Module: Women in Politics

This page lists the questions asked within the Women in Politics module, and for which years. Clicking on the year printed after every question will bring you to the results for that year. Publications and further information on Women in Politics can be found on the Women in Politics Resources page.

MOREWOM: Would things improve if there were more women in politics? 2002

WOMGOVT: Proportion of senior government posts that should be held by women. 2002

WOMPARL: Should be more women elected to an Assembly or Parliament? 2002

WOMCOUNC: Should be more women elected to local councils? 2002

CONFIDMP: Would you have more confidence in a man or a woman to represent your interests in Parliament? 2002

NUMWMLA: How many female MLAs electected in 1998? 2002

MCHAR1-MCHAR19: Characteristics of a male politician. 2002

FMCHAR1-FCHAR19: Characteristics of a female politician. 2002

WHYNOWOM: Why are there not more women in Northern Ireland politics? 2002

FEWWOM1: Few women in politics due to discrimination against women in public life? 2002

FEWWOM2: Few women in politics due to women not coming forward as candidates? 2002

FEWWOM3: Few women in politics due to women candidates losing votes? 2002

FEWWOM4: Few women in politics due to political parties not giving women opportunities? 2002

FEWWOM5: Few women in politics due to women putting their families above a political career? 2002

FEWWOM6: Few women in politics due to women not having the conifidence for politics? 2002

FEWWOM7: Few women in politics due to women not having the right experience? 2002

FEWWOM8: Few women in politics due to women not being interested in politics? 2002

FEWWOM9: Few women in politics due to politics not being welcoming to women? 2002

FEWWOM10: Few women in politics due to unsocial hours suiting men rather than women? 2002

POLPARTW: Should political parties do something about the small number of women candidates? 2002

PPRES: Should political parties put more resources towards campaigns of women candidates? 2002

PPOPP: Should political parties make sure women have opportunity to go for senior positions? 2002

PPTREAT: Should women candidates get special treatment by parties? 2002

PARTYWOM: Which party in Northern Ireland best represents the interests of women? 2002

WOMFORWD: Apart from Women’s Coalition, which party is most likely to put forward women candidates? 2002

NAMEWOM: Can you name any women MLA or MP? 2002

WOMPOLAD: Is there any N Ireland woman politician that you particularly admire? 2002

WHOPOLAD: Which N Ireland woman politician do you admire? 2002

PCHAR1 - PCHAR19: Characteristics you would like a politician to have. 2002

CONSAPPT: Have you ever considered running for election or applied for a public appointment? 2002

IMPRVPOL: Has more women in N Ireland politics since 1998 made things better? 2002

WOMMPS: Do women MPs better represent women's interests than do male MPs? 2002

MENPOL: Are most men better suited for politics than are most women? 2002

WPOLPROB: Do women need to get more involved in politics to solve problems that concern them? 2002

MEDIAWOM: Does the media pay less attention to the campaigns of women candidates? 2002

WOMMOVNI: Has the women's movement has been important in improving women's situation in N Ireland? 2002



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