Full list of candidates in the 2001 elections

Westminster elections 2001

(incumbents are marked *, winners in bold)

East Belfast

David Alderdice (Alliance)
Joe Bell (Workers' Party)
Terence Dick (Conservative)
David Ervine (PUP)
Ciara Farren (SDLP)
Rainbow George Weiss (Vote For Yourself Party)
Tim Lemon (UUP)
Joe O'Donnell (SF)
*Peter Robinson (DUP)

North Belfast

Marcella Delaney (Workers' Party)
Nigel Dodds (DUP)
Rainbow George Weiss (Vote For Yourself Party)
Gerry Kelly (SF)
Alban Maginness (SDLP)
*Cecil Walker (UUP)

South Belfast

Rainbow George Weiss (Vote For Yourself Party)
Paddy Lynn (Workers' Party)
Alex Maskey (SF)
Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP)
Monica McWilliams (NIWC)
Dawn Purvis (PUP)
Geraldine Rice (Alliance)
*Rev Martin Smyth (UUP)

West Belfast

*Gerry Adams (SF)
Alex Attwood (SDLP)
Rainbow George Weiss (Vote For Yourself Party)
David Kerr (Ulster Third Way)
John Lowry (Workers' Party)
Chris McGimpsey (UUP)
Rev Eric Smyth (DUP)

East Antrim

*Roy Beggs (UUP)
Jeanette Graffin (SF)
Alan Greer (Conservative)
Robert Mason (Independent)
John Mathews (Alliance)
Danny O'Connor (SDLP)
Sammy Wilson (DUP)

North Antrim

Jayne Dunlop (Alliance)
Sean Farren (SDLP)
John Kelly (SF)
*Rev Ian Paisley (DUP)
Lexie Scott (UUP)

South Antrim

Norman Boyd (NIUP)
David Burnside (UUP)
David Ford (Alliance)
*Rev William McCrea (DUP)
Sean McKee (SDLP)
Martin Meehan (SF)

North Down

Chris Carter (Independent)
Marietta Farrell (SDLP)
Lady Sylvia Hermon (UUP)
*Robert McCartney (UKUP)
Eamon McConvery (SF)
Julian Robertson (Conservative)

South Down

Betty Campbell (Alliance)
*Eddie McGrady (SDLP)
Mick Murphy (SF)
Dermot Nesbitt (UUP)
Jim Wells (DUP)

Fermanagh and South Tyrone

James Cooper (UUP)
Jim Dixon (Independent)
Tommy Gallagher (SDLP)
Michelle Gildernew (SF)


Colm Cavanagh (Alliance)
Andrew Davidson (UUP)
William Hay (DUP)
*John Hume (SDLP)
Mitchel McLaughlin (SF)

Lagan Valley

Paul Butler (SF)
Seamus Close (Alliance)
*Jeffrey Donaldson (UUP)
Patricia Lewsley (SDLP)
Edwin Poots (DUP)

East Londonderry

Yvonne Boyle (Alliance)
Francie Brolly (SF)
Gregory Campbell (DUP)
John Dallat (SDLP)
*William Ross (UUP)

Mid Ulster

Francie Donnelly (Workers' Party)
Eilis Haughey (SDLP)
Ian McCrea (DUP)
*Martin McGuinness (SF)

Newry and Armagh

Paul Berry (DUP)
*Seamus Mallon (SDLP)
Conor Murphy (SF)
Sylvia McRoberts (UUP)


Liam Johnston (SF)
Danny McCarthy (SDLP)
Kieran McCarthy (Alliance)
David McNarry (UUP)
Iris Robinson (DUP)
Cedric Wilson (NIUP)

West Tyrone

Pat Doherty (SF)
Brid Rodgers (SDLP)
*William Thompson (UUP)

Upper Bann

Tom French (Workers' Party)
Dolores Kelly (SDLP)
Dara O'Hagan (SF)
David Simpson (DUP)
*David Trimble (UUP)

Local council elections 2001


Antrim Town Antrim South East Antrim North West
Adrian Watson (UUP)
Brian Graham (DUP)
Aine Gribbon (SF)
Oran Keenan (SDLP)
Paddy Marks (UUP)
Jack McClay (DUP)
Sean McKee (SDLP)
Paul Michael (UUP)
Drew Ritchie (UUP)
John Smyth (DUP)
Peter Whitcroft (All)
Kenneth Wilkinson (PUP)
Thomas Burns (SDLP)
Samuel Dunlop (DUP)
William Harkness (DUP)
Sean Mallon (SDLP)
Alison McCartney (All)
Michael McGivern (Community Candidates)
Martin McManus (SF)
John Mervyn Rea (UUP)
Kenneth Swann (UUP)
Roy Thompson (UUP)
Edgar Wallace (UUP)
Wilson Clyde (DUP)
Michael Donoghue (All)
Robert Brian Johnston (NIUP)
Bobby Loughran (SDLP)
Joseph Gerard McCavana (SF)
Donovan McClelland (SDLP)
Martin Meehan (SF)
Stephen Nicholl (UUP)
Avril Swann (UUP)


Newtownards Ards West Ards Peninsula Ards East
George Ennis (DUP)
Thomas Hamilton (UUP)
Hamilton Lawther (DUP)
Wilbert Magill (Ind)
Bobby McBride (DUP)
Alan McDowell (All)
Nancy Orr (Ind)
David Smyth (UUP)
Christopher Connolly (Con)
Kathleen Coulter (All)
Margaret Craig (DUP)
Robert Gibson (UUP)
David Gilmore (DUP)
William Montgomery (DUP)
Jim McBriar (All)
Arthur Spence (UUP)
Philip Geoffrey Smith (UUP)
Robbie Ambrose (Ind)
Joseph Boyle (Ind)
Angus Carson (UUP)
Paul Carson (UUP)
Robin Drysdale (DUP)
Danny McCarthy (SDLP)
Kieran McCarthy (All)
James Joseph McMullan (Ind)
Stephen McSherry (All)
Jim Shannon (DUP)
Linda Cleland (All)
Ronnie Ferguson (UUP)
Hamilton Gregory (DUP)
Jeff Magill (UUP)
John Shields (UUP)
Terence Williams (DUP)


City The Orchard Crossmore Cusher
Pat Brannigan (SDLP)
Mealla Bratton (SDLP)
Anna Brolly (SDLP)
Michael Carson (SDLP)
Margaret Connolly (NIWC)
Freda Donnelly (DUP)
Gordon Frazer (UUP)
Patrick McNamee (SF)
Sylvia McRoberts (UUP)
John Joseph Nixon (Ind)
Cathy Rafferty (SF)
John Bosco Campbell (SDLP)
Paul Corrigan (SF)
Brian Hutchinson (DUP)
George Irwin (DUP)
Eamon McNeill (SDLP)
Charles Rollston (UUP)
Jim Speers (UUP)
Olive Whitten (UUP)
Noel Berry (DUP)
Evelyn - Corry (UUP)
Brian Cunningham (SF)
Tommy Kavanagh (SDLP)
James Lennon (SDLP)
Joe McGleenan (SDLP)
James McKernan (SDLP)
Pat O'Rawe (SF)
Paul Berry (DUP)
Heather Black (DUP)
Tom Canavan (SDLP)
James Clayton (UUP)
Derrick Mathews (Ind)
Sharon McClelland (UUP)
Noel Sheridan (SF)
Eric Speers (UUP)
Mervyn Spratt (DUP)
Robert Turner (UUP)


Ballymena North Ballymena South Braid Bannside
James Alexander (DUP)
Neill Armstrong (UUP)
Jane Dunlop (All)
Simon Hamilton (DUP)
James Henry (Ind)
Gerard Magee (SF)
Maurice Mills (DUP)
P.J. McAvoy (SDLP)
Ivor McElratick (UUP)
Joseph McKernan (UUP)
William Parkhill (PUP)
Gillian Scott (UUP)
Audrey Wales (Ind)
William Wright (Ind)
Elizabeth Adger (DUP)
Peter Brown (UUP)
Martin Clarke (DUP)
James Currie (UUP)
William Moore (DUP)
Hubert Nicholl (DUP)
William McCaughey (PUP)
Declan O'Loan (SDLP)
Jean Rainey (PUP)
David Tweed (DUP)
David Warwick (Ind)
Des Armstrong (UUP)
David Clyde (UUP)
Margaret Gribben (SDLP)
Robert Hamilton (PUP)
Samuel Hanna (DUP)
Robert Osborne (DUP)
Lexie Scott (UUP)
Robin Stirling (DUP)
Samuel Gaston (DUP)
Roy Gillespie (DUP)
Seamus Laverty (SDLP)
Joe Montgomery (SDLP)
Ken McCaughey (PUP)
Samuel McClean (UUP)
William McNeilly (UUP)
Tommy Nicholl (DUP)
Norman Sloan (NIUP)
David Wilkinson (DUP)


Ballymoney Town Bushvale Bann Valley
Jeffrey Balmer (Ind)
Cecil James Cousley (DUP)
William Johnston (UUP)
Anne Logan (Ind)
Justin McCamphill (SDLP)
Thomas McKeown (UUP)
James Simpson (UUP)
Ian Stevenson (DUP)
Mervyn Storey (DUP)
Jim Wright (Ind)
Frank Campbell (DUP)
Harry Connolly (SDLP)
Bill Kennedy (DUP)
John Logan (UUP)
Francis McCloskey (SDLP)
Sean McErlain (SF)
John Ramsey (UUP)
John Francis Finlay (DUP)
Joe Gaston (UUP)
Robert Halliday (DUP)
Malachy McCamphill (SDLP)
Philip McGuigan (SF)
Pappy O'Kane (SDLP)
John Watt (UUP)
Robert Wilson (DUP)


Banbridge Town Dromore Knockiveagh
Joan Baird (UUP)
Derick William Bell (UUP)
Ian Burns (UUP)
Frank Downey (Ind)
Kyle Ferguson (DUP)
David Hudson (UKUP)
Patrick McAleenan (SDLP)
Jim McElroy (DUP)
Frank McQuaid (All)
Norah Beare (UUP)
David Herron (DUP)
Thompson Howe (UUP)
John Martin (UUP)
Cassie McDermott (SDLP)
Joseph McIlwaine (NIUP)
Paul Rankin (DUP)
Stephen Briggs (UKUP)
Violet Cromie (UUP)
Brendan Curran (SF)
Seamus Doyle (SDLP)
John Hanna (UUP)
Stephen Herron (DUP)
John Ingram (UUP)
Malachy McCartan (Ind)
Wilfred McFadden (DUP)


Upper Falls Laganbank Court
Alex Attwood (SDLP)
Kathryn Ayers (All)
Michael Browne (SF)
Mary Catney (NIWC)
Brian Heading (SDLP)
Paul Maskey (SF)
Chrissie McAuley (SF)
Gerard O'Neill (SF)
Jim Clarke (UUP)
Andrew Frew (Ind)
Mark Long (All)
Patrick Lynn (WP)
Alex Maskey (SF)
Patrick McCarthy (SDLP)
Michael McGimpsey (UUP)
Anne Monaghan (NIWC)
Barbara Muldoon (Ind)
Peter O'Reilly (SDLP)
Dawn Purvis (PUP)
Richard Scott (DUP)
Fred Cobain (UUP)
Mick Conlon (SF)
David Kerr (Ulster Third Way)
Frank McCoubrey (Ind)
Christopher McGimpsey (UUP)
Elaine McMillen (DUP)
Plum Smith (PUP)
Eric Smyth (DUP)
Hugh Smyth (PUP)
Victoria Oldpark Castle
Ian Adamson (UUP)
David Alderdice (All)
Wallace Browne (DUP)
Alan Crowe (UUP)
Danny Dow (Ind)
Ciara Farren (SDLP)
Peter Gray (Con)
Billy Hands (Ind)
Lawrence John (Ind)
Naomi Long (All)
Margaret McKenzie (DUP)
Robert Moorhead (PUP)
Robin Newton (DUP)
Jim Rodgers (UUP)
Sammy Walker (Ind)
James McCracken Bates (Ind)
Gerard Noel Brophy (SF)
Joleen Connolly (SDLP)
Rene Greig (Ind)
William Hutchinson (PUP)
Nelson McCausland (DUP)
Margaret McClenaghan (SF)
Thomas McCullough (All)
Martin Morgan (SDLP)
Eoin O'Broin (SF)
Fred Proctor (UUP)
Kathy Stanton (SF)
Sandy Blair (Ind)
David Hugh Browne (UUP)
Elizabeth McCullough (NIWC)
Tom Campbell (All)
Janet Carson (PUP)
Patrick Convery (SDLP)
Ian Crozier (DUP)
Marcella Delaney (WP)
Nigel Dodds (DUP)
Danny Lavery (SF)
Alban Maginness (SDLP)
David Mahood (Ind)
Pottinger Lower Falls Balmoral
Joseph Bell (WP)
John Bushell (Ind)
Mary Campbell (DUP)
Margaret Clarke (UUP)
Jason Docherty (Con)
Reg Empey (UUP)
David Ervine (PUP)
David Fairfield (UKUP)
Mervyn Jones (All)
Joseph O'Donnell (SF)
Robin Stewart (PUP)
Harry Toan (DUP)
Leo Van Es (SDLP)
Sammy Wilson (DUP)
Maire Cush (SF)
Tom Hartley (SF)
John Lowry (WP)
Fra McCann (SF)
Sean McKnight (SF)
Marie Moore (SF)
Margaret Walsh (SDLP)
Mary Crooks (UUP)
Thomas Ekin (All)
Carmel Hanna (SDLP)
John Hiddleston (UUP)
Stephen Long (SF)
Catherine Molloy (SDLP)
Thomas Morrow (PUP)
Ruth Patterson (DUP)
Robert Joseph Stoker (UUP)


Carrick Castle Kilroot Knockagh Monument
David Beck (PUP)
William Cameron (Ind)
Darin Ferguson (UUP)
Billy Hamilton (Ind)
Margaret Hawkins (All)
David Hilditch (DUP)
Patricia McKinney (DUP)
Sean Neeson (All)
Nick Wady (Ind)
Billy Ashe (DUP)
James Brown (Ind)
Robin Cavan (All)
Terry Clements (DUP)
Janet Crampsey (All)
Sam Crowe (Ind)
Eric Ferguson (UUP)
May Beattie (DUP)
Roy Beggs (UUP)
Stewart Dickson (All)
Carolyn Howarth (PUP)
James McClurg (DUP)
Noreen McIlwrath (All)
Gwen Wilson (UUP)


Castlereagh Central Castlereagh South Castlereagh East Castlereagh West
Joanne Bunting (DUP)
Alan Carson (UUP)
Michael Copeland (UUP)
Terence Dick (Con)
Grant Alexander (UKUP)
John Dunn (DUP)
Michael Long (All)
Sean Mullan (SDLP)
John Norris (DUP)
Peter Robinson (DUP)
Thomas Sandford (PUP)
John Beattie (DUP)
Patricia Copeland (SDLP)
Brian Hanvey (SDLP)
Michael Henderson (UUP)
Roger Lomas (Con)
Sean Hayes (SF)
Margaret Marshall (All)
Barbara McBurney (UUP)
Andrew Ramsey (DUP)
Geraldine Rice (All)
William Abraham (Ind)
David Drysdale (UUP)
Claire Ennis (DUP)
Francis Gallagher (Ind)
Sandy Geddis (DUP)
Gillian Graham (All)
Richard Johnston (PUP)
Kim Morton (DUP)
Peter Osborne (All)
Iris Robinson (DUP)
Jim White (DUP)
Eileen Cairnduff (NIWC)
Sara Duncan (All)
Frederick Ferguson (PUP)
Cecil Hall (UUP)
Rosaleen Hughes (SDLP)
Sean Montgomery (SF)
Mark Robinson (DUP)
Vivienne Stevenson (DUP)
Charles Tosh (DUP)


Coleraine Central Coleraine East Bann The Skerries
David Barbour (UUP)
Timothy Deans (DUP)
Elizabeth Johnston (UUP)
David McClarty (UUP)
William McClure (DUP)
Gerry McLaughlin (SDLP)
Eamon O'Hara (All)
Elizabeth Black (UUP)
John Bradley (DUP)
Alistair Crawford (Ind)
William Creelman (DUP)
Ellen Fielding (DUP)
David Gilmour (PUP)
Thomas Houston (Ind)
Robert Hunter (Ind)
Paddy McGowan (All)
Robert McPherson (UUP)
John Montgomery (SDLP)
Robert Bolton (Ind)
Yvonne Boyle (All)
Olive Church (UUP)
John Dallat (SDLP)
Alexander King (UUP)
Reginald McAuley (Ind)
Adrian McQuillan (DUP)
Eamon Mullan (SDLP)
Hazel Sommers (DUP)
William Watt (UUP)
Christine Alexander (Ind)
Pauline Armitage (UUP)
Barbara Dempsey (All)
Alex Gilkinson (DUP)
Norman Hillis (UUP)
Samuel Kane (UUP)
Billy Leonard (SDLP)
Robert Stewart (DUP)


Cookstown Central Ballinderry Drum Manor
Seamus Campbell (SF)
Peter Joseph Cassidy (SDLP)
Albert Crawford (UUP)
Hugh Davidson (DUP)
Eddie Espie (SDLP)
Ian McCrea (DUP)
John McNamee (SF)
Trevor Wilson (UUP)
Mary Baker (SDLP)
Thomas Greer (UUP)
Patrick McAleer (SF)
Samuel McCartney (DUP)
Anne McCrea (DUP)
William McCollum (UUP)
Patsy McGlone (SDLP)
Michael McIvor (SF)
Samuel Glasgow (UUP)
Desmond Grimes (SF)
Alice Lees (DUP)
Oliver Molloy (SF)
James McGarvey (SDLP)
Samuel Parke (Ind)


Craigavon Central Lurgan Portadown Loughside
David Calvert (Ind)
Kieran Corr (SDLP)
Frederick Crowe (UUP)
Alan Evans (Ind)
Tom French (WP)
Sean Hagan (All)
Audrey Lindsay (UUP)
Jim McCammick (UUP)
Patricia Mallon (SDLP)
Francis Murray (SF)
Robert Smith (DUP)
Woolsey Smith (DUP)
Peter Toland (SF)
Ken Twyble (UUP)
Denis Watson (DUP)
Jonathan Bell (DUP)
Sydney Cairns (UUP)
Meta Crozier (UUP)
Samuel Gardiner (UUP)
William John Grafton (Ind)
Mary McNally (SDLP)
Stephen Moutray (DUP)
Matthew Rooney (SF)
George Savage (UUP)
William Tate (UUP)
David Vance (UKUP)
Sidney Anderson (UUP)
Alan Carson (DUP)
Ignatius Fox (SDLP)
George Hatch (UUP)
David Jones (Ind)
Brian McKeown (SF)
Noel Mercer (SF)
Mark Neale (UUP)
William Ramsay (All)
Thomas Simpson (DUP)
John Tate (DUP)
David Thompson (UUP)
Alexander Dougan (DUP)
Dolores Kelly (SDLP)
William Lindsay (UUP)
Mary McAlinden (SDLP)
Kieran McGeown (SDLP)
Maurice Magill (SF)
John O'Dowd (SF)
Mairead O'Dowd (SF)


Rural Waterside Northland Cityside Shantallow
Thomas Conway (SDLP)
Annie Courtney (SDLP)
Andrew Davidson (UUP)
Paul Fleming (SF)
Ernest Hamilton (UUP)
William Hay (DUP)
Bill Irwin (DUP)
Brian Kelly (All)
James Kelly (SF)
Jim McKeever (SDLP)
Brenda Stevenson (SDLP)
Gregory Campbell (DUP)
Colm Cavanagh (All)
Catherine Cooke (PUP)
Gerard Diver (SDLP)
Lynn Fleming (Sinn Fein)
Mildred Garfield (DUP)
Jim Guy (Ind)
Mary Hamilton (UUP)
Gordon Hill (UUP)
James McCorkell (UUP)
Ann Marie McDaid (SDLP)
Joe Miller (DUP)
Francis O'Deorain (SF)
Drew Thompson (DUP)
William Webster (Ind)
Daniel Bradley (Ind)
Colm Bryce (Ind)
Sean Carr (SDLP)
Queenie Harper (Ind)
John Kerr (SDLP)
Joseph McClintock (SDLP)
Kathleen McCloskey (SDLP)
Meave McLaughlin (SF)
Gerry MacLochlain (SF)
Mary Nelis (SF)
William Page (SF)
William Temple (Ind)
Helen Quigley (SDLP)
James Anderson (SF)
Liam Boyle (SDLP)
James Clifford (SDLP)
Cathal Crumley (SF)
Shauna Deery (Ind)
Donncha MacNiallais (SF)
Barney O'Hagan (SF)
Pat Ramsey (SDLP)
Mary Bradley (SDLP)
Shaun Gallagher (SDLP)
Oliver Green (SF)
Tony Hassan (SF)
Charles McDaid (Ind)
Jean McGinty (SF)
William O'Connell (SDLP)
Ciaran O'Doherty (SDLP)
Gearoid OhEara (SF)


Downpatrick Rowallane Ballynahinch Newcastle
Raymond Blaney (Ind)
Peter Craig (SDLP)
Dermot Curran (SDLP)
John Doris (SDLP)
John Foster (DUP)
Helen Honeyman (Ind)
Shaun Irvine (SDLP)
Liam Johnston (SF)
John Mahon (SDLP)
Eamonn McConvey (SF)
Jack McIlheron (UUP)
Patrick O'Connor (Ind)
Desmond OHagan (WP)
Ann Trainor (SDLP)
Robert Burgess (UUP)
Albert Colmer (UUP)
William Dick (DUP)
Anthony Lacken (SF)
James Marks (Ind)
Edward Rea (UUP)
Margaret Ritchie (SDLP)
Kathleen Stockton (SDLP)
William Walker (DUP)
George Alexander (DUP)
Reginald Bicker (UUP)
Francis Branniff (SF)
Francis Casement (SDLP)
Jim Cochrane ( UUP)
Anne Marie McAleenan (SDLP)
Alan McIlroy (DUP)
John Reid (UUP)
Patsy Toman (SDLP)
Jim Wells (DUP)
David Allister (Ind)
William Clarke (SF)
Gerald Douglas (UUP)
Peter Fitzpatrick (SDLP)
Hugh McDowell (SF)
Charles McGrath (SDLP)
Carmel O'Boyle (SDLP)
Eamonn O'Neill (SDLP)
Stanley Priestley (DUP)


Dungannon Town Clogher Valley Torrent Blackwater
Walter Cuddy (UUP)
Gerry Cullen (Ind)
Vincent Currie (SDLP)
Derek Greenaway (DUP)
Ken Maginnis (UUP)
John McLarnon (SF)
Barry Monteith (SF)
Maurice Morrow (DUP)
Donald Beatty (UUP)
Seamus Flanagan (SF)
Anthony McGonnell (SDLP)
Johnston McIlwrath (DUP)
Sean McGuigan (SF)
Robert Mulligan (UUP)
Thomas Murphy (SDLP)
David Robinson (DUP)
Norman Badger (UUP)
Jim Canning (Ind)
James Cavanagh (SDLP)
Desmond Donnelly (SF)
Brendan Doris (SF)
Michael Gillespie (SF)
Robert McFarland (DUP)
Francie Molloy (SF)
David Brady (UUP)
Roger Burton (DUP)
Patrick Daly (SDLP)
James Ewing (DUP)
Phelim Gildernew (SF)
William Hamilton (UUP)
Derek Irwin (UUP)
Dominic Molloy (SF)


Enniskillen Erne East Erne West Erne North
Frank Britton (SDLP)
Joseph Dodds (DUP)
Samuel Dunne (DUP)
Raymond Ferguson (UUP)
Eamon Flanagan (SDLP)
Paddy Gilgunn (SF)
Robert James Irvine (UUP)
Basil Johnston (UUP)
Davy Kettyles (Ind)
Alan Madill (UKUP)
Gerry McHugh (SF)
Barbara Stuart (UUP)
Harold Andrews (UUP)
Ruth Lynch (SF)
Brian McCaffrey (SF)
Michael McPhillips (Ind)
Fergus McQuillan (SDLP)
Cecil Noble (UUP)
Thomas O'Reilly (SF)
Paul Robinson (DUP)
David Black (DUP)
Pat Cox (SF)
Wilson Elliott (UUP)
Gerard Gallagher (SDLP)
Stephen Huggett (SF)
Robin Martin (SF)
Derrick Nixon (UUP)
Joe Cassidy (SF)
Julie Dervan (SDLP)
Tom Elliott (UUP)
Billy Gilmore (DUP)
Bert Johnston (DUP)
Bertie Kerr (UUP)
Caldwell McClaughry (UUP)
John O'Kane (SDLP)
William Simpson (DUP)


Larne Town Larne Lough Coast Road
William Adams (Ind)
William Adamson (PUP)
John Hugh Anderson (Ind)
Roy Craig (Ind)
James Dunn (UUP)
Janette Graffin (SF)
Alastair Holden (DUP)
Robert Lindsay Mason (Ind)
Jack McKee (DUP)
Margaret Richmond (All)
Andrew Wilson (UUP)
Martin Wilson (SDLP)
Roy Beggs (UUP)
David Fleck (UUP)
John Mathews (All)
Bobby McKee (DUP)
Gregg McKeen (DUP)
John Hall (UUP)
William Small (Ind)
William Anthony Cunning (Ind)
Joan Drummond (UUP)
Winston Fulton (DUP)
Martin Graffin (SF)
Gerardine Mulvenna (All)
Rachel Rea (DUP)
Thomas Robinson (UUP)


Limavady Town Bellarena Benbradagh
Brian Brown (Ind)
Jack Dolan (UUP)
Raymond Kennedy (UUP)
John Kerr (SDLP)
Desmond Lowry (SDLP)
Malachy O'Kane (SF)
John Rankin (UUP)
George Robinson (DUP)
Alister Smyth (UUAP)
Michael Carten (SDLP)
Leslie Cubitt (DUP)
Martin McGuigan (SF)
John McKinney (SDLP)
Gerard Mullan (SDLP)
Alastair Smyth (UUP)
Edwin Stevenson (UUP)
Anne Brolly (SF)
Francis Brolly (SF)
Michael Coyle (SDLP)
Marion Donaghy (SF)
Boyd Douglas (UUAP)
Mark Gibson (UUAP)
Gerard Lynch (SDLP)
John Raymond Murray (DUP)


Lisburn Town South Lisburn Town North Dunmurry Cross Downshire Kilultagh
Thomas Archer (UUP)
Seamus Close (All)
Ivan Davis (UUP)
Francis Kerr (SF)
Margaret Little (UUP)
Joseph Lockhart (UUP)
Samuel Mateer (UUP)
Gary McMichael (Ind)
Paul Porter (DUP)
Allen Russell (DUP)
Gary Teeney (NIUP)
David Adams (Ind)
David Archer (UUP)
James Armstrong (SF)
William Beattie (Ind)
David Craig (Ind)
Ronnie Crawford (Ind)
Adrian Creighton (Ind)
William Gardiner-Watson (UUP)
William Leathem (DUP)
William Lewis (UUP)
Trevor Lunn (All)
Lorraine Martin (UUP)
William Bell (UUP)
Paul Butler (SF)
Michael Ferguson (SF)
Paul Flynn (SF)
Patricia Lewsley (SDLP)
Malachy McAnespie (Ind)
William McDonnell (SDLP)
Stephen Moore (DUP)
Sue Ramsey (SF)
Veronica Willis (SF)
James Baird (UUP)
William Bleakes (Ind)
Betty Campbell (All)
Allan Ewart (DUP)
William Falloon (UUP)
Joanne Johnston (Con)
Cara McCann (SF)
Edwin Poots (DUP)
William Ward (UUP)
Cecil Calvert (DUP)
William Dillon (UUP)
Alison Gawith (All)
Owen Gawith (All)
Ita Gray (SF)
Neil Johnston (Con)
Samuel Johnston (UUP)
Peter O'Hagan (SDLP)
Gordon Ross (Ind)
James Tinsley (DUP)
Kenneth Watson (UUP)


Magherafelt Town Sperrin Moyola
John Kelly (SF)
Joseph McBride (SDLP)
William McCrea (DUP)
Paul McLean (DUP)
Seamus O'Brien (SF)
George Crawford Shiels (UUP)
Frances Rose Symington (SDLP)
Francis Donnelly (WP)
Patrick Groogan (SF)
Sean Kerr (SF)
Kathleen Lagan (SDLP)
Frank McKendry (SDLP)
Rodney Mitchell (DUP)
Bertie Montgomery (Ind)
Hugh Edward Mullan (SF)
Thomas Catherwood (DUP)
Elizabeth Forde (DUP)
Betty Foster (SDLP)
Oliver Hughes (SF)
Naaman Hutchinson (Ind)
John Junkin (UUP)
Patrick McErlean (SDLP)
James O'Neill (SF)


Ballycastle The Glens Giant's Causeway
Madeline Black (SDLP)
Seamus Blaney (Ind)
Anna Edwards (Ind)
Helen Harding (UUP)
Gardiner Kane (DUP)
Liam McBride (Ind)
Christopher McCaughan (Ind)
Michael Molloy (SDLP)
Charlie Neill (SF)
Christine Blaney (SDLP)
Monica Digney (SF)
Anne McAuley (SF)
James McAuley (Ind)
Catherine McCambridge (SDLP)
James McCarry (Ind)
Randal Daniel McDonnell (Ind)
Archie McIntosh (SDLP)
Oliver McMullan (Ind)
Evelyne Robinson (DUP)
Robert Chestnutt (DUP)
William Graham (UUP)
George Hartin (DUP)
David McAllister (DUP)
Price McConaghy (Ind)
Moira McGouran (SDLP)
Robert McIlroy (UUP)
Thomas Palmer (Ind)

Newry & Mourne

Newry Town The Mournes Slieve Gullion The Fews Crotlieve
Charlie Casey (SF)
Brendan Curran (SF)
Frank Feeley (SDLP)
Davy Hyland (SF)
John Francis McArdle (SDLP)
William McCaigue (UUP)
Pat McElroy (SDLP)
Peter McEvoy (SDLP)
Conor Murphy (SF)
Declan O'Callaghan (Ind)
Jack Patterson (Ind)
James Burns (DUP)
Linda Burns (DUP)
Micky Cole (SDLP)
Martin Cunningham (SF)
Marian Fitzpatrick (SDLP)
Isaac Hanna (UUP)
Henry Reilly (UUP)
Colman Burns (SF)
John Fee (SDLP)
Terry Hearty (SF)
Packie McDonald (SF)
Mary McKeown (SDLP)
Elena Martin (SF)
Pat Toner (SDLP)
Craig Baxter (DUP)
John Feehan (SDLP)
Danny Kennedy (UUP)
Breandan Lewis (SF)
Jimmy McCreesh (SF)
Pat McGinn (SF)
Andy Moffett (UUP)
Angela Savage (SDLP)
Charlie Smyth (SDLP)
P J Bradley (SDLP)
Hugh Carr (SDLP)
Michael Carr (SDLP)
John McConnell (UUP)
Ruth McConnell (DUP)
Brendan Murney (SDLP)
Mick Murphy (SF)
Ciaran Muffen (Ind)
Eamonn O'Connor (SF)
Josephine O'Hare (SDLP)
Michael Ruane (SF)
Tony Williamson (Ind)


Antrim Line Macedon University Ballyclare
James Gerard Beckett
John Blair (NRA)
Norman Boyd (NIUP)
Joan Cosgrove (NIWC)
Janet Crilly (UUP)
Nigel Hamilton (DUP)
Ivan Hunter (UUP)
Joseph Kell (UUP)
Noreen McClelland (SDLP)
Roisin McGurk (SF)
Thomas McTeague (SDLP)
Briege Meehan (SF)
Elizabeth Snoddy (DUP)
Arthur Templeton (DUP)
Pam Tilson (All)
Andy Beattie (Ind)
Michael Campbell (All)
William De Courcy (DUP)
Andrew Hunter (DUP)
Dougie Jamison (PUP)
Bob Kidd (Ind)
Tommy Kirkham (Ind)
Mark Langhammer (Ind)
Victor Robinson (Community Candidates)
Kevin Vernon (SF)
Billy Webb (NRA)
Dineen Walker (UUP)
Fraser Agnew (UUAP)
Alister Neil Bell (Community Candidates)
Billy Boyd (NIUP)
Lynn Frazer (All)
Barbara Gilliland (UUP)
Billy Greer (PUP)
Roger Hutchinson (DUP)
John Mann (DUP)
Ken Robinson (UUP)
John Scott (UUAP)
Vi Scott (UUP)
James Bingham (UUP)
Paul Girvan (DUP)
Alan Greer (Con)
Pamela Hunter (DUP)
Norman Lavery (PUP)
Patrick McCudden (All)
Vera McWilliam (UUP)
Sharon Parkes (Community Candidates)
Edward Turkington (UUP)
Peter Walker (UUP)

North Down

Holywood Bangor West Ballyholme and Groomsport Abbey
Lindsay Cumming (Con)
Gordon Dunne (DUP)
Norma Heaton (NIWC)
Robert Irvine (Ind)
Ellie McKay (UUP)
Susan O'Brien (All)
Dennis Ogborn (Ind)
Diana Peacocke (UUP)
David Rose (PUP)
Larry Thompson (All)
Roy Davies (UUP)
Alan Field (UKUP)
Alan Graham (DUP)
Tony Hill (All)
William Keery (UKUP)
James Rea (PUP)
Julian Robertson (Con)
Marion Smith (UUP)
Evan Ward (UUP)
Anne Wilson (All)
Brian Wilson (Ind)
Alan Chambers (Ind)
Leslie Cree (UUP)
Alexander Easton (DUP)
Marsden Fitzsimons (All)
Arthur Gadd (UUP)
Henry Gordon (UKUP)
Ian Henry (UUP)
Brian Lacey (PUP)
Austen Lennon (Ind)
Elizabeth Roche (NIUP)
Ernest Steele (Ind)
Joseph Teggart (UKUP)
Gavin Walker (All)
Patricia Wallace (NIWC)
Christopher Carter (Ind)
Ruby Cooling (DUP)
Irene Cree (UUP)
Stewart Currie (PUP)
Colin Dean (NIUP)
Roberta Dunlop (UUP)
Stephen Farry (All)
Lisa Fleming (Con)
William Gordon (Ind)
Valerie Kinghan (UKUP)
Karl McLean (Ind)
William Montgomery (DUP)


Omagh Town Mid Tyrone West Tyrone
Jay Anderson (UUP)
Sean Begley (SF)
Joe Byrne (SDLP)
Vincent Campbell (SDLP)
Josephine Deehan (SDLP)
Paddy Gallagher (SF)
Oliver Gibson ( DUP)
Thomas McCordick (DUP)
Patrick McGowan (Ind)
Reuben McKelvey (UUP)
Johnny McLaughlin (Ind)
Kevin Taylor (Ind)
Sean Clarke (SF)
Damien Curran (SF)
Barney McAleer (SF)
Michael McAnespie (SF)
Cathal McCrory (SF)
Samuel McFarland (DUP)
Gerry O'Doherty (SDLP)
Seamus Shields (SDLP)
Bert Wilson (UUP)
Thomas Buchanan (DUP)
Stephen Harpur (DUP)
Peter Kelly (SF)
Damien McCrossan (SF)
Patrick McDonnell (SDLP)
Barry McElduff (SF)
Gerry McMenamin (Ind)
Liam McQuaid (SDLP)
Tommy Owens (WP)
George Rainey (UUP)
David Sterritt (UUP)
Pat Watters (SF)


Derg Glenelly Mourne
Kathleen Allison (DUP)
Gerard Foley (SF)
Derek Hussey (UUP)
Thomas Kerrigan (DUP)
Eamon McGarvey (SF)
Charles McHugh (SF)
Catherine McNamee (SDLP)
Edward Turner (UUP)
David Bresland (DUP)
Martin Conway (SF)
Robert Craig (UUP)
John Donnell (DUP)
James Emery (UUP)
Tom McBride (SDLP)
Claire McGill (SF)
Ivan Charles Barr (SF)
Ann Bell (SDLP)
Daniel Breslin (SF)
Kathleen Craig (DUP)
Gags Gallagher (Ind)
Fred Henry (SDLP)
Brian McMahon (SF)
Eugene McMenamin (SDLP)
Jarlath McNulty (SF)
Sam Martin (UUP)
James Joseph O'Kane (Ind)

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