How older male kinship carers describe their care responsibilities and implications for ageing male identities

6 June 2017, Ulster University Belfast Campus

This seminar was co-hosted by Ulster University’s Institute for Research in the Social Sciences(IRiSS) as part of its ‘Pusing the Boundaries’ seminar series. To view the Powerpoint slides, click here.

In this seminar, Anna Tarrant drew upon a number of linked qualitative longitudinal studies(QL) conducted over a ten-year period in a city in the North of England, in order to investigate the lived experiences of men who are kinship carers.

Particular attention was given to the gendered meanings, experiences and relational dynamics in the lives of these men and the challenges they faced when engaging with social services in the process of negotiating care arrangements for children. The concept of ‘ageing masculinities’ was also explored.