Year: 2004
Module: Community Relations
Variable: FEELMEC

Below is a selection of open-ended responses that relate to the question:

'How favourable or unfavourable do you feel about people from minority ethnic communities?'

They [community relations] will never change, Protestants & Catholics will never get on. Ethnic minorities, however, are a positive asset to our country.

I've answered quite indifferently in these questions, because I feel that judging somebody has nothing to do with race or religion but quality of personality. You get racists in all races so I don't want to give generalisations.

Most people need to accept those from different countries, rather than threatening them or beating them.

Northern Ireland is a mix of religions and colours. Where I live there are a small number of Catholics and just outside my area there is a large Catholic estate. Riots break [out] every Twelfth of July. Chinese people get their windows pelted with eggs and bricks .I believe that this will never change.

Northern Ireland is full of people who can't accept other peoples race of religion.

People still prefer to know which religion someone is so that they will know how to act around that person. Our society needs to be a lot more used to multi-religious and multi-ethnic factors.

Religious and racial intolerance is only related to a minority in N. Ireland, but we all get tarred by the same brush.

There has also been a lot of racial hatred in N[orthern] I[reland] as well - I do not agree with this.

There is too much division between Catholics and Protestants, but also between ethnic minorities e.g. In our society of small-minded fools, you cannot be different than the mainstream way of life, or else you get hassle.




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