Form for Logging Potential New Catalogue Entries

ARK intends to revise the existing catalogue to keep it up to date and to log in new qualitative material that is generated by researchers and others as it becomes known to us. If you possess or know of material that potentially should be included in the catalogue or that is ‘at risk’ of being lost forever if it is not archived, we would be grateful if you would fill in the short form below. It will help us if you are as complete as possible, but it is not essential to fill in everything as long as we have a description of the material and at least one way of getting in touch with you or a suitable contact person. No material will be entered into the catalogue until we have checked its details for accuracy and received permission from the holder.We will be updating the catalogue periodically.

We may not get back to you immediately, but we will get back to you!

Contact Person
Holder(if different)
Contact Details  

Project Details  
Title of Project  
[Please give us any details that you feel are relevant; for example:  the type of material (interviews, photographs, documents etc.); its subject or the topics it covers; whether it was collected as part of a research project; the amount of material; etc.]
Other Comments  
[For example, is the material of an especially sensitive or confidential nature, is it ‘embargoed’ until some date, etc.?]
(PS: at no time will we pass on your details to a third party.)



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