Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2000

Module: Political Attitudes

This page lists the questions asked within the Political Attitudes module in 2000. Clicking on the variable name before each question will bring you to the tables of results for that question. Publications and further information on Political Attitudes can be found on the Political Attitudes Resources page.

Some of these questions were also asked in the Young Life and Times Survey.

NIPARTY: Which Northern Ireland political party would you support?

UNINATID: Do you think of yourself as a unionist, a nationalist or neither?

ASSMDAY: Most important day-to-day issue for the Assembly?

ASSMPOL: Most important political issue for the Assembly?

DAYORPOL: Day-today issues more important than political issues for Assembly?

DEVEDUC: Has education got better under the Assembly?

DEVHEAL: Has health got better under the Assembly?

DEVTRANS: Has transport got better under the Assembly?

DEVEMP: Has employment got better under the Assembly?

DEVECON: Has the economy got better under the Assembly?

DEVENV: Has the environment got better under the Assembly?

HEARDEQ: Have you heard of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland?

HEARDHR: Have you heard of the Human Rights Commission?

ASSMBDO1: Should Assembly be responsible for policing in Northern Ireland?

ASSMBDO2: Should Assembly have the power to raise or lower income tax?

ASSMBDO5: Should Assembly have the power to better integrate the economies North and South?

ASSMB3YR: Will Assembly be in place in 3 years time?

MINDUP: Would you trust a DUP minister in the Executive?

MINSF: Would you trust a Sinn Fein minister in the Executive?

MINSDLP: Would you trust a SDLP minister in the Executive?

MINUUP: Would you trust a UUP minister in the Executive?

NIRELAND: What do you think the long-term policy for Northern Ireland should be?

FUTURE1: How would you feel if the majority of people in Northern Ireland ever voted to become part of a united Ireland?

FUTURE2: How would you feel if the majority of people in Northern Ireland never voted to become part of a united Ireland?

UNTDIREL: Do you think it likely that there will be a united Ireland in the next 20 years?

CHNPEACE: Are the chances of peace in Northern Ireland better now than five years ago?

GOODFRI: Has Good Friday Agreement benefited unionists and nationalists equally?

VOTEGFA: How would you vote if Good Friday Referendum was held again?

HOWVOTE: How did you vote on Good Friday Agreement?

WHYNO1: Vote no because little benefit from Agreement

WHYNO2: Vote no because violence still continuing

WHYNO3: Vote no because of prisoner release

WHYNO4: Vote no because of RUC reform

WHYNO5: Vote no because of lack of decommissioning

WHYNO6: Vote no because Sinn Fein in government

WHYNO7: Vote no because of treatment of victims

WHYNO8: Vote no because have given too much away

IRADECOM: Has the IRA done enough towards decommissioning?

UVFDECOM: Has the UVF done enough towards decommissioning?

UDAUFFDC: Have the UDA and the UFF done enough towards decommissioning?

WHATFLAG: What flag should be flown on public buildings?

REPMURAL: Have you been intimidated by republican murals, kerb painting or flags?

LOYMURAL: Have you felt intimidated by loyalist murals, kerb painting or flags?

RELMIX: What is the religious mix of this area?

MEMVICT: Should there be a memorial to the victims of the troubles?

WHOMEM: Should a memorial for victims be for all groups?

NOTPARA: Paramilitaries not be included

NOTPOL: Police should not be included

NOTSOLD: Soldiers should not be included

INNVICT: Only innocent victims should be included

HOWMEM: Should there be a physical memorial or special day of commemoration?

POLFAIR: Do the police treat Catholics and Protestants equally?

ENCRLPOL: Would you encourage relative to become a police officer?

GFAPROP1: Opinion on the guarantee that N Ireland will be in UK while a majority of people in N Ireland wish it

GFAPROP2: Opinion on the creation of North-South bodies

GFAPROP3: Opinion on the setting up of a Northern Ireland Assembly

GFAPROP4: Opinion on the removal of the Republic of Irelandís constitutional claim to N Ireland

GFAPROP5: Opinion on the creation of a commission into the future of the RUC

GFAPROP6: Opinion on the decommissioning of paramilitary weapons

GFAPROP7: Opinion on the early release of prisoners

GFAPROP8: Opinion on the requirement that the Executive is power-sharing

CROSSBD1: Do you support cross-border co-operation in tourism?

CROSSBD2: Do you support cross-border co-operation in transport?

CROSSBD3: Do you support cross-border co-operation in agriculture?

CROSSBD4: Do you support cross-border co-operation in health?

CROSSBD5: Do you support cross-border co-operation in security?

CROSSBD6: Do you support cross-border co-operation in NI's political future?

POWERNIA: Who has the most power over everyday life in Northern Ireland?

POWERNIB: Who should have the most power over everyday life in Northern Ireland?

DEV1: Will devolution bring economic prosperity to Northern Ireland?

DEV2: Will local politicians who become ministers be able to work with each other?

DEV3: Will devolution help secure peace in Northern Ireland?

DEV4: Will devolution lead to a fall in living standards in Northern Ireland?

DEV5: Will devolution lead to the break-up of the UK?

DEV6: Will devolution bring political stability to Northern Ireland?

RMARCHFR: Is the right to march an important freedom?

AREAMAR: Should no marches be allowed through areas of another tradition unless the residents approve?

PARCOMM: Is the Parades Commission impartial?

WEALTH1: Do ordinary working people get their fair share of the nation's wealth?

RICHLAW: Is there one law for the rich and one for the poor?

TRADVALS: Is there a need for strong trade unions to protect employees' working conditions and wages?

PRENTBST: Is private enterprise the best way to solve Northern Ireland's economic problems?

PUBOWNST: Should major public services and industries be in state ownership?

GOVJOB: Is it the government's responsibility to provide a job for everyone who wants one?

GOVNOSAY: Do people have no say in what the government does?

GOVCOMP: Can politics and government seem so complicated that a person cannot understand what is going on?

LOSETCH: Do those we elect lose touch with the people pretty quickly?

PTYNTMT: Do things go on much the same whatever party is in power?

VOTEINTR: Are parties only interested in people's votes, not in their opinions?

VOTEONLY: Is voting the only way people can have any say about how the government runs things?

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