Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 1999

Module: Education

This page lists the questions asked within the Education module in 1999. Clicking on the variable name before each question will bring you to the results for that question. Publications and further information on Education can be found on the Education Resources page.

Some of these questions were also asked in the Young Life and Times Survey.

PARENT1: Are you the parent/guardian of a child at school?

PARENT2: Are you the parent of a pre-school child?

Q11PLUS1: Does the 11+ put too much pressure on 10 and 11 year olds?

Q11PLUS2: Does selection have to happen at some time in a child's education?

Q11PLUS3: Is a system of separate secondary and grammar schools unfair?

Q11PLUS4: Do grammar schools provide the best standard of education?

Q11PLUS5: Does the 11+ system mean that most children feel that they are failures?

Q11PLUS6: Is the 11+ a good measure of ability?

Q11PLUS7: Are children aged 10 or 11 too young for selection tests?

Q11PLUS8: Do children not at grammar school still get a first class education?

CHANGE11: Does the 11+ and then secondary/grammar school system work?

GRAMOR11: Change 11+ test, the secondary/grammar school system, or both

CHG111: Have 11+ test at end of Primary 7?

CHG112: Have selection test at age 14?

CHG113: Have selection test at age 16.

CHG114: Have children assessed by teachers?

CHG115: Have a different kind of test?

CHGGRAM1: Same school until 14, and then secondary/grammar school?

CHGGRAM2: Same school until 16 and then 'A' levels or vocational training?

CHGGRAM3: Secondary schools select a third of pupils for 'grammar stream'?

PASS11: Did you pass 11+?

GOVMXSCH: Should the government encourage more mixed schooling?

CHLEVINT: Have your children ever attended an integrated school?

INTRES1: No integrated school nearby?

INTRES2: Want to learn own culture and religion?

INTRES3: Brother or sister was at another school?

INTRES4: Wanted child to go to a grammar school?

INTRES5: Concerned integrated school not as good academically?

INTRES6: Facilities at other schools better?

INTRES7: Other reason for not sending child to integrated school.

INTRES8: Don't know why didn't send child to integrated school.

INTOPTNS: Options related to integrated schools.

IRSHLANG: Should all secondary level pupils study Irish language and culture?

ULSTLANG: Should all secondary level pupils study Ulster-Scots language and culture?

PROTRELG: Should all secondary level pupils study Protestant religious beliefs?

CATHRELG: Should all secondary level pupils study Catholic religious beliefs?

NONDRELG: Should all secondary level pupils study religious beliefs in general?

CITIZN1: Is it the job of schools to teach about politics and human rights?

CITIZN2: Is it about time schools started to openly tackle such difficult issues?

CITIZN3: Is teaching children about politics and human rights just trying to brainwash them?

CITIZN4: Do you doubt that the people teaching this kind of thing would do it fairly?

CITIZN5: Will children never be effective members of society unless they learn about human rights and politics when they are young?

CITIZN6: Should schools should be a place where children can get away from political problems?

CITIZN7: Will teaching about human rights and politics help young people become active members of their own communities?

CITIZN8: Will teaching about human rights and politics risk encouraging children towards extreme political views?

CITIZN9: Will discussions about politics and human rights help children understand why other traditions feel hard done by?

CITIZN10: Will discussions about politics and human rights be too painful for children who have suffered during the Troubles?

CITIZNGD: Is it a good idea to teach about politics and human rights in schools?

SEPFUDIV: Do separate schools for Protestants and Catholics fuel community divisions?

INTDKCLT: Do children at integrated schools learn enough about their own culture and traditions?

GVNOFUND: Should the government fund schools taking only Catholic or only Protestant pupils?

PLURAL1: Should children at school learn about the religious festivals of all religions and ethnic groups?

PLURAL2: Should religious education be left to parents and their churches?

PLURAL3: Should Catholic schools offer cricket and rugby?

PLURAL4: Should Protestant schools offer gaelic football, hurling and camogie?

EDGAIN1: Schools aim towards skills and knowledge which will help get a good job?

EDGAIN2: Schools aim towards good exam results?

EDGAIN3: Schools aim towards self-confidence?

EDGAIN4: Schools aim towards knowledge that equips them for life in general?

EDGAIN5: Schools aim towards an ability to live among people from different backgrounds?

EDGAIN6: Schools aim towards skills that allow them to adapt to the changing needs of the world of work?

EDGAIN7: Schools aim towards an ability to speak and write clearly?

EDGAIN8: Schools aim towards a readiness to challenge other people’s ideas?

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