Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2016

Fieldwork for the 2016 survey was carried out between 12th September and 22nd December 2016. 1,208 adults aged 18 years or over were interviewed.

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The NILT team would like to thank our colleagues and funders who contributed to the 2016 Life and Times Survey, especially The Executive Office, and the Economic and Social Research Council. We would particularly like to thank all the respondents to the survey.

The 2016 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey received ethical approval from the Ethics Committee in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Social Work, Queen's University Belfast.


All work that uses or refers to the 2016 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey should acknowledge it using the following bibliographic citation:
ARK. Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, 2016 [computer file]. ARK [distributor], June 2017




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