Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2005

Module: Gender and Family Roles

This page lists the questions asked within the Gender and Family Roles module in 2005. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Gender and Family Roles can be found on the Gender and Family Roles Resources page.


MARVIE11: Is it all right for a couple to live together without getting married?

MARVIE20: Is marriage still the best kind of relationship?

MARVIE21: Are people who live together scared of commitment?

MARVIE22: Do too many people drift into marriage without thinking about it?

MARVIE23: Does marriage give people more financial security than just living together?

MARVIEW6: Should people who want children get married?

MARVIE24: Should gay or lesbian couples have the right to marry?

GLNOT: Do you know anyone who is gay or lesbian?

GLFAM: Is a member of your family gay or lesbian?

GLFRIEND: Do you know a close friend gay or lesbian?

GLACQNT: Do you have an acquaintance who is gay or lesbian?

GLWORK: Do you know someone at work who is gay or lesbian?

GLELSE: Do you know someone else who is gay or lesbian?

GLDK: Are you not sure if you know anyone who is gay or lesbian?

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