Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey 2004

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The technical information is available in PDF format.

A leaflet providing a summary of results from the 2004 survey is available in PDF format (802KB).

ARK Research Update 43 - Cross community integration and mixing: does it make a difference? by Dirk Schubotz and Gillian Robinson - uses data from 2003-2005 Young Life and Times Surveys.

ARK Research Update 37 - Drinking, Smoking, Drugs and Sexual Intercourse - Education and Influences for Young People in Northern Ireland, by Sarah Hannaford - focuses on data from the 2004 Young Life and Times Survey.


All work that uses or refers to the 2004 Young Life and Times Survey should acknowledge it using the following bibliographic citation:
ARK. Young Life and Times Survey, 2004 [computer file]. ARK [distributor], January 2006.



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