Year: 2003
Module:Community Relations
Variable:MXRLGNGH - comments

If you had a choice, would you prefer to live in a neighbourhood with people of only your own religion, or in a mixed-religion neighbourhood?

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Segregating the communities between Protestants and Catholics only makes the country worse. We should raise our children to tolerate others instead of bringing them up in areas of no religious difference. If we do this the boundaries between Protestants and Catholics could eventually break down, although there will always be some who do not want this for the country.

People make such a big deal about religious and political status. If everywhere became areas of mixed religion people would come to realise how alike we all are and perhaps some hatred would be dismissed.

I am all for the 2 communities being mixed. I am not shallow and I look beyond religious status and I see another person the same as myself. Everyone in N. Ireland needs to appreciate everybody, otherwise things will never change.

If everyone could just work and live together there will be a lot more peace in the world instead of fighting and bickering. Too many chiefs and too little Indians.

Regardless of religion people should learn to live together in harmony and stop the conflict and fighting between different denominations.

[I] don't see the point in fighting over religion or what colour of clothes people might be wearing. People should be able to live together and get on, not caring who is what.

People in Northern Ireland have been fighting long enough, it's time people forgot about the past and learnt to live with each other.

All different types of people should try to get along.

Religion isn't everything and if we could all see through that we could get along better.

I feel it is terrible the way young children should be brought up with the awful community relations in this country. It should all be stopped and everyone mix together.

Community relations could be improved by neighbours getting to know each other and making an effort when new people move in to make them feel welcome.

The only way we can understand each other is to talk about things and spend time with people from different cultures. It is the only way we will learn to accept each other. We shouldn't feel we have to live in one certain place simply because of religion. We should respect each other's beliefs.

[] My local area has been decorated with loyalist flags etc, and I don't feel this is necessary. I think it's important that as children grow up they should learn to mix with others from different communities and learn that they are no different.

I think people should be happy with mixed religions. Why can't Catholics and Protestants be treated equally, and given the opportunity we deserve? Peace, instead of having to fight!? We are all humans, so I don't see why we should have this scar against our names whether we are Catholic or Protestant.

We as a whole community should not be so judgemental and learn to accept each other as normal people.

In my neighbourhood we generally get along extremely well, it is mainly Catholic but we treat our Protestants neighbours with the same respect we treat our Catholic neighbours.

I have some friends who are Protestants but the reason why I would like to live in a mixed area is because some Protestants can be bitter.

I feel that in the area that I live (which is mixed religion) the neighbours accept the different religions as if it wasn't there, apart from a few individuals. But religion is not really a problem in my area.

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