Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2001

Module: Education

This page lists the questions asked within the Education module in 2001. Clicking on the variable name before each question will bring you to the results for that question. Publications and further information on Education can be found on the Education Resources page.

Q11PLUS1: Does the 11+ put too much pressure on 10 and 11 year olds?

Q11PLUS2: Does selection have to happen at some time in a child's education?

Q11PLUS3: Is a system of separate secondary and grammar schools unfair?

Q11PLUS4: Do grammar schools provide the best standard of education?

Q11PLUS5: Does the 11+ system mean that most children feel that they are failures?

Q11PLUS6: Is the 11+ a good measure of ability?

Q11PLUS7: Are children aged 10 or 11 too young for selection tests?

Q11PLUS8: Do children not at grammar school still get a first class education?

CHANGE11: Does the 11+ and then secondary/grammar school system work?

GRAMOR11: Change 11+ test, the secondary/grammar school system, or both

GOVMXSCH: Should the government encourage more mixed schooling?

OPPGOHE: Should opportunities for higher education be increased?

TUITION1: Should students pay tuition costs while they are studying?

TUITION2: Should students pay tuition costs after they have finished studying?

UGRANT: Should students get grants to cover living costs?

STUDLOAN: Should students take out loans to cover living costs?

LLEARN1: Does learning in later life open up a whole new world?

LLEARN2: Is doing a course only worth it if it leads to something useful?

LLEARN3: Does training necessarily lead to a better job or promotion?

LLEARN4: Does continuing to learn make people better citizens?

LLEARN5: Do employers value experience more than qualifications?

LLEARN6: Workers need to take responsibility for learning skills to keep them up to date?

LLEARN7: Is it possible to keep up with all the new technology at work?

LLEARN8: Should the government spend much more on life-long learning?

PAYFEE1: Who should pay for a computer skills course useful to work?

PAYFEE2: Who should support someone doing A levels or an Access course?

PAYFEE3: Should art lessons be free for retired people?

HEARDILA: Have you heard of Individual Learning Accounts or ILAs?

APPLYILA: Have you applied to get your ILA card?

USEDILA: Have you used any of your own account yet?

FREETRN1: Should lone mothers be given free training to get them back to work?

FREETRN2: Should ex-prisoners be given free training to get them back to work?

FREETRN3: Should people in their 50s be given free training to get them back to work?

FREETRN4: Should people in their 20s be given free training to get them back to work?

FAMSUPP: Would your family be supportive if you wanted to do an evening class?

EXPSCHL1: Were you bored at school?

EXPSCHL2: Did some teachers at school inspire you?

EXPSCHL3: Is school all 'listening' and very little 'doing'?

EXPSCHL4: Did school teach you the skills you needed later in life?

EXPSCHL5: Did school teach you to think for yourself?

EXPSCHL6: Did school open your mind and make you want to learn?

EXPSCHL7: Did you enjoy learning at school?

EXPSCHL8: Did any of the supplied statements apply to the respondent?

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