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  Towards Better Sexual Health in Northern Ireland, 2000-2002

Variable Listing for Module: General Health

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HEALTH: For your age, how is your health?

IMPAIRED: Is there anything about your body that restricts you in your work or leisure time activities?

HAPPY: How often do you feel happy?

COFIDENT: How often do you feel confident in yourself?

NOTCOPE: How often do you feel unable to cope with a task?

LEFTOUT: How often do you feel left out of things?

DEPRESS: How often do you feel depressed?

ENTHUS: How often do you feel enthusiastic?

CONTROL: How often do you feel in control of your life?

STRESSE: What makes you stressed: Exams.

STRESSA: What makes you stressed: Arguments.

STRESSW: What makes you stressed: Work.

STRESSM: What makes you stressed: Money.

STRESSR: What makes you stressed: Relationships.

STRESSS: What makes you stressed: School/university.

STRESSP: What makes you stressed: Stress with parents.

STRESSPA: What makes you stressed: Parenting.

STRESSO: What makes you stressed: Other factors.

STRESSN: What makes you stressed: No stress factors mentioned.

EVERALC: Have you ever drunk alcohol (not just a sip or taste)?

MUCHALC: On average how often do you drink alcohol at present?

EVDRUNK: Have you ever had so much alcohol that you were drunk?

DRUGS: Have you ever by choice taken illegal drugs or solvents to get high?

DRUGS2: Have you ever taken illegal drugs or solvents against your will?

INJECT: Have you ever injected yourself with non-prescription drugs?

NEEDLE: Have you ever shared a needle used for injection?

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