Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2021

Module: Mental Health

This page lists the questions asked within the Mental Health module in 2021. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Community Relations can be found on the Health Resources page.

MHGVPOLA, MHGVPOLB: To improve mental health, which Government policies should be prioritised?

STOPMHPRB: Can mental health problems be prevented before they happen?

MHSOCDIS: Are people who experience social disadvantage more at risk of having poor mental health?

DIFFTALK: Do you find it difficult to talk to other people about your feelings and emotions?

STIGMAMH: Is there less stigma nowadays about asking for help for an emotional/mental health problem?

ASKMHWRG: Is it wrong to ask someone else for help to deal with a mental health problem?

HELPMH: During the last three years did you seek help for an emotional/ mental health problem?

HELPMH1, HELPMH2, HELPMH3: If you were overly stressed, anxious, feeling down or depressed for more than a few weeks, who would you turn to for help and support?

SUICIDE1: Do people who talk about suicide never attempt it?

SUICIDE2: If somebody wants to end their life, is there nothing anybody can do about it?

SUICIDE3: Will talking about suicide encourage suicide attempts?

SUICIDE4: If a person has made previous suicide attempts does it it mean they won't do it for real?

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