Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2020

Module: Political Attitudes

This page lists the questions asked within the Political Attitudes module in 2020. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Political Attitudes can be found on the Political Attitudes Resources page.

POLPART2: Political party support

VOTEGE19: How did you vote in the general election in December 2019?

IRBRIT: Do you see yourself as Irish or British?

UNINATID: Do you think of yourself as a unionist, a nationalist or neither?

UNINATST: Are you a very strong (unionist/nationalist)?

UNINAT5: Thinking back to around five years ago, how would you have thought of yourself?

VIEWGFA3: What is your view on the Good Friday or Belfast Agreement?

UNTDIREL: At any time in the next 20 years, is it likely that there will be a United Ireland?

UKIN20YR: Do you think the United Kingdom will still exist in 20 years' time?

NIRELND2: What do you think the long-term policy for Northern Ireland should be?

REFUNIFY: If there was a referendum tomorrow, would you vote for N Ireland to unify with the Republic of Ireland?

UNIRLIKL: Does the UK leaving the European Union make a United Ireland more likely?

UNIRFAV: Does the UK leaving the European Union make you feel more in favour of a United Ireland?

REMLEAID: Do you think of yourself as a Remainer or a Leaver?

REMLEAST: Do you call yourself a very strong Remainer or Leaver?

EUREL: How close a relationship should the UK have with the EU in future?

HPROTCOL: Have you heard of Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland?

VPROTCOL: Opinion of Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.

THINKEUR: Do you think of yourself as European?

NIVALUK: Do you value being part of the United Kingdom with Great Britain?

NIVALECO: Do you value the financial support given to Northern Ireland by the UK Government and by being part of the UK economy?

NIVALEU: Do you value not being in the European Union?

NIVALDEV: Do you value having devolved powers with a Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive?

NIVALNHS: Do you value the National Health Service, with healthcare free at the point of delivery?

NIVALED: Do you value the post-primary education system in Northern Ireland, with academic selection at 11 years old?

NIVALBBC: Do you value having full access to the services provided by the BBC?

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