Module: Housing

This page lists the questions asked within the Housing module, and for which years. Clicking on the year printed after every question will bring you to the results for that year. Publications and further information on Housing can be found on the Housing Resources page.

TENSHORT: Do you own or rent this house/flat/bungalow? 1998 1999

How well does the Housing Executive score on ...

ADVICE: Provision of housing advice? 1998

CONVOFF: Convenience of local offices? 1998

PROFSTND: Professional standards of staff? 1998

FRIENDLY: Friendliness of staff? 1998

DESIGN: Designing good quality houses? 1998

CARENVIR: Caring for the environment? 1998

ACCHOMLS: Providing accommodation for the homeless? 1998

ACCLINCM : Providing accommodation for low income families? 1998

REHOUSE : Re-housing families forced out of their home? 1998

GRANTS: Providing grants for home renovation? 1998

MAINREP: Maintaining and repairing Housing Executive homes? 1998

CONTACT: Have you had contact with NIHE in last 2 years? 1998

PHNCONT: Have you had phone contact with NIHE in last 2 years? 1998

ANSQUICK: Last time, was call answered quickly? 1998

PHNPOLIT: Were staff polite or rude? 1998

NAMEPERS : Were you aware of name of person dealing with you? 1998

QURYFAST: Was your query dealt with promptly? 1998

RIGHTPRS: Were you able to contact the right person? 1998

Reason(s) for contacting Housing Executive over the past 2 years ...

APYGRANT: Applying for a grant? 1998

ADENERGY: Advice on energy conservation? 1998

HMAINREP: Housing maintenance or repair? 1998

FINDACC: Finding accommodation? 1998

HBENENQ: Housing benefit enquiries? 1998

HTRANSFR: House transfer or exchange? 1998

RENTPAYT: Rent payments? 1998

ADVHOUS: Advice on housing? 1998

HOMELESS: Homelessness? 1998

GRANTSLF: Was grant for yourself, or someone else? 1998

RELFRIEN: Was person a relative, friend or a client? 1998

GRNTINFO: What was your main source of information on the grant? 1998

EASYGRNT: How easy was it to understand how the grant system operates? 1998

APPGRANT: Did you apply for a grant? 1998

GETGRANT: What was the outcome of your application? 1998

GRANTEFF: How efficiently did the NIHE deal with your grant application? 1998

TYPEGRNT: What type of grant were you applying for? 1998

APPACCM: Did you apply for NIHE or Housing Association accommodation? 1998

HABETTHE: Do Housing Associations provide a better standard of rented accommodation than NIHE? 1998

WAITINGL: Are you or were you on a waiting list? 1998

HEMNTHS: How long were/have you been on the NIHE waiting list? 1998

HAMNTHS: How long were/have you been on the Housing Association waiting list? 1998

STILWAIT: Are you still on the waiting list? 1998

FOUNDACC: Were you found accommodation as a result? 1998

STAY: Did you find accommodation another or did you stay where you were? 1998

ACCOMEFF: : How would you rate the efficiency of the service you received? 1998

AWDISCNT: Are you aware that the NIHE offer their tenants discounts to allow them to buy their own homes? 1998

SHLDDISC: Do you feel that NIHE should be selling their houses at a discount to tenants? 1998

DISCHILO: Is the discount too high or too low? 1998

BOUGHTHE: Have you ever bought your own NIHE home?1998

WHENBGHT: When did you buy your NIHE home? 1998

SINCESLD: Have you since sold the property? 1998

LOOKBACK: Was it a wise decision to buy your NIHE home? 1998

ADVOWN: What is the main advantage of owning your own home? 1998

DSADVOWN: What is the main disadvantage of owning your own home? 1998

ADVDSADV: Do advantages of owning your own outweigh the disadvantages? 1998

HEENRCON: Are you aware that NIHE is the Energy Conservation Authority for Northern Ireland? 1998

ENEFFADV: Did you know that Energy Efficiency Advice Centres provide free advice on saving energy? 1998

USENSERV: Have you used Energy Efficiency Advice Centres? 1998

MAINHEAT: What is the principal heat source for your home? 1998

Have you seen any advertising or promotion recently for ...

SAVEENRG: Saving Energy? 1998

CAVTWALL: Cavity wall insulation? 1998

LOENBLBS: Lower energy light bulbs? 1998

HEATCONT: Heating controls? 1998

LOFTINSL: Loft insulation? 1998

MIXDEST: Should NIHE policy be to encourage mixed religious in housing estates? 1998

MIXHERE: How would you describe the religious mix of this area? 1998

LIVMIXAR: Would you be prepared to live in a mixed religion area? 1998

DHSSRUN: How well run is the DHSS in Northern Ireland? 1998

HOSPTRUN: How well run are Hospital Trusts in Northern Ireland? 1998

DENIRUN: How well run is the Department of Education in Northern Ireland? 1998

NIHERUN: How well run is the Northern Ireland Housing Executive? 1998

DOERUN: How well run is the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland? 1998

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