Year: 2017
Module: Community_Relations
Variable: NGHCCPRJ

The government in Northern Ireland gives money every year to schemes which are designed to help improve relations between the different religions and communities in Northern Ireland. The schemes include T:BUC summer camps for children; shared education schemes in schools as well as cross-community programmes for adults and joint community facilities and buildings. The government also gives money to the local councils to provide additional projects and schemes in their areas.

If response to NICCPRJ is not 'No' ...
Are you aware of any cross-community schemes or joint facilities like these operating in this neighbourhood in the last 5 years?

Don't know6


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Results for men and women

Yes 58 65
No 36 30
Don't know 6 5



Results for people of different ages

* indicates that the number of people in this category is
too small to allow percentages to be calculated.
Graphs not available for this table.
Yes * 61 69 66 49 59
No * 28 28 31 46 33
Don't know * 11 2 3 5 9



Results for people of different religions

 CatholicProtestantNo religion
Yes 66 62 52
No 28 32 46
Don't know 6 6 3



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