Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2019

Module: Breastfeeding

This page lists the questions asked within the Breastfeeding module in 2019. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Breastfeeding can be found on the Breastfeeding Resources page.

UFEDBABY: Do you know how you were fed when you were a baby?

YRCBFED: Were any of your children breastfed at least once?

BENBF1: Do breastfed babies get fewer ear, chest and stomach infections?

BENBF2: Are bottle-fed babiesmore likely to be admitted to hospital with diarrhoea and vomiting?

BENBF3: Does Breastfeeding help protect children from childhood cancers?

BENBF4: Does breastfeeding help promote babies' intelligence (IQ)?

BENBF5: Are bottle-fed babies at increased risk of sudden infant death (cot-death)?

BENBF6: Does breastfeeding reduce the risk of breast cancer in women?

BENBF7: Does breastfeeding reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women?

BFPRIV: Women should only breastfeed their babies at home or in private

BFLAWNI: Should there be a law in N Ireland to protect women who want to breastfeed in public?

BFPUBLIC: Should mums feel free to breastfeed their babies in public?

BFSUPPRT: Should people support mums who breastfeed in public?

BFMOST: Do most mums in N Ireland breastfeed their babies?

FORMCONV: Is formula feeding more convenient than breastfeeding?

FORMHLTH: Is formula as healthy for an infant as breast milk?

BFCONV: Is breastfeeding more convenient than formula feeding?

BFHLTH: Is breast milk healthier than formula for babies?

BFEMBARR: Is breastfeeding embarrassing?

BFOFFEN: Is breastfeeding offensive?

BFNORMAL: Is breastfeeding normal?

BFDSTFUL: Is breastfeeding distasteful?

BFGOODB: Is breastfeeding good for baby?

LTNOMAT: Does it matter long term if a baby is fed with breast milk or infant formula milk?

HPROFIMP: Do health professionals place too much importance on how a baby is fed?

FEEDCARE: Is how you care for your baby more important than the type of milk that you feed a baby?

MOSTBF: Do most people you know prefer to give their baby breast milk rather than infant formula milk?

MOSTFORM: Do most people you know prefer for their baby to be bottle fed with infant formula milk?

BFPOLB: Should we limit advertising from baby milk companies?

BFPOLC: Should women be offered an incentive to encourage them to breastfeed?

BFPOLD: Should the government stop helping parents on low income to buy formula using vouchers?

BFPOLE: Should the government interfere in whether a baby is breastfed or not?

PRESSMUM: Does bottle feeding with formula milk easier for a mother as all the pressure isn 't on her?

PARTBOND: Does breastfeeding make it difficult for the partner to bond with the baby?

PARTINV: Is a partner less involved in a baby's care if it is breastfeed?

PARTLEFT: Does breastfeeding mean that the partner can feel left out?

EMPBF: Should employers provide a place and time for breastfeeding mothers to express milk?

NOEMPBF: Should employers facilitate breastfeeding?

DECBFMUM: Should the decision on how to feed a baby be made by the mother only?

DECBF2: Should the decision on how to feed a baby sbe made by the mother and her partner?

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