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The Tallyman's Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2003 is the first ever directory published in advance of an election in Northern Ireland. It is an essential read for politicians, candidates, journalists, activists or political junkies who will participate in or observe the 2003 Assembly election campaign.

Lord Alderdice, Nicholas Whyte and Noel Whelan at the Belfast launch of the Tallyman's Guide on 28 April.

The Tallyman's Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2003 brings together two leading election experts to analyse the prospects for the parties and candidates in Northern Ireland's 18 constituencies. They also explore the scenarios for the election results and its implications for the likely standing of the parties in the new Assembly, for the formation of the new Executive and for the Peace Process.

Nicholas Whyte, Brian Cowen and Noel Whelan at the Dublin launch of the Tallyman's Guide on 29 April.

The Tallyman's Guide considers each of the 18 constituency battlefields in turn, describing the electoral strengths of the parties and the candidates and exploring the rows and rivalries both within and between the parties. Also included is Nicholas Whyte's unique analysis of the 2001 Local Election results in Northern Ireland and the pointers they provide for the 2003 Assembly elections.

Former Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald fills in the missing figures on page 44.

NOEL WHELAN is a barrister and author of a number of books on politics, elections and electoral law in the Republic of Ireland. A political columnist with the Irish Examiner and a regular commentator on politics and elections for the broadcast and print media. He is a former political organiser with Fianna Fáil.

NICHOLAS WHYTE is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Governance, Public Policy and Social Research at the Queen's University of Belfast. A former activist in the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, he now works as an expert on Balkan and other European conflicts at a leading international think-tank based in Brussels. He maintains the leading website on Northern Ireland elections.

To get your copy of the Tallyman's Guide to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2003, please contact Limelight Communications at or by phone at (+353) (0) 1 668 0600.

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Nicholas Whyte, 19 April 2003; updated 21 November.

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