot of money.

On clothes.

On clubs (cross-community), more places to hang out with friends.

On creating safe fun places for youth to go to.

On education and in helping homeless children and children from less well off backgrounds.

On education firstly, then on social places for teenagers to congregate so that they wouldn't love to hang out on the streets.

On education, drug awareness.

On education.

On encouraging working class kids to stay on at school and to keep young people off the streets by providing better sport and leisure centres.

On funding extra-curricular activities for young people.

On giving some income to all teenagers who are staying on in full time education. More Christian coffee-bars and more student discounts on equipment necessary for education.

On giving the kids with nothing to do something to do. Like the losers in * [?] who not because they're bored. On ice rinks, cinemas, funding for universities.

On leisure and activity centers. Parks, play parks, skating parks. Club to hang out it. Pool rooms etc... Cinemas, food bars.

On leisure facilities.

On leisure schemes to try to reduce misconceptions about ethnicity and religion e.g. cinema/bowling alley between Portavogie and Portaferry.

On more activities for mixed communities.

On more activities for young people so that they wouldn't be on the streets.

On more discipline in schools, public services and useful other things. Our generation is a shower of wingy little brats, we have it very well off.

On more facilities for young people to go, so that we don't have to stand in the streets.

On more leisure facilities for young people and especially for young people with disability problems as there is not enough around Northern Ireland.

On more out of school activities in local areas which can accommodate those without transport and without a well off family.Possibly more social places that do not serve alcohol so younger people do not start drinking before they should.

On more places for people to go and by providing public transport later at night for the young people to get to the places.

On more places for us teenagers to go at the weekend & during holidays.

On more places for young people to hang out (2).

On more social activities and things for young people to enjoy.

On more social buildings like cinemas, 10 pm bowling alleys and things like that.

On places for people to socialize and on activities to do.

On places for teenagers to go instead of standing about up towns etc.

On places for young people to go and hang out and meet new people, and to break down barriers between people of different orientation.

On places for young people to go.

On places for youth to meet up and spend time where ethnic origin and religion is not a factor and if it is brought up the person who does gets a strike against his/her name, everyone has 3 strikes.

On places where young people can meet and hang out without feeling like they're annoying anyone. e.g. cinemas, arcades etc.

On places where young people can socialise such as bowling alleys.

On places, where children and teenagers can go where they are safe and can mix with different kinds of people.

On projects for them to occupy their time.

On providing facilities for young people with places to go. Also money for young people to pursue interests such as sport + computer studies. Should be spent on improving area to make them safe.

On School's sports facilities and parks & play groups.

On social gathering etc. and not or alcohol etc.

On social places for the young people to go, such as game halls or night clubs.

On something fun for us to do.

On something to occupy us i.e. more community centers or discos. If more young people had places to go to enjoy themselves there would be less teenagers on the street cursing trouble.

On something/somewhere for us to be in the evenings. Non church related drop in centre etc. and not supervised like children. More (affordable) sports facilities. Cheaper transport e.g. bus fares.

On sporting activities and youth club centers.

On sporting stadiums, such as athletic tracks and improve its quality like the one in Antrim and the being in the university of Ulster.

On sports clubs and youth events.

On sports for young people and places to socialize.

On teaching the different communities about each other.

On the education boards and after-school events / activities.

On things for people to do.

On us.

On useful resources.

On what young people want, anything from places to go like cinema or even a skate park here or there.

On youth centres, to socialise and learn new skills. Places to socialise e.g. cinema.

On youth clubs and facilities for young mums like a mother and toddlers group. I feel odd with my babies because you think other people are talking about you but if your with other young mums then it is ok.

On youth clubs, to help keep teens off the street and away from crime, drugs, alcohol, and temptations.

On youth projects which are integrated and involve the outdoors. Such things as rock climbing, canoeing etc, so the youth gets exercise and mingles with other religions without being aware of boundaries.

On youth trips to involve both community religions.

Open clubs for young people to go to with music.

Open more youth centres.

Open pubs for young people.

Open up clubs that sell soft drinks.

Open up cinemas/arcades/ ice rinks. Give young people access to information on drugs, alcohol, relationships, violence (etc).

Opening more cinemas and arcades also more places so that 16 year olds can have a better nightlife.

Opening places for young people to socialise.

Organising more inter community events e.g. Ulster project.

Organizing activities that would bring different groups together. Also promoting education to those who believe/think they are not worth it.

Organizing trip out for young people to socialize with other young people from different ethnic origin.

Outdoor recreation.

Parks + football pitches and sports complex's etc.

Parks and football grounds.

Parks or something to do around the country.

Parks, Bowling allay, swimming, more entertainment.

Pay for driving lessons to students or make on allowance.

Pay job skills and trainees more then of 40 pounds a week.

Paying for school and university fees. Building more social places for teenagers to be safe, instead of hanging around on street corners etc this will reduce the amount of attacks and rapes.

Perhaps gyms designed specifically for young people and to meet their needs. I think we associate gyms with older people and are intimidated by them. Gyms should promote a healthy life-style and encourage young people to strive to meet their goals. It could also be a place for socialising and relaxing.

Persuading young people to stay in school.

Place more youth clubs etc across the country

Places for teams to go and hang out, where it is safe so to get people off the streets.

Places for teenagers to go to at night time and weekends which is safe and fun.

Places for teenagers to hang out so they aren't on the streets but have activities that teenagers actually find enjoyable.

Places for teenagers to hang out.

Places for them to socialize (Disco's etc.)

Places for young people to go at weekends and in the evening.

Places for young people to go e.g. cinemas, youth clubs, disco etc.

Places for young people to hang out at night instead of the streets.

Places for young people to meet. Discos, Nightclubs for young people, more and better cinemas, pools, etc.

Places of recreation and education

Places to go and things to do!! (It might keep us of the street where we steal things and take drugs)

Places were young people can go.

Places where young people can hang out to keep then off drinking on the streets.

Play areas in country places and social activities in country places.

Post 16 students returning for full time education - should get a set rate of payment - No matter what their parents are earning.

Problems arise when young people have nothing to do. More money spent on sport facilities. More provision of sports clubs providing tennis, badminton, squashy football etc.

Promoting unity between children from different religions and nationality is a way that appeals to them.

Provide more youth clubs to keep young people out of trouble.

Provide places for young teenagers to socialise. More school trips provided i.e. Ski trips.

Providing better social places where teenagers can go, as this in my opinion, would result in keeping a lot of teenagers from consuming alcohol.

Providing extra educational funds for third level education, setting the younger generation up better financially in the future.

Providing more entertainment for teenagers.

Providing more entertainment to bring young people off the streets. A place to bring together all religions.

Providing more leisure facilities that teenagers would find appealing, such as more cinemas or skate parks. There's little to do in my town so here, ice skating, cinemas, bowling, sports facilities and clubs for people under 18 to go to would be very welcome.

Providing more social activities for protestants in Londonderry such as discos, bowling alleys, cinemas and shopping malls.

Providing more training places.

Providing teenagers with more social places of interest, for e.g. cinemas organizing events which help begin and deepen relationships with teenagers from different ethnic groups and different religions.

Providing the young people the youth centres. Places were people can go instead of hanging around the streets.

Providing us with places to hang out that stay open past 11:00 PM.

Put it into community centres for areas which have big populations. Give money to local sporting clubs, gyms etc.

Recreational facilities.

Reducing students fees. Giving grants instead of loans for students.

Remove EMAs - grossly unfair to those who work hard and have to work for their own money. Activity centers at a subsidized cost to youths, and subsidized leisure centers.

Safe places for socializing and recreation. Services to help young people in all areas of life, such as breaking habits in drug/alcohol abuse etc. Cross community projects.

Safe places to socialise.

Safe social places e.g. cinemas etc

Scholarships for students from a less wealthier background so they can go to University or schools with fees if they choose.

Schools - Improving facilities in the classroom, improving school buildings, improving facilities already in existence.

Schools (i.e. meals etc).

Schools More activities near home e.g. tennis courts, discos.

Schools, Entertainment etc for young people, Lowering Uni fees.

Schools. Community centres. Places for young people to meet.

Schools. Out of school club e.g. athletics.

Set up more activities etc that different groups can mix together in.

Setting up a pocket money scheme so young people (under 16) neither have to work or bother their parents for money all the time.

Setting up places for young people to get out of the house and also some where were they can study at weekends can meet up instead of drinking in the streets somewhere they can come back after a night out.

Skate parks, football fields, more better cheaper leisure facilities.

Skate-parks because there are a lot of skaters milling about bored. Youth centers focused on young adult activities such as sports, art, music etc.

So that most young people have things to do in their spare time the money should be used to set up more community centres and cross community projects.

Social & regional development i.e. ensuring there are places protestant and catholic groups can go safely!

Social & Sports.

Social activities, more spaces to play in, youth clubs.

Social areas and cross community groups.

Social areas, schools especially canteens, cross community projects and creating new chances for those who other wouldn't be able to receive it e.g. education, travelling.

Social groups & sports activities, bowling alleys, gyms & giving group talks in schools about STI's and underage sex etc.

Social integration, community schemes, leisure facilities.

Social meeting places e.g. more cinemas etc. Preventing illegal drug use.

Social places - e.g. cinema, sex education/protection, Better school education, Better health/social services Social places for teenagers.

Social places, School trips.

Social places, sports grounds.

Some on education but some on entertainment facilities too such as skate parks, cinemas or could put money into various community projects targeted at young people.

Some should go to school, more youth clubs.

Spend if on more cinemas and places to go and have fun.

Spend it on more activities for young people in the town

Spend it on more facilities for teenagers e.g. amusements, ice rink, big cinemas.

Spend it on more recreational activities such as sports and entertainment facilities.

Spend more money on leisure activities and provide classes which can help keep our nation together.

Spend on more education and social activities for young people.

Spending it on cross community projects or on more drug awareness and depression awareness in Northern Ireland.

Spending more money towards are education.

sport centres (2)

Sport facilities, better entertainment places.

Sporting activities, clubs for males and females.

Sporting bodies, encouraging exercise, and team involvement.

Sporting centers, entertainment.

Sports activities: Swimming pools, skate parks, football pitches. etc. Social places.

Sports development.

Sports facilities, Leisure areas.

Sports facilities .

Sports facilities. Facilities for extreme sports. Staff.

Start more mixed youth clubs. More places or socializes other than pubs.

Starting more social clubs for the young people to stop them from hanging about roads and causing trouble.

Starting parties (political) for teenagers to voice their opinions, after all we are the future.

Skate parks, EMA, more things in general for young people to do.

Student cafe with cheap food/drink. More student discount on trains and buses.

Student grants - entertainment venues. Better transport services. Free driving lessons.

Supplying us with not just buildings such as leisure centers, but schemes such as tennis practice, soccer practice at reduced prices. Also more achievements available; Once of Edinburgh award schemes and St. Johns ambulance.

Teaching young children and parents about the other main religion/community. More leisure facilities for inter-community interaction.

The arts in schools, ensuring a greater degree of understanding that "religious identity" doesn't actually mean anything apart from which church you go to.

The education, sports complexes, cross community events.

The government should be spend[ing] money on young people in Northern Ireland by building youth centres around Northern Ireland.

The government should pay more attention to areas much like mine. We may as well be living in curfew as we can't leave or do nothing. If we do, we end up getting hurt, there is no parks or pitches, nothing for young ones that is why majority join paramilitary & take drugs /drink & end up in dead end life.

The government should spend more money on things for teenagers younger than 18 to do but I also feel that a lot more money should be invested in the education system and the health system -these are really important to everyone not just young people.

They should spend the extra money on more youth groups, on better action against bullying, such as trained counse[l]lors in schools, on better sex education and drug awareness in schools and on bringing children from different communities and religions together to make them more aware of diversity.

There should be more resources for teenagers.

There should be some investment into creating facilities to take young people off the sheets, possibly creating summer schemes but also centers for young people to go at night times.

There should be under 18's club in smaller towns & villages.

They could spend the extra money on getting more replace to go.

They should be spending it on more youth clubs and maybe to build more cinemas, parks or bowling centres to give young people a wider choice of things that they could do.

They should be spending more money on activity centres for the younger people to go to and restrict them from the streets.

They should build lots of U18 clubs for us to go to. Also there isn't a lot of amusements to go to. We only have the sports hall and the cinema which gets boring after a while.

They should build more football pitches. More swimming pools. More play parks.

They should build more social places for teenagers.

They should build more youth centers for young people to socialize safely.

They should give money to students who are at college to help them with their grants, instead of having students in debt.

They should have more places for teenagers to go.

They should help those with good grades to attend university without paying such high fees.

They should help to help young people learn more about other religions.

They should make new places to go.

They should offer more to pupil[s] via EMA.

They should organise more social events and places for people to go.

They should spend money on education and help young people achieve their dreams by making University fee's be cheaper.

They should provide numerous activities for young people to take part in. So lessening the amount of young people who would take drugs and commit crimes.

They should provide somewhere safe and fun for young people to hang out as there is a fact of places for young people that are open late at night.

They should put more money into creating better and more interesting job opportunities for those leaving school.

They should also put money into religious awareness, especially at Primary Level education.

They should put more money into further or higher education, because so many people start university in debt or cannot afford to go to university at all. More money should be put into cross-community projects.

They should spend it by building fun things for teenagers to do such as bowling or cinemas, it would mean less reason to cause trouble.

They should spend it in smaller areas. I live in the country my nearest town has no facilities for us youth. This is why we hang around places, and sometimes get in for trouble doing so.

They should spend it on a lot more activities for us young one's today.

They should spend it on facilities in youth clubs e.g. more trips to places. They should also spend it to help to encourage teenager to socialize with different people with different nationalities and religions.

They should spend it on having more leisure facilities built for young people so they can go somewhere else instead of getting into trouble.

They should spend it on more local amenities in areas for young people and not so far outside our communities. They shouldn't cost as much either because not every young person has the money to spend and parents cannot hand out that kind of money everyday.

They should spend it on young peoples hobbies and on leisure centres.

They should spend money on the young people who are homeless, have substance addictions and to educate young people more about sex education.

They should spend more money on trying to dissuade arguments between different ethnic communities and maybe they could "open up young peoples minds" to the fact that everything professed by the media is not to be taken for granted, and that drugs and alcohol is not a social preference but maybe to certain people as being something enjoyable amongst many a human.

They should spend the extra money building more centers for us.

They should spend the extra money on children's hospitals and on funding for schools. Also, some money should be spent on entertainment for young people.

They should spend the extra money on more activities for teenagers.

They should spend the money building more leisure center in places where there are a lot of young people.

They should spend the money making more places for young people to go for example Bowling centres, Ice skate rink, Cinemas.

They should spend the money on cinemas etc. and other enjoyable things for young people to do.

They should spend the money on creating a better night life for teenagers.

They should spend the money on days out, eg. going to the cinema, swimming.

They should spend the money on schools.

They should spend the money on things that will be enjoyed by young people and keep them out of trouble. They should target get certain areas. i.e. poorer areas. They should provide something that will give teenagers something enjoyable to do, rather than staging on the streets. Most teenagers in my area/city have nothing better to do.

They should try and give more kids to do on weekends such as youth clubs etc.

They should use it to fund more activities/ meeting places for young people. At the minute, there is very little for young people to do at evenings & weekends in my area.

They should use the money to open cross community centres and more integrated schools.

Things like the Oddysey, a go-tank truck.

Things like youth clubs etc.

To bring mixed religions young people together to cut out all the bitterness.

To bring people from different background together and let them work in the team.

To find more community centers for all nationalities.

To get rid of drugs and to help out young criminals.

To have places where teenagers can be together to hang about even late at night.

To help forge relationships with mixed places to help the young people that struggle to live in Northern Ireland today.

To help give them a fair chance at education and help setup more activities for them.

To improve sporting facilities e.g. local playing fields, tennis courts etc.

To invest in bank accounts and regular payments for all. To have more places for young people.

To provide recreational areas or gyms for under 18's and leisure centres that cater for people at school or pat time workers.

To put up more youth clubs so we wouldn't be bored all the time.

To try encourage people to stay on a school for better opportunities. Help prevent teenage pregnancy's.

Towards getting cars so they don't have to rely on parents bringing them everywhere. Helping to get a better education.

Training programmes.

Trips around Northern Ireland for young people who might have never seen famous Northern Irish land marks before.

Use it to find more cross-community projects for young people & have more community halls & centres for everyone no matter who they are have more integrated schools from it.

Various places similar to the Odyssey should be made available to young people in more areas and should be open longer hours.

Well definitely not on the troublemakers. They would be getting a nice reward for violence. I think that the money should go to the bullied or the disabled if anyone. Maybe finding alternative education places for the pupils more adopt in building or construction work, things like that.

Which money? Charities Car Expenses

Young people should be asked what they want to do through surveys, before the government makes any plans.

Youth centers or similar places for young people to go with their friends (or to make new ones) and have fun.

Youth Centers, Drug & Alcohol awareness

Youth centers. Activity Centers. Skate & bike parks. Parks. Towpaths. Tutors/ after school education. Better vocational education.

Youth centres

Youth centres, cinema, bowling. Youth centres. Cinema. Places for young people to go to avoid they hanging about the town.

Youth centres. Sports equipments and activities.

Youth clubs & activities for the under 18's

Youth clubs groups, cinemas, swimming pools.

Youth clubs to get young kids off the streets more shocking & scary warnings about the effects of drugs alcohol & unprotected sex.

Youth clubs.

Youth Clubs. Leisure Centers - swimming, gym, ice rinks, bowling. Skate Parks.

Youth facilities and perhaps cheaper education fees, It is also important to keep young people in school.

Youth facilities, clubs, social areas, education.

Youth groups, updating facilities, schools and extra curricular activities.

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