Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2018

Module: LGBT Issues

This page lists the questions asked within the LGBT Issues module in 2018. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on LGBT issues can be found on the LGBT Issues Resources page.

SSEXMARR: Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognised by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

PREJTRAN: Are you prejudiced against people who are transgender?

TWOMTOIL: How comfortable would you be for a transgender woman to use female public toilets?

TMANTOIL: How comfortable would you be for a transgender man to use male public toilets?

WOMREFU: How comfortable would you be for a transgender woman to use a refuge for women who have experienced domestic violence?

TBCERTNI: To what extent do you approve of the right of a transgender person to change the sex on their birth certificate after they have lived in their acquired gender for two years?

SEXBFMAR: Is it wrong to have sexual relations before marriage?

ADULTERY: Is adultery wrong?

SEXHOMO: Are sexual relations between adults of the same sex wrong?

KNOWTRANS: Do you know anyone who is transgender? (derived from TGNOT to TGDK variables)

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