2018 Kids' Life and Times (KLT)

The 2018 KLT survey was carried out from November 2018 to February 2019, and 5,300 P7-age children participated.

Clicking on a module title below will bring you to a list of all the questions asked on that topic in 2018. You can link to tables and charts of results for each question.


View the comic - What Kids Think (Issue 11) - which contains key findings from the 2018 Kids' Life and Times survey. (Please note that this file is very large - 9 MB)


Publications using data from the 2018 KLT survey

Citizenship practices and political literacy in young people. Research Update 129 by Alan Smith, Una O'Connor, Jessica Bates and Matthew Milliken

NI risks being left behind because children are not required to learn a second language, Article by Ian Collen in the Conversation

What do 11 year olds think about Brexit?, Article by Katrina Lloyd in the Conversation



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