Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2001

Module: Health Issues

This page lists the questions asked within the Health Issues module in 2001. Clicking on the variable name before each question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Health Issues can be found on the Health Issues Resources page.

LOOKINFO: Have you looked for health information or advice in the last year?

GOINFO1 - GOINFO12: Where did you go to find information on a health problem or issue?

MOSTINFO: Which sources of information was most helpful?

DIAGNOSE: Was this advice helpful in diagnosing a health problem?

TREAT: Was this advice helpful in treating a health problem?

WLDGO1 - WLDGO12: Where would you go to find information on a health problem or issue?

RELYDOC: Do you rely on your GP to give you the information you need?

EXTRA1 - EXTRA12: Where would you go to get extra information?

WEBHEAL: Have you used the internet to get health information?

WEBUSFUL: Have internet sites been useful?

NOTUSFUL: In what way were internet sites not useful?

HEALPROF: Are you, or were you ever a health professional?

HEALPROB: Is there a health problem that you know quite a lot about?

HELP1 - HELP17: Who/what has helped you build up your knowledge of a health issue?

MOST2: Which information source was most useful for building up your knowledge of a health problem?

HMATTERS: How good is your knowledge of health matters?

CHANGEGP: How difficult is it to change your GP?

COMPGP1 - COMPGP15: Who would you contact to complain about a GP?

LOCALSAY: Is it important that local people have a say in changes to health services?

HOSP1 - HOSP11: What action would you take if local hospital might be closed?

WAIT1 - WAIT12: Who would contact if you were worried about a waiting list?

BSECONFM: Whose statement on BSE do you trust most?

BSECONFL: Whose statement on BSE do you trust least?

PATCHART: Have you ever heard of the 'patient’s charter'?

HSSCOUNC: Have you ever heard of your local Health and Social Services Council?

GOHSSC: Have you ever attended one of their public meetings?

HVIEW1: Has the government got better at involving the public in health care decisions?

HVIEW2: Do people not trust doctors because of medical scandals?

HVIEW3: Does the media play up health scares to get a good story?

HVIEW4: Should doctors be respected for their difficult job?

HVIEW5: Is alternative medicine all nonsense?

HVIEW6: Is the media doing a good job in exposing medical scandals?

HVIEW7: Should the health service make more use of alternative medicine?

HVIEW8: Are local people's views taken into account when closing hospitals?

NHSDIR: Have you heard of the 'NHS direct' web-site?

UNHSDIR: Have you used the 'NHS direct” web-site?

SEENURSE: Would you be happy to see a nurse for a minor medical complaint?

DOCEXPL: Are doctors better than nurses at explaining medical conditions clearly?

TALKNUR: Are nurses easier to talk to than doctors?

HLIFE: Do you lead a healthy life for your age?

HGOODAGE: Is your health good for your age?

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