Year: 2008

KIDSCREEN-27: Mean scores for the 5 domains

KY27PHY1: In general, how would you say your health is?

KY27PHY2: Have you felt fit and well?

KY27PHY3: Have you been physically active, for example running, climbing or biking?

KY27PHY4: Have you been able to run well?

KY27PHY5: Have you felt full of energy?

KY27PWB1 Has your life been enjoyable?

KY27PWB2: Have you been in a good mood?

KY27PWB3: Have you had fun?

KY27PWB4: Have you felt sad?

KY27PWB5: Have you felt so bad that you didnít want to do anything?

KY27PWB6: Have you felt lonely?

KY27PWB7: Have you been happy with the way you are?

KY27PAR1: Have you had enough time for yourself?

KY27PAR2: Have you been able to do the things that you want to do in your free time?

KY27PAR3: Have your parent(s) or guardian(s) had enough time for you?

KY27PAR4: Have your parent(s) or guardian(s) treated you fairly?

KY27PAR5: Have you been able to talk to your parent(s) or guardian(s) when you wanted to?

KY27PAR6: Have you had enough money to do the same things as your friends?

KY27PAR7: Have you had enough money for your expenses?

KY27SOC1: Have you spent time with your friends?

KY27SOC2: Have you had fun with your friends?

KY27SOC3: Have you and your friends helped each other?

KY27SOC4: Have you been able to rely on your friends?

KY27SCH1: Have you been happy at school?

KY27SCH2: Have you got on well at school?

KY27SCH3: Haveyou been able to pay attention?

KY27SCH4: Have you got along well with your teachers?

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