Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2000

Module: Work Orientations

This page lists the questions asked within the Work Orientations module in 2000. Clicking on the variable name before each question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Work Orientations can be found on the Work Orientations Resources page.

TMPDJOB: Would you like more time in a paid job?

TMHLDWRK: Would you like more time doing household work?

TMFAMILY: Would you like more time with your family?

TMFRIEND: Would you like more time with your friends?

TMLEISRE: Would you like more time for leisure activities?

JBERNMNY: Is a job just a way of earning money?

JBENJOY: Would you enjoy a paid job even if you didn't need the money?

WORKIMPA: Is work a person's most important activity?

CHORRESP: Are you responsible for the domestic duties in your household?

JBIMSECR: How important in a job is job security?

JBIMHINC: How important in a job is high income?

JBIMADVC: How important in a job are good opportunities for advancement?

JBIMINTR: How important is an interesting job?

JBIMINDP: How important is a job that allows someone to work independently?

JBIMHELP: How important is a job that allows someone to help other people?

JBIMUSE: How important is a job that is useful to society?

JBIMDAYS: How important is a job that allows someone to decide their times or days of work?

IMPPAY1: How important is how well the person does the job in deciding pay?

IMPPAY2: How important are family responsibilities in deciding pay?

IMPPAY3: How important are education and formal qualifications in deciding pay?

IMPPAY4: How important is length of time with the firm in deciding pay?

TECHEFF3: Will new kinds of technology increase the number of jobs?

TECHBOR2: Will new technologies make work more interesting?

CHEMPSTA: Would you prefer to be an employee or self-employed?

CHFRMSIZ: Would you prefer working in a small or large firm?

CHPRVPUB: Would you prefer working in the private or public sector?

FTPTPREF: Would you prefer a full-time or part- time job?

LKJOBEZ2: How easy or difficult would it be for you to find an acceptable job?

WORKNOW: Are you currently working for pay?

PWWKHARD: Do you work hard in your job?

WORKEARN: Would you prefer to work longer or fewer hours?

JBISSECR: Is your job secure?

JBISHINC: Is your income high?

JBISADV: Are opportunities for advancement high in your job?

JBISINTR: Is job interesting?

JBISINDP: Can you work independently in your job?

JBISHELP: Can you help other people in your job?

JBISUSE: Is your job useful to society?

WRKEXHST: How often do you come home from work exhausted?

WRKPHYSC: How often do you have to do hard physical work?

WRKSTRES: How often do you find your work stressful?

WRKDANGR: How often do you work in dangerous conditions?

FLEXTIME: How are your working hours decided?

WHERWORK: Where do you work?

JBSECURE: What is your present job situation?

SKILLUSE: How much of your past work experience and/or job skills can you make use of in your present job?

SKILLEDN: How important was school, college or university in developing skills you use in your job?

SKILLJOB: How important was training or experience gained in your present or previous job in developing skills used in your job?

WKINDREL: How are relations at your workplace between management and employees?

WKMATREL: How are relations at your workplace between workmates/colleagues?

PWWKSAT2: How satisfied are you in your (main) job?

HELPFIRM: Are you willing to work harder to help the firm you work for succeed?

PROUDFRM: Are you proud to be working for your firm?

PREFCHNG: Would you change your present type of work for something different?

PREFSTAY: Would you turn down another job with more money to stay with this organisation?

PROUDWRK: Are you proud of the type of work you do?

WKABSENT: How many days have you been absent from work in the last 6 months (not counting vacation)?

LIKEFDJB: How likely is it that you will look for a job with another firm in the next 12 months?

LOSEJOB: How much do you worry about the possibility of losing your job?

EVERJOB2: Have you ever had a paid job for one year or more?

WHYNOTWK: What was the main reason that your job ended?

LIKEJOB: Would you like to have a paid job, either now or in the future?

LKLYFDJB: How likely do you think it is that you would find a job?

LOOKJOB: Are you currently looking for a job?

FINDJOB1: In last 12 months have you registered at a public employment agency?

FINDJOB2: In last 12 months have you registered at a private employment agency?

FINDJOB3: In last 12 months have you answered advertisements for jobs?

FINDJOB4: In last 12 months have you advertised for a job in newspapers or journals?

FINDJOB5: In the last 12 months have you applied directly to employers?

FINDJOB6: In the last 12 months have you asked relatives, friends, or colleagues to help you find a job?

MAININC2: What is your main source of economic support?

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