Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2005

Module: Complementary Medicine

This page lists the questions asked within the Complementary Medicine module in 2005. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Complementary Medicine can be found on the Complementary Medicine Resources page.

Due to the complexity of this module, tables of results are only available for a subsection of variables. However, the raw data is available to download.

LOOKINFO: Have you looked for health information or advice in the last year?

GOINFO1 - GOINFO12: Where did you go to find information on a health problem or issue?

MOSTINFO: Which source of information was most helpful?

DIAGNOSE: Was this advice helpful in diagnosing a health problem?

TREAT: Was this advice helpful in treating a health problem?

WLDGO1 - WLDGO12: Where would you go to find information on a health problem or issue?

COMTH1: Have you ever used acupuncture or acupressure?

COMTH2: Have you ever used homeopathy?

COMTH3: Have you ever used chiropractic (not chiropody to your feet)?

COMTH4: Have you ever used herbal medicine (not Chinese herbs)?

COMTH5: Have you ever used osteopathy?

COMTH6: Have you ever used Ayurvedic medicine?

COMTH7: Have you ever used Unani medicine?

COMTH8: Have you ever used naturopathy?

COMTH9: Have you ever used Traditional Chinese medicine/Chinese herbs?

COMTH10: Have you ever used nutritional therapy (not including vitamin supplements alone)?

COMTH11: Have you ever used aromatherapy?

COMTH12: Have you ever used healing/spiritual healing?

COMTH13: Have you ever used massage therapy?

COMTH14: Have you ever used reflexology?

COMTH15: Have you ever used Reiki?

COMTH16: Have you ever used Shiatsu?

COMTH17: Have you ever used hypnotherapy?

COMTH18: Have you ever used meditation/visualization therapy?

COMTH19: Have you ever used relaxation techniques?

COMTH20: Have you ever used crystal therapy?

COMTH21: Have you ever used dowsing?

COMTH22: Have you ever used iridology?

COMTH23: Have you ever used kinesiology?

COMTH24: Have you ever used megavitamins - taking extra large doses of vitamins or minerals?

COMTHOTH: Have you ever used any other types of complementary therapies not already mentioned?

CUSEFL1: How useful is acupuncture or acupressure for some health problems?

CUSEFL2: How useful is homeopathy for some health problems?

CUSEFL3: How useful is chiropractic (not chiropody to your feet) for some health problems?

CUSEFL5: How useful is osteopathy for some health problems?

CUSEFL11: How useful is aromatherapy for some health problems?

CUSEFL14: How useful is reflexology for some health problems?

CPROD1: Do you use herbal preparations or medicines (e.g. ginseng, St Johnís wort)?

CPROD2: Do you use magnetic or copper bracelets?

CPROD3: Do you use devices to help with pain relief (e.g. TENS machine)?

CPROD4: Do you take or use comlementary therapy toiletries (e.g. anti-stress bubble-bath)?

CPROD5: Do you take or use complementary therapy beauty or cosmetic products (e.g. creams with vitamin E)?

CPROD6: Do you take or use complementary therapy diet or weight loss preparations (e.g. kelp)?

CPROD7: Do you take or use complementary therapy sleep remedies?

CPROD8: Do you take or use fish oil (for example cod liver oil)?

CPROD9: Do you take or use garlic oil?

CPROD10: Do you take or use Acidophillis (e.g. in probiotic yogurts)?

CPROD11: Do you take or use any other complementary therapy products?

CPRODMOS: Which single product have you found to be the most helpful?

CPRODBAD: Have you ever had a bad reaction following the use of a complementary therapy product?

FOLKREM: Do you know of any folk remedies that have been used by members of your own family or friends?

USEFOLKR: Have you used any of these folk remedies yourself?

HBEN1: Which of these things is probably of most benefit when coping with health problems?

HBEN2: Which of these things is probably of next most benefit when coping with health problems?

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