2004 European Elections Prediction Form
It's time for the sixth predictions contest since this site was set up. The rules are very simple:
  1. Please give me your real name - obvious pseudonyms will be disqualified. However, if you are professionally or politically invoved with the election campaign to the point where it would be embarrassing for you to be publicly associated with your predictions before the election, feel free to check the box opting for an anonymous entry; your identity will then be revealed only after the elections.
  2. Please give a valid email address. I will not publish email addresses at any stage, nor use them for any means other than acknowledging your entry and notifying you of the result. However entries with invalid email addresses will be disqualified. Please don't waste my time by giving an invalid address.
  3. Please send me your predictions of i) which three candidates will win seats in the election and ii) the percentage votes for all seven candidates. You can send your prediction by email or using the form below. Obviously the form suits me slightly better because I can automate the process to a certain extent (also it automatically checks that you have predicted three winners, and that your percents add to 100!) but I am aware that it will not display properly on some browsers, so I will accept otherwise valid entries submitted by other means.
  4. Entries may be submitted - or changed - at any time before the close of polls, ie 2200 hrs BST on 10 June 2004.
  5. All entries will be published on this website, once processed, here.
  6. The winner of the competition is the person whose entry comes closest to predicting each candidate's share of the vote and correctly predicts which three candidates win seats. * NB that although the election takes place (and the competition closes) on Thursday 10 June, the count will not happen and the result will not be known until Monday 14 June.
The prize, subject to negotiation, will be the winner's choice of Flackes and Elliot's Northern Ireland: A Political Directory 1968-1999 or Brian Walker's Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland, 1918-92.

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Jim Allister
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Bairbre de Brun
Jim Nicholson
Martin Morgan
Eamonn McCann
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Lindsay Whitcroft
John Gilliland


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* Double weighting will be given to the predictions of the vote shares for the three winning candidates, and any others not eliminated by the final count. [back]
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