Module: Road Safety

This page lists the questions asked within the Road Safety module, and for which years. Clicking on the year printed after every question will bring you to the results for that year. Publications and further information on Road Safety can be found on the Road Safety Resources page.

DRIVE: Do you yourself drive a car at all these days? 2019

SPCAMA: Are fewer collisions likely to happen on roads where safety cameras are installed? 2019

SPCAMB: Do safety cameras mean that dangerous drivers are now more likely to get caught? 2019

SPCAMC: Are safety cameras meant to encourage drivers to keep to the speed limits, not to punish them? 2019

SPCAMD: Are safety cameras an easy way of making money out of the motorist? 2019

SPCAME: Is the primary aim of safety cameras to save lives? 2019

SPCAMF: Should the use of safety cameras be supported as a method of reducing casualties? 2019

SPCAMG: Are there too many safety cameras in your local area? 2019

SPENF: Which method of speed enforcement is most effective in saving lives? 2019

SPCAMMON: How should money generated from safety camera detections be spent? (Derived from SPCAMMON1 to SPCAMMON4) 2019

DRVBEH: How is your driving behaviour affected by safety cameras? 2019

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