Year: 2004
Module: Community Relations
Variable: MXRLGWRK

Below is a selection of open-ended responses that relate to the question:

'And if you were looking for a job, would you prefer to work in a workplace with people of only your own religion, or a mixed-religion workplace?''

[…] Yes, I work in a place where the workforce is mainly Protestant… All they talk about all day in the place is King Billy and Marches. I feel bad. I don't want them to find out I'm Catholic. […]

Although I answered "own religion only" to [questions] 61 + 62 I wish I didn't feel that way. Why do we have to be so different. If everyone would move on from their history we wouldn't be stuck in this stalemate and life would be easier for everyone.

I don't care about religions in Northern Ireland but if someone is ignorant to me about my religion I will bite back.

I don't find it important to know whether people are Protestants or Catholics as it doesn't make a difference to me.

I don't mind any religion as long as they don't mind me. Every one should forget their differences, it would be an easier life.

I have been working for two Catholics over the summer.

I personally would like to be in a workplace with mixed religion mainly to meet other people, learning about different cultures [...]

Personally I don't care what religion people are. But there are people with very selfish and old-fashioned opinions.

Segregation limits peoples understanding. Sectarianism is their excuse for this.

Since my local area is Catholic and I am a Protestant I feel intimidated, don't get jobs as they won't employ Protestants.

The different communities do not get on, I would be afraid to work in a mixed religion [workplace] in case something happened to me. There are some Protestants who are really nice people to talk to, but there are a lot who can kill you if they find out you are from a different religion. Where I live, they are close, just down the road and there are many riots.

There needs to be more mixed relations in Northern Ireland to bring more peace; e.g.: schools, housing communities, community groups, at the work place.



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