Year: 2005
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A certain section of people in north of Ireland need to change their views of the other section and when this happens may be we will see change, maybe because they were in power for so long and now because of internal and external pressure they feel they have lost or are losing their monopoly. They have to be fare!
  2. A lot of the disagreements are about things which happened many years [ago] and the people involved are labelling others by religion rather than the person they are. Younger people in the community are beginning to socialise more with each other and become friends although some are being taught by their families that their religion is the best and all others are inferior and must not be trusted.
  3. A mixed RUC force e.g. Catholic, Protestant (etc). Belfast city council should fund St. Patrick's day parade in city, as they spend thousands on clearing up after the orange men. Open up much more integrated schools (50/50), so Catholic and Protestant can learn together.
  4. A united Ireland would bring open warfare on the streets.
  5. All the fighting needs to stop.
  6. As a student at a grammar school in [NAME OF CITY] who do touch on community relations in N.I, I feel disappointed as cross community projects have never been raised. All schools throughout should introduce, from a young age, good community relations!
  7. As a young person in Northern Ireland; I feel saddened by our behaviour to one another. After all we are all children of God made by one creator, and one who will judge us for our kindness and love to one another not our bitterness.
  8. As long as illegal loyalist organization are present in N.Ireland/ Likewise with republic organizations, there will never, ever, be peace in our country!!
  9. At the minute, societies are very segregated, more cross- community projects would improve this.
  10. Based on recent events such as the coming down of the watch towers in Northern Ireland I would be inclined to believe that relations between Catholics and Protestants will mature.
  11. Basically I do not think there is any need for all the fighting and disagreements, between both Catholic and Protestants, after all we are all human beings and we should start behaving like it instead of animals.
  12. Because I live in a mainly Protestant area there is not much opportunity to be involved in cross community projects.
  13. Both religions never get along it would be a lot better if they did.
  14. Catholics & Protestants are exactly the same. Same God same religion - Christianity.
  15. Childish and embarrassing.
  16. Children should be encouraged to mix from a young age with different communities.
  17. Community relation in Northern Ireland are in the state there in because of some leaders. I think they need to travel and see the world to broaden their minds and encourage some people who have never travelled outside of N.I. to travel abroad and see that there is a big wide world.
  18. Community relations (I feel) in Northern Ireland have been better over the past year, this is a great achievement for Northern Ireland.
  19. Community relations are presented negatively in media because minority groups fight. But in everyday life community relations are fine.
  20. Community relations could be made better if there were more mixed neighbourhoods and schools. I think most people wouldn't mind if they lived beside people from a different religion. However, some people become aggressive and violent towards people of a different religion and this sometimes makes me weary.
  21. Community relations in Northern Ireland are very poor between Catholics and Protestants. I personally feel people should get involved with people from a different religion so they can respect them.
  22. Community relations really need to improve on both sides if Northern Ireland is to improve any. Politicians need to make more effort i.e. Ian Paisley to put religious differences aside and do what's best for Northern Ireland. I personally want a United Ireland but I am willing to put that aside to improve the North's situation.
  23. Cross-community [projects] in primary school were rubbish with forced friendships and I actually think it turned children off the other side. Most people don't actually care what religion you are if you are a nice person, but the paramilitaries and extremists always make things worse again.
  24. Cross-community schemes are generally available but only for a few people, so many teenagers who live in a predominantly Protestant/Catholic area have little chance of bridging the gap.
  25. Don't know what other people think but I think if there was more communities coming together & talking more we might just know, we are all the same in a way. So It does not matter if your religions is different.
  26. Even if people stop fighting people of the other community, they will probably just fight ethnic minorities.
  27. Everybody comes and goes the same way in life, it doesn't matter who and what you are, you are still a part of the community.
  28. Flags left up after 12th July is detrimental to community relations. Flags only remind us of the divide between communities.
  29. Hope they get better in the future
  30. I am from a Catholic area and I feel very strongly about republicanism but, also have a lot of Protestant friends; people need to forget about the past and start thinking about the future!
  31. I am not bothered about people who have a different religion or are in a different ethnic group than me because I always try to get on with everyone.
  32. I believe in Northern Ireland that people who are strongly sectarian or republican, are the reason that the community as a whole can't move on and accept others as people and not outcast or ignore them !!
  33. I believe in what I believe because I have been brought up in a particular area and influenced by families beliefs especially my fathers. If people were living together side by side of mixed religions/race/creed/ethnic minorities this might break down barriers however I do believe we all need roots but we need to learn how to be more tolerant & respect others’ beliefs.
  34. I believe that a lot of the bitterness possessed by Catholics or Protestants in N. Ireland is present in what would be my parents and grand parents generations. Most teenagers today are less conscious of religious divides, but those who support paramilitary groups do so often without reasons to back it up. The history of Protestantism and Catholicism has been lost and contorted over the centuries which is unfortunate as the rest of the UK does not worry about such petty issues. As is the invisible divide between North and South of this island.
  35. I believe that at present community relations within Northern Ireland are very poor and I think this is a pity and is embarrassing. I hope that someday we as a country can come together and at least tolerate each other enough to avoid people being hurt and lives destroyed. I hope this day is soon because for too long Northern Ireland has been stuck in the past and the bitterness is being passed down to new generations. I hope that one day I can work in politics and help better the relations within Northern Ireland as I believe we need to move forward.
  36. I believe that if there was more teaching in schools of Irish history it would teach how all sides are at fault, rather than adopting their families religious beliefs. It would definitely give them a wider view. Being a Christian I believe that being a Catholic or Protestant doesn't get you to heaven, so religion guarantees nothing I believe if people realized this, the world would be a better place.
  37. I believe that in this day and age people in Northern Ireland communities, when they see their neighbour, they no longer see the person's religion, but the person themselves.
  38. I believe that my estate needs watched more by the lines of P.S.N.I. Due to the fact that I am fully aware that there is lots of drugs being done and dealt. And lastly for the likes of kids who drink underage and deal with drugs is mainly due to the lack of social community places and also can do with rates charged by these places.
  39. I believe that sectarianism mainly takes part in schools and neighbourhoods, and its not right to hate someone for the way in which they worship God.
  40. I believe that situations between community relations in Northern Ireland will not change unless people can get over the fact that not everyone practices the same religion, and that this does not mean that people from different communities cannot get on and interact with one another. I also believe that politicians should do more and not be so petty and set examples.
  41. I believe that tension between communities is caused by bigoted politicians, I often feel that if the younger generation were placed in their position, fighting and mocking would decrease, I feel that our local MP's within infamous sectarian areas are doing nothing to help bring peace.
  42. I believe that there will never be peace in Northern Ireland, for the reason that the tradition of paramilitary groups and divisions will continue due to narrow minds of many who bring their children up with the same views of their own.
  43. I believe the idiotic quarrels between different religions is literally as I have already quoted, simply idiotic from my perception of people living within a religion do not technically care about going to, or practicing what they are so usually are proud of professing.
  44. I believe they will continue to improve in the years to come.
  45. I can see in my community the Roman Catholics and Protestants making a better effort to live in the same area without any conflict which I feel shows the community is getting stronger.
  46. I disagree with people who hate people another because of their religion. It doesn't make sense. They are no different than us. They just have different beliefs and no one should be disrespected because they believe in something different. They should be treated equally like any other person.
  47. I disagree with sectarianism and I think very few of the idiots actually go to church & have a Christian faith. It is so pointless to be sectarian.
  48. I do not see what the reason is that people have for disagreeing over religion. Half the people don't even know why it is themselves. They are small-minded.
  49. I do think that community relations need to still improve in Northern Ireland but despite recent political decisions to try and help this happen, I don't think some mixed communities will ever be able to get on with each other. I feel it is a great pity that the troubles at the moment are been lead by a new younger generation. It shows, things will never change if young people of today do not change their attitudes towards others.
  50. I don't find it an issue in my area. There is no strong divide.
  51. I don't look at people's religion when I meet them. They can be any religion they like and I will respect that. Meeting people and knowing people with different religions and views helps to open your mind and thinking to other people around you.
  52. I don't personally understand why people can't accept other people for who they are and not what religion they belong to. People can't help what their born into and those who think differently of others need to wise up and show a lot more respect!
  53. I don't really understand all about religions or what the differences are or what the big deal is !
  54. I don't think it matters about what religion you are or where you are from. Everybody is the same. Everybody should be equal.
  55. I don't think its right to single out or annoy someone from another community or race, we are all humans after all!
  56. I don't think the community relations are great in N. I. as nobody does anything for anyone and it seems that the religion barrier is the only thing that is preventing this. People don't know how to get along which causes these riots among opposite communities causing terrorist attacks, bombing and so on which there really isn't any need for.
  57. I feel community relations have greatly improved everywhere, apart from in the working class estates, where sectarians are in the majority.
  58. I feel people are silly about the way they act if people near by are a different relation.
  59. I feel that community relations could be improved, especially between the younger citizens of the country.
  60. I feel that if the IRA does not honour its agreement that it will decommission its arms or if they go back to killing like they were in the 1970's and 1980's then the war will begin again with more killings purely because of your religion, and also bomb rings, and should this occur, what slim chance there is of Protestant and Catholic communities living in total peace will be lost forever.
  61. I feel that people are fighting for the sake [of it] and use their religion as a cover or an excuse. I think if you openly asked someone why they had such hatred for people of other religions, they would not have a reason - There seems to be a lot of people fighting for a cause, they don't know or understand fully. They were brought up in a community where that behaviour was acceptable and still consider it to be so even though it is not !
  62. I feel that schools could involve more mixed sport activities. Coaches should be employed by the educational board, and get both religions together in a wide variety of sports. Some coaches are employed by Protestants schools to coach Soccer but in Catholic schools they just have volunteers to coach Gaelic. We need to bring both religions together in drama, sports, music.
  63. I feel there isn't much connection with opposite religion, as there aren't many mixed religions.
  64. I feel they are a lot better than they have been in the past, but it upsets me when I hear that there is still trouble going on in certain areas. I feel that the government needs to work a lot harder at trying to improve cross-community relations in these problematic areas. I think children need to be taught to be tolerant of all other communities. I also feel very angry that the amount of racist attacks has increased in recent months. This needs to be stopped.
  65. I have never noticed any problems bar what is on the news. I am neither Catholic nor Protestant, and think it can be 'Unchristian' the way they can behave towards each other when they are supposed to be Christian people. They can go against the Bible's teaching. But this seems to only happen in certain areas at certain times.  Young people often get bullied/yelled at/ made fun of etc. because of the way they dress, although I have not had that either (may be I'm intimidating in my platform boots) but I think young people today have more of a problem with that.
  66. I have never personally experienced any negative community relations.
  67. I hope community relations in Northern Ireland improve over the next few years so everyone can live a more enjoyable life in a peaceful environment.
  68. I hope the relationship gets better between Protestants and Catholics.
  69. I just think it's stupid and that there's no call for what any of them do to each other. and in some ways I guess I do feel quite strong bitterness that there is on both sides and also, even in recent times among themselves. I feel as though people say they are Protestant or Catholic, just because of their community and fight about it when they don't know a thing about the religion & why they are fighting.
  70. I live in an all Protestant area, but with Catholics surroundings on the outskirts of it. I have had to watch family being buried due to foes and friends being run down by Joy Riders. I have been to 10 Downing Street, where I put my views to Tony & Cherrie Blair, and I have wrote to him several times also. But I am not bitter and would prefer people to  maintain a peaceful life & environment.
  71. I personally believe that there would be less troubles in some places, if some people would stop trying to show off their religion e.g. a Catholic living in a Protestant area, who feel that he/she has the right, also people should be smart enough not to move into a place with majority of the religion which isn't theirs. This causes hassles, and then they wonder why they always get attacked and this works for both religions.
  72. I personally think that there aren't enough mixed schools and groups out there and if there were then there probably wouldn't be as much arguing as the kids would get used to the different types of religions in their community.
  73. I sincerely hope they improve for future generations as there are much more pressing issues to deal with in the world, such as the environment and global warning.
  74. I think a lot of people would prefer to keep their religions their own and not to mix with other religions although I do not mind because everyone is equal no matter if they are from the same religion or not.
  75. I think all the fighting in Northern Ireland is stupid, and Catholics and Protestants need to work together to solve the problems.
  76. I think amongst young people that I know religious background or ethnic origin is irrelevant. It is good that lots of people my age have respect for others from different religious communities but adults need to have cross-community interactions also.
  77. I think community relations have improved over the last number of years. There doesn't seem to be as much trouble between Catholics and Protestants but a lot more could be done to secure peace. Personally, I don't have a problem with Protestants, we're all entitled to our own beliefs.
  78. I think cross community projects should be introduced for adults as well as young people because they could help to resolve some of the problems with the troubles.
  79. I think it is important to establish communication & integration at the formative age and what you are taught at home & in school.
  80. I think it is really stupid that people are so small minded. Religion shouldn't matter.
  81. I think it's important for people of all different religions to learn to live together as one community, especially the people in Northern Ireland because there is a lot of friction where religion is concerned, and the different religious groups do not really get along. If people were to work and learn in the same place, I think they would learn to get along better and leave there differences behind.
  82. I think it's really sad that there are so many problems in cross community relations in Northern Ireland. People are pending [?] over whether they are Protestant or Catholic unnecessarily and wasting precious time, money, lives and effort which could be used in helping less fortunate people in our country and across the world.
  83. I think it's sad that people are brought up in this bitter and violent province. I know that I am quite bitter about people from another religion, but I don't think it's my fault. If I had not have been brought up in a violent province and not have had to learn about violence from such a young age, I feel that I wouldn't be bitter. But because I was, it has made me a person, I don't want to be.
  84. I think religion is so unimportant and people should stop worrying about what everyone else is its none of their business.
  85. I think that a lot more has to be done for interaction between Protestants and Catholics. No understanding of each other. I myself come from a predominantly agonist [?] area and I believe that if people weren't so ignorant to other religions then we would not have the same trouble. When I went on the cross-community projects I gained a lot of understanding from the experience and realized that we are not as different as we are made out to be. These projects should exist from early age as this would lead to less hatred and resentment to the other religion.
  86. I think that community relations in Northern Ireland are getting better as most work place's are mixed religion. I also think that in a few year's community relations in Northern Ireland will be better than ever as there is a lot of mixed couples.
  87. I think that every individual has a certain amount of respect for every other individual and if they were to meet people of different ethnic or religious origin they would not mind them however I believe people are slightly prejudiced toward other ethnic and religious communities due to past example which they have seen.
  88. I think that in their everyday lives most people have good relations with the other community. However, in the context of politics, sport or topics of discussions their beliefs colour their views more than is reflected in their lives. For many, their political persuasions are only 'ideals' to be brought out when suitable or convenient.
  89. I think that most people in Northern Ireland have a hatred for Protestants/Catholics because that is the way it has always been most people don't even really know what they are fighting for the past is the past and it should only matter what people do now rather than what your opposite religion may have done during the troubles. I think most people should be ashamed of the way they behave, including politicians. I don't think a week goes by without me hearing a politician complain about the IRA and or UVF etc. Their constant referral to the IRA and Sinn Fein etc. Getting their own way is making people and by and encouraging the constant embarrassing behaviour of most people in N.I.
  90. I think that people should just forget about the past and move on with the future. There are good decent people at each side. There are also bad people on each side. But they're always in the majority who tarnish the view of the Northern Irish to the rest of the world.
  91. I think that relations between Catholics and Protestants will improve, but very slowly. I believe that Protestants dislike or hate Catholics because of who they are, and Catholics hate or dislike Protestants because of what they have done in the past.
  92. I think that relationships between contrasting communities in Northern Ireland are improving, especially between young people. I also think that this is to do with special programmes that schools are following, and getting involved in more inter community project. I believe that if the leaders of opposing political parties showed a bit more solidarity in their relationship and put more farm in their partnership that the communities would follow suit, and perhaps treat the opposing community with a bit more respect. I think that this would improve community relations in N.I. Also, if paramilitary groups would cease to attack the opposing communities, community relations would improve, as every time there is a paramilitary attack, it re-opens healed wounds between the contrasting communities in Northern Ireland.
  93. I think that religious discrimination in young people has a lot to do with family upbringing and in many cases, the community they are born into. I feel that in parts of Northern Ireland, there is almost a ghetto culture - and this is detrimental to any progress that might be made.
  94. I think that the Government should do more about cross community development work because the feuds about religion in Northern Ireland has been going on too long, and even children and their schools are being affected by this.
  95. I think that the people in Northern Ireland need to stop concentrating on religion in order to improve community relations... they need to remember that whatever religion a person is it makes then no better or no worse than themselves.
  96. I think that the Protestant and Catholic communities should try a lot harder to understand each other and give each other a chance.
  97. I think that the way people fight in N.I. over religion is really stupid. I attend [NAME OF ARTS SCHOOL] a performing arts school in Belfast. People from all backgrounds come to it. My family has always taught me never to judge people and accept them for who they are and not to brand people as from a particular religion or race, within my family there are mixed marriages and my friends are from other religions, but that doesn't better me. I think that young people especially should be encouraged to have cross-community relations so that together we can have a better brighter and friendlier N.I.
  98. I think that there are certain people who have been brought up in a religious place and as a result, quite often get into fights that are to do with Protestants/Catholics.
  99. I think that there should be a political group with all different types of religions, which represents every nationality in the world, and take our view in what to do with the community and in the choices made.
  100. I think that they are better between most people than most politicians especially Ian Paisley my MP.
  101. I think that today both religions are mixing more than ever. I think youth groups, schools and religious groups are to thank for this. Some families will always carry anger as a results of incidents which occurred during the troubles and this bitterness will be passed on from one generation to the next. However, today I think tension between each group has been reduced and people are mixing a lot better.
  102. I think that too many people have bitter feelings, but it should change and move on.
  103. I think the fighting is so stupid, people should just 'wise-up' and realise that we are all humans, we are all the same. People should stop fighting and stop worrying about people's backgrounds, we should all live together as 'humans' and nothing else.
  104. I think the main problem with minority ethnic communities is that they cannot speak English. A lot of people get angry if they go out and cannot understand their waiter/hairdresser etc. Even in workplaces, people may be unable to talk and understand their colleagues.
  105. I think the problem lies with the younger children, they seem to enjoy riots & causing fights and the easiest way they can do this is through the obvious Catholic/Protestant divide. It's also encouraged by name calling and I personally feel until something changes in politics there will be no change in NI because when people go to the polling station % of people do not vote based on a manifesto, rather vote as they always have for a party mainly supporting their own religion.
  106. I think the violence is pointless and achieves nothing but gives Northern Ireland a bad reputation.
  107. I think they are improving slowly but extra funding and promotion is helping younger people from all religions join together to do projects. It is times like this when a peaceful future in Northern Ireland looks promising.
  108. I travelled to America with a group of young people, from both sides. Today's younger generation are starting to have more respect for each other. Instead of looking at each other as Protestant or Catholic, we saw each other as people just the same as each other. Many young people are still very negative towards other religions but there is a majority that are ready to accept each other.
  109. I went to an integrated primary school and feel that that experience had a huge influence on how I feel now. Often people's religious or political beliefs are their own business and do not effect how I feel about them.
  110. I wish everyone could get along despite out differences in religion, skin colour and political views.
  111. I wish people would wise up ad realise that religion doesn't matter. Religions/sectarian tension just causes fear and economic upheaval.
  112. I wish the peace process would commence and all war between Catholic's and Protestants would end.
  113. I would like everybody to be friendly & to get on well with each other. It doesn't matter about religion.
  114. I would like to make it perfectly clear that religion is unfortunately being involved in the politics of Northern Ireland, many people don't believe in god himself never mind that Jesus was the son of god and yet they identify themselves as Protestant & Catholic. They shouldn't do this. It brings shame upon the island of Ireland and this unfortunately is a result of the unintelligent being the outspoken. The religious differences are quite simply silly. I can't stand it.
  115. I would like to see bigots and narrow-minded politicians from both sides of the community removed from governing the state. How are young people today supposed to get aside the prejudices if the most [older?] people are themselves feeling these ideas. I believe a lot of people's narrow-mindedness comes from home life and no amount of surveys such as this one will be able to disguise them from following the same sectarian party their parents and grandparents followed before them. However I feel good in the knowledge people are trying to change the way in which we live.
  116. I would like to see continual peace between Catholic and Protestants as we are all the same people.
  117. I would love the ceasefire to last because my family has felt the grief as my grand dad was shot dead an innocent man for his religion and I would never, ever wish this great loss on anyone else.
  118. I would prefer it if the relations between communities were not as bad as they were at the minute.
  119. I would prefer Protestant and Catholics to live in peace.
  120. I would rather there be more religions in Northern Ireland.
  121. If all schools were integrated then children would be learning & accepting each others' religions from a very young age.
  122. If everyone treated each other the same then there would be less sectarianism and violence.
  123. If more cross-community projects were formed then maybe relations between different religions would be better.
  124. If people are to forget about past differences and look towards the future, there will be no more fighting or rivalry between religious groups. If every one can escape the 1970's attitude of sectarianism and stop killing people for their own beliefs then Northern Ireland would be a much nicer place to live in. People have the right to choose which faith suits them without the threat of suffering because of their choice. The world would be a very boring place of everyone was to choose the same things. i.e. religion.
  125. If people say the troubles are about religion that's bull; it used to be before drugs and punishment beating. How can that be about religion.
  126. If poor community relation [is to] end they need to wise up and get a grip there is nothing wrong with different religion.
  127. I'm sick of all the fights happening here between religions. Its disgusting and pointless and I can't wait to move away from Northern Ireland to somewhere I can feel safe.
  128. In some cases there is a lot of tension between the Catholic and Protestant community. Children have been brought up to oppose the opposite religion. I have been brought up to welcome any religion but the majority of young people in Northern Ireland would disagree with this.
  129. Integration, for example in schools, is probably the best way to improve community relations in Northern Ireland.
  130. It annoys me to see the violence in the news, between the 2 religious communities in areas like Ardoyne etc.
  131. It is mostly boys who have a problem with opposite religions i.e. Protestant or Catholic. Girls are more understanding with each other and do not mind if they are a different religion-it does not change who the person is?
  132. It is very over the top, and people need to start to see people for their personalities, not their religions or skin colour or any other distinct variance in background.
  133. It isn't all religion there could be Catholics that are no better at all. They feel their way about religion so don't let that disturb relationships. So if I was choosing my areas its more about background and financial well being of the local community that effects my decision.
  134. It needs to improve.
  135. It stinks especially among, some, lower class families, its because of the way that they are brought up but its on the tiny minority not all lower class families.
  136. It sucks ! We should all get on! I think it's stupid different religions fighting! We are all own people. We should be allowed to have our own views and opinions. I think that it's family views that influence young people in how they are brought up against different religions. Also if you fall in love with someone from different religions, your family should not try to split you up, but accept that you can't help who you fall for. We're living in a fucked up world because everyone's fucked up and full of shit!!! Life sucks!!
  137. It would be mostly women & girls who wouldn't mind other religions, depending on the way they were reared, but I think some men & boys are very harsh towards other people's religion e.g. Catholic & Protestant.
  138. It's appalling the way Catholics and Protestants treat one another. People seem to live in the dark and hate Protestants/Catholics for no apparent reasons. I am hopeful however that in years to come people will come out of their shells and I hope my children will be judged not on their religion, but on the content of their character.
  139. It's not that big a deal to me and my friends. A person's faith, be it Catholic, Protestant or their own deviations from main stream religion, rarely comes up in conversation. A certain back has to be employed on occasion to avoid potentially controversial subjects, but this is just common courtesy and on the whole, religious orientation has no real impact, or adverse effects, on any of my friendships. This could be construed as political forward-thinking or political ignorance.
  140. It's pathetic low some people behave. Everyone needs to learn to get along in PEACE!
  141. Keep together and support each other in all ways.
  142. Life is too short to worry about what religion someone is! You better not to tell people or ask, then you won't judge!!! or be judged!!!
  143. More integrated schools in Northern Ireland would help the future.
  144. More mixed estates and schools for both religious to live in and attend it would help community relations. I Attended a mixed primary school and have lived in a mixed area for 8 years and would not have it any other way.
  145. Most people don't care about what religion you are but there a select few who make it difficult for people.
  146. Needs improvement, more tolerance.
  147. No aside from the fact that most people in N.I. are bigoted, common twats.
  148. No because you have said it all and I think we all should be mixed to make the world a better place to live.
  149. No I don't take anything to do with religious or race details.
  150. No I think that you have covered it all and it has made me think more about my community and relationships with other religions.
  151. No not really. What I would have to say wouldn't make a difference. I believe I'm one of many who don't get their say about community relations. There is an improvement to be made though.
  152. No, don't really know much about it doesn't really bother me.
  153. Northern Ireland shouldn't be divided into different religion areas. e.g. Shankill, Short Strand. North Belfast, East Belfast. When people are told where other people come from they know or assume the religion they are. Northern Ireland should be mixed!!
  154. Not enough is being done to let people from different communities interact.
  155. Not much, I feel that we should all respect each other no matter our religions or traditions.
  156. Not Really! I feel that people in Northern Ireland are stupid to judge people from what religion they are.
  157. Nowadays there is a lot more mixed religions; it's not just Catholic and Protestant rivalry, people get picked on because of their skin. We all need to find a way to stop racism.
  158. On the subject concerning Protestants & Catholics, I believe that it doesn't matter what section of Christianity you belong to - you are still a Christian and every person (whether Christian or not) deserves respect.  Although, I might be slightly ignorant to other Northern Irish views on such subjects because I don't travel much. I can only summarise the views of the city where I live. I would say that the views of the people where I live are very stubborn and won't change for a long time.
  159. People are too quick to judge on the "times" or "troubles" in our community. Each religious background are as bad as each other, yet a bit of people still remain narrow minded, only believing their own religious denomination or supporting.
  160. People are trying but there is never going to be peace. In my eyes, most people from separate communities or religions resent each other and want to be apart. Some resort to violence and usually is the result of bulling and troubles in Northern Ireland.
  161. People find it hard to talk about their religions or differences. I find that the different religions are very set in their own ways and find it hard to change.
  162. People in Northern Ireland seem to concentrate too much on religion, racial, or cultural differences rather then spending their time on more important or concerning issues that require their attention. They should stop fighting over such trivial matters.
  163. People in Northern Ireland should look past religion as an excuse to cause conflict.
  164. People just have to learn to live together, one person doesn't make a difference.
  165. People need to forget what happed in the past and look towards improving the culture. Spiteful adults should not poison the minds of younger people.
  166. People need to make more of an effort to break down 'barriers' concerning religion/ ethnicity in their everyday lives.
  167. People need to move forward and look at other mixed communities in cities all over the world.
  168. People need to put the past behind them and move with the future e.g. Protestants & Catholics should stop fighting and move on. Mixed marriages between religions in Northern Ireland shouldn't be rejected. Community relations in N.I. are like this because youth are following their parents' foot steps is parents set a good example and then youth could follow that if they set bad example it is only natural for children to follow what was set. N.I. relations will never really improve until both sides do their bit.
  169. People need to stop being so narrow minded & learn to be able to live together.
  170. People need to realise that religion does not matter it's about the person not the religion.
  171. People should accept each other and respect the views of those with different religions. People complain about how the other religious community treats them, when really they are just as bad themselves.
  172. People should not be judged by colour, race or religion, people should be accepted for what they are.
  173. People should overcome their differences and realize that we all are equal and only live once and regard each others own opinion and respect and love one another.
  174. People who dress differently are often encountering violence or rudeness from others in the community. By this, I mean Goths, Punks or Grungers.
  175. People within the same religious group do not get on sometimes, not adjusting different groups.
  176. Personally I am afraid of walking around in areas of a different religions as, although most people don't care about your religion, there are still people that love terrorizing others because of their religion. I believe that the political situation in Northern Ireland will not get any better in the near future. I have got used to the fact that Northern Ireland will always be segregated.
  177. Personally I don't know an awful lot but I like to think of everyone as equal so a lot of these things wouldn't matter to me really.
  178. Personally I think the way community is at the minute is a disgrace. I dislike Catholics but I'd still prefer there to be less fighting amongst one another. I'm totally against racism so I'd like that to stop in the world.
  179. Personally, think the politicians need to back off and let people in general get on with it. Some parts of our country can't seem to move on.
  180. Prefer if it where better.
  181. Protestant and Catholic relations will never get on.
  182. Relations between the two religions have improved greatly since the trouble. I am very content with the current position of Northern Ireland. I left a Protestant [GRAMMAR] school which was possibly the most fun five years of my life. The pupils were very welcoming when I first came. Now I have joined another [CATHOLIC] Grammar School which has also been very good. Both Protestant and Catholic pupils were and are very nice. It is the person not the religion that's important.
  183. Relations will improve with the introduction of more cross community programmes. The media should draw less attention to one's religion. Therefore no one will care!
  184. Religion is more important than ability when applying for jobs. There are people who want to work and those who don't want to work. Why should I stay at school as I can not get jobs because I was not born into the minority give everyone a fair chance.
  185. Sectarians are foolish and cowardly, everyone should get along.
  186. Some areas have walls of mistrust, they will not let outsiders in. Others, don't care who you are or what you are, but how you are.
  187. Some people need to get a life!!!
  188. Some people think that religion is everything and that people who have different beliefs to them are wrong, and therefore have a need and urge to beat them up. I think this is wrong; people are free to believe what they want.
  189. Some religions need to be taken more seriously by the main ones.
  190. Sometimes in the organised events to integrate Protestants & Catholics, it can feel like we're being pushed together by the Government etc. and its awkward not always because of sectarian prejudices, but just because you know that you're automatically expected to get on with people you don't know !
  191. Still sectarian hatred, but immigrants' relations to the local community has strengthened and are now more accepted. Political parties such as Sinn Fein increasing hatred to Protestants and denying them their rights (e.g. security, police). Stopping Protestant culture such as 12 on of July parades and the British flags. Not listening to the Protestants and only thinking about their Catholics. Protestants also live in Ulster and Sinn Fein have denied Protestants their rights to live in Northern Ireland.
  192. That relationships between Catholic and Protestants are getting better.
  193. That they need to stop attacks on Catholic as I strongly disagree with it.
  194. That we should not be divided up.
  195. The children I have seen feuding had no idea about why they fight, they use religion as an excuse.
  196. The govt. doesn't help.
  197. The narrow-minded fools of Northern Ireland will always have their silly childish quarrels and antagonisms. Though I am glad, I go to an integrated school and live in quite a mixed' area.
  198. The only thing that separates me from Protestants or people from other religions is the restriction of them playing G.A.A. sports.
  199. The people fighting don't actually know why they are fighting and should wise up.
  200. The problems in Northern Ireland can easily be identified by solely looking at religious neighbourhoods. The majority of areas are made up of one particular religion- automatically creating a divide between the two communities. As children we get accustomed to this and find, that later in years, our religious beliefs dictate our political beliefs.
  201. The way the PSNI is only mostly taking one side in religion. I was brought up to believe that the PSNI was to help both religions.
  202. There are a lot of racists in N. I. It would seem that after suffering what we suffered as a country we would embrace gay people or Asian for example but instead people assault abuse them.
  203. There are quite a lot of mixed marriages where a Protestant and Catholic are together even though not many people like the other community. There are probably nearly more mixed marriages than any other.
  204. There are too much fights in Northern Ireland you hear about them on the news all the time. My mother lives in an interface area and I worry about my babies when they are there because the people from the Catholic religion have harassed her until she had to move into another house in the same area, they used nearly sticks to get the door down and break windows. I am also disgusted in the amount of elderly people who are being attacked in this country it is awful to hear about nobody should have to live in fear.
  205. There has been a consistent divide between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, with many attempts at a solution. However, I personally believe to that progress will never be made as long as religion remains in Northern Ireland.
  206. There is a lot of prejudice against ethnic minorities. There is also a great deal of violence between different religions (Catholics & Protestants). I hope in the near future these things will improve quite significantly.
  207. There is so much fighting between Protestants & Catholic. Why is religion so important, every one has their own opinions & therefore other people listening should respect there opinions.
  208. There is some bigotry, but I myself have rarely seen it. I think the majority of my generation don't care about your religion, but the few who do have been brought up wrongly in the small communities where the older generation are still biased towards other religions.
  209. There is some in Northern Ireland who will never agree hatred of each other is just a way of life. I feel that newsreaders make things worse. There is 2 sides to every strong money, Drug * and * have taken off. The troubles are just an excuse to cover up and I do mean on both sides.
  210. There should be more cross-community activities.
  211. There should be more of an effort to integrate religions, people shouldn't mark areas as a religions * [?] by painting kerbs and hanging flags on houses. I think there should be a lot less focus on religion and church, I don't believe it is important enough to cause such conflict in our country and all over the world. I think to improve community relations all schools should be integrated and I don't think religious education should be a subject at school. If people are interested in religion it should become an extra-curricular activity or reserved only for church on Sundays. This would reduce the focus on religion in Northern Ireland, even if its only slightly.
  212. There will always be in my opinion, some form of prejudice held by Catholics and Protestants towards people of a different religion in their community; prejudice in Northern Ireland will never be totally banished.
  213. There will always be problems in Northern Ireland. Politics today only seem to be making the 'troubles' continue, and not die out.
  214. There will be constant arguing in Northern Ireland until the politicians grow up and start to talk to each other. I don't think that the two main communities will ever truly get along but I think they will grow to tolerate each other. As long as there are extremists who don't want change, for example Ian Paisley, there will be no peace. There will be no political change because Catholics will still vote for the Nationalists and Protestants for the unionists. As the population is fairly balanced these parties will have an equal share. The DUP need to stop using the IRA for the reason they don't want to share power with Sinn Fein. I believe that the politicians should not get paid until they come to an agreement. They are getting money for doing nothing.
  215. They are getting worse by the day! Where I live they are putting all the Catholics out with petrol bombs and paint bombs etc. Just because more paramilitaries have moved in. I hate all the violence, I don't feel safe, I just wish Catholics + Prods would get on! We are humans at the end of the day.
  216. They are no good.
  217. They are only going to get more polarized as ­­long as we have degenerate, ignorant members living here.
  218. They could be largely improved, especially for young people because we are future, if things between Catholics and Protestant don't change for us, why would we encourage change in the future!
  219. They need to be improved dramatically and fast before the fighting and negativity between religions get out of hand.
  220. They need to be improved.
  221. They need to improve much more.
  222. They need to improve or else we can never move forward.
  223. They should be able to take part in their own culture i.e. 12th day and Hibernians day but be able to mix without tension etc.
  224. They should be better
  225. They should stop fighting and get along with each other.
  226. They shouldn't exist. They do no influence my opinion of people, they themselves do, I would also like to state that I do not agree with the way this questionnaire has been worded - you have assumed I am either Protestant or Catholic of which by preference I am neither yet your questions boxed me in. [NOTE: Respondent did have the opportunity to say she/he is neither and then would have skipped the questions she/he is referring to.]
  227. They will never change. Protestants are favoured.
  228. Things will never change. There's always been problems and these will continue. Most people have strong views.
  229. To much fighting between different religions. We are all human so we are all the same.
  230. Too many ethnic origin people moving in and already moved in.
  231. Too many people have problems with people from different religions i.e. not respecting each other's cultures & beliefs.
  232. Too many things are set out as cross-community. Every day we can sit on mixed buses... Will that become cross-community for the sheer sake of labelling it in that way?
  233. Treat everyone the same always.
  234. We are all human's and stop fighting with each other. There's more to life.
  235. We are all the same people wanting to be loved & appreciated.
  236. We should all live together as one !!! In peace and harmony !!!
  237. Well I think it is horrible the way Catholics and Protestants can't be friendly to each other.
  238. When I went to Primary School we had to take part in cross community events. We know to be respectful towards them. And we weren't allowed to wear football jerseys of any sort. However they were very disrespectful towards us, wearing Rangers jerseys and Union Jack flags. Also calling us names. My class got defensive and shouted back. The 3 years of events were failures! This is why I feel I have no time for people from the Protestant community. I think that all children should go to an integrated primary school. This way you know no difference.
  239. When socializing with people from similar backgrounds, relationships are good. However, with people from less well-off areas, relationships are fractious.
  240. Where I live we have a mixed religious neighbourhood. We respect each others' beliefs. I believe that each community should be able to live together without offending each other in what they believe without giving up their own religious status.
  241. With reference to question 84, I would not mind a mixed religion work or neighbourhood, as long as they do not mind the fact I am of a different religion or there's no fights.
  242. With the new generation of people growing into adulthood understanding is becoming more common place.
  243. Would like it if everyone would get on better with each other.
  244. Yes! Protestants and Catholics need to wise up! We are all human.
  245. Yes, there is a feud going on now.
  246. Young people need to be taught about history of the country to help them better understand why there is so much hatred/violence.
  247. I think social prejudices of different communities is preventing any real progress in community relations. People are too willing to accept typical stereotypes of people from other religions and race, instead of actually discovering what they are really like.
  248. Slightly stronger now, as I do hope the IRA has given up their arms now!


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