Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2020

Module: Background

This page lists the questionlists the questions asked within the Background module in 2020. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question.

HOUSEHLD: Number in household

RAGECAT: Age of respondent (in age categories)

RSEX: Sex of respondent

RMARST: Marital status of respondent

RLIVTOG: Is respondent living with someone household as a couple?

LIVEAREA: How long have you lived in the town where you live now?

PLACELIV: How would you describe the place where you live?

OUTOFNI: Have you lived outside Northern Ireland for more than six months?

ELSEUK: Did you live elsewhere in the United Kingdom?

ROIRELND: Did you live in the Republic of Ireland?

OUTBISLE: Did you live outside the British Isles?

INTWWW: Does anyone have access to the internet from this address?

INTLEIS: Do you use the internet for any reason other than work?

TENSHT1: Household tenure

HIGHQUAL2: Highest educational qualification of respondent

TEA: Age when completed continuous full-time education.

RECONACT2: Employment status of respondent

EMPST2: Is respondent in paid employment?

ECACT: Is respondent economically active?

NSSEC1: Respondent NS SEC (Social Economic Classification)

PECONACT2: Employment status of partner

PEMPST2: Is partner in paid employment?

PECACT: Is partner economically active?

NSSEC2: Partner NS SEC (Social Economic Classification)

RELIGION: Do you regard yourself as belonging to any particular religion? (also available recoded into 3 categories)

FAMRELIG: What religion were you brought up in? (also available recoded into 3 categories)

PRTNRRLG: What is your spouse's/partner's religion? (also available recoded into 3 categories)

PRTRCODE: What is your spouse's/partner's religion?

CHATTND3: Before COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020, how often did you attend church services/meetings?

CHATTND3A: During the COVID-19 lockdown how often did you engage in any online or digital religious activities?

PROTCATH: Do you see yourself as part of the Protestant community, Catholic community, or neither?

SLFMXSCH: Did you attend a mixed or integrated school in Northern Ireland?

FORMINT: Was this a formally integrated school?

CHDMXSCH: Has any child in your care attended a mixed/integrated school in Northern Ireland?

CAREHOME: Is there anyone living with you whom you look after?

CARESEP: Do you provide regular service/help for someone not living with you?

ANYHCOND: Do you have any physical or mental health conditions or illnesses lasting or expected to last for 12 months or more?

HCONDACT: Does your condition or illness reduce your ability to carry-out day-to-day activities?

PERSINC3: Personal income before tax and National Insurance.

HHLDINC3: Household income before tax and National Insurance (revised categories)

SRINC: Among what income group would you place yourself?

URBRUR: Respondent lives in urban or rural area

GENDERID: Gender identity

ORIENT2: Sexual orientation

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