Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2010

Module: Background

This page lists the questions asked within the Background module in 2010. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question.

In 2007, some of the background questions were changed to match those asked in government surveys. For more information on the National Statistics Harmonisation project, click here.

TENSHT1: Household tenure

TENSHT2: Does your accommodation go with the job of anyone in the household?

LANDLORD: Who is your landlord?

FURNISH: Is your accommodation furnished?

HOUSEHLD: Number in household

RAGECAT: Age of respondent (in age categories)

RSEX: Sex of respondent

RMARST: Marital status of respondent

RLIVTOG: is respondent living with someone household as a couple?

EMPST: Economic activity of respondent.

EMPST2: Employment status of respondent.

ECONACT: Is respondent economically active?

RHOURSWK: How many hours do/did you normally work per week?

REMPSEMP: Is/was respondent an employee or self-employed?

TEA: Age when completed continuous full-time education.

HIGHQUAL: Highest educational qualification of respondent

UNIONSA: Are you now a member of a trade union or staff association?

TUSAEVER: Have you ever beena member of a trade union or staff association?

EMPST3: Economic activity of spouse.

EMPST4: Employment status of spouse.

ECONACT2: Is spouse economically active?

PERSINC2: Personal income before tax and National Insurance.

HHLDINC2: Household income before tax and National Insurance.

RELIGION: What religion are you?

FAMRELIG: What religion were you brought up in?

PRTNRRLG: What is your spouse's/partner's religion?

CHATTND2: How often do you attend church services/meetings?

SLFMXSCH: Did you attend a mixed or integrated school in Northern Ireland?

FORMINT: Was this a formally integrated school?

CONTB4IE: Did you have much contact with the other religious community before attending your first mixed or integrated school?

ORIENT: Sexual orientation

CHDMXSCH: Has any child in your care attended a mixed/integrated school in Northern Ireland?

RUHAPPY: How happy are you?

HEALTHYR: Compared to people of your own age, how is your health?- asked in other modules?

DISAB1: Do you have a long-standing illness, disability or infirmity?

LIMDISAB: Does this illness or disability limit your activities?

LIMILL: Have you ever had a long-term illness that affected your activities?

LIVEAREA: How long have you lived in the town where you live now?

PLACELIV: How would you describe the place where you live?

OUTOFNI: Have you lived outside Northern Ireland for more than six months?

ELSEUK: Did you live elsewhere in the United Kingdom?

ROIRELND: Did you live in the Republic of Ireland?

OUTBISLE: Did you live outside the British Isles?

HINCPAST: Has your household's income fallen behind prices over the last years?

INTWWW: Does anyone have access to the internet from this address?

INTLEIS: Do you use the internet for any reason other than work?

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