Year: 2004
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. A lot of people are influenced due to the way that they are brought up and this causes a rift between communities, automatically without anything being done to cause it. The news and politics does a lot to reinforce these rifts as they are so visible on T.V and at *.
  2. A lot of people in Northern Ireland need to wisen up. We are all human.
  3. Again I think there should be more events for people with mixed religion to come together, so that they learn it doesn't matter about religion because everybody is the same.
  4. Although I answered "own religion only" to [QUESTIONS] 61 + 62 I wish I didn’t feel that way. Why do we have to be so different. If everyone would move on from their history we wouldn’t be stuck in this stalemate and life would be easier for everyone.
  5. Although relations between Protestants and Catholics are greatly improving, ethnic minorities are now being targeted more frequently. Not God.
  6. As a child from a mixed family I believe it is possible to live in peaceful communities. I believe that many rivals are from people who don't respect their religion as a Catholic or Protestant.
  7. As I am 16, I think our generation has bypassed the worst of the troubles and so I don't think community relations are as bad as they seemed to be then. But I think that people are still refusing to realise that all the fighting and bombing isn't furthering our aspirations for N.I. I think I am the most anti-Republic as Catholic in the country and it really annoys me when the IRA's tactics, like the Brighten bomb, are shown on TV again, because I am embarassed to be a Catholic then. I would rather they did nothing as opposed to fighting for a united Ireland like they do. I too wish for a United Ireland, but there is no way that we can have it if the IRA (and Sinn Fein) don't wise up. I don't think that it's just Sinn Fein's fault though. If the DUP can't sort out themselves, how is an agreement to be reached with another parties?
  8. As I am not originally from this country I am able to look at the matter from an outsider's perspective. I find that most people in this country are very racist.
  9. At present, I think that there are a lot of improvements to be made. People have to be more willing to change and be sympathetic to others' views. I feel that there is good and bad on both sides.
  10. Being prejudiced is stupid, because religion is a reason for friendship not violence because and * religion we are all human.
  11. Both sides should wisen up and stop fighting, there's no call for it. What do they achieve at the end of the day?
  12. Both the Catholic + Protestant communities are equally to blame for the state in which our country is in today. Many of those who are involved in paramilitaries + sectarian riots do not even know of the original, religious reason why there are different religions in NI. I think many are influenced by school, friends + parents. Sectarianism is pointless + drags our country down.
  13. Catholic and Protestants will always fight to some degree. I do not think peace can ever be reached.
  14. Catholics and Protestants should be treated equally throughout Northern Ireland
  15. Catholics and Protestants will never get along.
  16. Community relations are improving however, severe divisions are still evident. I find these divisions annoying as we are all still human beings and we should not let divisions in religion or race divide us like it has.
  17. Community relations are shit!!!
  18. Community relations will always be bad because of political groups like the DUP and Sinn Fein.
  19. Community relations will eventually go downhill again, once 'loyalists' feel threatened that their community will be out-grown. They will cause trouble at the thought of a United Ireland.
  20. Community relations will not change in Northern Ireland until one side realises what they are doing is wrong and that they are ruining the lives of young children who are dragged into the situation.
  21. Cross-community projects do help and integrated schools.
  22. Ever since our freedom was taken from us 800 years ago, the true Irish Catholic people of Northern Ireland have had hatred for the Protestant workers, from that shithole across the water which blown on up just like Omagh.
  23. Everyone in Northern Ireland has been mean to someone of a different religion.
  24. Everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, colour and religion.
  25. Everyone should be treated equally.
  26. Everyone would get on if they listened to the views of the other community. The only reason there is conflict is because each community does not understand the opinions of the other community.
  27. Flags should be up for a certain time, for a short term.
  28. For most people, cross community relations are normal & amicable. The ones who terrorise N.I and mark their ** are people who will never change their biggotted views. They are a minority in N.I.
  29. Friends, places to hang out.
  30. Hopefully religion will change and people will change with it. Everybody is a person at the end of the day. People can't change their religion.
  31. I believe community relations will improve in Northern Ireland when people stop passing on their prejudices to their children. I volunteer in mixed religion summer schemes in Belfast and there is a vast difference to how the younger children interact with each other and how the older children interact.
  32. I believe that both communities have suffered two much through sectarianism and until both governments * with the victims and the truth is told there will be unrest. I also believe that the unionist community feel uneasy with the * of Republicans and find the prospect of a United Ireland *.
  33. I believe that people are letting religious biases be passed down from generation to generation and it is about time that this stops. Younger generations have a chance to change things and they should use this opportunity to make a difference in N. Ireland.
  34. I believe that the people of Northern Ireland will never be able to live in a peaceful environment. This is because older generations can't forget the past and so they pass their bitterness and anger onto younger generations. People can't and shouldn't forget their history.
  35. I believe that there always will be religious differences and that the most important lesson people will have to learn is to agree to disagree. I may not always agree with goings on eg. a parade, but I am prepared to stand aside and let things continue. I strongly believe that no one should impose their beliefs on anyone else even though something as insignificant as flags or kerb painting.
  36. I do not like bigots and try not to associate with them and that bigots should be ashamed and they have no right to damage anyone physically or mentally because of race, religion, etc.
  37. I don' t think Northern Ireland will ever be the same again and that there will always be a divide. But things may change.
  38. I don' t think Republicans and Nationalists will ever stop wanting a United lreland. I do not think there will ever be a United lreland. Therefore, both communities will always feel strongly divided. In the area that I live there is a deep divide between Catholics & Protestants.
  39. I don't care about religions in Northern Ireland but if someone is ignorant to me about my religion I will bite back.
  40. I don't find it important to know whether people are Protestants or Catholics as it doesn't make a difference to me.
  41. I don't mind any religion as long as they don’t mind me. Every one should forget their differences, it would be an easier life.
  42. I don't see the big deal about being Catholic or Protestant. It's no one's fault as to what religion they were born in to. I do however disagree with people flaunting their beliefs on purpose.
  43. I don't think enough is done by the government etc, to ease the problem. I also don't agree with non-mixed schools & think that if all schools were mixed, students would learn more about the other sides' opinions & ways of life.
  44. I don't think relations between Catholics and Protestants will ever really improve because religious prejudices are passed down from parents to their children. Religious hatred is not a natural thing; it is not in-born, it is created by people.
  45. I don't think relations between Protestants and Catholics will ever be better because everyone is being brought up in a prejudiced culture and the younger generations are being influenced by the older generations who already hold that attitude.
  46. I don't think that Northern Ireland will ever change. Everyone will still argue about what is the right religion and if we are British or Irish.
  47. I feel segregated from the other religious communities. The only chance I meet with people from a different religion would be on the bus to/from school.
  48. I feel that a step to peace in N.Ireland would be that people will have to compromise. eg. Dup - Sinn Fein
  49. I feel that children in schools should have the chance to experience more cross-community projects as opinions of people of different religions are acquired from schools and remain with young people.
  50. I feel that if people don't take a step themselves to communicate with those of other religions then there will always be a problem regarding religion in N.Ireland. If people continue to show sectarianism then people will never really live in peace.
  51. I feel that mixed/integrated schools are a good idea as they give children a chance to mix with people of all religions. I felt that mixed religion school trips which I attended were a good idea.
  52. I feel that N. Ireland has two strong traditions - basically you are either Protestant or Catholic - you support Rangers or you support Celtic. And I feel N. Ireland is big enough for both.
  53. I feel that there should be more cross-community projects for children, so people can learn about each other's religious views and learn to accept them.
  54. I feel that there should be more integrated schools. I go to an integrated school & I feel very welcome since I am of different religion. This helps young people adapt at a young age.
  55. I feel that there will always be problems occuring in Northern Ireland due to different religions; things will never change. Although people should have equal opportunities throughout their lives!!
  56. I feel there should be more mixed schools. This way people will see that it is the personality of the person that counts not their religion, or their beliefs.
  57. I find the prejudice very sickening.
  58. I find the stories on the news about community relations in Northern Ireland hard to watch. I also see it as a downside to relations in Northern Ireland.
  59. I hate sectarianism. I have no problem with the Catholic community who aren't sectarian. I prefer Irish people to British people. But I hate sectarianism with a vengeance and although I am not in the middle of it, I want to leave the country.
  60. I hate the abuse both sides get. I'm Protestant, but 90% my friends are Catholic and i love them. I get verbal abuse that I'm hypocritical from my side. All in all it's only a label and both are as bad as each other.
  61. I have been working for two Catholics over the summer.
  62. I have experienced many people saying and wondering how Northern Ireland is settling down after the chaos in the 1960s/1970s. This I find major offence with! These people do not realise that only a small percentage of what I call extremists are fighting and the majority in N.Ireland live perfectly normal lives. I feel that only by setting up more projects for schools for children at young ages to form relationships with people & other religions, will the prejudice and bigotry that people have in their hearts soften and be filled with knowledge + understanding. 
  63. I have recently moved to a grammar school to do my A-levels which is very mixed religion. Before that I went to a mostly Protestant secondary school. Being at a mixed religion school doesn’t bother me but a lot of my close friends have very strong Protestant views which sometimes affects the way one thinks. I think people in N. Ireland have a very narrow minded approach to people of another religion or ethnic minority and should may be learn the facts of other peoples' religions to show that they are not bad & not that much ** * *.
  64. I hope in the future that community relations will be better because religious belief should not change how we treat each other as we are all equal.
  65. I hope it will get better as time goes on and future generations won't have the same views.
  66. I just wish anybody could get on together.
  67. I myself am a Catholic and I feel this hatred between the two communities is pointless and stupid. My family have been affected a lot by these conflicts between the two sides. My father was in prison for 8 years, my mum, sister and I had to move down south to the free state to live in [NAME OF TOWN] and as a result I was brought up to feel hatred against Protestants as I feel they were the ones who put my daddy in jail. But now as I matured, I do not care for religions' origins. I love my religion but do not care what religion anyone else is. 
  68. I myself would prefer to live in a mixed community but other people's views and opinions I think it would be safer to live in a community of my own religion.
  69. I only have problems with paramilitaries in the Protestant community. I think the rest can be ok. most of the time.
  70. I personally would like to be in a workplace with mixed religion mainly to meet other people, learning about different cultures. Although I would send my children to a school of our own religion as sometimes certain schools, because they are mixed, will not have Christian SU's and the certain things that I want my children to learn.
  71. I prefer associating with my own religion as it is safer especially around 17th March and 12th July and also there would be less controversy on matters such as unification of Ireland, etc.
  72. I prefer for now to be with my own religion even though I wouldn't mind being with another, because they may not feel the same way I do and cause harm to me or others close to me.
  73. I really hope it improves. I hope that people vote considering all aspects of the party, what views they represent and how they can improve our future and break down barriers.
  74. I think all flags, kerb and wall paintings - sectarian slogans and band parades should be made illegal. I also think Northern Ireland should have its own flag and national anthem (not England's or Ireland's).
  75. I think all religions should get along as we are all people.
  76. I think all the arguments between religions are stupid.
  77. I think both Catholics and Protestants are acting childish and that they should grow up; we are all the same and that's what matters.
  78. I think community relations in Northern Ireland are appalling and need to be resolved quickly.
  79. I think community relations will become better in Northern Ireland as time moves on and our country becomes more cosmopolitan. There is no longer huge divide between Catholics and Protestants. We are different and I think the younger generation is more understanding of this. There is now more difference between people than whether they are Catholic or Protestant.
  80. I think cross community projects need to take place more regularly in all schools. Children need to be encouraged and educated about other religious groups and friendships with the other groups.
  81. I think each main religion in Northern Ireland is as worse as the other, plus every one fights amongst themselves. So as long as I live, I never think there will be peace.
  82. I think everyone should just get along. Some of my family + friends wonder why I socialise with Protestants because they were actually the cause of my granddad's death as they murdered him. I just don't understand the difference in us. I would love to see peace in the community.
  83. I think growing up in Northern Ireland can be difficult. I was unaware of how bad the troubles were up until the age of 10. Our town was bombed 6 years ago and I found it to be a very frightening experience. I think it's horrible having childhood memories of bombs. I would love relations in Northern Ireland to be better for everyone's sake. Too many people have died already. 
  84. I think it has gotten out of hand between Protestants & Catholics.  They are both as bad as the other and no longer know what they are fighting for.
  85. I think it is only up to the person or persons of different religion what they do in relationships.
  86. I think it is silly to judge people by their religion. I don't and try not to. There is too much intimidation targeted at Blacks and people from other countries.
  87. I think it is to do with education. I think less-well-educated people are more sectarian.
  88. I think it might have slightly improved over the past few years but there is still so much sectarian violence in N.Ireland and it must be stopped .
  89. I think it's all down to your family if you don't like Catholics or Protestants and Paramilitaries. If someone in your family is an organisation you will probably follow in their footsteps. It's the upbringing you've had and the background.
  90. I think it's ridiculous that people who don’t go to church or believe in God insist on calling themselves a certain religion.
  91. I think most people are quite alike and don't want any trouble and there is only a small minority of 'idiots' who base their opinions on peoples' religious beliefs and give the rest of us trouble and give N. Ireland a bad name.
  92. I think people need to wise up and stop seeing other people's religions as a reason to hate them. There are other problems in NI that our politicians could be sorting out for us.
  93. I think people should stop fighting about religion, because at the end of the day we are all only human.
  94. I think people should wise up and get along.
  95. I think people who do not like the opposite religion for no specific reason are Stupid!! We are all people.
  96. I think relations between Catholics & Protestants are ridiculous. I don't understand why they fight, we are all in love with the same person - GOD.
  97. I think relationship between Protestants & Catholics should get better before they get worse.
  98. I think some people take their religious beliefs too serious. What religion you are shouldn’t stop you from befriending someone. There is no need for violence due to religion or race. 
  99. I think strong views are still kept over these religions because of our parents' views. I feel the views will change as years go by.
  100. I think that a lot of people from my community are blind to the true history of Northern Ireland and their views of hatred are merely based on morals + paramilitary influence.
  101. I think that by trying to mix religions it causes trouble. I have witnessed fighting in integrated schools over religion. I think things should be left alone most Catholics & Protestants will never see eye to eye. There’s too much bad past to make a good future.
  102. I think that community relations are starting to develop more because of integrated schools. Without a doubt they are the way forward.
  103. I think that community relations in NI are an unnecessary issue and I would be encouraged to live elsewhere (other country) to avoid this in the future.
  104. I think that N. Ireland will always have a divide between Protestants + Catholics and there is nothing that can be done about it!
  105. I think that no matter what our religion or our beliefs are, we should all try to work together because we are humans with not much difference from each other apart from religious beliefs.
  106. I think that Protestants and Catholics should be able to get along with each other.
  107. I think that sectarianism is completely pointless and stupid!!
  108. I think that some/most people in N.I. are too narrow minded. I had a Catholic boyfriend for ages and never told my parents but my mum found out she finished it. She didn’t seem to care that it made me unhappy.
  109. I think that the fighting between religious, culture differences should be put to an end. Because in the end we are all humans who deserve happiness + a right to live.
  110. I think that the tension will always be there due to parents passing on their traits to their kids. Most people who have potential in N.I. by the age of 18 want to get out because of it and will move away. N.I. will always have bitterness because of it.
  111. I think the fighting over religion is pointless, as we are all human beings + there is no need to be fighting over a label a person has.
  112. I think the government should increase cross-community relations at an earlier age, after all the children of today are the adults of tomorrow. We carry the opinions we receive at a young age into our teenage and adult years.
  113. I think they are improving slowly as more and more people realise that violence doesn’t solve any problems, and isn't the way forward. Too many people live in the past and cannot concentrate on the future. The silent majority are not sectarian or bigotted - the small noisy minority may be to some extent.
  114. I think they have improved a great deal. I myself represented the UK in the European Youth Parliament and though Catholics were in the minority within the group, there was nothing said and I have made some very firm friends due to everyone's acceptance.
  115. I think they have improved. I mean they aren't perfect but at least bombs aren't going off in Belfast everyday. I just hope we continue to try and make things better and peaceful for everyone.
  116. I think too few young people understand what the "other side" believe in.  Many don't believe anything themselves and are only Catholic or Protestant in name.
  117. I think young people now-a-days don't have a problem with people from different communities; it is their elders that have lived with the troubles, who have sometimes bad opinions and therefore pass it onto their children. It has nothing to do with religion - just politics, however people just stereotype. I go to a mixed school and it's taught me to respect anyone and everyone, if they respect me.
  118. I wish there wasn’t a problem between different religions in NI.
  119. I wish they were better.
  120. I would hope that people would move on and forget about the past and try to focus on building a better future in N. Ireland.
  121. I would just like Catholics and Protestants to get on with each other.
  122. I would like it if people in Northern Ireland from all religions and races would be able to get on a little better.
  123. I would like it if there were more wider groups of people in N.I., especially my community (e.g., Black people, etc.)
  124. I would like them mixed (schools + estates), because I like mixing and knowing about other religions, but would fear for violence between groups.
  125. I would send my children to a school of only my religion because at my Integrated School I got beaten up for being a Catholic.
  126. If community halls were used for the right purpose relations would improve significantly. But currently both sides are keeping themselves to themselves.
  127. If people feel strongly about their religion then of course, there are going to be conflicts with people that have different beliefs. Water and oil just don’t mix! The thing that annoys me is that over the post 20 years the Protestant people have been intimidated by Sinn Fein. IRA and many have been murdered but yet the leaders of Sinn Fein sit in out government, drive fancy cars + live lives of luxury, where is the justice?
  128. If the loyalists areas in Northern Ireland weren't so intimidating, I think community relations between Catholics and Protestants would be better. 
  129. If there is going to be any improvement in community relations then people need to stop accepting when children see it ok to hate someone simply because they are of a different religion. Children growing up now are going to improve things in the future but not if they are encouraged to be hateful as most people in this country are.
  130. If you grow up in a neighbourhood eg. paramilitaries state then you are brought up to not like the other religion.
  131. I'm not really personally bothered but I do believe relations won't improve while sectarian attacks are fresh in peoples' minds. It will also take centuries for the memories of bombs such as the one in Omagh to fade.
  132. In my area there is not a major problem. Although I am not naive + realise that there are problems at certain places + at certain times.
  133. In some areas they are not good.
  134. In some interface areas there is a lot of tension between the different communities as a minority of small-minded people have bitter views and cause trouble.
  135. In the area I live in, people would not like me mixing with Protestants - I could even get beaten up + assaulted.
  136. In the summer, I worked on a street reach team on the [PREDOMINANTLY PROTESTANT AREA IN BELFAST]. We cleaned up the area and played with the children. What I found out was that the children don' t know why they hate the Catholics. They hate them because their Mom, Dad or both parents tell them to.
  137. Integrated primary education is very useful and helps Catholics + Protestants to get on from a young age.
  138. Integrated schools are good because kids learn to accept and respect each other at an early age.
  139. It depends where you live and how you were brought up.
  140. It disgusts me, I don't understand how people can hate each other so much due to religion half the people don't even follow their religion!
  141. It doesn't matter, what religion, what you are. We are all humans. Why can't we get on without religion being a problem?
  142. It is a well known fact that the people in the south of Ireland have little problems with sectarianism. For years the north has been under British rule and yet sectarianism still exists. I believe if Ireland was to be re-united on a temporary 3 year basis; the people in the north would find that by the end of these 3 years, sectarianism will finally begin to decrease and in many years' time would vanish like it is in the south at the moment.
  143. It is crazy that people from different religions fight and cannot get on. It is completely not understandable, especially as many of these people are not religious.
  144. It is silly to think about. There are more fun things to do. People who can't accept different types of people are shallow.
  145. It needs to change for the better!
  146. It only becomes a problem when bombs and violence are included. There is just a bit of crack!
  147. It shouldn't be about what religion a person is, it should be to do with the type of person they are.
  148. It sucks!
  149. It will never be improved; both sides are as stubborn and childish as each other.
  150. It would be better if people could attempt to resolve disputes etc. instead of keeping them ongoing. People in some communities of mixed religion etc. should also attempt to have a better relationship if there have been problems in the past.
  151. It's not right Catholics and Protestants are always starting arguments, bombs, and just because of their different religions, it's stupid.
  152. It's one small percentage that cause trouble over who is Protestant and Catholic that need sorted out. I get on with Catholics as well as Protestants. It's all the same to me.
  153. It's sad seeing children involved, like at band - parades or whatever because the poisoning had already begun at an early age. Uniforms are terrible. I had personal experience of people (Protestants) shouting at me because of my uniform.
  154. Its sad to think that people from the same country can' t get along because so many other countries can. There will always be a division between Republicans + Loyalists. Hopefully, this won't be the case between Catholics + Protestants. Politicians such as Ian Paisly do not help they only spread hatred and are bigots. So what do people expect when his son is in power!
  155. It's terrible and it should stop and all get along.
  156. Its very sad that the situation we have is the way it is. I would give anything including my own life, if it was all forgotten about.
  157. I've answered quite indifferently in these questions, because I feel that judging somebody has nothing to do with race or religion but quality of personality. You get racists in all races so I don't want to give generalisations.
  158. Kerb paintings and flags all around on the 12th July, people who just be there normal selfs I don't mind.
  159. Loyalists need to realise they will never be able to prevent re-unification of Ireland and British withdrawal. When the majority of the pop. wish this to happen - it will - **
  160. Most members of community do get along with one another.
  161. Most normal people don't go around bombing everyone. There isn't any serious animosity in most cases. Those who are not from N.I have this completely wrong idea that we spend everyday hiding in terrror. Yes in some extreme cases that’s true, but most people get along.
  162. Most of the people that I know who have a problem with Catholics or Protestants hang on to the past too much I believe it's a problem in certain communities.
  163. Most of them are stuck between people who don't want to try.
  164. Most people I know don't care about whether someone is Catholic or Protestant, however, it is only in housing estates it seems that people are sectarian.
  165. Most people need to accept those from different countries, rather than threatening them or beating them.
  166. Most people only fight because they think it's right. They don't understand religion properly.
  167. Mostly full of bloody ignorants. People don't really care about your actual belief, but who you are with and what colour of shirt you wear. Those who do not care less should be all shifted together to one part of the country to live in peace. But idealism doesn't get you anywhere, does it Good Friday agreement.
  168. N/A [2]
  169. Needs sorted.
  170. No [49]
  171. No thank you [2]
  172. No, I think that everyone should be treated equally, and that there should be action taken to sort out the differences in the community relations of Northern Ireland.
  173. No, I think you have covered them all.
  174. Northern Ireland is a mix of religions and colors. Where I live there are a small number of Catholics and just outside my area there is a large Catholic estate. Riots break every Twelfth of July. Chinese people get their windows pelted with eggs and bricks. I believe that this will never change.
  175. Northern Ireland is full of people who can’t accept other peoples race of religion.
  176. Northern Ireland is one place we can't even go into different parts of the area, certain shops.
  177. Northern Ireland should be part of the Rep. of Ireland, then there would be no problems with community relations in Northern Ireland.
  178. Northern Ireland should become 100% Protestant with only the Protestants who all want to live there actually be there. The same should apply to the Catholic religion and the Republic of Ireland, with the border in between. No "United Ireland" should take place or ever happen. NO SURRENDER.
  179. Not all Protestants and Catholics don't get along. Some of us do! A lot!
  180. Not everyone will accept each other due to their religions. Many people believe that only their religion is correct. I don't think Northern Ireland will ever overcome these differences. If people could, life for many people would be happier.
  181. Not really I believe that a person's personality is usually the cause of any problem, not their religion.
  182. Not really I believe that a person's personality is usually the cause of any problem, not their religion.
  183. Nothing anyone can do will change the problems which have been occuring between relations in N. Ireland communities. Politicians are only making the problems worse and I know that no amount of 'peace talks' will make any change at all.
  184. Only that I hope they can improve soon or life for others will get much worse which would be a shame.
  185. Over the last few years there have been, in my opinion, better community relations. However if the political side of things doesn’t improve these relations will ** and there will be renewed trouble.
  186. Paramilitary groups like the IRA on 4FF fuel dispute between the two religions - also politics has a lot to do with attitudes.
  187. Parents should be teaching their children that religion should not make people different. Parents should set good examples.
  188. People appear to care about religion. But it is different when the relationship is boy/girl as opposed to boy/boy or girl/girl.
  189. People base too much on the words Catholic and Protestant. Until people in Northern Ireland realize they are religions groupings, and 'not' political beliefs, nothing will change. And until parents give their children the freedom to form their own beliefs and opinions instead of  * them towards their own, problems will only get worse.
  190. People in my area are run by paramilitaries. I have many Catholic friends which is not accepted by parts of the community so you receive abuse. I cannot go out anywhere with Catholic friends when other Protestants will be there. 
  191. People in Northern Ireland, socialise with people from different religions without knowing it. It could be at work, a bar or concerts etc . People [in] northern Ireland are aware of this and it does not seem to bother them.
  192. People in our world today need to catch a grip, because our world is falling apart because of the communities in Northern Ireland!
  193. People need to get rid of prejudices and get over hating each other. It's really immature and people need to move on and accept one another.
  194. People need to wake up and stop putting religion in front of friendship.
  195. People should encourage their kids to be friends with everyone.
  196. People should stop being so hung up on religion, why can't we all just get along?! If we did then we wouldn't have to live in such a hate-filled world.
  197. People still prefer to know which religion someone is so that they will know how to act around that person. Our society needs to be a lot more used to multi-religious and multi-ethnic factors.
  198. Personally I don't care what religion people are.But there are people with very selfish and old-fashioned opinions.
  199. Personally I think Protestants and Catholics are all people, my boyfriend is a Protestant and I love him as much as I would love a Catholic boy. I am completely not prejudiced! Everyone deserves a chance.
  200. Pity they wouldn't wise up!
  201. Politicians do absolutely nothing to help the matter in Northern Ireland. They are overpaid, useless and only aggravate problems.
  202. Politicians should do more to help and stop fighting amongst themselves.
  203. Problems arise due to narrow minded people from each of the 2 main religions, with most of them not actually going to church, and don’t know why they hate the other.
  204. Progress is a slow process unfortunately but hopefully we can work together to produce a permanent peace. We have come a long way, but have much farther to go, consider the last election results, they reflect the desperation that people are feeling, this needs to be addressed.
  205. Protestants are hateful. They are jealous of us - Catholics. All dirty scumbags should live as far away as possible and be shot dead!
  206. Religion means nothing.
  207. Religion should not be a problem and people should judge you when they get to know you, not because of your religion.
  208. Sectarianism is inbred in the mindset of the majority of people in N.I. We will never change and there will never be peace.
  209. Segregation limits peoples understanding. Sectarianism is their excuse for this.
  210. Since my local area is Catholic and I am a Protestant I feel intimidated, don't get jobs as they won't employ Protestants.
  211. Social problems, such as - unemployment, low wages and poverty, are the main cause of friction between the two main communities.
  212. Some day there will be peace in Northern Ireland. When there is, everything will be better off.
  213. Some people should wise up and learn to put differences like religion aside and get along.
  214. Some people who claim to be either Protestant or Catholic also claim not to be Christians. How can you be Protestant or Catholic without being a Christian?   
  215. That flags of either religion should not be flying in any area, as this only provokes a reaction from the other side or religion.
  216. That they will improve.
  217. The barriers should be broken by removing all murals, flags and painted kerbstones - of both religions.
  218. The different communities do not get on, I would be afraid to work in a mixed religion in case something happened to me. There are some Protestants who are really nice people to talk to, but there are a lot who can kill you if they find out you are from a different religion. Where I live, they are close, just down the road and there are many riots.
  219. The feud between Catholics and Protestant is getting better, but the cause is the parents. If we are to make the problem better we need to target the parents.They put the ideas into the heads of their children.
  220. The more the people stop caring about their religion, like me (because I consider myself to be an atheist, as do my friends), the better the 'religion crises' in N. Ireland will be. But there has been a decrease, I think, in hatred, most people I see just don't care... my best friend is Protestant.
  221. The reason I have put so many 'I don't know' is because people in N. Ireland rarely 'flaunt' which religion they belong to.
  222. The reason I wouldn't like to live in mixed community is in case trouble would start.
  223. The way in which people act with religion I think is the way they were brought up to think.
  224. There are no easy ways to describe Northern Ireland apart from the past should be forgotten and paramilitary groups banned from both sides of the community.
  225. There has also been a lot of racial hatred in NI as well - I do not agree with this.
  226. There is a lot of people who don't mind mixed religions, but there are a small few who are very high strung on these religions on both sides.
  227. There is a lot of sectarianism in N. Ireland. People should learn to respect other people's opinions & religions. Being able to socialise & be friends with both Catholics & Protestants mean so much to me.
  228. There is too much division between Catholics + Protestants, but also between ethnic minorities eg. In our society of small-minded fools, you cannot be different than the mainstream way of life, or else you get hassle.
  229. There needs to be more mixed relations in Northern Ireland to bring more peace. For eg.: schools, housing communities, community groups, at the work place.
  230. There needs to be more work done in Northern Ireland to resolve the problems between Catholics and Protestants.
  231. There should be more Integrated schools so different religions and ethnic groups can learn together. I've experienced an Integrated secondary school and I say it is the best way of moving forward.
  232. There should be more projects to bring protestants and catholics together to help them live in peace. There should be more cross -community centers and places where young people could come from each side and have fun with each other and break down barriers.
  233. There should be more safer places where friends of mixed communities can mix up.
  234. There should be no difference between Catholics and Protestants.
  235. There will always be people in N. Ireland who feel strongly about people from the opposite religion and will never accept it. Although things are changing for the better they will never be gone completely; there will always be sectarianism in N. Ireland.
  236. There will never be total peace until parents bring their children up with open minds and educate them well.
  237. They are a joke, country is in a mess.
  238. They are bad!!
  239. They are improving but there is a long way to go.
  240. They are terrible and I can't see them changing.
  241. They can be very strained in certain areas.
  242. They just get worse because more Catholics are getting progeny and they start fighting easier.
  243. They must improve if we are to move forward.
  244. They need to improve.
  245. They should be stronger.
  246. They will never change, Protestants & Catholics will never get on. Ethnic minorities, however, are a positive asset to our country.
  247. They're all the fucking same!
  248. Things haven't changed much in last 30 years in terms of feelings to each other and doesn't look like changing soon.
  249. Think they have improved a lot. It's easier to socialise and talk to people of other religions because of cross community schemes.
  250. Too divided due to different religions.
  251. Until there is a party that will represent a peaceful & 50/50 type of community in N. Ireland then community relations will never reach the potential that is there in N. Ireland. Because DUP & Sinn Fein MPs are holding community & relations back!
  252. Voting should be made compulsory so that all views can be truly expressed. Bigoted communities must be given education grants. Integration should be openly encouraged via propaganda videos.
  253. We do have an integrated school. We have a Grammar school for Catholics and a Grammar school for Protestants.
  254. We need to learn to live together as most people don't have a choice of the religion they are brought up with. We need to listen and talk and accept each other for who we are and our values not the church we attend.
  255. What does it matter?
  256. What I think is that everyone should try to get along with everythone else. No matter what religion they belong to!
  257. What NI needs is a government that isn't bigoted to either side of the community.
  258. When I was young a family member of mine was attacked by a person of another religion. I thought of them as bastards. But as I grew up I thought life's too short to be always hating.
  259. When there was the trouble at Holy Cross Girl's Primary School I was on holiday in Majorca. It was the main news on Sky News; it was the first time I realised how sad and pathetic a lot of people in my country are. I was embarrassed to say I was from Northern Ireland. I put a lot of the blame on our politicians. How can they expect to move forward if they won't even talk to one another?
  260. Where I live we have very rarely seen any tension between Catholics and Protestants.
  261. While Northern Ireland is controlled by the bigots that occupy all council seats, we will never be free of sectarianism and will never be free.
  262. Why can't people just get along!!!
  263. With regards to community relations in Northern Ireland I personally don't feel that there should be a problem, as we are all equal and human beings.
  264. Would just love Catholics and Protestants to come together some day and just get along.
  265. Yes, a lot actually. The only problem is where do I start? I hate the whole sectarianism stuff be it over jobs, etc. Last year in 5th in school we studied N. Ireland as part of our GCSE coursework, between 1921 and now - and I've never been so bored in my life. Be it about '1 man 1 vote' or ** or even Bloody Sunday - it's history, it's over. We discussed about how there are millions of pounds poured in every year to fund the Bloody Sunday enquiry. Yes, the victim's family have my deepest sympathy and that I am glad that we've got what they set out protecting for but with that amount of money you can spend it on schools, hospitals, the communities, etc. Secondly, the whole sectarian communities, Catholics and Protestants, we have come on 'BIG TIME' since 30 years ago and I'm glad I've been brought up in a much more peaceful Belfast. A few of your questions asked about are Protestant or Catholic favourable? Both religious communities are favourable; they are equally the same, and that is what I've been brought up to believe. I reckon the whole sectarian ideas come from the home or areas; even as a child you are liable to pick up hard feelings and anger towards your counterpart. I am confused about why people have so much hatred in their hearts; is it to do with history, is it because that is what they have been taught + brought up to do? Where I live there are no flags, there are no painted kerbs, there are no gangs who intimidate you. It's amazing to find such a place here but it shows you that it's possible. I hate to see these things as it brings anger up to the surface. The whole 'territory' thing is a bit 'far-fetched' and I feel it makes the place look - 'devalued'. Also murals are there as they illustrate history but when it comes to sectarian murals, that' s when the paint and brush should come out to paint over it! N. Ireland is a place in Ireland, a part of Ireland, but belongs to Britain - that's the situation at the moment. You have republic and loyalist; I am neither and I hope to keep it that way. If loyalists want to keep the link with Britain, they should stop threatening its survival. Republicans should be thankful and should look around to see what we have. How can such a small city have so many problems? We are remand for being that small place with sabotashed by wild violence. Can they not see that people are getting bored? It's time to stop all this sectarian and bigotery living and start thinking - how we can improve on what we have? Lastly, politics! Who needs it? We don't, that's for sure. Be it arguments, walk outs or 'silence-talks', our government is not doing what it's supposed to be doing. Politics is polluted with bigots, sectarians and republicans + loyalists. We would do better off without them. They cause more problems rather than the ones they should be doing. I'll never really paid much attention to all **** (rubbish)! Why should I take notice of it now? All my friends and classmates discuss about how it's just boring and no one really cares. Remember, these are, we are the people of N. Ireland's future!! What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? One of hatred, bigotry and sectarianism or one of peace and happiness? I know which one I would like but looks like there are still a lot of people out there who still can't open their eyes to the 'real' Belfast we live in, not of 30 years ago!! MOVE ON!!
  266. Yes, I work in a place where the workforce is mainly Protestant… All they talk about all day in the place is King Billy and Marches. I feel bad. I don't want them to find out I'm Catholic.
  267. Yes, I would like to stop all the paramilitary beatings and bombings in Northern Ireland.
  268. Yes, Protestants can have marches, flags, bands etc. Catholics cannot. If no one could, then it would be a better place. Police are very favourable to Protestants; if they were not N. Ireland would be very peaceful. 
  269. Yes, they would need to be improved so that both communities can begin to agree with each other.


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