Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2004

Module: Religious Observance

This page lists the questions asked within the Religious Observance module in 2004. Clicking on the question name printed to the left of every question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Religious Observance can be found on the Religious Observance Resources page.

SEXBFMAR: Is it wrong to have sexual relations before marriage?

ADULTERY: Is adultery wrong?

SEXHOMO: Are sexual relations between adults of the same sex wrong?

ABORWRGA: Is abortion wrong if there is a strong chance of a serious defect in the baby?

ABORWRGB: Is abortion wrong if the family cannot afford any more children?

GODCONCN: Is there a God concerned with every human being personally?

OWNFATE: Do we each make our own fate?

BIBLFEEL: What are your feelings about the Bible?

RELGCOMM: Has there ever been a turning point in your life when you made a new and personal commitment to religion?

UCHRSTN: Do you consider yourself to be a Christian?

UECHRSTN: Do you consider yourself to be an ‘evangelical’ Christian?

UBCHRSTN: Do you consider yourself to be a ‘born-again’ Christian?

UFCHRSTN: Do you consider yourself to be a ‘fundamentalist’ Christian?

PRAYFREQ: About how often do you pray?

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