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Thanks to a generous grant from the McDougall Trust, and the support of the Centre for Data Digitsation and Analysis at QUB, the Northern Ireland Elections site is now able to offer Excel spreadsheets covering every count of every election in Northern Ireland since 1973 (with by-elections still to be processed). As the Single Transferable Vote is used for almost all elections apart from Westminster elections in Northern Ireland - local government, the Northern Ireland Assembly (and in 1975 the Constitutional Convention), and the European Parliament - this is consequently the largest archive of STV elections anywhere in the world. (STV is also used for elections in the Republic of Ireland, Malta, Tasmania, elections for the Australian Senate, and some other places.)

The Excel spreadsheets are provided both as individual files and as archives for each full election. They can be found at the links below, the full list of files is here, and the full 25MB archive is here. NB that Westminster elections, and the 1996 Forum/talks election, were not carried out with the Single Transferable Vote.

European Parliament
(1979: European Assembly)
Westminster House of Commons
Northern Ireland Assembly: archive
(1996: Forum and talks: archive)
(1975: Constitutional Convention: archive)
local government elections

2011: archive
2011: archive

2010: archive

2009: file

2007: archive

2005: archive
2005: archive
2004: file

2003: archive

2001: archive
2001: archive
1999: file

1998: archive

1997: archive

1997: archive

1996 (Forum and talks): archive

1994: file

1993: archive

1992: archive

1989: file

1989: archive

1987: archive

1985: archive
1984: file

1983: archive

1982: archive

1981: archive
1979: file 1979: archive

1977: archive

1975 (Convention): archive

1974 (October): archive

1974 (February): archive

1973: archive
1973: archive

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