Environment Resources

Questions on Environment were asked in 2000.
This module was asked as part of the International Social Survey Programme.
Questions were also asked of 16 year olds in the Young Life and Times Survey in 2006.

ARK Resources


  • Friends of the Earth is one of the leading environmental pressure groups in the UK. Their site provides information on national campaigns relating to climate, transport and waste, as well as an extensive list of links. The site for the Northern Ireland branch provides information on local campaigns.
  • BTCV is working with people to bring about positive environmental change and is a practical conservation charity.
  • Northern Ireland Environment Link is a coalition of organisations working together to promote the environment of Northern Ireland.
  • One of the aims of the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland is the promotion of sustainable development principles in all all the activities of government and wider society; in particular, their application in DOE's responsibilities for land use, air and water quality, waste management and the natural and built environments.
  • Attitudes and Actions is a major survey of attitudes to the environment undertaken in the Republic of Ireland in 1999/2000. (Large file in PDF format - 276 KB).
  • ENFO is the Republic of Ireland's public information service on environmental matters. The site contains a wide range of resources on a wide range of topics such as pollution, climate change and waste management.



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