Year: 2003
Module: Community Relations
Variable: COMMENTS

Below are the responses to the open-ended question:

'Is there anything else you would like to say about community relations in Northern Ireland?'

Note: Responses were only edited for grammatical reasons, if necessary. Square brackets indicate where editing occurred.

  1. Young Life and Times Survey 2003. Open-ended Responses.
  1. A lot of adults were bought up hating the other religion and so pass on these beliefs to their children, which is why I feel that community relations could remain difficult in the future. Religion should not be an issue and if you ask the loyalists and republicans many of them would not know why they dislike each other. The hatred is just an excuse for the violence caused
  2. A lot of bigots have a strong influence on their children and this is the main reason why people grow up with predjudices. Young people need to be taught to respect the differences between the communities and understand that people have the right to their own opinion and religious/cultural beliefs and that they should not have to be subject to persecution or verbal abuse because of these beliefs
  3. A lot of people are open minded when it comes to community relations. A lot of people let religion play a major part in the way they treat people and I feel this shouldn't be so
  4. A religious person the other day talked about labels and how people were comfortable with them. He said when we labelled people it made us comfortable inside ourselves. So in N.I we have the labels Catholics & Protestants and if we aren't sure about someone we meet we are not comfortable at the back of our mind maybe because we might say the wrong thing in front of them. Community relations will be better in N.I when we find that the labelling doesn't matter and that we are comfortable with each other no matter whether the person is Protestant or Catholic
  5. All depends on how the person is brought up on how strong they feel about their religion and what way they react to people of different religions
  6. All different types of people should try to get along
  7. All people including politicians should move on, get a life, forget about the past and get on with each other. We should get rid of the politicians that we have and get ones without loyalist or republican views
  8. Although I like people to know I am a Catholic and I am proud of my religion, I really don't see the point in the fighting and conflict between Protestant and Catholic religions
  9. Although I would send my children to a Catholic school, I would always be tolerant of other religious views, I would discourage bigotry at all times. This is what my parents have done and I now feel indifferent but tolerant towards Protestants. I know many Protestants but treat them like my Catholic friends except for talking about politics or football
  10. Although relations are getting better, I believe this will have to improve further, as I still feel threatened today by people simply because I am Catholic. I can't seem to enjoy 'summer nights out' because roads are blocked by Protestant bands parading through my local town. I am in a Catholic band and we are allowed to parade once a year and only for a short period of time! I can't understand why this is happening still in the year 2003! Equal rights are needed, and fast!!
  11. Although relations between the communities are better now than 5 years ago, things are still quite dangerous and discrimination still happens. I would like to think it would improve.
  12. As the youth of Ireland are the future of the country, more emphasis should be put on breaking down barriers between them, that when they are older the future politicians will be more tolerant of each other unlike the current ones. Murals in cities both Protestant and Catholic areas should be wiped. They do nothing but intimidate other religions. There is too much of a big deal made about the 12th of July, British flags etc are flaunted in the faces of Catholics where tri-colours are ripped down
  13. At present relationships between communities of different religions vary. A lot of people are tired of all the controversy and background between Protestants and Catholics and would prefer Nothern Ireland to be a peaceful community where we all can live with each other be friends and more secure on our own. However there are others that dwell upon what happened years ago on both sides and they continue to influence others into fighting for what they believe but do not know to leave history in the past! I believe that the community has grown closer with other groups such as Pakistani and African etc. Relationships between black and white people have got stronger in my opinion. We can all look at each other as equal and with no prejudice.
  14. At present, I feel like they are quite bad. They have been for some time but I feel like people will, and probably already have been, growing tired of hearing about attacks, riots, murders and bomb scares. The Country is growing weary and is very gradually coming to the realisation that what is happening is pointless. Everyone has freedom of religion, but it should be obtainable without worrying about what other people think. People have to be taught at a very young age not to hate or disrespect the other religion. Children also see the actions of adults around them and hear about it in the media, they imitate what they have seen and can be very impressionable. We need to take this fact and use it to our advantage. I'm not suggesting brain washing, but simple informative data, that people can take and draw their own opinions from. I will listen to you and respect your religion, beliefs, creed, colour, sexuality, even fashion sense, but you must do the same for me. Equal rights. I may disagree with you, but differing opinions can make people more interesting, but always respect and obviously there should be no intimidation.
  15. At times I feel that the divide in Northern Ireland is completely uncalled for as everyone has to walk up the same streets and work alongside one another. Yet I have a strong loyalty to my own religion and I feel a great sense of pride towards Protestants. However I feel at times people should live together in Northern Ireland in peace and in friendship with one another.
  16. Because most of the schools we go to and the areas that we live in are off the same religion, we don't get a chance to meet people of a different religion that often.
  17. Because of tradition and the way people were brought up many will feel strong about their own religion. Most strong, vicious loyalists are as bad as republicans at the end of the day why does it really matter what religion is. Their religion is brought by their background. However as a christian most of the people I know have the same beliefs as me so there is not a problem
  18. Believe the best way to increase community relations is probably through common interests, would reckon that students from universities probably have the best chance for interaction with those from different communities
  19. Believe there should be more mixed religion schools in NIreland, as I believe lack of knowledge and understanding of the opposite community is the biggest problem. There should be more cross community projects for teens whose opinions can be moulded. Single religion sports like gaelic and rugby should be worked on so that both communities play them. Should be more interaction between the different churches
  20. Can't understand why everyone has to fight and disagree, they should concentrate on world peace and poverty
  21. Catholic schools appear to get more funding than Protestant ones
  22. Catholics and Protestants cannot become closer until they know more about the people from other sides of the community, then they may be more willing to compromise. It will take some time because people have done a lot of damage and have a lot to make up for.
  23. Catholics and Protestants dont relate and I dont think they ever will. Its not as bad as it used to be and hopefully won't get any worse
  24. Children learn from their parents. Hatred, fear and anger are all passed on from parent to child in both communities. People don't get an objective overview of both communities but are merely conditioned into the views of families and friends. However I feel children are becoming acceptant and if they change their views, tension between communities would lessen. Cross community projects are all aiding this
  25. Children should be raised better in nIreland
  26. Community relation are affected by the media, it can be very biased or show an incident in a different light. Media affects the youth in n Ireland the most as they watch tv the most. Also I think that your parents affect community relations because you are following their example. I don't think community relations will change because no-one is going to open their eyes to change and development or to those who they are fighting with/against. Also there is too much prejudice for it to change
  27. Community relations are a lot better in smaller towns or rural areas as they are in the cities such as Belfast or Derry
  28. Community relations are bad and do not seem to be getting any better, politicians are preventing an improvement and are an impediment.
  29. Community relations are often seen as the clashes between people from the Protestant and Catholic communities in a few areas. In my experience most areas are not like this and many people find themselves perfectly capable of living and working with other people regardless of their religion. It is the minority of people who cause harsh opinions of people in NIreland. I have participated in a number of cross community projects and these seem to aid inter community relationships. I also go to a mixed school and I have a mixed group of friends male and female, Catholic and Protestant and none of us have problems with the others religion. There are occasional disagreements but they are easily overcome. This is how I feel the community relations in NIreland going in the future, people from different communities will get over their differences and learn to live in harmony.
  30. Community relations are tense due to the minority who understand very little about the history of the troubles. Fear breeds violence and this attitude has lead to some of the worst secterian attacks. Ignorance is the weapon used by these people in order to instill a passion of hatred which is misguided. Small minded people make the world the place it is today dispite the determined efforts of those who wish to move on around them. Education is the key to a future where understanding & tolerance reign. Without it life is set to continue in this downward spiral
  31. Community relations could be improved by neighbours getting to know each other and making an effort when new people move in to make them feel welcome
  32. Community relations have improved over the past 5 yrs in my opinion, however I feel this is mainly due to the ordinary person on the street and has little to do with the politicians. Currently meetings between the Politicians are virtually non-existent. I also believe that the Unionist Politicians are more reluctant for progress. An example of this is the issue of the Belfast Lord Mayor. So I think community relations are improving only because of the people themselves.
  33. Community relations have improved slightly. I believe that in 5 years time or less there will be a united Ireland which to me is a great thing, it would be a lot better for all religions to mix.
  34. Community relations in N. Ireland are not very good on the whole because politics always takes precedence. People tend to live in their own ghettos and their mindset are similar. In residential areas where communities can be mixed, these problems don't arise. The attitudes from these areas are "as long as it is not in my backyard I don't care"
  35. Community relations in n. Ireland will never be solved until people accept difference. They say variety is the spice of life, so why not enjoy it. Until people think for themselves and stand out from the crowd things will never change. There must be the realisation that the majority of people want peace, so why can't the small minority accept this
  36. Community relations in NI are clearly divided. This has resulted in thousands of deaths all because of what religion or area a person was brought up in.
  37. Community relations in NIreland are weak they need attention for example Catholic people can't walk in Protestant communities unless they are a fast runner and vice versa
  38. Community relations in NIreland won't improve as long as a difference is being made in favour of the Catholic people. They have been given too much of everything e.g grants, removal of flags etc.
  39. Community relations in Northern Ireland are greatly effected by the decisions within certain political parties. They make an impression on the people, not always a good thing.
  40. Community relations is so bad because we don't have a proper police service in the north, and so people cannot trust each other, as Protestants want to keep their police force that protects them and Catholics want a police force that will serve the whole community, not just one side. As well as this because of the bigoted mindsets of unionist leaders and their refusal to talk to the republicans, it has caused further division amongst the communitites
  41. Community relations only really cause major problems in the larger urban areas, whereby people feel very strongly about their religions and wherin they can come into contact with people who feel very strongly about other religions. Naturally enough some conflict may arise. However I very strongly feel that there are many people out there who take part in secterian feuds because their family does, I feel that some people because of the society we live in, don't have time to think "well I'm risking my life for my beliefs but do I have very strong feelings on what I'm fighting for or is this the way I was brought up". They can be very single minded, sometimes I feel that they perhaps may not even understand their religion deeply enough for fighting
  42. Community relations will only improve when all roman Catholics are removed from Northern Ireland
  43. Community relations within NIreland are destined to be worse off than those in other countries. However statistics show that as secterianism goes down racial attacks increase. I feel that there will always be problems with people getting along in n. Ireland however the important thing is to what extent it is happening and to fix it is within our power.
  44. Community relations would work better with the co-operation of both sides. Both sides are agreeing to peace agreements and disbandment but this isn't happening. The paramilitaries have too much of an influence as to what happens in both communities
  45. Could be better for all kinds of sectarianism to stop and for people to live with one another
  46. Could improve
  47. Don't see the point in fighting over religion or what colour of clothes people might be wearing, people should be able to live together and get on, not caring who is what
  48. Don't think Catholics and Protestants will ever stop fighting they can't accept each other. We are all the same, we are only humans with a different religion, I don't see the problem. Most of the time those that are fighting don't even realise what they are fighting for. They don't want to listen to each other and each side is always right and no-one will give in 1st.
  49. Don't think having Protestants and Catholics get together will do any good. Don't think things will ever be ok, there is too much history of sectarianism in the province
  50. Don't think it will ever be perfect but I wish it was
  51. Dont think people really care about religion as much as they use[d] to because this whole fighting, rioting thing isn't as bad as it used to be. I don't really care about religion because we are all human beings and the only thing different is our religion but it's dying down now.
  52. Don't think that it is right that people have problems with other religions because I really don't see the point
  53. Don't think there is enough being done to promote community relations among young people, its pointless not liking someone because their religion is different
  54. Due to political instability, young people become accustomed to their belief. This is driving the community apart. The community will never be fully interlinked and this is a basic fact. The two communities can be friendly to one another but there will be a divide which won't disappear
  55. E they are always talking to one another
  56. Even though my religion is different I still study religious education. From this I have used one of christ's teaching to help me live around people with different religions. We should treat everyone equally and try to talk peace with others rather than using violence as it will not solve problems but worsen them. When we go into shops people get served whether they are one religion or the other. Why should we be prejudices towards people of different religions or race. Whenever people make friends with others they become friends because of the person they are. So why can we not put the topic of race or religion to one side and look at a person more carefully and get to know them better by looking with your heart
  57. Everyone should be treated the same whatever their religion.
  58. Everything goes back to the past. To the troubles and to what happened 100 years ago. I think it's silly for you parents to stop you having friends from a different religious background.
  59. Feel that single religion schools limit contact with other young people from different religions
  60. Feel that there are very little opportunities for people of different religions to get to know each other, perhaps it's this lack of confidence which breeds mistrust and prejudice. The media has a very definite influence on community relations, many papers and broadcasts are biased towards one side. Community relations are only better now because young people have decided to do something about for themselves, not because of politicians and government schemes
  61. Feel that there is only a minority of people who are creating the friction between different religions
  62. Feel very strongly about my country and it's history, it's not Protestants I disagree with but loyalists. It shouldn't be a question of would you work but would a united Ireland work
  63. Generally I feel that people in n. Ireland claiming to be part of a certain religion, yet dont practice it are hypocritical and are causing tension between communites for the sake of it or because it's a tradition. Community relations in NIreland are very territorial for example if a Protestant enters a Catholic community they are taking a very high risk of being attacked because they have a different religion
  64. Going to an integrated school changed my views on different religions. I was able to find out what people from different religions were like for myself. There should be more integrated schools
  65. I agree that religion will always be the dominant factor which contributes to the secterian warfield n. Ireland is today. The local news brings only words and deaths and parliamentary attacks on opposite religions. Violence is becoming a part of normality in this state, it has become a tradition for both parties involved and violence is not a religious practice of the Catholic and Protestant religions
  66. I am all for the 2 communities being mixed. I am not shallow and I look beyond religious status and I see another person the same as myself. Everyone in n. Ireland needs to appreciate everybody otherwise things will never change
  67. I believe community relations in NIreland are very over rated. Most people are indifferent to those with a different social/religious background and those who do hold strong opinions are aggrivated by the antagonistic, money grabbing politicians of today who invent problems with little or no meaning for the people of NIreland and argue aimlessly about events which took place over one hundred years ago and hold little relevance for the important issues and topics which need to be dealt with. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be developed
  68. I believe it is a minority of people in Northern Ireland who cannot agree with another religious community.
  70. I can't see the feud between Catholics and Protestants ever being solved.
  71. I come from a mixed marriage, my parents go to their different places of worship. We are a very happy family and have been brought up to respect and treat all people the same regardless of religion
  72. I do not think enough is being done to improve relations within communities of Northern Ireland. More needs to be done!
  73. I dont care what religion people are as long as I can get on with the person. The union jack should be up all year round but the tricolour should stay in the south. They shouldn't stop the bands marching on the 12th
  74. I don't dislike members of the protestant or catholic community, however i don't like extremist groups such as UVF, LVF or members or Sinn Fein. My local area has been decorated with loyalist flags etc and I don't feel this is necessary. I think it's important that as children grow up they should learn to mix with others from different communities and learn that they are no different
  75. I don't have much to say but I think if everyone could just get along and respect each other as equals these problems wouldn't be happening. Personally, I enjoy the company of others and I don't think of them for a split second as being a part of a religion but simply as my friends! JUST GROW UP!
  76. I don't like the fighting and tensions between communities in N. Ireland. It all has to do with the past, people need to learn to forgive and let go of their stubbornness and pigheadedness. I know its not easy and they also need to learn to see past religion. The only difference between Catholics and Protestants is their beliefs in god. They need to COMPROMISE.
  77. I feel children should be taught more on the history of the troubles in N.Ireland, so they can grow up with their own opinion and understand a lot more about the troubles in their society
  78. I feel community relations in N. Ireland are not being encouraged enough. It should begin in primary school when you are young and impressionable. If community relations were instilled at a young age it could be carried throughout your adult life. It would work better if schools organised group activities included in the school curriculum.
  79. I feel community relations in Northern Ireland are bridging closer and closer together. In my community I am becoming more and more aware of the unity between both Catholics and Protestants, and along with most people, I am finding it easier not to feel the need to differentiate or feel differentiated due to religion or nationality. However, I am constantly aware of little gaps in the community, eg, young Catholic and Protestant people socializing in different night clubs, so even though cinemas, restaurants and workplaces are united this shows that we often find comfort in our own religious groups. I personally only came to be friends with people from the opposite religion in recent years and I have to admit, that I was quite foreign to people from the other religion at first. I think it is extremely important to integrate people from different denominations from a very young age to make it feel normal, so that there is no effort or unwillingness in being that way.
  80. I feel it is still very segregated and the trust between communities has got worse.
  1. I feel it is terrible the way young children should be brought up with the awful community relations in this country. It should all be stopped and everyone mix together
  1. I feel people need to be made more aware of why there are religious differences, ie different beliefs inside the church.
  2. I feel that community relation and attitudes towards other cultures and beliefs may possibly be linked to the level of education
  3. I feel that community relations are at a very low ebb. In my hometown there are a lot of gangs on the streets day and night. My friends and I are unable to go to the main shopping area in daylight let alone in the evenings. The law needs changed and the young and old alike would have more faith in the police. People are in a catch 22 situation where they are frightened to press charges against offenders for fear of reprisals. The police should be able to charge them.
  1. I feel that community relations in Northern Ireland have not improved greatly over the years as new generations are not allowed to have different views from their family. Although in my family we are able to speak freely of our own points of view and opinions, I am aware that not all young people in Northern Ireland are able to do this. It is still not acceptable to be seen socializing with other religions within cities, towns and villages, which I find DISGUSTING!!!
  1. I feel that in the area that I live (which is mixed religion) the neighbours accept the different religions as if it wasn't there, apart from a few individuals. But religion is not really a problem in my area.
  2. I feel that it is very important that more cross community projects are set up and there should be better inter-denominational contacts between the churches, to enable people to grow up with a better understanding of other people's religions. I feel that this would reduce prejudice between communities and enable future generations to grow up in a friendlier and safer environment.
  3. I feel that more integrated schools would help.
  4. I feel that most of the time in Northern Ireland people from both religions get on well. However around the time of the 12th of July sectarianism comes to light. A recent example would be the attack on Martin McGuinness while visiting a local town by members of the Protestant community, including members of the DUP council.
  5. I feel that people of different religions should be able to mix and get on with each other rather than fighting all the time. I feel it shouldn’t matter what peoples religious beliefs are or what colour or race they may be, you should like them for who they are.
  6. I feel that the main problem with the feuds between Catholics and Protestants is that religion has got mixed into it, the religion is used as a cover for murder, mutilation, prejudices and inequality. The main problem is that some people just want to hurt others, and need a good cover, so they blame it on the religion. If these people were actually Christians, following the Bible, they would not kill, it does not say kill your neighbour, it says love your neighbour.
  7. I feel that the Protestant and Catholic relationships may be improved, but through the years of violence scars have been made, and may never heal, due to this fact it will only be improved never taken away
  8. I feel that there is a lot of mistrust on both sides due to mishaps on both sides
  9. I feel that there will always be weak relations between the main religious communities in Northern Ireland, this being due in large part to the running of the parliamentary systems at Stormont.
  10. I find the situation in Northern Ireland infuriating but unfortunately I don’t think it will change, I wish it would!
  11. I go to an integrated school and I have found that some people are fine with the different religions but other people aren't. There are more Protestants than Catholics in my school and I have found that some of the Protestant pupils dislike people because they are Catholic and find it funny to call them ‘Fenians’ etc. The school is in a Protestant area and the people in that area, although they know it's an integrated school continue to believe it's a Catholic school and vandalise it regularly. Also the people from this village target the children from the village that go to my school beating them up and calling them ‘Fenian lovers’ etc.
  12. I have been brought up in a mixed community and feel no bitterness towards Catholics. My best friend is one. I believe it is down to the parents to introduce their children to different religions, as it tends to be the case that if the parents are bitter it usually rubs off on their offspring, so unless we do this I can see no difference in NIreland cross community relations
  13. I have some friends who are Protestants but the reason why I would like to live in a mixed area is because some Protestants can be bitter
  14. I have very little knowledge about it and I don't see why we all can't just get along.
  15. I hope that after a few generations all of the sectarianism within N.Ireland will have disappeared. I believe that there should only be one Ireland, not north and south. If people cannot learn to live peacefully with one another then this will never happen. In order for the people of n Ireland to live in harmony with one another all the social barriers need to be removed. I think people should be allowed to be of any religion and that they should not be constantly asked their religion
  16. I hope that in the future Protestants and Catholics can live together with no hassle. That all so-called groups will not exist and that life for each would be easier, with no deaths and no attacks - just peace for all.
  17. I personally feel that community relations in Northern Ireland have improved slightly but not very well. In order for this worldwide-known problem to be eliminated, something drastic must be done. Local MPs and the Prime Minister need to put their feet down to help the majority of people who would like to say goodbye to this problem have their dream fulfilled! I firmly believe that many people within Northern Ireland want to erase this problem from our country but simply are not sure how.
  18. I personally feel that religion should not come into the politics of our country. I know nationalist Protestants and unionist Catholics. I feel that religion is a totally different subject, but I have to accept that religion has been dragged into the politics of our society, mainly due to stereotyping. I think more should be done to stamp out secterianism and to promote open mindedness. I feel that if this was done community relations within N.Ireland would improve.
  19. I run about with Catholics, but if I was to meet a real bitter Catholic I could be just as bitter or maybe even worse.
  20. I think a minor group tend to specify between the Protestant and Catholic communities, however personally I judge people more by their personality, not their religious identity. I would like my children to go to a school of their own religion so they can learn and develop through it, without the influence of others
  21. I think all people are the same and everyone should treat other people with respect, no matter what religion. Half of my friends, approx, are of a different religion and we all get on fine but I think that may be due to where I live. Therefore I think that if I lived in Belfast it would be very different! All the fighting and conflict between religions is a waste of time and innocent lives!
  22. I think as Northern Irish citizens we are all equal and issues of religion and identity should not cause violence and disagreements. The 'Troubles' in NI have been going on for so long that perhaps many people see peace as an impossible objective. However, I would wish that by the time I'm a Grandparent my Grandchildren would be unaware of the existence of bad community relations and that their generation could start afresh. Many people feel very strongly about being a republican, loyalist or WHATEVER but it's a pity these groups can't hold their beliefs in a peaceful way. Protestant or Catholic - we are all people who deserve to live happily without danger and bloodshed.
  23. I think it is a disgrace for such importance to be put into religion in N. Ireland. I lived in east Belfast for years and don't feel any hatred towards other religions
  24. I think it is better now than it ever was. There are more integrated schools that parents are sending their children to. I think that more young people nowadays are not finding religion a problem. People of mixed religions are working more and more as a community, I don't think it is a big issue.
  25. I think it is really sad that there is so much hatred and violence in Northern Ireland. [there is] a lot of emphasis on what religion you are and there is pressure on people from an early age to say whether they are Protestants or Catholics. I think that the way you are brought up has a lot to do with how you act and treat others. It's common for sectarianism to run in families or closely knit communities, however the people who cause the trouble are the minority and the majority of people want peace in N Ireland. People are very stubborn and although it is hard there needs to be more love and forgiveness in the community. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country but it's the type of people who live here who make the country what it is
  26. I think it is sick that people can't get on with someone who has a different religion to them. I don't see the point in fighting.
  27. I think its a shame that some people from different communities can't get on together. Some people are prejudiced towards others just because they look different or are a different religion. The fighting and rioting that goes on in NIreland is uncalled for, it's stupid, pointless and only lets their community down. Why can't people learn to get along with people who are different. This bitter hatred is passed on from generation to generation and therefore the only way it can be stopped is if parents can teach their children that this behaviour is wrong. They should encourage them to be friends with children from different ethnic groups. Parents must settle their own differences first in order to do this though. This may be difficult but it must be done if there is to be a brighter future in NIreland
  28. I think many children are still growing up with strong influences from their parents who encourage them to dislike Protestants or Catholics before they can make their own mind up. Therefore when they have their children they'll encourage the same ideas and so it is a bit of a vicious cycle!
  29. I think people of different religions get on better now, as there is no point fighting with each other.
  30. I think people should be happy with mixed religions, why can't Catholics and Protestants be treated equally, and given the opportunity we deserve peace, instead of having to fight!? We are all humans, so I don't see why we should have this scar against our names whether we are Catholic or Protestant.
  31. I think people should realise that no matter what religion you are, each individual should be treated equally and with respect
  32. I think people should stop thinking about if they are Protestant or Catholic, We all bleed red. There are more important things to worry about.
  33. I think some people of both Protestant and Catholic communities will always disagree with the other religion, but I believe that most of Northern Ireland will come to peace someday, but never the whole of Northern Ireland because Loyalists and Republicans could never become one community because of their beliefs.
  34. I think that community relations are improving all the time, and the bitterness between communities stem's from our ancestors, so we must not allow their views on community relations to be carried onto our children of the future.
  35. I think that community relations are unlikely to improve in my generation and in the near future.
  36. I think that community relations differ in certain areas. I believe that in my area the majority of people are from different religions and communities. I believe this is so because the community is mixed and people have grown used to living with mainly one religion. These are the people that tend to be more secterian as they don't mix
  37. I think that education about other religions and cultures is the way forward. Ignorance breed sectarianism, suspicion and hatred and because a lot of schools and communities in Northern Ireland are not mixed, there is a lot of ignorance because of this. Being a Catholic, I disagree with extreme loyalists, but also with extreme republicans. I do not see any reason, other than narrow-mindedness, why people cannot practice their own beliefs and allow others to practice theirs.
  38. I think that if the section in history that is about O Neill, NICRA and all, up to the present situation was compulsory, then relations would improve, as we have been taught it, and in it we were taught to be unbiased and to respect all opinions towards what was happening.
  39. I think that knowing your own identity is very important, and always respecting your families decisions on anything.
  40. I think that people have been opposed too long, that they have been hating each other for too long. I think that they should move on and stop living in the past. Everyone is the same no matter what their religion or their stand in the fate of the country and if people could realise that it would be a large step towards the end of Northern Irelands problems.
  41. I think that people in Northern Ireland should try to get on better. It gets none of us anywhere fighting all the time we would want better for our children in years to come
  42. I think that people should not exclude others or not speak to them only because of them being a different religion. I think that n. Ireland would be a better place if Protestants and Catholics mixed more regularly
  43. I think that relationships between people of different religions in NIreland can be improved fairly easily. However this requires the focus and dedication of the people concerned. If they don't fully wish to integrate with others, nothing can be achieved. In order to move on we need to accept the fact that other religions really aren't very different and we need to be willing to make the effort
  44. I think that religion is a thing that some people take too seriously. The community I live in would be Catholics and tend not to like Protestants. My best friend is a Protestant and I don't see any point in the political stuff because we are all human beings at the end of the day
  45. I think that the community divide will always influence the way that many people feel about each other and that nothing can be done to help this.
  46. I think that the relationship between the two main communities in Northern Ireland is a major problem. There needs to be more cross community youth clubs available throughout the country and other education programmes available for young people so they can be made more aware of how others from the opposite community are exactly like them. They should be taught how to get along with others and learn that political and religious views are not important. This may set examples for others and could lead to peace among both communities.
  47. I think that whatever religion you are it dosen't matter to people on what way they should think about each other no matter if they are coloured, Protestants, Catholics whatever why should it matter, everyone is human at the end of the day
  48. I think the continuing rivalry between differing religion communities is due to the trend in which people are brought up in and how they are taught and it never really is anyone's personal decision. Because religion is an important part of politics in this country it has made it more of an issue among communities. I also think that communities are becoming less united but this is probably more applying to higher class suburban areas
  49. I think the differences between religions is only skin deep and the media place too much emphasis on the differences, on the whole there's a lot of contact taking place between different groups and I think they get on quite well.
  50. I think the main reason for ill feeling between Catholics and Protestants is that a difference is made betweeen the two religions. I don't think a difference should be made, children starting school should be of mixed religions so that they can find out each others lifestyles and grow up to be friends instead of enemies. Also I think a lot more cross community projects should be put into action throughout all schools
  51. I think there is a necessity to look at the broader picture in Northern Ireland since 1921. It is my belief that Unionists today are only too keen to emphasise a 'democracy' in Northern Ireland since partition. I would like to ask the question, what about the democracy back in 1918 when Sinn Fein won the overwhelming majority throughout the country of Ireland yet the people's call for independence was inevitably rejected (as it has been throughout the past 800 years). I also wonder if Unionism would be as quick to emphasise 'democracy' if the growing nationalist community exceeded the Unionist population? Furthermore, I cannot understand why the power sharing government in the early 70's was 'put down' by Unionism when republican Sinn Fein was non-existent in politics but instead moderate nationalists like John Hume (who were not categorised as terrorists) were those in government. I've come to the conclusion that Republicanism is not the problem today, but as a result of Unionist disposition towards superiority.
  52. I think there needs to be more integrated schools, as it is where young people get to mix and understand each other better.
  53. I would like community relations to improve as they can be quite bad in certain areas. You can't even go out in places wearing certain football shirts etc. without being worried about what people might say or do to you.
  54. I would like to see both communities come together in years to come, eg my children generation. I wouldn't want them to grow up always fighting with Catholics. Not like it is now.
  55. I would like to see the two communities come together and work together
  1. I would prefer to stay within my own religion, for obvious reasons, and when my son is of age for nursery, he will be attending a Protestant nursery where there will be no discrimination.
  1. If everyone could just work and live together there will be a lot more peace in the world instead of fighting and bickering. Too many chiefs and too little Indians
  2. If our own government was up and running completely and if n. Ireland was its own state it may stop a lot of arguing between Catholics and Protestants
  3. If people weren't so bad and stopped acting like children they would get on better and it would be a more peaceful world for us all. I just hope one day before it's too late people will come to the same conclusion as me
  4. If people would stop emphasising the few problems that only a few people have with each other and would stop generalising these views on all people then it would allow more cross community relations to occur
  5. If Protestants and Catholics were to learn to live together n. Ireland would be a better place to live in. It shouldn't matter what religion we practice, where we live or what school we go to as long as we are happy and treat everyone as human beings and not label them, then we would all feel safe and content in our lives
  6. If pupils don't learn to mix in school levels, they won't mix in adulthood
  7. If young Catholics and Protestants keep working together the community will become a little better when relating to each other but there will still be rioting on occasions e.g parades and football matches
  8. Important for both communities to come together, as far as the future is concerned there are no differences between the two different communities, religion is personal and shouldn't be used as an excuse for violence etc
  9. In my experience inter religion relations tend to be better between better educated and more affluent people than those people with a more limited education. I think that people who have a better education come into more contact with other people from the other main religious group. I also think that those who are better off accept people on the size of their bank balance or address and don't limit this to one religious group. I also think that grammar schools lead to greater tolerance as different religions are brought together and acceptance is related to intelligence and not religion
  10. In my neighbourhood we generally get along extremely well, it is mainly Catholic but we treat our Protestants neighbours with the same respect we treat our Catholic neighbours.
  1. In my opinion I cannot see why people are worried or threatened by somebody’s religion. At the end of the day we are the same regardless of what we believe, I feel people should accept the views of others even if they do not share them, as people we are entitled to believe in what we want to and I think everybody should accept that.
  1. In my opinion people in NI are very Pig-headed, in that they refuse to want to socialise and befriend people of different religions to themselves. I've also noticed that the communities of Northern Ireland are quite small in comparison to those of different countries, because of this I think people who come from the same community tend to get on better.
  2. In my opinion there will always be a small element of Protestant and Catholic communities that will continue to practice secterian violence
  3. In this area there are very good community relations in rural areas and villages, however flags, painted kerbstones & marches from both sides cause unnecessary tension
  4. Integrated schools prepare children for the future as they not only introduce you to people of different religions but also of different traditions and cultures. This prepares you better for the outside world as you are able to interact with them
  5. It has reached a stalemate where neither political side can agree so they disagree causing more religious tension being put on communities. They are dealing with a very controversial issue and in my opinion are going about resolving the issues in a disorganised form and politicians views rarely back up that of the people of northern Ireland
  6. It is the parents in NIreland that influence and determine the attitudes shared still a huge problem, the problem lies in the adults and not the children
  7. It is the way in which a child is brought up by their parents which affects their outlook on cross community relations
  1. It is the way your parents have brought you up to believe in the things you do
  1. It needs to start at a very early age as a lot of influence is held by parents. Their bitterness will be handed on to their children and it will be difficult to change their views. By using sport people work as a team from either religion. Sometimes discussion can only produce arguments
  2. It will only improve if the political relations improve. It is a stupid war between two denominations of the same religion
  3. It would be a better place if people from different religions bonded more
  4. It's a small majority in Northern Ireland who are very biased. I think people should stop using religion in political disputes.
  5. It's only in a small area where community relations cause friction.
  6. It's stupid, other countries don't seem to have the same problem and if they do, not as bad. The feuding in Northern Ireland seems continuous, just because people believe in different things.
  7. Just keep in mind that it is not only religion that starts trouble. Religion is just used as an excuse to earn money and to punish people. This survey seems to point the finger at religion for these troubles. If everyone was 100% religious there would be no trouble.
  8. Many people judge others on their religion, but if they met someone in a pub they wouldn't ask it. Schemes like key programme bring communities together and break down barriers. When I went to this everyone is the same regardless of religion, these type of schemes should be more available to all pupils in all schools
  9. Mild ethnic cleansing in Larne!
  10. More work needs to be done to bring students from different religions together
  11. Most of the religious tension appears only to be in Belfast and close border areas where religion seems to matter more and segregation occurs. Where I live in north down there is very little religious tension. Most of it seems to be in deprived housing estates that display murals, flags and kerb paintings.
  12. Most people, save extremists, are growing bored of our problems, the troubles and the politicians that really are doing very little to help the people they represent. Not enough of them are open to compromise, they forget that n. Ireland is after all a state like anywhere else and that our troubles are only one item on the list of issues that they must deal with
  13. No, I think I have answered everything.
  14. Nobody in the community will get along unless there are some dramatic changes. Years down the line people will still be killing each other, nothing will change families feel scared, they leave the estate, but are still hunted down. Community relations sucks because not enough is being done
  15. Northern Ireland politics is very bad. Assembly members get paid a lot of money from the tax payer so they can cancel the assembly and disagree with other parties views. I believe relations with Catholics and Protestants will never be good because of the way NI children are brought up. I have a mum who is Protestant and a dad who is Catholic and they never brought me up to hate the other people but yet I still feel that the Protestant community hates us Catholics. Also I did history GCSE one month ago. The NI section made me want to join politics and to represent the Catholic community.
  16. Not enough social activities
  17. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have their opinion heard, it's only the people who are high up in politics who do and it's not always what we want to hear. Some other people come up with better ideas but don't have the opportunity to have them heard.
  18. On the whole I haven't faced major problems, however I feel that there is not enough racial awareness. I have been on the receiving end of racist remarks, but this has been from people who categorise themselves as either Catholic or Protestant. Therefore I would conclude that those people with a greater tolerance for people of a different denomination also have a greater tolerance for people of different races and cultures
  19. On the whole I think relations between the two communities in N. Ireland are good. In rural places, small towns etc. people live and work together successfully but perhaps there will always be certain divides. The main problems are in places like Belfast where people continue to hold sectarian opinions.
  20. Parents shouldn't pass on their prejudices to their children, it only leads to bad relations between the two communities
  21. People are afraid to be different, if someone lives in a very secterian area they may be so easily influenced by views of peers, paramilitaries or family that their own feeling and opinions are lost and forgotten. Many people also forget where the differences originate and the concept of the religious conflict. So many people of this country with such narrow minded views are brought up in a society with such a strong sense of bigotry that the hope of a peaceful future is deeply lost in this
  22. People are all very fond upon making what they predict a certain community is like. I feel if there were more options available to allow those willing to mix with outsiders such as day trips, living with a family of a different religion for a week it would enhance and broaden peoples minds, then we could look to the next step of actual living in unity in an area where we are all treated as equals regardless
  23. People are very bitter towards each other as a result of the troubles. I think they should grow up and get over their differences before more innocent blood is shed
  24. People don't know what it is like to live here it's not that bad
  25. People from all religions live and work together much better in areas which are not decorated with public murals, flags and kerb paintings. These can be displayed in the privacy of their own homes without intimidating others or feeling intimidated.
  26. People in NIreland need to become more tolerant toward people who have different views and religions, they should teach their children to be more open minded
  27. People in Northern Ireland have been fighting long enough, it's time people forgot about the past and learnt to live with each other.
  28. People in Northern Ireland live in the past and trying to make a future from the past will not work. There are areas I wouldn't go to locally because of my religion, this limits the leisure activities I can take part in. I think mixed schools would be a good idea as you could give young people the opportunity to grow up with each other and learn about different traditions and cultures, instead of being told what is right and wrong by others. People would then really be able to accept each other and we could move on. You can't change history but you can change the future.
  29. People make such a big deal about religious and political status. If everywhere became areas of mixed religion people would come to realise how alike we all are and perhaps some hatred would be dismissed
  30. People need to forget religious differences and begin to take on board non bigotted attitudes. If everyone learned to accept each others religion and let each other practice it peacefully, NIreland would have a much more open community spirit. If everyone practiced their faith peacefully and quietly NIreland would be a nicer place to live
  1. People need to think how their actions are effecting and influencing the people younger than them who are following what their elders do
  1. People of different religions and races should mix and get along with one another, this would make NIreland a better place for future generations
  2. People only learn to be prejudiced and bigoted through their parents. People need to be better educated about each other's differences and only then will they learn to tolerate one another's views
  3. People pay too much attention to what religion people are and not the person. People should be more open minded and accept people for who they are
  4. People should be open to try different things and meet different people
  5. People should be taught about other communities and cultures at a younger age ie primary school (compulsory classes) and be taught to respect them, be more open minded and accepting. This should happen instead of just learning about the hatred and negative issues through the news. Cross community activities are essential to allow people to interact with others from different backgrounds. Young people can receive a biased point of view about other communities from adults within their own community, they should be given the opportunity to fully understand the situation for themselves from a much earlier age from a neutral perspective.
  6. People who come from a Catholic home and go to a Catholic school rarely get a chance to mix with other religions. Sport can be responsible for dividing communities e.g Gaelic and rugby
  1. People's personality counts more than religion, depending if you want to get along with them
  1. Personally I think if Protestant and Catholic people mixed more there would be less prejudice towards each other. I think all schools should be mixed especially primary schools so children understand that Protestants are no different to us really
  2. Personally the Catholic people I have been in contact with are no different that the Protestant ones and are good friends of mine but there are some Catholics and Protestants who make me feel threatened and unwelcome. These people wouldn't think twice about spending time with people of a different religion but if they did maybe they would get a true picture of what they are like. I know this as I used to have friends from my all Protestant school that were very anti Catholic, which I am not. After the 11+ I went to a mixed school and they went to all Protestant schools and now we have very different views.
  3. Personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous as many young people are fighting, yet do not know what they are fighting for. They blindly follow the example set to them by older people who should know better but don't seem to. I would never think any differently of someone who is Catholic or Protestant as their religious beliefs really don't make a difference to me so I don't care at all what they choose to believe or what part of the community they come from.
  4. Pointless fighting - no meaning to it
  5. Politically people are polarising, the DUP and Sinn Fein will soon be the target parties, this can only lead to a deterioration in community relations
  1. Politicians and church leaders say in public both religions must work & pray together, yet in my hometown of [NORTH WESTERN TOWN IN NI] where some of my Catholic friends attend a Catholic school the headmaster forbids soccer as in his words it is a foreign game
  1. Protestants and Catholics are never going to see eye to eye as a result of the conflict within the two communities.
  2. Protestants and Catholics should come together and forget about fighting at the end of the day we are all going to die regardless of religion
  3. Prove to me that the VIRGIN Mary got pregnant. Then maybe religious things may take effect in my life.
  4. Regardless of religion people should learn to live together in harmony and stop the conflict and fighting between different denominations
  5. Relations between Protestants and Catholic areas seems to be improving in many areas but there is still a lot of sectarianism and related violence which is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  6. Relations need to improve as religious differences are the key source of violence and disturbance in NIreland
  7. Religion isn't everything and if we could all see through that we could get along better
  8. School clubs, environment clubs, social clubs. Why? Clubs just some of life's problems that we should face together as a team or club. And there should be more respect and honour for those people who have suffered so much and more harshness should be directed at those who deserve it, but not those who really do deserve it but are treated like scum. When it is truly should be the other way around. This might be strong but I hope it's relevant.
  9. Segregating the communities between Protestants and Catholics only makes the country worse. We should raise our children to tolerate others instead of bringing them up in areas of no religious difference. If we do this the boundaries between Protestants and Catholics could eventually break down although there will always be some who do not want this for the country
  10. Should be more cross community relation projects in NIreland particularly in schools as it may ease tensions between young people
  11. Small towns and villages within the nine glens of Antrim are usually more community spirited and there is also a more relaxed attitude to mixed marital relations as more occur in these areas
  1. Soldiers and troops of[f] the streets. Tourists visits town should make more peace
  1. Some people are very discriminating against others no matter what religion they are
  2. Still not good but they are getting better in some areas
  3. Teachers and other persons in contact with children from these communities that harbour loyalist and republican supporters should try and teach them that their opposite numbers are just the same as themselves. This would need to be done because parents teach their children to hate the other religion as soon as they can talk and encourage abuse of the opposite side
  4. That all different communities should help and respect each other. Religion shouldn't matter to anybody, as it dosen't matter to me
  5. That both sets of religions have to put the effort in to make a peaceful and safe community
  6. The Catholic community is always talking about compromise but yet they wish to stop all Protestant parades which is part of our culture. Nobody is trying to stop the Catholic culture. Why is the union jack not allowed to be displayed, it's our national flag yet it is not allowed to be seen and yet a foreign flag like the tricolour is displayed everywhere
  7. The church has a certain amount of influence as to how people feel about other religions. It doesn't have the same control as it used to because people no longer trust it. Why fight with others over something which has lost all credibility. The church is losing support which will lead to better cross-community relations
  8. The community relations between Catholics and Protestants is more likely not going to get better. If there is a change in relations it will only be a slight one. Catholics and Protestants are still going to be hostile towards each other. They have conflicting ideologies and believe in different things and celebrate different events. To be perfectly honest, I could live near Protestants and have nothing against moderate ones who are not a member of the orange order and who show a direct hatred of Catholics. Community relations may get better or worse in norther Ireland. Unionists don't like change so therefore there will be hardly any difference in community relations.
  9. The dup isn't compromising enough. Sinn Fein should use their Westminster seats. People should have more interest in relations and work together to achieve a more positive community spirit. Sectarianism should ease as people should learn to understand other communities
  10. The feelings between the relations are due to the way we are brought up. If we actually took time to listen to what each other say we would get on really well but the problem is we don't. I feel that there should be more integrated schools and parks. This would mean a more friendly environment for our children and also less fighting
  11. The majority of Catholics I know I get on with however there is a small minority that ruins relations, I think this is the problem for n. Ireland as most people are trouble free apart from the odd exception, only in the NIreland situation are there paramilitaries around. While I have the problem of youths I think it won't ever change as too much hatred has already been shown
  12. The majority of children in Northern Ireland are not bigoted towards other religions/races from what I have seen, it is only a minority of hoods who give this poor impression of us. At least that’s what I would like to think.
  13. The majority of people especially the young don't care about Protestant and Catholic relations. I was brought up to treat people as equals no matter what their ethnic origin was
  14. The majority of people living in Northern Ireland do not want to improve community relations. I believe that the way people are brought up defines their future actions, ie if Mr X is Catholic, his children will have their parents views on community and religion.
  15. The majority of people see no problems or issues with living in a mixed community. Their views
  16. The majority of the problems stem from the Protestant community. The problems need to be resolved from the source, children aren't concerned with the reason why they dislike the opposite party but have learned that it's just a way of life, brought up to believe that those from the other side are a pollution to their minds. Proper teaching of the history of ulster should be taught to all so children can decide for themselves what to believe. People who don't know the basics of their own faith shouldn't have an expressed opinion on the opposite side
  17. The only people in N. Ireland who have a problem with religion are not very smart eg. in Derry a Catholic will only refer to hating someone or calling them a Protestant if they do not support Celtic. This reflects the level of intelligence in some people.
  18. The only people this questionaire is suitable for are people in estates ruled by paramilitaries or parents who do not let their children make up their own minds about things. People living in other residential areas have no problems with community relations. I was born in South Africa and came to N.Ireland when I was 7. I have no knowledge of past history other than a subject taught in school for GCSE. My parents do not influence my beliefs as long as I respect them and law and order. Community relations are fine in the suburbs.
  19. The only reason I have a slight prejudice to Protestants is because they are prejudiced towards me (and Catholics).
  20. The only way it can be solved is if western counties be given to the Republic of Ireland
  21. The only way we can understand each other is to talk about things and spend time with people from different cultures. It is the only way we will learn to accept each other. We shouldn't feel we have to live in one certain place simply because of religion. We should respect each others beliefs
  1. The police could do more about it. If some parents would stop bringing their kids up bitter. Paramilitaries sort any problems out more than the police do
  1. The politicians are giving our communities a bad look, in the way that they blame each other for doing this and that. The 12th of July should calm down a bit because it is no longer seen as a celebration, it is only people going out, getting drunk and making a lot of trouble. People are afraid to go out they can't enjoy themselves
  2. The politicians, assembly and peace process aren't working. I feel it's about time people should open their eyes and see this. The media make it appear as though everything is getting better when in reality, although things are better than they were 15 years ago, nothing is changing
  3. The poor relations between Catholics and Protestants is due to the fact that neither understand or recognise the practices of each other
  4. The problem between these two communities lies with those who are not interested in religion as christian. They simply see it as a status. The roof of our problems are the secretarian organisations - not the orange order as many people may think. For example, why have the orange marches only become a problem in recent years. The sectarian Catholics are using this as a weapon to get their own way, as for the north - south division is concerned. The secterian Protestants and Catholics do not have any problem with each other, they simply hold different christian beliefs. Too much spotlight is put on the negative relations. I have grown up watching news and assuming Catholics will hate me which I have realised is not true. My family has no problem being friendly towards Catholics
  5. The problem used to lie within secterianism however more and more groups fight within themselves showing a destructive element to their personalities rather than hatred for the other side
  6. The Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland really need to sort their attitudes out towards each other. I hang about with Catholics and find absolutely nothing wrong with them, so if I can do it so can others. As for the people of the UVF, UDA, IRA etc. 'GET A LIFE'.
  7. The reason I answered that I would want to send my children to a Catholic school (Q43) is because I think mixed schools would mean children would receive less religious education and this would be wrong as religion is already becoming less important in day to day life. I also think one reason why community relations are so bad is because we are not taught enough about other religions in school. Each community doesn't really understand the other's religion.
  8. The reason I don't wish to live in either a Catholic or Protestant neighbourhood or mixed is because each of these areas has a lot of violence. I feel that there should be a precise area to show religion related murals or flags. I think this will reduce violence and reduce the amount of people who feel insecure when travelling through decorated areas. People should not feel insecure or unsafe. I don't feel that enough is done to reduce violence between religions. If people were to fly their flags in their own religion area there should be no reason for any conflict
  9. The situation is improving but we still need to work on it.
  10. The sooner all schools are of a mixed religion then the sooner all religion will end
  11. The way children have been brought up to be bitter towards those of a different religion is why NIreland is in the state that it is
  12. The way Sinn Fein has control over N.Ireland with the IRA is apalling, shouldn't have a member as an education minister, as it has been approved he has given most money and new schools to Catholic areas. Cannot go into Belfast wearing a Protestant related shirt while Catholics can wear Celtic ones. The police service is a shambles, with this 50-50 idea should be scrapped. Young people shouldn't be bitter towards other religions
  13. The whole division between the communities is based on very trivial issues as I think Catholic and Protestant people basically believe in the same things.
  14. The whole sectarian issue probably affects the day to day lives of people living in the city much more than it does mine. Of course prejudice is still present in my town but it's never acted on in the form of violence. There is still a really distinct divide in our town which really saddens me, with only one integrated secondary school to five single religion ones. I can joke about sectarianism with my Catholic and Protestant friends but I get really angry if people show themselves to be truly prejudiced. Recently I've noticed also some people being shockingly racist and acting like it was acceptable. I think many people in NI are becoming increasingly resentful towards foreign immigrants, using excuses like 'they are taking our jobs' to cover up a previously unknown, deep seated racism inside themselves.
  15. There are communities of people with different religions within Belfast and Northern Ireland who live together without a problem. Some people place too much emphasis on the 'religion' of others, on whether they are Catholic or Protestant when in reality, religion brings it down to the simple fact that they are both Christian and both worship the same God. It is said that the peace of many can be destroyed by the excesses of a few and I feel that this is relevant to the situation in Northern Ireland. In comparison to the number of people in the country who wish to live peacefully, there is a small minority on both sides of the 'religious' barrier who cannot accept this and people die because of this. These deaths incur retaliation and therefore more deaths occur.
  16. There are limited opportunities for young people to mix with people from other Religions, backgrounds etc. Schools and Churches do not encourage mixing with other religious groups even though they ought to.
  17. There are many young people in NIreland who can look past the religious divide of Catholics and Protestants however there are others who learn prejudiced feelings towards other denominations which causes them to discriminate, I personally don't believe there will ever be peace between communities in NIreland, even though much effort has been made
  18. There are more important religious matters in this country to deal with rather than people's denominations. Both the Catholic and Protestant denominations state in their bibles to love one another, no matter who.
  19. There are not enough opportunities for young people from other communities. If there were more opportunities for young people to mix, then they would get to realise that everyone is the same and would not care about each others community background.
  20. There are some people that won't mix with Protestants and many people that wouldn' t mind but are afraid to say because they are afraid of what other people will think and say. Me personally I will mix with anyone. I have a caravan where we go a lot and socialise most. Most of my mates are Protestants and we get along fine. The're just the same as me but believe different things but that should not stop a friendship.
  21. There are still tensions and parents still advise not wearing a Protestant School Uniform in a Catholic Area. Getting a lot better.
  22. There has to be more communication between both communities. More cross community groups should be in place.
  23. There is a huge gap between Catholics and Protestant and it is not been solved by cross community projects! There needs to be something done with 4 and 5 year old Catholic and Protestants so they grow up together and being together with each other becomes normal
  24. There is a very serious hatred towards so called hoods and joy riders who are very popular in my area
  25. There is always friction when there is parades or Rangers and Celtic matches. I feel very intimidated by this, both sides are to blame. NIreland will never be peaceful
  26. There is much division in Northern Ireland due to religion. It is a bad sign that the Stormont Executive can't even agree amongst themselves, how can they expect people to change and agree if they can't themselves. They are like a group of kids fighting in a sweet shop.
  27. There is too much emphasis on religious differences. This is just stupid because the whole GOD and Christ thing might not even be true.
  28. There is too much fighting between the loyalist groups - uvf/uda etc
  29. there needs to be a lot more organized projects in smaller and larger communities aimed at young people to erase the idea of divisions between religious denominations. if attention is aimed at young people they may change the views of their parents, teachers and adult circles generally in today’s society. it may take the power of the children- the new generation to ensure that mistakes of past are not repeated in connection to fighting because of religion and that these young people are growing up in a peaceful world and that in relation to religious denominations there is an evident integration for the youth of today to see.
  30. There seems to be more loyalist and republican confrontations in built up areas, however in the country religious views are private and I believe they are more loyal to what they believe in. Violence solves nothing!
  31. There should be more cross community events for young people
  32. There should be more cross community work between schools
  33. There should be more places where young people can socialise with those of a different religion so that the hate between Protestants and Catholics is not that strong. Young people have a lot of spare time on their hands therefore can cause havoc on the streets. If young people were taught that religion dosen't make people bad and you should be able to befriend anyone otherwise they will grow up and teach their children the same thing. If this didn't happen then the amount of secterianism in NIreland might decrease.
  34. There will always be conflict between loyalists and republicans
  35. They are crap because the people are narrow minded
  36. They are out of control and should be dealt with. Just because people are fighting less than 30 years ago does not make the situation better. People and children still feel intimidated by the opposite religion and we are subjected to this unease because of this. If MP’s would quit arseing about and fighting with each other they may be able to work something out for the better. It seems to me that they are more concerned about digging up dirt on their opposition than working together with open ears.
  1. They aren't good. People dont want to know or tolerate each other. I feel these barriers that are strengthened by religion should be broken down
  1. They don't interact with each other enough. Many people keep to themselves especially in mixed areas and areas of high crime. I find that many people discriminate against people of different religion, race etc. In most areas in NI people are generally friendly
  2. They seem controlled by a lot of narrow-minded people
  3. They should ship all the bitter Protestants and Catholics to an island and let them fight it out instead of killing innocent people. I feel that the police don't want to know anymore
  4. Think that Catholics should realise that by living in NIreland they are under British rule and not Irish. People who are Catholics in England are able to recognise it and do not put up republican flags. I think that if they like Irish rules then why don't they live there. I think as terrorism starts growing that problems will get worse in this country
  5. Think that everyone should mix with each other without any violence. I went to a mixed religion school for 5 years and never saw any fights over religion. I wish it could just be the same outside school
  6. Think there is too much secterianism in my community. It would be a much better place if people could just learn to respect each other for what they are
  7. This country’s community has gotten vastly better any hatred is by a very small minority which I am not part of. Also most of the time I have found when someone says they hate the other side of the community it is just for show. The majority of the hatred is held by the last generation and as the last generation dies off you will find that relations will get better.
  8. To be blunt it is rubbish, it's not just religion that people don't understand, there is also sexuality, other cultures and everything that other countries have moved on with in the last 50 years. Living in this country is like living in 1952, utterly ridiculous. It all happens because people don't understand. No one teaches that being homosexual is okay and not a choice. No one teaches that there are different religions in the world, that people of the other religion live in this country and that everyone's entitled to their own beliefs. No one teaches that you have to grow up and be mature about things if you want to survive in a world outside Northern Ireland. No one teaches the fact that people express themselves in different ways. When Religious education is taught at school they don't teach anything other than Christianity. Community relations are quite pathetic.
  9. To me it seems as though the Loyalist and Catholic community are as bad as each other. It would be better for all of Northern Ireland if they could settle their differences but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.
  10. Today we live in a society that no longer cares about religion or race. There are few places and people that do. I was brought up to be a Catholic but find that religion plays a very little role in my life and because of that I am not secterian and have been able to make friends with Protestants. The situation in n. Ireland is a joke. The people who hold the grudges are holding them because their parents or older siblings told them to. Peace would happen if they would just forgive and forget.
  11. too many people in Northern Ireland are living in the past they are still using things that happened over 30 or more years ago to spark violence and cause hatred between the two main religious groups in N. Ireland and this affects the community relations
  12. Ty we mix together
  13. Until such times that politicians stop arguing about who is to blame and get on with what they were elected for I.e. proper government within our country, we will never move forward.
  14. Very segregated, some mixing but very little, some good relationships between different communities but also bad
  15. We as a whole community should not be so judgemental and learn to accept each other as normal people
  16. We must remember there is bad on both sides of the community. I think if people could ever agree we could have a good future.
  17. We should all class ourselves as one big community and then we would all be happy without fighting and trying to cope in NIreland. The politicians should do more for us as we are the next generation. There should be a central point for a youth club so anyone can go without being frightened by it
  18. What community relations? No amount of money-grabbing cross community projects will unite two sides blissfully ignorant of any progress. Even if the 2 sides were somehow magically reunited, people would find something else to stir up trouble about.
  19. Where I live, I grew up knowing very little of sectarianism and virtually nothing about politics. It was only in high school, in history, that I began to learn about politics. I feel that where a person grows up will influence their attitudes a lot, as at school I have noticed people who are living in rougher areas tend to be more defensive of their particular belief.
  20. Why do people have to make such a big deal about what religion they are? It's stupid and petty. Everyone has a different view on everything, religion is just another point of view people disagree on. There is no need to fight and have riots about it. It's disgraceful. Most religions go against fighting anyway so those who fight for their point of view and cause wars are just simply hypocrites
  21. With a sustained suspicion, indeed hatred between the two main religions in N. Ireland, increased by the issue of a United Ireland which would divide Northern Ireland from the UK, and a constant barage of criticism from political parties for each other, Northern Ireland can never resolve these affairs, and a continuing mistrust between religious groups will never be mended.
  22. Within the countryside there are no barriers or tensions between Catholics and Protestants, that only exists in towns and cities.
  23. Would like to see relations between Protestants and Catholics improve
  24. Year one: start by allowing the Protestants to walk the Garvaghy road. The 1st side to show any violence will be punished. If it is the Protestants that 1st show violence they won't be allowed to walk down it for 2 years. If it is the Catholics that show violence the Protestants can walk down it for 2 years. If however nothing happens the system can work on alternate years. One year walking down the road next year not and so on unless the system is interrupted
  25. Yes because it is silly. If you walk into a different community you will get beat up or bricks will be thrown at you. I just wish it will end soon because I have mates that live in other communities and I can't go to them because I am afraid of walking there. I would like to make friends with other communities and work with them
  26. Yes, I would like to say that people should just wise up! I think they should do this and start judging people by the person they are and not by their religion. If people continue to do these things it will never change in Northern Ireland and there will be continuous up-roars and fighting.
  27. You may find it quite alarming that I should hold strong views about the questions asked previously, but having researched and studied politics, I feel that I am capable of making my own decisions about communities in Northern Ireland. I feel that no matter how hard people in Northern Ireland try to build bridges and relationships between people here, we are quite capable of making our own decisions about our attitudes and there will still be hostility and hatred between religious groups. I hope there will be peace some day, but I don't understand why we should be pushed to see and understand another religions point of view.
  28. Young people need to mix more with people of other religions.
  29. Your religion dosen't mean anything to decent people. It only matters to people who want to fight and have no other reason to do so


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